The Death Zone

The Death Zone

Western Australia, Karratha 1006


Madeline looked at the remains of the bodies scattered all over the slightly chipped ground, blood, there was copeless amounts of it. She was in this place ‘they’, called ‘The Death Zone’, it was the most scary thing in the world, scarier than an endless under-water cave. She didn't know where anyone was, until she spotted Liam, down the long scary, dark, hallway a few steps away. She thought of the fact that he always looked older every time she saw him, I guess thats the effects of time travel, she thought.


"Hey, Maddy" said Liam "how many are alive"?

"What um...oh...I don't know" she exclaimed, deep in thought about what they had just been through to get here.

"Well, let's go look than" said Liam.

She didn't answer, she nodded and just managed to smile.

As they walked on, they heard a high pitched scream, it sounded like someone being murdered...painfully, in which Maddy thought sadly about.


They started to run to go help the person, if they could, after, what felt like an hour, they reached a tall man with an expressionless face, it was Bob.

"Hi, you should look out for Sal, I lost her on the way here" he said

"Do you know who screamed"? said Liam

"I think that was Sal" he replied

"Come on than, lets go find her" she said, hoping that


They all ran till they spotted Sal, she was at the end of the tunnel, they saw a flash of very dark brown hair. Sal was crying.

"SAL" they all called at the same time.

She looked up at them, and stopped crying, she looked scared and she slowly took her hand off her shoulder and held her hand up, it was covered in blood, the blood looked like paint splattered on her dark but beautiful skin, thought Liam, then Sal screamed:


They all ran to Sal as fast as they could, but Maddy was the fastest, when she got there, Maddy crouched down so she could see Sal’s face, her eyes looked different than it was gone in a flash, it was like looking into a person's face that had been tortured, as quickly as it came it was gone.


“Hey Maddy, hi Liam and Bob, how are you” Sal whispered

“Was that you screaming”? said Liam

“What um…I don’t know, my shoulder hurts.”

“What happened here”? Maddy scanned the surroundings as she said this, she saw a flash of dark brown hair disappear around the corner of one of the shelves. She looked at Sal’s shoulder, it looked liked she was stabbed, maybe even with a knife and it was covered in blood.

“I could probably fix that” said Bob as he examined her shoulder.

Sal didn’t say anything, she just, and only just, manage a very weak smile.

“Bob could you carry Sal until we get to the place” said Liam

“Whats the place”? said Maddy and Sal said at the same time.

“You will see when we get there”.


No one talked as they run, an hour later they arrived at a small door and Maddy spoke up.

“I thought this was going to be tougher but I guess I thought wrong”.


“What the ……”


Sal screamed, she started shivering, Maddy looked up from the floor, Liam was pointing at the door.

“Probability: we should get through the door before whatever that thing was gets us, Sal calm down”. said Bob, his face was stone cold.

So they walked to the door, once they got there they saw that the door was a way home.

“H-Hey don’t forget h-her”. said Sal


Sal’s eyes looked like they were different like they were being controlled, then they went back to normal then they all turned around and saw a girl walking towards them, she had long dark brown hair that sat flowing down her shoulders, her blue eyes swam with tears.

“You forgot me Sal that’s mean; you do know you can walk” she said “I didn’t hurt your ankle did I know” she muttered,she had a kind of british accent, Sal didn’t say anything


“Well thats just mean....” she said “I see that you have brought friends with you. Nice to meet you I'm Lily” she said, her gaze lingered on Bob for a bit probably out of fear and than on Liam, for a long time.

She walked up to Liam and whispered in his ear

“Your cute… what's say we get out of here and ditch these people”

“ Well, no way, let’s go guys”

“Fine than”

They walked through the door, a blinding light and then they were back at the office they had left about a week ago. At the table sat Mr Foster.










The Stabing

London, England, 2012


“Hi guys” he said

They put Sal in the bedroom, then they heard something, they all turned around and they saw Lilly.

“Who the hell i...” said Foster

“Hang on a minute” said Maddy “How the hell did you get here”?

“Well, It’s quite easy I just walked behind you guys and ended up here, so this is cool i'm guessing it's you flat”?

“Um...whats a flat” said Liam, giving Foster a questioning look, Which he repled with a ‘I’ll tell you later’ look.

