Chapter 1: New Room

=Ally POV=
WOW my new house and room is hot. By the way, I am Ally A. my family, and I just move to Florida in a nice big house. The first thing I did was go pick out my room. Then I find it the prefect room it had a bathroom,walk-in closet.My room was so big that I can ever have a couch in it, and it had a sun roof to hot ass room. I love it.

=Drew Ryan POV=
A girl just entered my room.She looked beautiful. The girl looked amazes with my room. For the past mouth, my house has been remodel for a new family. Usually I don't let people in my house, but this time was different I don't know why I was okay with it this time. However, now I know why I was caused of that beautiful girl. Let me tell you about myself, I am Drew Ryan. I am dead, by the way, a ghost. I don't how I die. Nevertheless, I hope to change that cause this girl is here to help me. I use to be the most poplar, and the sexiest guy but look at me now I can't leave this house for anything. That angers me.

=Ally POV=

I sit in the middle of my room. Just looking around thinking of what should go in my room. I seriously want a lot of purple and a big bed a couch. My posters I love it here. Then I hear my mom calling me.

Ally: Yes mommy
Mommy: where your room at

I walk out my room to go gets my mom and led her to my new room.

Mommy: WOW I might have to take your room.
Ally: Long Sentence No mom I love this room it for me this room was calling my name
Mommy: I am not going to take your room my room look better
Ally: Yes I know your bathroom is larger than mind, and it has a greater mirror
Mommy: I know its me
Ally: all right to Wall-Mart
Mommy: first unload we have to get the stuff out of the movie truck
Ally: fine I be down

my mom left my room, and I pick my book bag up and put it in the closet. I start to walk out my room when I feel this cold chill. I shake it off cause I away feel then what was different this time when I feel it.

(Little did Ally know that she had company in her new room.)

=Drew Ryan POV=
I watch as the girl whom they call Ally moved her stuff in my room. This girl had a lot of random stuff. Then a guy came in I think its one of her mom friends, he fixes Ally's bed up. After the guy left Ally put the covers on her bed. Then like three little girls can't in my room. They looked just like her a little but in, they on way.a way.the way. Ally started to talk to the little girls, and then she walks out the room to follow them. I had seen that Renee didn't finish making her bed up, so I help her out and did it for her.

An hour later Ally walks back in my room and her room. Ally looked around her room while eating a TV dinner. Ally's yell down stairs and said who finish make my bed up. Her sister shouted back you did before you let remember. Okay I guess I did she shout at them back. Ally walk back in her room and put her ear prices in start reading a book. She tuned the light off and put a battler power light on.

This is my chance. I thought to scare her. So I start to move her stuff in different place. Ally doesn't see that scared she sat there on her bed just reading. Then I start to throw paper at her to get her attend. Ally takes her ear prices out looks around my room.

Ally: Who there I swear on anything Sheridan if it's you're are Hazel? Ann may I will get y'all

I just laugh at Ally the look on her face was the funniest. I have laughed this much ever when I was alive I don't. Ally just shakes it off and tunes off her battler power light and when to sleep with the music was still playing. I went to the side of Ally's bed and stare at her while she slept. Then Ally's move over like she know I was there I just laid next to her. I have laid in a bed for three years. It felt nice I don't ever know I was doing, but I wrap my arms around Ally's body, and my hand doesn't go throw her body. It was like I was alive again but better. I was happy this time. Ally is the girl I had been waiting for.

=Ally POV=

I was still kind of sleep, but I swear I saw a pretty ass white guy in my bed. I don't if it was a dream are real but I. He looked clear not like in my dreams when I can not hardly see the guy face. I just got my ass out of bed and went into my bathroom and strip my nightgown off, and I wait until the shower was hot then a couple of minutes later I got in the shower and did what I had to do to get clean. After I got out the shower, I went to my closet and put on my favor rosy bra panties. I put my new black pants on that had the words love on them and a rose colored shirt on. Then I start to unpack my stuff and fix up my room. With the stuff, my mom bought me from wale-mart. My room was purple and bigger and my bed looked good, and I put a little black in there too. After fix my room, I take my sisters and Brother to the park. Before I left I swear I feel someone grab my arm and hug me and then let go. It was weird, but the hug feels good I never got a hug like that before. I at this moment said to myself it was just was my imagination cause. I have not had a boyfriend in a year so of course that will happen.

