What do you know about love

Love speaks with the eyes

And not with the mouth.

Love speaks with action.


Love is not an emotion or feeling

But an effect, emotion varies or changes

But effect constantly regenerates.


Love makes you think supernaturally,

Love is inspirational and energetic

But not a desire.

Love does not please nor satisfy

But modifies and enhances.

Love does not blindfold

But lightens up.


If you can locate love,

You can locate God.

Love is not a fruit but the seed itself,

It looks beyond the present, it thinks

And plans for the future.


Love is the sweet taste in a bitter juice,

Because it never dies

No matter the situation and condition.

Love reflects through the tears.

Live your dream

Live your dream

Are dreams ment to be dreamt?

But the dreamers of our time still do.

What a passionate sweet journey

But short it is.


Live your dream

Do you even have a dream?

If so, why chase after others dream

In the name of my father’s wish.

Hmm… sorry because a wish is not a dream.


Live your dream

What dream do you have?

Is it a dream of a politician?

Or a dream of an inventor?

Is it a dream of a cultist?

Or a dream of a believer?



Are you living your dream?

A dream is not ment to be nourished

On the table of laziness.



Are you killing your dream?

Maybe you should ask Esau

What happened to his dream

On the bed of ignorance.

I say beware! Dreams can be taken away.


Oh! Dreamer oh! Dreamer oh! Dreamer

Wake up from your slumber,

The sun is sitting on your head

And yet you can’t feel the burn.


Can’t you see the sour mouth of drunkenness

Waiting to swallow your dreams?

Can’t you see the feet of fornication

Trying to crush your dreams?

Can’t you see the poisonous perfume of smoking

Suffocating your dreams?



Look very well and see

How the obesity of cultism

Is overshadowing your dream


Youth! Live your dream

Don’t let your dream be like

A childless widow

Who has nobody to defend her.

Youth! Live your dream

Else it will be blown away

By the wind just like a chaff.

A dark spot


A dark spot

Uniquely spotted

At the forehead of a priceless being.

Dancing like a roller-coaster

And covered by a gorgeous glamour.


A dark spot

Twinkling like a black diamond.

Sharp like a daylight sun

Whose focus is known

Like a sniper’s gun.


A dark spot

Loaded with an antidote

That can speed up the heart,

Which sends a still like noise

Of an awakened wave.


A dark spot

A beauty hidden

In the bosom of an innocent young bird.

A sensational magnet

That propels one to keep staring.


A dark spot

One filled with an undisclosed

Rivers of emotions.

The dews of love floating around it.


Wonders it is, surely one can’t imagine.

Even the oceans can give away

A school of fish with just a gaze.


A dark spot

Which quiets your soul for seconds

And keeps your hair in a sleeping mood.


Wonders it is, surely one can’t imagine.

Wonders it is,

Surely it is a perfect bank of meekness.

Wonders it is,

Surely it dances with a passionate rhythmic moves.

Wonders it is, Wonders it is.


A dark spot

Beyond it lays the beauty of the heart.

Compassion is its lubricant.


Wow! Am speechless

Because the dark spot

Is the eyes of that young colorful bird.



What is togetherness?

When we are sitting on a waiting call

When the palms awaits your gentle shining skin

When the eyelids jerks to see you


Is this what togetherness means?

Are we neighbors?

Why can’t whisper be our mediator?

My ears has stretched beyond its limit

In search of your voice.


Now you made me a customer to suspense

I am stoked in a wait prison

When will your lightening smile come to my rescue?

A search for my lost rib


A search for destiny has become a challenge

My eyes has become lonely

Sleep has become an enemy to my eyes

My lips are dried up

Because food has refused to dwell on them.


My skin is as rough as a mad man’s under feet.

Rain has refused to wet my path

Dust has sworn to blind my eyes


I have become desolate like an untamed horse

Grey hair is threatening to boost open my skull

My love for you has vowed never to grow cold


Life is a horror movie without you

My heart is now a sponge,

With holes of emptiness.

Gazing at the sky,

For shooting star has become my hobby

My worms are morning your sweet dishes.


Hopefully, the sun

Will smile back at me.

Hopefully, the tree shade

Will console me for my loss.

Hopefully, the sea breeze

Will bring good tidings for me.

Hopefully, my dreams about you

Will meet with reality.


My lost rib

Smile divorced me ever since you left

How I wish the clock could revisit my past

Yes! I lost you

Because I made unappreciation my best friend


The dancing stars in your eyes have I missed.

Will your feet ever step into my heart again?

Even if oxygen seize to exist, I will still live

Because you are the oxygen in my blood.


Oh! God help me find her

I can’t live a normal life

Without my better half

She is my childhood unforgettable dream

She is the pillar that holds my two kidneys.


I have learnt my lesson

A man without destiny

Is destined to unfulfillment  


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