Lilly walked up behind Liam and pulled something out of her pocket, it was shiny

“Hey, Liam is it, well guess what I’ve got in my hand, I’ll only show you it” she said

“Fine” he said


Liam noticed Sal was whimpering, but was trying to see what Lilly had in her hand, Lilly was about to show Liam what it was when Bob stepped in between them and said

“I know what that is, now can you kindly give it to me”

“NO” she screamed

She steeped to around Bob and through a shiny sharp knife into Liam’s shoulder and then one in his leg, he cried out. Liam was on the ground whimpering.

“Why would you do that, and you hurt Sal didn’t you”? said Maddy

“Well yeah, and because I wanted to, and I had a point to prove”

“What point”! Maddy said, but she didn’t answer as a look of reality flashed across her face for a split second.


A blinding painful strike in his shoulder and his leg, Liam could barely hear what they were saying, he got put on the bed he sleeps in, he saw Sal across him in Maddy’s bed.

“Hey, that looks painful how did it hap…”

“Lily” Liam said faintly, before she could finish her sentence.

“Are you ok, do you me to get help”



“Why did you do that” said Maddy

Lilly didn’t respond, just smirks

Foster got up and walked to help Sal and Liam, Bob and Maddy followed. They walked down the hallway into the bedroom, Sal was leaning against the wall and Liam was facing the opposite wall and had his eyes closed, he’s breathing was shallow.


“Bob can you fix Sal and I’ll do Liam, Madeline help me please, and get the first aid kit”.

“Ok” said Bob, flatly

“Yep” Maddy said, she hoped they were ok

Maddy walked off to get the fristadid kit, Bob was talking to Sal, and Foster was whispering to Liam, he had decided to open his eyes, Foster was talking but Liam could barely hear him.


“Liam” he said, softly

“What”? Liam said, weekly

“Can you hear me”?

“Bearly, and this kills”he said

“Ok, Bob are you done yet”?

“Affirmative” he muttered

Maddy had come back with the first aid kit and said she would make sure Lilly didn’t come in the room, Liam looked over at Sal she had a bandage on her shoulder, Bob walked over and checked Liam over, Sal had a look of concern written across her face, he heard Maddy shouting and Lilly muttering.


“Ok, this is going to be harder than Sal’s” Bob said, expreshionaly

“What”! Liam said weakly, he didn’t want this to be painful, Foster must have known what he was thinking because of what he said next.

“Dont worry this is only going to be a bit painful, can you close your eyes now” he said “Put him out please Bob”


The last thing Liam saw was Sal and the next thing Liam felt was a headache. An hour or so he heard whispering.

Wow, thats a lot of blood” ! said and gentle voice, that's got to be Foster

Yes do you think that he will survive, and I don’t think I can fix this”? said an emotionless voice, which was Bob

Don’t say stuff like that, he will live” said an concern voice, Sal

I hate you” said an emotional voice, Maddy

It wasn’t my fault, I wanted to prove my point” said a voice with a slight accent, Lilly

What point”!? said Maddy, angraily

Liam knows what point, don’t you Liam”she said, she knew he was slightly awake

Liam...better be...o-ok”! Sal said between sobs, she was crying

Liam fell back into nothingness, another hour of going in and out, an hour later he woke up the room was empty he still had pain in his shoulder and leg, blood covered the sheets, Sal came back into the room, tears streaked her face, then she looked over at Liam and muttered something and walked out of the room. Lilly came into the room she was holding something that he couldn’t see, it was shiny ‘, not again’. he thought


“Hey” she said

Liam didn’t say anything, she walked up to him and another blinding flash of pain, he screamed. Lilly ran out of the room, she dropped the knife in the doorway, the knife had a pool of blood surrounding it on the floor. Foster and the rest ran in, Sal was crying, Maddy swore, Bob was staring with disbelief and Foster said

“Great, more blood to deal with, Liam can you hear me”?

“...yes…” said Liam, so quietly that only Foster could hear him, he got knocked out again, round about 5 hours later he woke up Sal and Foster were standing over him, he moaned Sal noticed and called Maddy in and nudged Foster in the arm, Maddy came in and she told them Bob was watching Lilly and making sure she doesn't come in. Liam moaned again to get there attention.


“Hi Liam, how are you” Sal whispered

“...good, what do you think…” he said, his voice was very faint and crocky

“Oh no” whispered Maddy to Foster “look what she did”

Foster noded, and then looked at Liam his face showed what he was thinking, Liam gave him an unappreciated look, he didn’t need to think that.


“Question...where did I get stabbed and is it fatal”.