Chapter 2: The park

When I come to the park, it was like a lot of guys there playing basketball that stop and look at me. I just sit at a park bench and watch my sister and brother play with some kids. Then a guy came over and sits on the bench with me.

The guy: Hey, what's your name
Ally? Hi, I am Renee. What is your name?
guy? My name is Derrick
Ally: Nice to meet you Derrick: So me and my friends was wondering can you play basketball
Ally: A little but not that much
Derrick: Would you like to play
Ally? Do I have to
Derrick? Yes now come on and meet the other
Ally: I can't leave my sisters
Derrick: Can your brother watch them
Ally? I guess just left me tell them I am

Derrick walk back to his friends and I walk to my brother and sisters and told them I would be playing basketball over here. They said okay. Then I walk over to Derrick and his friends. Derrick put his arm on my shoulder and start to tell me his friends name.

Derrick: These are my friends Jack,Tanner,Canmon,Wolfe,Tony,Taco,Jay,Hakeem guys this is Ally
Ally: Nice to meet all y'all
Wolfe: Wow she looked better up closed
Ally: Thank you
Canmon: Ya Wolfe you is right she is sexy
Ally: fine thank you again and this is awkward, by the way, and are we going to play
Derrick: Ya sure Renee picks your team and Taco pick teams
Ally: all right

I pick my team, and Taco picked his team. We played and ball for a minute. Until fuck Taco pushed me, and I start to bleed it hurt for a minute but not that much. Derrick was cussing taco out they were going back and forth. I step in and said I am okay, and I told Derrick he didn't have to yell at him. Derrick said he is my brother, and I have to yell at him. He had no right touching you. Then Tony told me that taco was kind of slow on the retract side he really said. I was like so Derrick don't have to yell at him, it is okay. I know he didn't mean to push me. Tell Derrick I be back I have to see what my sisters and brother are doing. They said all right. Then I left the ball court and when back to the play ground to see my sisters playing with these girls I look for my brother, and he was talk to some boys about his stupid cartoon show, and I ask my sisters was they find. They were like find just have fun with are new friends. Hazel ask what happen to my arm I said just fall.

Then I look up, and a guy was watched me. He looked fine ass hell. He tanned skin and brown eyes but in the sun, they turn blue. He had his hair to the side it was like Justin Bieber's hair when he first came out as a singer. His hair color was dirty blond are it could have been black, and he looked like an Athlete. I want to say hi and then somebody walked in front of him, and just like that he was gone. He just disappears like that. WOW I said to myself, I am really seeing things now. I just pull out my phone and see what time is it my mom said but back before 6:30. It was already 6:10. I told my sisters to say bye to, their friends and I went to get my brother. Then I walk back to the court with my brother and sisters right behind me. I had to tell the guys bye before I leave. I walk back over, and Derrick clammed down a little and Taco said he was sorry. I was like its okay. Taco just shook his head. Then I told Derrick and the guys I had to go home now.

Derrick? Where do you live at

Ally: Up the street from here

Derrick: Long Sentence O real you know that house is hunted by a ghost

Ally: Ya i know i think he is in my room

Derrick: So you not scared

Ally: No will i have to get home before my mom get mad

Derrick: Can we walk with y'all

Ally: If you want

Derrick: Taco come on we walk with them

Taco: Okay bro

Bro Bro (That my little Brother): Why you call him Taco

Derrick: He love Taco he will eat taco everyday if are mom would let him

Bro Bro: Cool i like cheeses

Taco: You watch the show to

Bro Bro: Yes it funny

Derrick: It is

Ally: I love that guy Taco on the show

Derrick: I know they be make taco do the stupidest things

Ally: I know it is mean

Taco: Derrick you be make me do stupid stuff to

Derrick: You be want to do that stuff

Taco: So

Ann may: So Renee is you and Derrick together now

Sheridan: Ann may shut up (and Sheridan slap Ann May on her head)

Ally: Both y'all shut up

Hazel: Derrick you cute

Ally: Shut up Hazel how about we play the quite game My brother and sister can't talk no more only the teenage can talk

Bro Bro: Find

My sisters said Together: Find

Finely, it was quiet. I swear I slap all of them for saying that to Derrick. At the moment, Derrick is acting weird now. Taco started to ask me a question, but I wasn't paying too much of attend to him. To listen

Taco: Renee you hear me,

Ally: Sorry taco I wasn't paying attended

Taco: You know Derrick like you to

Ally: Why,How you know

Taco: I might be on the slow side, but I know when somebody like someone

Ally: You not slow its just hard for you to learn you learn at a different way then others

Derrick: Shut up taco, I don't need your help.

