Chapter 1

Lily Phillips took the exit that would bring her to York, Maine. Her hometown. She couldn't believe she was returning after all this time away. Sometimes, though, you needed to get away. Now she was back and she couldn't wait to see how the town had changed and if she admitted it to herself she wanted to know if he was still there. He always said he would wait for her. She had denied herself enough. She missed him and that's why she had screwed up her last mission. She had been thinking of him.

She took a deep breath before pulling over at her old home. Her front lawn faced the beach and of course her next door neighbor was him. She wouldn't be able to avoid him. At least not for long. She parked in the driveway before getting out. Her mother had died a couple of years ago leaving the house to her. She had kept it for only one reason. Him, of course.

The slamming of a door made her jerk around and standing on his front porch was the object of her distraction and he was staring back at her. He had changed but not much. He had more muscles and he had grown into his height. He towered over her at six feet four inches. His eyes were a golden honey brown and they seemed to light up when he saw her. His dark hair was cut short but was still long enough to ruffle in the slight ocean breeze.

Aidan Gray stared at the woman that had captivated his mind since the moment he had met her. There she stood in all her glory. Her long dark hair looked nearly blue in the sunlight and her eyes a piercing icy blue that seemed to look directly into his soul. He couldn't help himself as he took a couple of hesitant steps toward her before making himself stop. If she truly wanted him she would take the next step.

Lily swallowed hard before turning fully towards him and taking the first steps. Knowing full well where this could lead she mentally kicked herself but it still wasn't enough to erase the smile from her face, "Aidan." She said with a wave as she came to a stop a few feet away from him.

He merely looked her over and smiled, "Lily." He said with a nod as her eyes stared into his.

Lily smiled hesitantly, "How have you been?" She asked just as hesitantly as her eyes lost the sheen of happiness they had held when she walked over.

Aidan shrugged, "Okay I guess." He said and looked away from her as he saw the hurt in her eyes before she quickly masked it with a fake smile.

"That's nice." She said with fake enthusiasm and hesitation, her eyes dull something they've never been.

"How about you?" He asked her trying his best to not make it awkward.

Hesitating again, something she was now prone to doing, she looked away and took a few steps backwards away from him, "Fine I guess." She replied after a couple of seconds of silence.

He had frowned when she took those steps away from him. She took them as if she expected something bad to happen to her. He watched her as her eyes darted around them as if looking for something or someone that was going to reproach her for being happy or content, "You're moving back in?" He asked her ignoring the feeling he got deep in his stomach that someone had hurt her because the Lily he remembered wasn't broken.

"Yeah." She said shakily before looking completely away from him, "I guess I'll see you around." She whispered before walking back towards the front door. Unlocking it she looked back once and waved before she walked inside and closed the door.

Aidan frowned as he climbed into his car to drive the couple miles to his job. Walking into his office he told his secretary to cancel his morning meetings and booted up his computer. Logging in he went to the search engine and hesitated. What exactly was he searching for? Shrugging he typed in Lily's name and nothing came up. Sure lots of Lily Phillips popped up but not his Lily. Leaning back in his seat he thought about that and he couldn't shake that nagging feeling that something was wrong.

Lily couldn't breathe. She hoped no one ever found out about her past. Her hesitation had cost her team member his life and all because she couldn't shoot her target. His eyes had been so hauntingly familiar that she hadn't been able to pull the trigger. Her partner had ended up dead by someone who'd spotted them and everyday after that she'd wished she was dead too. Instead of killing her they had taken her hostage. After they'd found out about who she was and who her father was they'd wasted no time in demanding ransom but not before bringing her to the very brink of insanity.

Closing her eyes she forced herself to stand up off the floor. After walking in she had literally slid down the front door and broke. Completely and utterly broke. Sighing she walked into the kitchen and smiled. Nothing had changed. The same color blue was painted on the walls. The refrigerator and stove were new along with the microwave and coffee maker. She needed the familiar.

Slowly she walked to the refrigerator and rolled her eyes. There was nothing in there, she had forgotten to go to the grocery store. Closing the door she walked back out of the house and into her car.