“Well…” said Foster

“Um…” Maddy said, not letting on anything

“You got stabbed… your…foot, and no it’s not” says Sal

“SAL, really you were not supposed to tell him that” Foster said angrily

“Do you feel ok”? asked Maddy

“No, what do you reckon”


Liam passed out.

“Liam”, Maddy was saying just to make sure he was still awake

no answer

“Liam”, Sal was getting worried

not one word

“Liam, guys I think his passed out”, Foster sounded concerned

Helping Liam

They started tending to Liam’s injuries and Bob was making sure Lily was not going to come through the door, by now Bob managed to still the knife out of Lily's hand, Foster was trying to stop all the blood, he was trying his best to stop it, Maddy was helping Foster trying to keep up with what he was saying and trying to help in any way she could, Sal was just sitting there shocked of what just happened and Liam was still unconscious.


“Hey Sal, come help”! says Foster, annoyed that she was just sitting there

“Ok, im coming” she said

she was about to walk over when…


“What the hell was that”! yells Foster

“She stupid, what was that” say Bob


“Well whatever it was lets hope it doesn't happen aga…”

Foster was interrupted again by an extremely loud scream, it pierced their eardrums, Liam moaned with the agony of moving. Sal stopped him from moving, she finally got to his bed, Liam flinched it was like he was drowning in the Titanic again.


“What’s that, it’s like a kid about 10 years old”? said Bob

“What”? say foster

He walked over to Bob and saw what Bob was pointing at, he got Bob inside and shut the door quietly and locked it. Foster and Bob walked over to Liam and started to finish or fix up the job Foster did, Sal suddenly felt dizzy and went to sit down, Maddy noticed what she was doing and walked over to her.


“Are you ok”? Maddy whispered, hoping that Foster or Bob couldn’t hear them.

“Yes, just a bit dizzy, it might be a time lapse” said Sal, she now had a pounding headache, “A big one”

Seeing that Sal had just gone very pale stepped out in front of her so Foster couldn’t see Sal, and said “You should lay down, don’t worry I’ll make sure Foster or Bob don’t see you”

“Ok...thanks” Sal said quietly


While Foster and Bob were working on Liam, Maddy was busy trying to make sure they didn’t see what she was doing, Sal was leaning on the wall, palled faced and very dizzy, she didn’t close her eyes.

“Maddy, come over here and help please” Foster said, need help with what he was doing

“Ok, coming” she responded

“Bob you can go sit with Sal”


He nodded and walked over, when Sal heard her name she instantly put her head down, and twiddled her thumbs. Maddy walked over regrettingly, and new what Foster was going to say which didn’t turn out to be correct.

“Do you think this is done”?

She nodded, as she looked down at the fresh bandages that were on were Liam got stabbed, they already had lots of blood on them.

“Lets hope thats not that much blood” Foster said seeing the concern on her face, but he did believe what he said was true.

He got up and Maddy tried to stop him and failed, he walked over to Bob and left her standing over Liam. She turned and expected to see Foster and Bob all over Sal like bugs, but they weren't, they were sitting on the bed like she didn’t exist. Maddy walked over and sat next to Sal, Foster looked over and seemed concerned, Mandy sighed and stared over at Liam pretending that everything was ok, Foster seemed to notice.


“Hey Madeline, what’s wrong”

“First don’t call me that and nothing's wrong” she snapped

“Ok, Maddy, are you ok then” he said so kindly, like she didn’t say it that meanly

she ran her hand through her hair and said

“...Fine, I'm just thinking… by the way you said that ‘way’ too kindly”

“You're right, what are you thinking about, or is that none of my business”?

“Nothing, it’s none of your business”

“Ok” he replied, disappointedly


An hour or so later Liam awoke, hed been lying awake for hours now. Sal was with Maddy in the room, Foster and Bob were getting them a drink and none of them new he was awake. Sal looked over at him, she was as pale as a ghost, and realized he was awake. Madeline was staring into space and didn’t notice.


Foster and Bob came back in, they didn’t realize that he was awake either until Maddy noticed that he was and said “Hey Foster, Liam’s awake, slightly”

Foster walked over and said softly

“Liam can you hear me and are you awake”?

“Do I have to answer” he replied, which was barely heard

“No you don’t, are you week”?

“What do you reckon, Foster”


That put a grin on the old man's aged face, he pulled up a chair next to the bed. Maddy, Sal and Bob did the same. Liam had a pounding headache, he was dizzy and just as pale as Sal.