I just start to think about Derrick, and I together don't get me wrong. Derrick is fine as hell white skin,black hair and have that bad-boy look to him. However, its something about that guy who was looking at me early that had my heart skip a beat.

Chapter 3: Drew Ryan POV

The next morning Ally looked at me, and I think so could see me. I get up and just sit on the couch for she can't see me. I wasn't ready for Ally to see me yet I want to watch her for a little more. Ally got up and went to the bathroom. Ally was in the bathroom for an hour I could have gone in there. However, I don't want to be all weird. Ally came out the bathroom in a towel. I follow Ally to her closet and watch her change into her clothes. I have seen a girl up to close in a long time. I know I seem like a perv but I am a ghost don't be mad.

It was fun just looking at Ally all morning. Until Ally, sisters come in my room and ask her to take all of them to the park down the street. I don't want Ally to go. I watch as Ally put her shore on, they were nice rainbow and black Rock wear. Before Ally left the room, I hug her, I tired my hardest not to let her see me. Ally was just loving the hug, and then I let go. I watch as Ally and her brother and sisters walk down the street. I really never left this house, but I had to protract Ally. So for the first time since my dead I step out my house and follow Ally to the park. I was right by her side. Then I got piss when a guy came and ask my Ally to play basketball with him. I sit in Invisible just watch all of them guys on Ally. They play ball for a minute, and then one of the guys pushed my Ally on the ground. I was piss I just walk away before I do something that made me go to hell I am trying to go to heaven. I watch Ally from a far distant, and I saw her look up at me. Then I realize that Ally could see me, and Ally was so taking by me. I bet she wished I was real for I can be with her. I just let the park and when back to my room. Laid on Ally's bed thinking of her. I ever cried I had all these human emotions. Why I had to be dead? I had to ask god can I live once more. I will do anything to be with Ally and rebirth again. First, I had to figure how to get to heaven to talk to god. I need help from Ally on this one. Then I hear laughter I looked out the window. The guy from the park was following Ally's home like a lost puppy. Afterwards, I Ally introduces them to her mom. Next Ally showed the guys around my house. I got piss and start to do stuff throw paper and make a mess of things. The guys ran out I know they were scared. I clean up the room before Ally came back. After that Ally came in my room she sat on the bed. Then Ally pulled out a price of paper from her night stand and writes on it.

Ally: What your name I know you here

Should I write back. I thought for a minute, and I don't write back I just watch Ally fall asleep. I had to make a plan up before I show myself to her. I just laid next to Ally thinking I really feel bad for scaring her friends away I had no right. I will make it up to Renee on that one.

Chapter 4: 2 mouths

Ally *POV*

I have lived in this house for two mouths. My little ghost friend ever clammed down on scaring my friend away. I know he still here I even got him to tell me his name a week ago. Drew Ryan that is his name. I look up the last people that live here, but my research came up that. Nobody ever lived here ever. I wonder should I ask Drew about it, but I don't want to upset him. I don't tell him I just keep it to myself. Enjoy Drew Company.

Derrick and I are dating now he is okay. School has started to Derrick, and I have almost every class together. I ever have a best friend now her name is Claire. We hung out mostly every day. Guess what Claire has a crush on Taco. Taco and I also is a best friend. He loved that Derrick, and I am dating. You know something I still think about that guy; I had seen at the park two mouths ago the way he looked to, just melt my heart. However, I tired to look for him, I even when to the park, every day since I had seen him. I know he doesn't go to my school cause. I know everybody at school. I hate when everybody says I think I am all that cause. I am dating Derrick. Even so, I don't I just a ordinary teenage I really don't Derrick was that poplar. Until we walk down the hall.

