In the middle of a clearing in some woods, five shadows appeared to come out of thin air.
“ We shall erase our memories and cast our selves out into the world and we will live amongst others. We” One of the shadows decreed. “ And we will see if we will help them defeat the Earl.
The four other shadows agreed and soon began to cast them spell to remove their memories.
Soon the spell was complete and with a bright flash of light they were scattered into the far corners of the Earth.

Chapter One. Seele

She woke up with no clue where she was. Opening her eyes she saw that she was surrounded by a bunch of kids who looked around the ages of sixteen or seventeen.
“Who are you?” one of them asked her.
She started realising she didn’t even know who she was let alone her age.
“I don’t know” she replied. ”How can I not know who I am?”
“Oh no. Remember the last time someone came here and didn’t have any memory.” Another person said.
“Yeah. A massive war started and our enemy was the earth itself. Luckily we had the seven heroes and stuff or we would not have won.” Answered yet another camper.
“Any way we have got to get this girl to camp.” Said a girl who appeared to be their leader. Maybe Chiron will know or we could go to the Roman camp and ask Lupa.”
After the decision was made to take her to Chiron another camper helped her get up. They walked through the woods and came out on the other side. What she saw there was weird. A lot of temples filled the clearing and on one side there was a massive building. The campers steered her towards the massive building.
“Chiron” called the leader of the group whose name I learnt was Teresa. “We have a new camper.”
“Coming.” Shouted a voice from inside the cabin. Soon the sound of hooves appeared.
“Well, well who do we have here?” asked what could only be a centaur because the person who had appeared was half-horse and half-human.
As soon as he saw me he stopped dead looking as if he had just been shocked.
“You can all leave now.” He said to the other campers.

Chapter Two. Chiron
When Seele showed up at the camp, Chiron got the fright of his life and was going to bow but then saw she didn’t recognize him. Oh no he thought, theres trouble.
“You can all leave now.” He instructed the campers as he gathered his wits. “Come in.,” he said to Seele.
She followed him in.
“I suppose you’ve forgotten who you are?” He asked her as she sat down.
“I believe you have a letter for me?” he asked her.
Surprise crossed her face and she asked. “I do?”
“Check your jacket pockets.” He suggested and so she did.
Reaching into her jacket, Seele pulled out a letter and handed it to Chiron. Chiron opened it and he read it.

Dear Chiron
We have decided to forget our past and live on earth. The spell is only temporary so we will soon begin to remember.
Our reason for this is that the Earl is coming to earth. The Earl is an evil person who loves making Akuma. Akuma are evil creatures that kill humans for their life source. We have come to see weather we should help.

From Seele, Fyr and Undine, Gaea and Windan.

Oh dear Chiron thought after he had read the letter.
“For now you shall stay in the big house until your parent appears. Okay?”
“Thank you.”

Chapter Two Seele
When Chiron said that there was a letter in her jacket, she was surprised but she knew he had spoken the truth.
At least she had somewhere to stay tonight she thought
“How about I show you around the camp?” Chiron asked her.
Gratefully she nodded yes and so she was led out of the building.
As soon as she walked outside everyone who was near turned to stare at her.
Okay this is awkward she thought as she looked around at the other campers. At least they don't seem to hate me.
"You seem pretty calm about one of your parents being a god." one of the campers remarked. "I'm Kyle by the way, one of Apollo's kids."
"I don't have any parent's." I said and as soon as I said that I knew it was true.
"Man poor you not knowing one of your parents but I can see why the left you." some girl camper smirked. "By the way I'm Cleo, Aphrodite's kid."
"I'm ....."she trailed off realising she didn't even know her own name as she looked at Chiron.
"Selena." He said after a moments hesitation. "You're called Selena."


Texte: The storyline is my own but the Ideas are from Rick Rioden's books and the manga D.Grayman
Tag der Veröffentlichung: 25.09.2011

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