“Thanks, Foster”he said

“ ok” he was distracted by how pale Liam was

“Were glad you and Sal are ok, by the where's Lilly”? asked Maddy

“Duno, she ran off after she stabbed Liam” said Bob’s cold voie


Liam shuddered at the memory, Foster was still had a concern look written across his face, Liam was very dizzy now, he put his head in his hands. Bob had gone to look for Lilly, Sal was daydreaming about how if things were easy again and Maddy well she’d noticed how pale Liam had got and whispered in his ear “You look like you're about to throw up, are you ok or do you need to sit up”?

“Um...I..” he said, Foster had heard this and looked over without saying anything he got up and motioned to Maddy to help him to move Liam.


The next seconds were very painful, they just managed to position him leaning against the wall, while they were moving him he tried as much as he could. He felt the world sliping away through his fingers, but struggled against it. His hands and forehead were very hot and his throat was killing him, it was like he was getting throat cancer or tonsil lighters or something like that.


The room

Sal was facing Liam, she was day dreaming, this was very boring just sitting here. Sal was just about to say something when Foster said “Well...Sal do you like it here”.

“What, it’s nice”

Bob just walked in tearing that ‘insanely’ boring conversation up, he had scratches all over his arms and face, then he said sarcastically “Well that was fun”

“Where the hell have you been” said Foster, looking him up and down

“I’ve been trying to find where Lily was”



Sal decided to say something before she got interrupted again. “… boring, I mean just sitting here in this room” she blurted out the last few words. The truth was she was a bit claustrophobic, any way this was boring. She looked around and shook her head and looked at the ground, Foster was look dazed and bemused, he had noticed where she was looking and said “I know this is boring, and that you are a bit…, any way we should stay in here so we don’t get stabbed or end up…”.


“Ok”she said

“Hey, don’t be scared, just please stay here, please” Liam said weekly

“Shhh…don’t talk you will waste your energy” Foster implied



The night was agonising Maddy and Foster watched the others fall asleep one by one. Although Mady was tired she didn’t go to sleep, Foster was looking tired and probably wanted to go to sleep to.


“You should get some sleep” he said to Maddy

“You should to, and no thanks”


“Im just thinking about…” she said

“About what”?

“Don’t worry”

“I will, so you should just tell me”

She was too tired to argue “Fine, I…just...well…”

“Well” he said, interrupting her

“I...know this might sound silly but I just can’t do this anymore, I didn’t mean this job, I meant this” she gestured to the others sleeping “I mean I can’t sleep because I…”

“Woah, calm down there, I get it, I know I still can’t sleep”.

“I know you can’t sleep because of stress, I can tell”

“Well, I’m guessing you can’t sleep for an entirely different reason”

she nodded


“It’s because of, well I still think I'm in the plane and It’s much worse than it was”

“So, like a nightmare”?

“Yep, exactly like a nightmare”


Silence, that conversation was abandoned.

A long time of silence, Maddy didn’t know when she finally fell asleep but she did and she was guessing that Foster did to because she woke up and heard Foster’s breathing then she went back to sleep again.



It was morning, how did they know, because Bob was in the room, he’d said it was clear out there. Sal was up and was brushing her hair, Madeline was up she was absentmindedly cleaning her glasses, and Liam was talking to Bob.

“Ok...well I guess we spend another two or three days in here and then go outside”. nobody looked happy about it.

“But why that long, Foster” said Sal and Mady together

“Because I said so”


Liam slid to the edge of the bed just so he could just rest his feet on the ground but not stand up because it was obviously to painful. ”Liam, just don’t fall off the bed” Foster laughed and then smiled, it was a long since he smiled or had ever smiled.


Foster walked out of the room with Bob to get them all supplies. They reached the kitchen/landroom they gather up all the supplies they needed and walked when they were almost there they ran into Lilly and she said “Come on please let me come with you, there are ‘things’ out there, they tried to kill me before just because I dropped my knife and I haven’t got it anymore, I had three”!. They decided to let her come with them.

Near escape


As they walked back they heard a ghostly moan, Bob, Lilly and Foster walked faster to get away from whatever it was and to get to the room. At the end of the hallway they saw the room where Sal and Liam were. They got there and tried to turn the power on and it worked, the power was on…, That was probably a bad idea to turn the power on. thought Foster.