I am Xavier, but everybody calls me X. I said nice to meet you. Then finely I saw Derrick walk down the hall. I tired to go to Derrick but X pull me back. X said , dump the loser and come and be a football girlfriend. I look at him crazy and told him to let go off me. Then Derrick finely reached my locker. Derrick was like get the fuck off of my girl X. X was like O this is your girl. Wow she is hot you better watch her cause. I might take her from you said X walking away. Derrick's tune to me and ask me what did X say. I told him nothing but what is my name, and that I should dump you for him. Derrick was like okay and give me a kiss and told me that he was sorry for being late. I told Derrick it was fine, and I assured him I will never let him.That was I mouth ago now I am sitting on my bed crying. Somebody made up a rumor that I was with X. I wonder who the fuck made that up to cause please me with X. Taco and Claire know the truth that I love Derrick really I don't know if I even ever love Derrick, I confuse I guess. However, yes Derrick dumped me cause of that rumor. Even so, an excellent thing came out of this Drew Ryan is so pleasant to me. We spent all day together laugh at Derrick causes his ass blow it. I only can see Drew Ryan if I touch him are if he let me see him.

The first time i seen Drew Ryan. Was when i came home crying cause of Derrick b**ch ass. I throw my stuff down and mess my room up. I never been so embarrass cause Derrick dump me in front of the whole school everybody was looking and laugh. I looked Derrick like what the fuck. Then he said it was over and walk away. I just tuned away and get books out my locker. Than Claire and Taco came up in to me. Claire hug me and was like its okay honey. Taco when after Derrick and ask him the reason for all that. I was just happy that he did it close to the end of the day. Cause i don't think i can take pity from everyone. And plus i had to go to class and look at Derrick. Soon i came home i don't ask my phone for not body but my Mommy. I sit on my couch and hug my knees. Then i seen somebody standing in front of me.

Ally: Who's there

Drew Ryan? Are you all right

Ally? No my boyfriend Derrick dumped me

Drew Ryan: Will his lost

Ally? Who are you again

Drew Ryan? Will Renee I am Drew Ryan? I need your help

Ally: Help with what

Drew Ryan: To get to heaven

Ally: fine I will help this will be fun I guess. However, first can I see you

Drew Ryan: Okay

I realize the guy I have seen at the park two mouths ago live in my room, and he is dead and a ghost. My heart pounded against my chest when he sat next to me and hold my hand and look at me in my brown eyes, and I look back at his blue eyes. Drew Ryan and I talk about good things I forgot about Derrick.

Chapter 5: Party

Derrick *POV*

I was at the basketball court with the guys and my brother Taco. Taco was sitting on the side line he didn't want to play ball with me at all. I saw him text in someone.

Derrick: Who your text in

Taco: Your ex-girlfriend my best friend in the whole world

Derrick: I know you mad I dump her, but I had to do what I had to do.

Taco: I know it's whatever Ally not mad she cooled she has been on dates just like you have

Derrick: Really,

Taco: You sound like you care

Derrick: Will I don't

Taco? It's okay brother, I know you have more feeling for Ally then the other girls you date

Derrick: No I don't

Taco: whatever you say

Derrick: Yes it's whatever

Taco: I am leaving

Derrick: And now where the are you going

Taco: To Ally house to hang out

Derrick: I will walk with you

Wolfe: So Derrick who you take to the party next Friday

Canmon: Yes who you take

Derrick: Me, myself and I

Tanner: Will Ally will be there, and I hear that X will try to make his move on her

Derrick: Are you for real

Tanner? Yes, I am

Wolfe: Will I was wondering since you're not taking anybody that I can take Ally to the party a Cutie like her should come to the party by herself? She needs to come with a guy like me.

Derrick: You know the rules no going for an ex-girlfriend

Wolfe: Yes, I know I just don't want to see Ally with X if I can go with her are possibly you change your mine

Derrick: Maybe I have I never told you guys, but I like Ally a lot I just broke up with her not cause of that rumor if cause I think I was falling

Jay: Are you serious

Derrick? Yes, I want her back, and nobody can't have her no y'all are X

Taco: That why, We on are ways to Ally's house now. For you can get back with her and ask her to the party.

