The sound of beating drums filled the air with sorrow. The villagers weeped silently by the large fire.
Nevertheless, the sad song continued it's rhythm. This was the worst sorrow the Tlingit Tribe has ever witnessed.
Death. So early in the world, there was no deaths until now. And, worst of all, those lives were stolen, not at rest.
The villagers did not know their terrible fate. They had just saw what they feared most. Death.
The sorrowful song came abruptly to a stop. The drums quieted. The mumbles were silenced.
"Villagers!" The chief of the Tlingit people called out into the fear-filled night.
The villagers held their tears long enough for the speech.
"Does any of us have knowledge of the loss we have just gone through? Who knows of the killer?" His voice rang
around the tribal gathering.
A young girl about the age of four, stood up.
"Yes, Maeva?" He pointed to her.
"It was the creatures of the night who caused our loss." She said wisely, with fog clouding her voice.
"Which creatures? The wolves or the cougars?" He asked.
"The winged ones with feathers of silk." She explained.
"The ravens?" His jaw dropped.
I watched from my tree high above the fire. I could not wait to tell Corax what the Tribe had become because of
our actions. Corax, my leader, only wanted what was best for the villagers of the Tlingit Tribe. Never had he meant
for them to take action themselves.
"Well then. They shall be punished severely. Death is part of the flow of life. Forcing it is not part of the flow. It is
like building a wall on the edge of a beautiful waterfall. So that the sparkling waters of life could never reach their
destiny. The ravens will pay for what they have done. For lying about who they truly are, and helping us, then
destroying us. I will take my best hunters out tomorrow at early dawn. The ravens debt must be paid."
With that, the chief of the Tlingit Tribe turned away with a flourish and made his way to his T-P.
The young girl who confessed the raven's crime, fell to her knees and bundled over in pain. I gasped. Was I not the
only raven watching this? I closed my eyes and sure enough, I saw my friend Edithae, crouching on a low branch across
the fire. Us ravens could bring life and death to anyone we pleased. Pain without death was our specialty too. Torture.
I did not approve of Edithae's method, but if Maeva wasn't punished, we would be known for a new reputation: Weakness.
"Esaelp pots, Corvidae Nalc. I ylno dlot eht hturt ot laever ruoy niotatuper ot eht Tlingit Ebirt." Maeva choked out.
I narrowed my eyes with confusion. Maeva could speak Raven Tongue. Which is regular language, backwards. So what
Maeva really said, was 'Please stop, Corvidae Clan. I only told the truth to reveal your reputation to the Tlingit Tribe.'
Her villagers looked at her with confused expressions. I looked over to Edithae.
'It's her destiny.' Edithae spoke clearly in my mind. I knew what she meant. But, it was too much to handle, so I took flight.
Before I had gotten too far, I heard an earpiercing scream of agony from Maeva, and I knew Edithae had killed her with
her mind. That is the worst way to die. Through a raven's mind. I usually loved pain and torture, not with pride, but true.
But, this kind was not as thirst-quenching as other deaths and torture was. Because I actually cared for Maeva. And
caring and loving was absolutely forbidden in my clan. The Corvidae Clan. I did not love Maeva. I couldn't. Ravens
weren't allowed to care that much. I liked her, because I was her guardian. You see, us ravens, we are both life and death,
light and darkness. Just a bit more death and darkness than the life and light part.
'Mellori, it's not working. It has to be you.' Edithae ordered fiercely in my mind.
'What has to be me?' I responded.
'Maeva's death. I cannot do the deed. You must. You are her guardian.'
I cringed. I had to kill Maeva. But how? Now I knew why we were not allowed to care. Caring was a weakness. Caring prevented
what needed to be done. Death. It was our job to bring death and some life to the Tribe's territory.
'What if I cannot? You know how I feel.' I said weakly. I felt ashamed. How could I let myself be so distant?
'If you cannot, then I am afraid you must die.'
I knew Edithae was totally correct. If I could not kill, then I was not worthy. And if I was not worthy, then why shall I live?
'Alright Edithae. I will kill her. It is my job, and I have to answer the call of Darkness.' I promised.
'Good. Get to it. We need to hurry and tell Corax of the news.'
I cringed once more. I dreaded it, but it was who I am. Like I said, I needed to answer Darkness's call. Which commanded death.
I changed my flightcourse and headed back to the fire. I arrived at the lowest branch I could find. I closed my eyes, and
imagined Maeva drowning. Drowning in not water, but Darkness. This was how we turned mortals, into Ravens. I summoned the
Dark, and cawed out a low, chilling sound. I opened my eyes. Maeva screeched and sunk down, limp to the ground.
Villagers screamed in terror and rushed towards Maeva's dead body. They could not see it, but all Ravens could, see Maeva's
spirit rise from her chest, and come slowly to the shape of a Raven. She was still Spirit Raven, so nobody could see her just
yet. Until she was half Spirit, and half Raven, she was invisible to mere mortals.
Maeva flew gracefully towards me.
"I knew my fate rested here." She said quietly.
"It is not fate, it is destiny. Fate comes later."


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