Taking a deep breath she started her car and drove to the store. When she got there she knew everyone was staring at her. York was after all a pretty small town and everyone seemed to know each other a lot better than anyone wanted. Grabbing a shopping cart she started down the fruit isle. Before she knew it she was standing in front of the cereals with a frown on her face.

Since when did Oat Cluster Cheerios Crunch come out? Cocking her head to the side she went for the Honey Nut Cheerios and other favorites avoiding the ones that she didn't recognize. She hesitated at the cashiers something most people wouldn't even think twice about she triple thought about it. Something that unnerved her remaining team members enough to tell her she needed a break. Her brother among them. Sighing she walked out of the supermarket before the hateful woozy feeling over took her senses and the world did a fun house dance in front of her eyes.

Automatically she slammed her eyes shut and waited for the light headedness to pass. When she opened them again Aidan was standing in front of her with a concerned look on his face. It took her a full ten seconds before she realized he had been talking, "I'm sorry what did you say?" She asked him and watched his eyes narrow. 

He had seen her walk out out of the supermarket from his office across the street. He'd watched her to pale and then a sickly green before she seemed to control whatever was wrong. She hadn't heard him speak when he'd asked her the first ten times if she was okay so he asked her again knowing that she would somehow try to play it off, "Are you okay?" he asked her with genuine concern. 

Lily looked away from him before looking back with a smile, "I'm fine." 

Aidan scowled, "You don't sound okay." He replied and earned a grimace from her. 

"You could always see right through me." She whispered softly, "Maybe one day I'll tell you," She said and walked away leaving him standing there. 

Aidan frowned before he took off after her. When he finally caught up to her he grabbed onto her arm and turned her around, "What's really wrong with you?" He asked her and shook her when she opened her mouth, "Don't you dare lie to me." 

Lily snapped her mouth closed before she looked up at him, "You wouldn't understand." she replied her eyes becoming wet with unshed tears. 

"Help me understand." He said softly and watched her as she looked around them as if checking to see if anyone was paying them any mind. 

"Not here." She whispered an pulled back, "My house, seven."

"I'll be there." He replied and watched her as she put her groceries away and climbed in the car. 

He watched her drive away and instantly felt as if something was missing. 

Chapter 2

Lily took a deep breath before she opened the door to Aidan at seven that night. He barely glanced at her before stepping into the house which was brightly lit. 

"Hey." Aidan said as she led him into the living room. 

"Hey." she replied with a soft smile, "I guess you want to know what's going on." she began only to be interrupted by the front door opening and male voices drifting inside. 

Aidan turned towards the entrance of the living room and watched three guys walk through. One had fire engine red curls, brown eyes and built like a god of Olympus, actually all three of them were built like gods. Aidan glanced over at Lily and watched her eyes light with pleasure when a man with dark hair and piercing blue eyes walked in behind the red haired man followed by a man with blonde hair and green eyes.

"Jack." Lily said and launched herself at the man with dark hair who enveloped her in a tight hug and stared at Aidan like he was going to do something to Lily. 

"Who's that?" He asked Lily frowning over at Aidan. 

"Aidan." Lily whispered making the guys stiffen. 

"So you're the guy that cost us two mill." Jack said with a grin as he plopped down on the couch. 

"Excuse me?" Aidan asked with an incredulous look on his face. How did he cost them two million?

"You heard me." Jack replied settling into the couch like he owned the place. 

"I'm confused." Aidan said a frown marring his face as he looked over at Lily. 

Jack laughed and so did the other two guys, "Lily you haven't told him?" They all asked at the same time. 

"I was about to tell him when you three showed up." Lily said watching the three guys with narrowed eyes.

"Who are you?" Aidan asked Jack as Lily walked over to him. 

"I'm the lovely Lily's older brother Jackson but most everybody call me Jack." he said with a shrug. 

Aidan stared at Jack and saw the resemblance in his piercing icy blue eyes that matched Lily's, "Well that's something." He said before looking over at the other two guys. 

Chapter 3

Aidan followed Lily up the stairs to the second floor of the house. Lily led him
to a set of windows that looked out to the front yard and he automatically
spotted two men on the street behind a set of cars waiting expectantly for
something to happen.