Derrick: Pretty much please don't tell her

Taco: I was wonder when you were going to see that Renee was the girl for you. However,

Derrick: However, what

Taco: I don't know if Ally will take you back

Derrick: Why would she ?

Taco: Ally doesn't back track so be nice and say how you feel, and you will have her back all right

Derrick: Okay brother I will do that cause I really care for Ally

Taco: I know you did.

As the guys and I walk down the street to Ally with house. We were telling jokes and laugh. I do hope Ally will take me back. I don't just care about Ally, I love this girl. No other girl got on my mom are taco good side like her. Ally is funny and wild and nice at the same time. She is the only girlfriend whom I had that don't let the popularly go to her head she still down to earth girl whom I meet going on five mouths ago. Now the party is coming up and the Fall dance, and I don't want to take a ratchet. I want my girl Ally to be on my arm.

Ally *POV*

Drew Ryan and I was spending a lot time together, but lately he has been thinking so I went outside. I was sitting outside on the pouch swing playing my Guitar and writing a new song. When I heard laughter coming from down the street. I look up and Derrick, and the guys was coming up the street. Derrick's look over me that quick cause I heard he was with the slut of the school. Yes, you guess it; he dumped me cause I not give it up like the other ratchet girls in the school. They will do everything to be poplar. I really don't give a fly fuck about being poplar. Derrick thought that he would take my popularly when he left me, but he didn't guys still want me. Every time a guy comes to my locker. I look up and Derrick there. It's like he have a plan he got what he wants from the ratchet and comes back to me. However, wait a minute mother Fucker, I don't back track maybe I will I do like Derrick a lot. Will Derrick and the guy start to come into view? I just put some music on my cell phone and put my ear prices in. I played my guitar. I played one of my favor songs Cher Lloyd want U back ( It goes like this if you never heard the song before).

Mmm, yeah.
La la la la laaa

Hey, boy you never had much game
Thought I needed to upgrade
So I went and walked away way way
Now, I see you've been hanging out
With that other girl in town
Looking like a pair of clowns clowns clowns

Remember all the things that you and I did first?
And now you're doing them with her
Remember all the things that you and I did first?
You got me, got me like this
And now you're taking her to every restaurant
And everywhere we went, come on!
And now you're taking her to every restaurant
You got me, got me like this

Boy you can say anything you wanna
I don't give a shh, no one else can have ya
I want you back
I want you back
Wa-want you, want you back
I broke it off thinking you'd be cryin'
Now I feel like shh looking at you flyin'
I want you back
I want you back
Wa-want you, want you back

Please, this ain't even jealousy
She ain't got a thing on me
Tryin' to rock them ugly jeans jeans jeans
You clearly didn't think this through
If what I've been told is true
You'll be crawling back like boo hoo hoo

Remember all the things that you and I did first?
And now you're doing them with her
Remember all the things that you and I did first?
You got me, got me like this
And now you're taking her to every restaurant
And everywhere we went, come on!
And now you're taking her to every restaurant
You got me, got me like this

Boy you can say anything you want
I don't give a shh, no one else can have ya
I want you back
I want you back
Wa-want you, want you back
I broke it off thinking you'd be cryin'
Now I feel like shh looking at you flyin'
I want you back
I want you back
Wa-want you, want you back

Ohhh, I thought you'd still be mine
When I kissed you goodbye uh oh uh oh
Ohhh, and you might be with her
But I still had you first uh oh uh oh

Boy you can say anything you want
I don't give a shh, no one else can have ya
I want you back
I want you back
Wa-want you, want you back
I broke it off thinking you'd be cryin'
Now I feel like shh looking at you flyin'
I want you back
I want you back
Wa-want you, want you back

(Let me know)

Ohhh, I want you back
I want you back
Wa-want you, want you back

Ohhh, I want you back
I want you back
Wa-want you, want you back

Just like a helicopter (bbbbbbrrrrrddddd)

Then somebody taps me on my head. I look up to Derrick and everybody on my pouch. I sit up cause I was laying down on the pouch swing. I pull my ear prices. For I can hear what they had to say to me. The guys were acting so fake to me after Derrick, and I broke up. However, they did have to do that now I see who're my friends and who is not. I want to cuss Derrick out, but I was a lady and don't look mad. I look as if nothing happened, and I was cool with the broke up.