Foster saw some type of creature or thing up ahead, it was wearing something like a black clock, you couldn't see it’s face, it had skeleton like hands, the area around it was very cold. Lilly was shaking next to him and whispering ‘that thing tried to kill me before’ they heard moaning behind them, was this the end for them? of course it wasn’t I shouldn’t think that he thought. Foster reached into his pocket and pulled out a very sharp stone out he had five in his pocket, he always carried it, just in case.




The Morning

Liam was resting his non sore foot on the ground, he decided that he might just try to put his sore foot on the ground...maybe. Sal was just sitting there, something was obviously troubling her, it might be the fact that Foster or Bob hadn’t came back or just staying in this room for the next week. Maddy was just being Maddy, she was leaning against the wall next to him.

“I wonder when Foster and Bob are coming back, I wonder if they decided to stop to turn the power on or not”? Maddy said randomly. She got up and walked over to the light switch and flicked it, the power turned on…”Wow, thanks lets hope they get here soon”

She walked back to Liam and sat back beside him.


Just then the door opened a bit and in stepped Foster, Lilly and Bob they shut the door on a hand, it pulled back instantly. Liam instantly went back against the wall, he was bemused at the fact that Foster had allowed her to come in here. He was about to ask why he had allowed that. He noticed that Foster had a limp, Bob was covered in scratches and Lily was staring at him. He was about to say something when Maddy said something before he could.

“What the hell were you thinking Foster, no afence but, what were you thinking, and what the hell happened to you and Bob, I mean really”.


“Well, It’s simple really, I was just with Bob and then Lilly joined us… and I’ll tell the rest later, ok”

“Why, can’t you tell us now”? explained Sal

He didn’t answer Sal, he went to sit down next to Sal, Bob went and sat on the other side of Liam for safety just in case Lilly tried to stab him again. Maddy was trying to calm Liam down, she was whispering in his ear ‘it’s ok I’ll make sure that she won't hurt you, ok’. The next few hours was agonising, just sitting there. With Lilly in the room everyone was keeping their eyes on her so she doesn't do something stupid or try and stab anyone.


“This is boring...we should do something, thanks for turning the power back much injury don’t you reckon”? said Maddy, she was bored out of her mind

“Yep it is,and yes”said Sal

“Sooo...why did you to go back there, I mean there was no point, was there”? Foster was hoping that Liam would answer his question

“...,...well, I guess there...was a point, I...a, can’t tell you though”

“Why not”? Foster said

“Because, I...a can’t”

“C'mon Foster stop nagging him” Maddy interrupted

“I’m aloud to, now why can’t you, The De...I mean were you went, what reason for”?

Liam sighed and then said “well…I guess I remember when we got stuck, and went to see the dinosaurs, well once we came back...I thought of something and decided to go to the place…”

“Did you find what you were looking for”


“And what was that”?



“Well, we've got one here” Liam pointed to Lilly

“Her”? said Maddy and Sal

“Me”? Lilly said

“No, more like the necklace that she is wearing”

“How”? Maddy said

“I’ll tell you later”


“Why not now”? said Foster, he’d always get the last remark

“Because I’ve got a headache, and I’ve said too much” he replied




“This necklace” he nodded “wow” Lily exclaimed, her blue eyes flashed

“So, whats so special about it”? Foster wanted to know

“Dunno” he replied, he gave Foster ‘I’ll tell you later’ look

“Ok” Foster said



Talking to Lilly

I woke up this morning and only Liam was awake, by the look of him he’d been awake for almost the whole night thought Sal, she was thing about waking up someone to talk to apart from Liam because he was drifting in out of sleep, probably afraid of Lily or a nightmare. Maddy just woke up with a massive yawn

“Good Morning”

“You to” Sal replied, she was about to wake Foster up when he woke up in an instant

“What...oh, goodmorning” he said, he looked over to Liam, Sal did to, Foster could obviously see that he had about roughly one or two hours of sleep.

“Liam, get some sleep, I’m awake now so it’s ok”

“Yes, sir” Liam replied sarcastically

“Go to sleep, or I’ll get Bob” as Foster said his name he walked in “That's helpful” Liam closed his eyes and eventually went to sleep.

“That was fun” Sal said sarcastically

“Really, so what do we do now, or do we have to sit here today”?