Lily propped the window open a bit and eased the gun out. Closing her eyes she
took a deep breath before opening them again. Aidan watched her hesitate for all
of a second before she blew the men's heads off with two quick pulls of the
trigger. They didn't even see it coming Aidan thought.

"There's another. I can't get a clear shot from here." She whispered to him as
she peeked out the window, "Jack is going to take the shot." she murmured more
to herself than to Aidan.

Lily headed back towards the stairs when they heard a gunshot, "Sounds like Jack
got him." Aidan said making Lily grin.

"We can't stay here." Jack said once they were back in the destroyed living

Lily grimaced, "This really sucks." She said and stomped to the door, "Let's
go." She said looking back at them.

"You have to come Aidan they saw you. You could be as much of a target as the
rest of us." Leo said and before Aidan knew it they were heading away from town.

"Where exactly are we going?" Aidan asked leaning forward in his seat to look at
Jack as Lily barreled down the highway going ninety.

"Depends were Lily decides to stop. We have a couple cousins in Connecticut,
well more like half an army," Jack said and paused as he thought that over, "Hey
Lily we could go grab up Naya, you know she's up for anything."

Lily thought that over. Her cousin Naiyomi or Naya as she was known to family
and friends was a bit of a hot head when it came to trigger pulling. She was
still in high school and was pulling jobs left and right. Most were assigned but
others were more classified, "We'll be there in a couple hours. She'll still be
in school and her mom won't be able to stop her."

Jack nodded and reclined back in his seat, "CT here we come!" Leo said from
where he sat next to Aidan.

4 hours later

Lily pulled into John F. Kennedy high school and parked, "If you guys want to
wait," She began and before she knew it everyone was out of the car. She
shrugged and walked inside to the main office, "Hi, My names Illium and I'm here
to pick up my cousin Naiyomi."

The secretary barely blinked before she rang the class, "She's on her way."

Minutes later a commotion could be heard coming from the main hall before a
girls voice rang out, "Look bitch if you don't get out of my way I'll make sure
you're breathing from a tube before I'm even done."

"Naya!" Jack called out and a girl who couldn't have been anymore than 17
turned. Her long black hair shined in the fluorescent lights. Her eyes a hazel
brown looked over at Jack and then flicked over to Lily before she grinned.

In her hand she had blonde hair which was attached to what could only be called
a certified bimbo. She dropped the chick and walked over to her cousins, "Lily."
She whispered before enveloping her in a hug, "What's going on?"

Lily shrugged when Naya pulled away, "A couple of things."

"You know what I don't want to know. Let's go." She said before turning and
looking back at the bimbo who was clutching her head, "Next time watch your
mouth you dumb bitch. You're lucky my cousins came." She flicked her hair away
from her face before walking over to Ari and slipping her arm through his.

Aidan was still in shock and barely noticed when they were on their way. Jack
had switched seats with him. Leo sat next to Jack while Ari sat next to Naya who
was leaning against his shoulder her head drooping every once on a while as she
drifted off to sleep.

"Naya why were you arguing with that girl?" Leo asked her turning in his seat a
bit and shooting Ari a sly grin.

"She was swearing up and down that her boyfriend and I had an 'illicit affair'
her words by the way." Naya said becoming angrier by the second before Ari
grabbed her hand making her turn and look at him with a dazzling smile.

"Haven't seen you in a while." Ari whispered with a small smile on his face.

"It's nice seeing you again Ari." She whispered to him as she blinked up at him.

Ari continued to stare at Naya before she sighed and leaned her head on his
shoulder, "You're lucky I'm into the strong silent type." She whispered softly
in his ear making Ari blush.

"What exactly happened between you two?" Leo asked looking between them making
Ari blush even harder.

"You haven't told them?" Naya asked Ari, venom dripping from her words.

"He doesn't really talk." Leo said and grinned evilly, "Even more so since that
mission you guys had together."

"Hmmm interesting." Naya said with a thoughtful look on her face, "Why don't you
tell them what happened Ari?"

"We're going out." Ari said making Jack turn in his seat to stare him down.

"What!" Jack said followed by, "Oww." When Lily turned in the drivers seat,
making the car swerve before Aidan grabbed the wheel, so she could slap him
across the back of his head.

