Chapter one: Blue Mountain outcasts

I remember mother. She had green eyes, shiny black fur and a kind heart. But that's about all I can remember, after she was taken away by the Lupus Tribe.


Startled, I escaped my thoughts. I looked up to find my hunting trainer, Yellowtail, standing outside my den.

"Yes?" I said, anxiously perking my ears up.

"The leaders need you on Guard duty. Alert me if you see one of those rotten, thieving, mutts from the Lupus Tribe."

"Alright." I said as Yellowtail left my den.

I sighed as this was my seventh night on guard duty, and not once had anything exiting happened. I wanted to be out there, fighting with the other Pardus warriors, and not in a tree waiting for something, just anything to happen. I suppose they're doing this to protect me. Then again, just because I'm a girl doesn't mean I can't take care of myself.

"Wait, Yellowtail," I said as I got up and started to run.


"I want to go fight. Can I? Please?"

"Watch your tongue young lady! Just because nothing happens at your guard post does not mean you can't get hurt outside the training grounds!"



"Well, can I at least go hunting? I'm kind of hungry."

"You can't pass the river, alright?"

"Alright!" I said as I ran off.

I wasn't going to pass the river, because on the other side was the battlegrounds for the Lupus Tribe. But I was going to one of my favorite places to watch the dispute, Blue Mountain. I had a clear view of the whole entire Pardus and the Lupus training camps as well as the battlegrounds in between, all from one of the cliffs.
Well, I was kind of hungry, and it was a slow night for hunting. Except for over the river, where it was reported that there was the best hunting.
I'd just be five? six minuets from the river, and it would take maybe four minuets to catch something.
But what about what happened to my mother? She went over the river and was killed, or wherever she is it's probably bad. And I promised Yellowtail that I would stay on this side of the river. But I was hungry and I could feel my stomach growling.
I bounded quickly but gracefully across the rushing water, getting thoroughly soaked.
Not five minuets into the brush on the other side, and I heard a twig snap. I could feel my heart beating out of my chest. It took all the power I had to not scream out loud.
"Hello?" I said weakly, trying to hide my fear.
"Is someone there?"

"Yes, but it's up to you to find out if I'm a friend or foe. State your residence."


"The pass code? Are you a Pardus?"

"Yes but I just came across to hunt!" I turned around to find two white wolves behind me.
I was surprised at how big they were, and i tried to hide that I was a juvenile.

"So you're not here to fight?" Said the wolf to the left, angrily.

"No but-"

"Do you have any idea what you did? You violated the pact between the Lupus Tribe and the Pardus Clan!"

"I didn't know I'm sorr-" I was interrupted by a low voice,

"Get her."

There must have been close to forty wolves instantly surrounding me.
All I remember was teeth, claws and me falling to the ground and suddenly it was black as night...

"Wake up! Oh, please wake up,"

I opened my eyes to find a female wolf standing above me.
I was barely able to move, although I could talk alright.
"Hello? Who..who are you?"

"My name is Telana. I'm a healing wolf."

"How did I get here?"

"I spotted you when I was on Blue Mountain hunting."

"I'm so confused about why I'm here. And my head feels like it's on fire!"

"That would be the healing ointment I put on your head to stop it from bleeding. The main ingredients are blue moss, ivy and spring water."

"Well why am I here?"

"Because the Lupus are ignorant," She said as she turned away and sighed.
"And because they are greedy."

"What do you mean? I thought you were part of the Lupus Tribe."

"No, I'm an outcast for believing in the Pardus Clan's way. We all are. And we can't go to the Pardus Clan because the Lupus Tribe has them convinced that we're spies."

"What do you mean "We"? There are others?"


"So, where exactly are we?"

"The neutral camp, Blue Mountain."

"I've never heard of that before,"

"We have the best hunting here on Blue Mountain, but this month wasn't such a good month for hunting, which I suppose explains why you were at the Lupus camp last night."


"Well, come outside when you feel like it. We hunt breakfast together."

Chapter two: Breakfast

It was a beautiful morning as I stepped outside of the healing tent.
"Hello," I said sheepishly to some of the wolves, but they didn't answer back.

"Oh, there you are, um, I didn't get your name."


"So, are you going to hunt for breakfast with us?"

"I would love to, but my trainer is probably worried sick. Oh my gosh, I forgot my guard post!"

"Well, I hope we see you soon."


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