“No, we walk about in this room and talk about whatever” said Maddy

“Precisely, Maddy” said Foster

“I was being sarcastic Foster”

While they had been arguing Sal noticed that Lily was awake, and was watching everyone, mostly Liam sleeping. Sal literally punched Maddy in her side, she looked angry and sad that Sal would do that to her. Sal pointed to Lilly, which caught Maddie's attention then she nudge Foster gently in the side and told Foster, than he whispered to Bob who kept a close eye on her for the rest of the day.


Liam awoke, he saw that Lily was awake, he suddenly thought that it was stupid to dwell on the fact that she might hurt him, but then again the knife was safely hidden in the safe. He looked around, Sal was talking to Maddy and Foster was talking to Bob, and Lily was staring at him.


He moved into a sit passion, then said to Sal that was sitting next to him “Hey… Sal, um...hi” she noticed then said back “Hi how are you today, I’ll fill you in to what we are doing to day, we are just...sitting here, surprise huh” then Maddy said “Good Morning, you should sleep at night it’s not healthy, and that's not a big surprise, good try at trying to sarcastic, but you failed, sorry”. “Right, thanks nice to know, Im better than I was”. he replied, although he wasn’t so sure they, or he believed that was true. “Sure...your better, can you walk, thought not and you said you were better” said Bob, he’d realized that Liam was no awake, so did Foster but he was just listening. “So, Foster how are you this morning” said Liam, hoping that he heard him “I'm good, so you know what we are doing today, do you” “Yes, we are going to go walking about outside and talk to Becks”

“What, no we're…” Foster didn’t finish his sentence because Liam, Sal and Maddy interrupted him “Were going to sit in here for the rest of the week” they all said at the same time. Just then Becks walks in and sits down next to Maddy. “Hi Becks, long time no see” she said

“Hello everyone, what happened to you Liam, hi Sal, Bob and Foster...who is this”? Becks said as she pointed at Lilly


“What happened to me is on a need to know basis, and that's Lily” Liam said, with a tone of disgust in his voice.

“So where have you been” he said, as he and Lilly were death looking each other, at this point the ‘if looks could kill’ statement was true. Sal had noticed, and whispered something to Becks

“I have been in…” Liam didn’t let her finished because he knew where she'd been “Ok”



Bob was eyeing Becks trying to figure out how Sal mistaken her for a boy, Liam was talking to Beck's, Foster was supposed to be talking to Maddy and Sal. “How’s your shoulder Sal” said Foster, this snapped Sal out of daze after a second she answered “Good, well better than when ‘she’ stabbed it” she’d emphasized the word ‘she’

“That’s true, hey look” Maddy pointed to Liam “He’s glaring at her with a lot of hate”

“I don’t blame him though” Sal said, what Foster said next stopped all conversation in the room, “Hey, Lilly can you come over here for a second”

Leaving the building


Liam froze, he almost fell off the bed, Sal had noticed Maddy got up, they came over and helped him up, they walked and Liam limped over to where Sal was sitting before. He’d just realized that his bandages were clean, Bob had probably changed them before he went to charge. Bob walked over to make sure Liam was ok, that meant that Foster and Lily were the only ones over the right side of the room.

Then Liam said “What...”

“Foster” Maddy hissed out of her mouth

“Why”? whispered Sal quietly and hoped that she got heard

But Foster had already started to talk quietly to Lily so he didn’t hear any of them, what happened next shocked everyone and stopped all conversation in the room. Mady who was normal kind, yelled out “STOP”!!! “RIGHT NOW, just stop it, why Foster, why”?! she’d said the last six words quietly.




Some more silence, what had this world come to? had this to be how people fighted, by yelling, and stabbing people? thought Liam sadly, by the look on Sal’s face she was thinking the same thing. Then Foster spoke up in a quiet and small voice “I had to”

“Sure” snapped Liam in utter disgust

“What’s this all about, I have I missed something”? questioned Becks, as fore she didn’t know what they were yelling and whispering about


Liam moved to the edge of the bed, he rested his feet on the ground, he was testing his weight on his sore foot on the ground beside his other foot. Liam decided that his foot could take the weight, he was slowly but surely getting up, his foot killed as he got up. Liam took a steep while the others were arguing, he grited his teeth and took another step, he finally made it to the door but the kreepy lingering feeling was that no one had noticed him while he had walked to the door, he looked back to see everyone still arguing but Sal had been watching him while he had walked to the door. She got up and walked silently over to him without anyone noticing, Liam just realized he had reached out for the door handle, Sal rested her hand on his arm, a rush of adrenaline rushed through veins. Thier hands reached the door handle and they turned the door handle together.


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