I held the invitation out and stared at it with surprise. Magnus was not the type of person(or warlock) that invites people like me to his parties. I immediately felt suspension. I shrugged. Maybe I should go... I mean he invited me for a reason. And I hear that his apartment is filled to the top with valuables. "Hmm. Diy get on your best clothes on... we are going to a party."
*15 minutes later*
I stared at myself in the mirror. My hair was pure white with the tips dyed crimson. My lips perfectly black. Eyes the color of blood, black makeup. Around my neck was a gold necklace with a black diamond engraved with my name 'Astral'. My dress black silk and short a wittle bit higher than my mid thigh. With red fishnet leggings and studded 7-inch heels, only one thing would be missing. I grabbed my gun and slipped it in my hidden pocket. Diy came into view. I smiled at him through the mirror. "If Magnus makes us dance I'm counting on you." He laughed and held his hand out. "Let us go." We walked over to door. The ideal way to travel was darkening. The dark shadows enveloped me with its tendrils. I welcomed them with smiles. I felt myself be dragged upward. The city warped with the shadows and we dropped in front of Magnus's apartment. I smiled up at Diy and he grinned. "You have been getting better, Diy. Keep working on it and soon you'll be as good as me." He laughed and shook his head. "Wow..." He put an arm around me and started forward. We were greeted by Magnus at the door. Standing 5'7 tall, he was hard to look at when you were as small as I were. His hair had been spiked up. His eyes slitted like a cat's looked Diy over. Magnus wore leather today. His stance said he was busy. "Astral! Glad you could make it! And Diy looking good." I raised an eyebrow. "Hunters?" He snorted and lied. "Of course not Astral!" I growled and pushed him out of the way. Diy shrugged and followed me. The vampires straightened and licked their lips. I winked at them and kept on my way. Diy chuckled. "You shouldn't tease them." I grinned wickedly. The smell of hunters was overwhelming. "Truly if the situation if not been dire you would had fucked one of them, Diy." He turned red and glared at me. "Not true..." he mumbled. I snorted and kept following my sense of smell. I could feel that we were close. I caught sight of a small group. The smell of hunters reeked off them. Diy stiffened by my side. I took my gun out slowly and poised it at the blond arrogant looking male. "What do you think your doing?!?" Magnus's voice came from behind me. I whirled around ready to slap him. He dodged and grabbed my hands. I kicked out and grinned as I struck his chest. He went flying back. Diy chuckled and grabbed my gun and held it aimed at Magnus's head. I frowned at him. "Hey... that's my gun." He hands me his katana blades. I shrug and turn to face the surprised hunters. I whirled the blades around and smiled slyly. They stepped in front of the red-head. I whistled and took a step forward. The blond male raised a seraph blade and whispered a name. "Why are you hiding the red-head? she doesn't seem to need protectors." I paused and from the looks on the Inky(black hair, she was new. I smiled. "Ah. Got you. She's new, ain't she?" I darkened and threw myself upwards. The hunters grimaced and tried to see where I went. I silently dropped next to the red-head. "What you guys looking for?" I said with a smirk. The red-head screamed and grabbed onto the blond. I raised a eyebrow with amusement. The female caught my neck with a whip. I frowned. "This is overrated." I say. I stare at the Inky.
Stop them... i rule over you... stop them now...
I grinned, as the Inky grabbed the female from behind and yanked her whip away. I rubbed my neck feeling a sting as it flies away. I grabbed a blade and stabbed the female in the thigh. Her blood smells like chocolate and pomegranates. I whirled around as a seraph blade lodged itself in my shoulder. The blond was staring at the red-head, who still had her hand out stretched. i frowned. "Your mean. You know that. You can't just go stabbing people you don't know. of course that doesn't go for me... but still. Mean." She furrowed her eyebrows. "Clary. The girl you stabbed is Isabelle. The guy you controlled is Alec. And the guy staring at me like a mad woman is Jace." I gave her a lopsided grin. "That's more like it." I grabbed the Blade and ripped it out of my shoulder. I turned to Isabelle and took my knife out slowly. She whimpered. "Okay. Listen. I'll love to stay and chit chat... but I got business to do with Magnus." I gave her an amused smirk and raised a eyebrow. She turned red. "That's gross." She said. I laughed. "You know... maybe your not that bad." I whispered softly. Diy's jaw dropped. "Oh my glob. You just said something nice." He turned to Clary. "You're a miracle worker. I've been trying to get to say something like that for ages." He grinned. "Your hired." Clary smiled. Jace frowned. "Okay listen. This stuff is cute but we got things to do. And puking rainbows with shadows isn't one of them." I laughed. "Interesting sense of humor." I walked over to Clary and gave her back the knife. "You have a nice throw... keep working on it. If you want free lessons, just call." I grabbed a pen out of the pocket of her book bag and wrote. 555-2371 She stared at it memorizing it. I winked and Darkened. She jumped as Jace grabbed her hand. I had a feeling she wasn't going to call.


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