Chapter one - Adriyel
It had been been 3 days , 4 hours and . . . 5 minutes . I think . The minutes passed like second , the hours passed like minutes so the days passed in the blink of an eye .
No Xavier , i didn't have him anymore . And believe you and me , 99.9% of the times he consumed my thoughts . And the other .1% percent of my thoughts were of how to get somewhere and get help .
I was in the middle of nowhere with a book bag full of clothes slung over one shoulder and another book bag with bundled up money in it slung over the other one . It was the money Xavier had stolen . I knew he meant well and was just trying to help but look where it landed up , apart . He's in some cold cell probably wishing he could take everything back but he can't , it's entirely too late . I had a small chip on my shoulder because now i'm all alone with nothing but my thoughts .
I began to hum , anything to pass time . I didn't have a specific tune or anything , it was just to calm my nerves . But was it really working ? Hell no .
Black people are not supposed to be in places like these where there aren't any houses for miles at a time and no sighs of any real towns or civilization . No , no , no , the city was made for black people because i know for a fact no black person i know would be caught dead out here . But i didn't have much of a choice .
"ouch ! " i screamed out as i stepped on a piece of glass . I'd taken my gym shoes off and had been holding them in my hands for the past couple of hours because my feet were going to get blisters on them if i kept them on , i could already feel it happen . It hurt like hell , but , now , i'm in a even more painful situation with this glass in my foot .
I sat on the ground staring at the piece of glass sticking from my foot .
Pull it out or leave it in ? Pull it out or leave it in ? Pull it out or -
Before i could finish i snatched the piece of glass from my foot and groaned very loudly to try and mask the scream that wanted to come out .
“ can I get a room ?” I asked the man behind the desk . I stopped into the first motel I could find which of course just happens to be in the middle of no damn where. The man was sitting with his feet propped up on the counter , newspaper in his hand that covered up his face . This some how began to remind me of the pretty girl in the movies that gets stranded in a motel and then brutally chased and killed .
I looked up at the ceiling and thought to myself “ lord , please don’t let this man be a serial killer looking for his next victim .”
“ $25.50 for the night , check out time is 1 o’clock pm , sharp . Keep down any noise too .”
I put the money on the counter and he handed me the key for the room number 3 still without uncovering his face . I shrugged and hurried off to my room to take a hot shower and sleep in a nice , hopefully clean , bed .
Chapter 2 – Xavier
“ Why are you here Mr. More ?” The judge asked .
What ?! Is that some kind of trick question or some shit ? She has all the information in front of her I’m sure . All those papers my lawyer had handed over had to say something about what the fuck I’m doing here . Or maybe she’s just stupid . I started to get irritated , not at the judge but at myself , this shit is all my fault . If I hadn’t have robbed that store but I thought I was doing it for me and Adriyel . I was , the shit just didn’t go as planned . I just wanted to get her away from her problems at home and I ended up getting her into more shit . Who knows where she at and what’s happening to her at this moment . Truth be told , I got a little scared .
“ robbery “ I mumbled to the judge .
She looked from me , to my family that was sitting in the court room behind me and then back to me “ you know Mr. More , I thought I’d never see you in my court room again . I can’t have you continuing to do the things you’re doing –“
“ judge –“
“Shut up , I’m not done ! First fighting , then driving under the influence and your under age ! And now robbery. I’m really disappointed .” She stopped and took a deep breath and I could feel this going down the wrong way . She’s going to give me some months , maybe even years , I can do the time if I know Adriyel is okay . But right now , shit just isn’t going good at all .
“ 60 hours of community service . Get out of my face , and take me very seriously Mr. More when I say that if I ever you you in here again no matter for what it’s a automatic 5 months .”
I wanted to jumped out my draws at that moment . Hell , I really did want to jump out of ‘em . Out of the 4 days I’ve been here I haven’t got not one clean change of clothes. Can you believe that shit ? Noy only did I get stale ass sandwiches but I’m dirty as fuck too .
“ don’t worry , you won’t see me again .”
“ that’s what you said the last two time . Now , go .”
When me and my family stepped out of the courtroom I didn’t bother engaging in the conversations they were having about how happy they were . I felt more down than ever , my brain was going a mile a minute trying to think of places Adriyel could have gone . She wouldn’t have stayed in the city , I don’t think .
When we got home I did the only thing I really could , I called her cell phone . While it rang and rang I just hoped and prayed she had it with her wherever she is .
“ hello ?”
My heart skipped a beat as I heard Adriyel’s voice on the other end of the phone , it entered my ears and traveled from my body straight to my heart . And all of a sudden I was scared to talk .
“ heeeellllooooo ?!”
“ Adriyel –“
“ oh , it’s you . “ I could hear how pissed she was by the way she pronounced her words “ it was nice talking to you but I’ve gotta go so –“
“ no ! Don’t hang up .” the line was silent for a second “ I’m sorry , I love you baby .”
“ you sorry you robbed the store , or sorry you got caught and arrested ?”
I’m really only sorry I got caught and arrested but I couldn’t tell her that “ I’m sorry about robbing them . I thought I was doing it for us . Baby , where are you ?”
“ Hell if I know !”
“ really , where are you ?”
She let out a frustrated sigh and raised her voice a little “ I told you I don’t fucking know ! Some run down motel , in the middle of no fucking where . The place is called sundowm motel . I’m in room 3 . Hurry . My phone is about to di –“
The line went dead and I slammed the house phone down on to it’s cradle and got ready to leave . I took a quick shower , brushed my teeth and put on a fresh out fit . Then I snuck my mother’s car keys from her purse and left .
I knew what motel she was talking about , strangely , I’ve never been inside but a time or two on my way out and into town I’ve seen it . The place actually looks creepy . I don’t know how she’s able to stomach being inside of there but I guess she doesn’t really have a choice in the matter . I beat myself up over and over and over until I pulled up to the motel . It took at least 4 hours with me driving like a maniac .
I banged on door number one but got an old white lady , door number 2 I got no answer , and when I banged on door number 3 and it swung open I was so happy to see Adriyel’s pretty little face that I cupped her chin in my hands and pressed my lips against hers . For a moment she fell in to the kissing , but after a while she pulled away and ragged filled her eyes as she began to repeatedly bang on my chest .
“ how could you ! Huh . How . You left me all by my damn self .” she smacked me in my face sendn my head turning to the right “ stupid ass inconsiderate , bastard !”
I grabbed her hands and no matter how hard she struggled I wouldn’t let them go “ I’m here aren’t I ? I just drove 4 fucking hours worrying myself to death about you . I love you and I’m sorry about my mistakes . But I swear they’ll never happen again .”
“ bastard . “ she mumbled as I loosened my grip on her hands and she pulled them away .
I could see the hope and love in her eyes though as she pulled away , no matter how much she tried to hide that , she couldn’t . And I was glad to finally see her face . Who gives a damn if she’s mad at me .


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