I will be the end of the world, the bane of human existence.
It will never matter what side you are on, or who you oppose. I will appeal to human’s baser instinct, almost animalistic in nature. One by one they will catch my disease and I will infect most, affecting everyone. The process has already started; it has been sweeping through the populace for ages. I suppress a laugh, a smirk graces my features because I know now that resistance is futile, and minds are fertile. Growing seeds of doubt and planting guns in hands is far too easy. I shall cut my way up corporate ladders and cut down children in the street. I will rupture all family ties and I will breed intolerance in everything I touch. I will seep through any open wound and fester. I will bask in the taste of sorrow, for bitter tears sustain me, and no one can stop this. This movement is already infused into the basic structure of society. You feed from the hand I give to you, and once you’ve bitten, it will lead to your demise.

The air around you is laced with poison and I will not be silenced. Go ahead, try to enchant me with your smiles and your selfless actions, it will make your end that much sweeter. You are all trapped in a bed made generations ago and have become far too comfortable to wake. Keep your eyes closed and your fears open. I will be here for years to come. This is a lengthy process, I assure you. But fear not sleeping children, I shall find solace in destroying you from the inside… although, I can also keep you safe. You can lock yourself away with me and I shall appease your ego. I hold the key to power, prestige, and answers. Ask and I shall tell you what you desire; I can make you into who you need to be. All I ask in return is your heart. Let me harden it. Let me anger it. Let me defile it, and I shall show you everything. Feel my fire in your weakest moments and we will be unstoppable. Yes, I shall be the downfall of humanity, and no one will know it is me that now embodies the human existence, or at least I will in time.

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T he
E arth


Tag der Veröffentlichung: 21.05.2011

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