“Today it looks like we’re going to be hit by a freak snowstorm. I know it sounds crazy.You folks at home must be saying “Hey! It’s the middle of June and we live in Arizona,” but I don’t get to decide the weather. If I were you though, I would try to avoid going out and driving in this weather unless it’s an emergency. Well I’m Jack-” I don’t want to listen to stupid Jack another minute! I don’t need to be reminded that today, of all days, is a freak snow storm. I thought that when I moved from Minnesota to Arizona I wouldn’t have this problem. In fact, I only remember this happening like twice when I lived there. Why do I have such bad luck!!
I’m Analee Petrakis, by the way. I know I seem like I’m over reacting about this freak storm and all, but I have a really good explanation. Today is August 6th. That means that today is my anniversary. “Anniversary for what?” you might ask. It’s my anniversary with my perfect, sweet, amazing boyfriend, Zach. Today I was supposed to go to his house, but now I don’t know how it’s going to happen. I have really missed him, too. His dad sent him to live with his mom for a while so I haven’t seen him since the last day of school, June 9th. Next year is our senior year! I want to have all summer to get even closer to him, and now that I can finally start, Mother Nature decides to pull a fast one on me.
“Hey, sweetie!” my mom called as she walked down the stairs in her favorite silk robe. I got that for her for her last birthday. It’s purple with a huge butterfly on the back. My mom loves purple and spring so I knew she’d love it.
“Morning, Mom”
“Buttercup, why the glum face? Did you have a rough night?” My mom was always worried about me; the only person she worries about more is my baby brother, Charlie. When he’s awake it turns into, “Analee, can you go pick up Charlie from daycare,” or, “Analee, I can’t worry about that right now. The baby is awake.” It’s always the same. I’m glad that, for now, she cares, but I don’t know how I’ll feel in about a half hour when Charlie wakes up.
“No, Mom it’s not that. It’s just that I hate the weather!”
As she looked out the window she said, “Oh honey, this isn’t bad; it’s beautiful!” Of course my mom would say it was beautiful. She could be watching a tsunami coming right at us and she would say, “Wow! That is really something special!” She wouldn’t run or scream like a normal person. She would act like it was the best thing she had ever seen.
“MOM, don’t you get it? Today is like the most important day of the year!”
“I’m sorry, sugar pie, but what day is it again?” How could she forget? I have been talking about this for days! I thought she would at least remember what day it was.
“My anniversary?! With Zach!”
“Oh honey, I’m so sorry! I completely forgot!”
"MOM! How could you?! I've been telling you about this for like weeks. I reminded you last night!" Mom waited for me to get all the anger out. Then she made me take deep breaths and calm down. I guess that's what I get since my dad is a therapist.
"I'm sorry for forgetting, but why is the weather such a big deal? It's not like you've never seen snow before. We did live in Minnesota, remember?" How could she be so clueless? We live in Arizona for god's sake! Snow is not supposed to be in Arizona.
"If you have forgotten, Mom, we live in ARIZONA! This place isn't equipped for snow like this. How am I supposed to get to Mitch's without snow tires or plowed roads?"
“Your car was built for Minnesota weather, and I never remembered to take off your snow tires, so you should be able to get through the un-plowed sections of the road. I also think they’re trying to plow because I see a garbage truck picking snow up," my mom replied to me, still gazing out the window.
For once my mom's mistakes weren't going to cost me. Then, I heard little Charlie wailing. This is the perfect time for me to make my escape.
“You’re right, Mom. I'm going to go and see him,” I yelled as I ran up the stairs to get dressed.
I couldn't decide on what to wear, but I finally decided on a gorgeous purple top that fit me just right and my favorite pair of jeggings. I made sure that I didn't put a necklace on because I think that’s what Zach is going to give me. I also made sure my shirt left a place that could show off the necklace. I went to do my hair, and then I threw on my new boots. I ran downstairs and began sprinting to my car.
I was halfway to the car when I noticed I was missing three essential things: my purse, my cell phone, and- probably most importantly- my gift for Zach. I got him a Stanford hoodie that I knew would look completley hot on him, and I knew that he would love even more. He was so proud that he was going to Stanford and that I was going, too.
I grabbed my phone and saw that the battery was almost dead. I guess it will have to do, though. I’ve run out of time!
I got driving, and everything was great for about 10 miles; I was listening to my favorite music and there was no problems with the roads.
And then I hit the ice.
Not just a little ice, but a huge patch of black ice covered by the snow. I completely blacked out. I was spinning and spinning. I tried to hit the brakes, but they wouldn't do anything. Nothing was working and I was going to die!
The car stopped.
I was in a ditch on the side of the road, maybe 100 meters from where I had first hit the ice. That was the scariest moment of my life!
I need to call someone, was the first thing I thought.
Mom will help me. I know it. There is only one problem, my battery is dead! That just sucks! There’s nothing I can do now. I have my refuel light blinking, it’s 0 degrees without thinking about a windchill, and I’m about three miles from Zach’s house. I have no options.
I’ll have to flag down a car.Hopefully my gas will last me that long.
Two hours have gone by and nothing.
Suddenly the sound I’d been waiting for appeared. A car. And even better, a tow truck. Before I could think better of it, I was sprinting to stop the truck, and that was it. I blacked out from sudden freezing temperature.
Even in unconsciousness I could feel the cold. It was like those times when you fall asleep and try to forget about something, but then it shows up in your dreams. It was like that, but worse....
“Miss, can you hear me?” said a gruff voice above me. Things were becoming clearer and stronger, but that meant the cold got stronger too, though.
“Yes,I'm Analee Petrakis.” What am I doing? I don't even know who I'm talking to and I'm giving them my name like its no big deal. It’s like my parents didn’t tell me anything about strangers.
“You’re alive! I’m going to take you to the truck to keep you warm. I’m Don Jackson.”
“Thanks for helping me. I’m so sorry that you had to get out of your car,” I said, shaking my head to get rid of the bad headache that must have come from the freezing weather.
“That wasn't very smart to get out so quickly.”
“Do you need a ride?”
“Yes. I’m going to 1706 Merryweather Lane.” I say thankfully.
He attaches my car to the truck.
“It’s hard to see. Where are we?” I ask, squinting through the snow.
“I have no idea, but I think we need directions.”
“We’ll be fine.”
Ten minutes go by and I notice that we’re driving in circles. I tell Don to stop the truck, and I go up to a car to ask for directions.
“Excuse me; do you know where Merryweather Lane is?”
“Sure, turn right, drive a mile, and take a left,” said the woman sweetly.
“Thanks,” I say as she pulls away. “We need to take a right, drive a mile, and take a left.”
“ Ok, here’s Merryweather, but the road isn’t plowed. My truck will never make it.”
“I could walk.”
“I have some boots you can borrow.”
As I put on the boots, he writes down my address so he can drop my car off. I thank him again, and walk to Zach’s house. I knock on the door.
“Analee, where have you been? Your mom called and-” he stopped when he saw my face. “Honey, are you ok?”
“No,” I say. Then he kissed me. It was sweet and warm and perfect. Finally, I can relax and enjoy this moment just like it should be.


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This is dedicated to my amazing family~Without you, I would be the creative, strong, confident girl I am today

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