Ally: Heyllo guys Derrick: Hey Ally, how you have been doing

Ally: Okay

Derrick: That's good

Ally: So what's bringing you here

Derrick: Just want to chill with you

Ally: Taco I miss you give me a hug

Taco: I miss you to, but you know I saw you at the beach this morning

Ally: Yes so

Taco: You are so funny

Ally: I know

Derrick: Ally I want to talk to you about something

Ally: What is it Derrick re

Derrick? Will I have to talk to you about something will y'all guys give us a minute
Ally. I miss you? I know I was stupid for broke us up, but I have a good reason. And it not what you think not cause of the rumor. It's because I think, I am falling for you, and it was scaring me. You have to understand that I was scared my heart will be broken, and that I love you can please get back together please what you think

Ally: will I don't know Derrick that's a lot to think about? Just let me think about it okay

Derrick: Will you have until next Friday, cause I want to go with you to the party and to the fall dance? I will be here everyday for your answer

Ally: Okay bye Derrick sees you later.

I watch Derrick leave off my pouch and disappear down the street. I went straight in the house upstairs to my room.

Ally: Drew where are you? I need you
Drew: Baby I am right here

Drew was laying on my bed like he always do. I ran over to him and laid next to him. Then I start to cry cause a guy never asks me back out.

Drew: What the matter

Ally: I know you heard what Derrick

Drew: I did hear what he was talking about

Ally: What should I do

Drew? Baby

Ally: What why Drew I thought we were together I love you not him

Drew: Listen to me baby I am dead I can't love you like you want me to; I can't be here for you, but I am here now.

Ally: Drew it's a will these away we can be to together

Drew: Listen to me; I talk to god early he said that in order for me to get to heaven, I had to help this girl.

Ally: You need my help

Drew: No I got it. However, listen to me give Derrick another chance I don't how much time I have here on earth. Just know I do love you, and you should not be sucked on me. I live my life. Now it's your tune to live.

Ally: We just have to spend a lot time together until god comes and gets you

Drew: I will like that

Ally: Good

Will Drew and I spend a lot of time together? Sitting in my room laugh and watch TV at night and enjoy each. I wish he was my boyfriend and alive. However, I can't be a little sad cause. I love him. I know he wants to go to heaven. So I put a smile on my face, and for him cause I know when he gets to heaven that he will still protract me.

Will I wait until Thursday to tell Derrick that we back together? I really don't want to but Drew kept saying , go ahead and do it. I know Drew just want to see me happy, but I hate that we meet this way. I am happy that he is going to heaven.

Drew Ryan *POV*

I was on my mission to get to heaven. My mission was to protract Ally's god told me that something was going to happen. So I keep a close eye on her. I think it is because of me that she might get hurt so I keep my distances from Ally. I know something was coming, but I don't what are why. I hate when Ally went back to Derrick, but I was making sure that she had somebody when I leave cause I can't leave her alone. I love Ally with all my heart, and I hope God saw we should be together.

Ally *POV*

Claire and I was gotten ready for the party tonight. Claire wanted to look good for Taco, and I help her and Claire help me. Claire and I wear some pants cause everyone, Know that if you wear a dress to a party that you're looking for something. Claire and I was putting on are clothes and make up. By the way, Claire knows about Drew Ryan. She not ever freaked out. Will Drew was in there while we put are clothes on?

Claire: Long Sentence Ally did you think tonight is the night that I finely get Taco

Ally: Yes, I hope so do you think Derrick and me can last this time

Drew: Yes, y'all will last if he not that stupid

Ally: Yes whatever hope he doesn't

Claire: I think this time, he serious

Ally: you really think

Claire: Problematic word sequence Yes look at all then gifts Derrick gave you; he loves you

Ally: Yes true

Drew: Do worry just fun and be careful

Ally? Don't worry Drew, we will have fun be safe bye love you

Claire: Bye Drew sees you later.

Soon we walk to the living room. Derrick and Taco were there talking to my mom.

Derrick: You look beautiful Ally you to Claire

Taco: Claire and Ally y'all be the most pretty girls there

Ally: Thank you Derrick and Taco

Claire: Thank you Taco and Derrick

We walk out to Derrick and Taco car. They open the door for us. It was so sweet. I look out my window and there was Drew stand in the window in my room. I swear I had seen a tear going down my cheek this was hurting him more than it was hurting me.