"You heard him Jack," Naya said with a grin, "Besides he's my 'best friend' and
not even my mom said anything about it when she met him last month."

"So that's why you were gone?" Leo said with a laugh making Ari blush even more
making him look like a tomato.

"Yeah. I was visiting. I did make a promise and unlike you dumbasses I follow
through with them." Ari said narrowing his eyes at everyone.

"Shut up." Lily said as she drove through the toll booth, "Keeley has problems."

"So does Meredith but we're not allowed to say anything about it." Jack said
with a shrug.

"I like Meredith." Naya commented from the back seat, "She has victory on her
side." she said as if quoting it from an actual source.

"Blake is scarier than her." Leo said with a shudder.

Lily shook her head and glanced at Aidan. He had a confused stare on his face as
he looked them over, "What's a toll booth doing way out here?"

Lily smiled softly at him, "Don't worry too much about it." she patted his arm
before making a sharp turn into the forest suddenly the forest opened up and
houses built into the trees or made completely out of tree trunks could be seen.

Lily made another turn and there was a large marble castle. It gleamed in the
morning sun. Naya was literally bouncing in her seat, "Lily pull over. I'll meet
you there." She said and when Lily pulled over Naya literally jumped out with
Ari right behind her. They ran into the forest while Naya stripped off her shirt
along with her pants.

Aidan stared after them and shook his head, "They'll meet us there." Lily said
and kept going.

When they drove through the gates Aidan knew he was in another world. There was
a woman waiting on the front steps with a baby in her arms, a few seconds later
Naya and Ari stepped out of the forest with dirt smeared on their faces, "Lily."
the woman called out and when Lily stepped out of the car the baby was thrust
into her arms.

"Blair, you had a baby." Lily said as she nuzzled the baby's cheek.

"His names Colton." Blair said with a chuckle.

"Bad ass name." Jack said as he looked over the newest addition to the family.

"Yeah we know." A man said walking out of the large castle, "Meredith was a bit
miffed we didn't name him Atlas, but really like I would name my kid after my
dad, the great god of strength."

Blair burst out laughing, "Grandma should've known better."

"Especially with a former slayer and the leader of the greatest wolf pack known
to the supernatural." Jack said making Aidan stare at him.

Lily smiled before slipping her hand into Aidan's and leading him inside,
"Meredith." Lily said when a woman who couldn't have been anymore than 19 walked
up to them.

"Lily I haven't seen you in a while. Did you see that horrid toll booth Keeley
insisted we set up?" Meredith asked with a frown.

Lily laughed and nodded, "I wanted you to meet Aidan." She said shifting so
Meredith's eyes landed on Aidan.

"Oh so you're the reason Jack and Lily lost out on 2 million dollars." Meredith
said with a grin.

"Apparently." Aidan said dryly making Meredith laugh.

"I like him." She said to Lily, "Blake should be in his office. I can't believe
after all these years my children are still running me ragged and now I have a
great grandchild. Do I look old enough to even have great great grandchild?" she
asked Aidan who shook his head and made Meredith laugh, "I know you're a bit
confused but Blake is a lot better at explaining all of this."

Meredith led them to an office on the first floor and walked in without
knocking, "Meredith." the man behind the desk said as he stood before seeing
Lily, Jack, Aidan, Ari, Naya and Leo, "What are you guys doing here. Did Keeley
put you on leave?"

"Not me." Naya said with a smile.

"Blake I need you to do a favor for me and don't say no or you're sleeping on
the couch." Meredith said as she wrapped her arms around Blake's neck and pulled
him in close for a soft kiss.

"We don't own a couch." Blake commented before smiling down at Meredith, "You
know I can't deny you anything my love."

Meredith smiled before looking over at Aidan, "Poor thing has no idea who or
what we are."

Blake looked over at Aidan and smiled, "Well I'm Blake the Vampire king and this
is my wife Meredith the Queen of the Werewolves and First Fairy Kingdom." He
said with a grin as Aidan stared from Meredith back to him.

"Nice job Aidan. The shit you get yourself into." He murmured to himself.

Meredith burst out laughing hysterically as if she knew the joke making Aidan
smile, "I know how you feel."


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