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Natural way medicine is good for health about your home garlic is available you used to Garlic  your cooked food at in everyday with it with relax about 


Such a big history in part of the garlic in long long ago the garlic was used for the medicine so many lungs disease and viral disease analogic problems the used for the card and what about the today in medicinal condition about in a new search about in naturopathy assistant garlic is a one of the best medicine of high cholesterol level and high BP level used may be reduced your BP and cholesterol that that is important of the girl accuse and and prevention better than cure of the Cancer disease also with garlic

Garlic medicine part 1

  • Take one garlic
  • Put in 300 ml water with boiled it
  • without skin garlic is better skin also so ok.
  • The boil the water after you take the water and drink
  • everyday you make and drink about in gas trouble
  • about in your cholesterol also maybe reduce .
  • this water only you taken empty stomach is much better
  • after food also a drink anyway to drink for everyday is a good habit
  • and good for making health with safely Avoid for the cancer and heart disease



  •  Filtered water only you drink it
  • after the boiled garlic you take and smash it
  • then put on 2 teaspoon honey with eat is for simplified
  • but it is very helpful for in your health may be a better to do
  • about in your gastric problem cholesterol level and bp also they will be reduced


Garlic medicine part 2



  •  Take one small garlic and skill naked


  • with  Put in with mixie and smash it
  • and you take any good clothes then filter about
  • the garlic smash with juice drops you may be a one garlic 


  •  3 to 5 ml drops it is far enough
  • then same time 5 ml honey mix with it
  • after food after breakfast at morning after dinner at night
  • you drink it in your everyday it will be reduced
  • for your high cholesterol level and high BP level and
  • high stress level also they will be decreased for everyday
  • the garlic will be used for safely only one garlic it is much better
  • than  used for very nice medicine about with 

Garlic Tea



  • Take one tablespoon tea powder
  • or dry ginger powder
  • put on 300 ml water with boiled it
  • And 10 members of skin naked clean Garlic pieces
  • will be Crush with put on the boiled water
  • make with you for garlic tea. 


This type of Garlic tea you enjoy to drink in everyday avoid most of cough cold in allergic problems and knee pain also then your weight also reduced enjoy to drink with garlic tea



Texte: Dr.Ramamoorthy Selvakumar
Cover: Book rix
Lektorat/Korrektorat: Dr.Ramamoorthy Selvakumar
Tag der Veröffentlichung: 23.12.2017

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feel free to use garlic in each and every day and maintain your health in safely and without medicine. Garlic is one of the natural medicine it was cure for so many illness in your body the importantly high BP over cholesterol and gastric trouble and so many things it will be reduced quickly take your one time think about and natural food at your home you're sweet used with enjoy to eat healthy way

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