I look away I want to cry, but I don't want to explain to Derrick and Taco why I am crying. So I put a smile on my face and tired to have fun.

I can't think of anything but Drew. However, I know he close to me, and I know he wanted me to have fun.

We were not at the party for 5 minutes, and I could not find Derrick for everything. Random guys keep trying to dance all on me. It was wired some of them guy was ugly and not my type. Finely, I find Derrick with two girls dance on him. Derrick look straight at me and keep on dance with them ratchet. O I get I.

Derrick only wants to come with me cause he didn't want anybody else to be with me.

X: its a shame for him to leave a pretty girl like you

Ally: it is I hate him truly bad now

X: you want to dance

Ally: No thank you? I Long Sentence will have to, just find my friends

X: come on girl you see he doesn't want you, and I sit here, and I greatly want you terrible

Ally: You only want me for one thing, and that is sex, and I am not ready for a relationship like that

X: don't let all then rumor stops you from getting to know me I really not like that. Is a girl willing to give it up? I am guy. I will take it? The reason I

Ally: Where the your bathroom

X: Down the hall to you, right

Ally: Thank you and please don't follow me

X: I want trust trust me; I am a nice guy.

Really, I don't have to go to the bathroom. I just want to get away from X I seriously don't care if he was a nice guy are not. I was at this moment honestly sad about Derrick. I can't believe him. I just went outside and sit on the back pouch. I had one tear going down my eye. I can't believe this.

Claire: Why are you sitting out here while your man is dance with sluts

Ally? I don't give a flying fuck

Claire: I guess you was right about him? I am so sorry girl

Ally: Its okay I can be mad

Claire: Yes

Ally: Where is Taco

Claire? Getting us same pop

Claire and I sit in silent looking at the star. Next we saw a shorting star , That never happens in the city.

Claire: Make a wish girl

I wish Drew was alive and with me cause that where he belongs with me

Claire: So what you wish for Renee

Ally: I can't tell you then it wanted, come true

Claire: Who made that stupid rule up

Ally? I don't know, but since you think it is stupid then what you wish for

Claire: That Taco asks me out. We have a great connect, but I don't know I send him hints after hints but still nothing. Maybe I should give up.

Ally: Don't give up if you truly like Taco, I think he like you but

Claire: You think

Ally: I know so he, my best friend too

Taco: Claire you really feel that way.

Claire: O my god Taco how long you stand there what you hear

Taco: I was here when you, and Ally made the wish and when you said you truly like me

Claire: I feel embarrassed

Taco: Don't be I like you to Claire it just I don't think you would want to be with a guy like me

Claire: Don't say that I don't care what people say about you. Everybody has problem

Taco: I know that it at this moment you so prefect, and I am me

Claire: I don't care I like you? I can look over that, and you are wonderful and I am not that prefect

Taco: Will since you said all that Claire will you be my girlfriend

Ally: Long Sentence AWWW

Claire: Yes yes I have been waiting all year for you to say them word's

Taco: Okay its an official

Ally: Wow I am so happy for y'all

Claire: Thank you

Taco: Thank you

X: There you go to Ally. I had been looking all over for you

Ally: Hi, X can I finish are talked to you

I look to Claire and Taco. They give me the look that says you should go see what he wants. Don't worry we will be right here.

Renee: Find I will talk to you.

X take my hand and we walk off the pouch to the swing set. X, and I sit down and being to talk to be me. I hate to say it but X Repeated Word was saying all the right words, and he gives me eye to eye connect the whole time. X had the nicest Green eyes. I at this moment don't know if I can believe what he was saying. I just tell him we can be friends cause I don't think I can be the girl for him. X said that we could be friends, and he said don't be surprised when I fall for him. I just nod. Then I had seen Derrick's walk over mad as hell. X and Derrick was going back and forth. Until I had seen Derrick about to hit X I had to grab him. However, he was too strong and Derrick push me on the ground. Taco and all the guys came running to break up the fight. X punch Derrick really hard that he was bleeding, but he was still wrapping ass. It takes X friends and Derrick friends to pull them apart. They were still cuss at each while we walk off. X shout at Derrick that Derrick doesn't need me. We make it to Derrick's car I sat in the back with

Claire, and Taco sat in the front with Derrick.

Then Derrick's stop at the beach and get out the car. Carry over to my side of the car. He told me to get out the car.

Derrick's walk over to the beach, I follow him. I really don't want to talk to him cause all we were going to do was scream at each. Derrick sat in the sand and sat next to him. At first, we silent and just looking at the ocean when Derrick started to talk.

Derrick: Why were you talking to X

Ally? Cause I saw you dance with them ratchets, and I don't want to mess you fun up by beating, ass

Derrick: Okay two wrongs don't make it right.

Ally: I know that be X would leave me alone until I talk to him.

Derrick: So Okay I was wrong I should never leave you by yourself

Ally: I am sorry for talk to X

Derrick: Whatever

Ally: Why were you danced with them sluts, So you get what you want from them, and you come back to me?

Derrick: I don't know what you talk about

Ally: Since I can't give you what you want, You break up with me and fuck them and come back to me. You understand me now Derrick

Derrick: That is not it so stop talk

Ally: Then why I saw you go with Taylor nasty ass goes to the basement last Wednesday. What y'all do in there. You're say I will break your heart, but you break your own heart by doing that. I don't ever know why I take you back I will tell you why cause I cared about you a lot.

Derrick don't say nothing back all he did was stare at the ocean.

Ally: I want to go home now Derrick

Derrick: No right now

Ally: Fine I will walk home

Derrick: No you want walk home

Ally: Then Derrick take me home

Derrick: No not until I know you okay

Ally: I am okay we okay now least go

A/N: Sorry for stopping here. I just don't know what should come next. So if you have any
ideas just tell me.

chapter 6: what just happen

Derrick was really pissing me off by not take me home. So I got up and start to walk home my house is only three blocks from the beach.

I would have asked Claire to walk with me, but I don't want to fuck up her night. I know they will dope her off at my house later. Right now I need to clean my head about Derrick and I. Are relationship is all fuck up.

All I could think about is Drew and How everything is all wrong. Why couldn't he be alive why can he love me the way I love him.

Finely I find a bench to sit on cause I had to think where is home. I put my head in my lap cause I was crying to bad. I could not help it the tears just keep coming down my face.

I looked up and there were a man across the street stareing.

(A/N: Who was the strange ???? Is it Derrick following her are somebody are something eles
Will sombody help her and will the strange take Ally.
Is Drew really a ghost you will find out next update thank you for read Nerdgirl16

I tired to get up and run, but the man was to fast for me. He was in front of me in seconds.

Then I tune the other way, and he was in front of me to.

"Please Leave me alone I said."

The man didn't say anything back. I tired to run again, but the man grabbed me by the arm.
I start to kick and scream for my life. I was ever screamed for Derrick to cause I know he was not that far. I started to get scared when the man start led me in the woods.

"You bitch is broken the curse on your house said the man."

"What are you talk about I said."

"shut up said the man."

With speed, the man through me 20 feet, I hit my head on the tree hard.
I open my eyes to see Drew fighting

"Drew. I call out."

"Its okay Ally I am here for you said Drew."

"Who are you and what you want with Ally said Drew talking with the man."

It was headiest to stay in there, but I tired I need to know what this man wanted with me.

"I see you find your mate said the man."

"My mate I am dead what is you talking about I said."

"Ha ha ha you no dead son that's what we wanted you to think you is a dog demon said the man."

"If you trying to kill me then why tell me this said Drew."

"Cause I thought you cause kill us one you find you mate but I seen she just a dumb human said the man."

"Just leave for I kill you said Drew."

"Ha ha ha you can't kill me said the man."

In one hit Drew kill the guy.

Then I black out.

Chapter 7: Drew Ryan POV

I follow Ally to the party. However, things start to happen to me like I can feel again. I had to go somewhere to figure out what was wrong with me.

I had been feeling this way ever since Ally moved into my house.
My eyes would tune Yellowist green. I feel like I am not seen throw no more. I wonder what is happening to me.

I know I was surpose to protract Ally. I don't want to hurt her to.

(A/N: Sorry to end right here i just have to think and I am getting lazy so I will update it tomorrow thank you for reading. :-) <3


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