By Johnnie J. Lim


Inspired by friends, I am encouraged to make documentation of my knowledge in giving meanings to symbols people see in dreams. All of the interpretations I included in this first edition would remain as a sort of theory until the readers prove them once they experience the same dreams. I intently put these into writing to provide baseline reference for people who aim to know the real meaning of their dreams. This is not to serve as a prophecy. But as a human being, I believe that it is my responsibility to share what I have got to people who truly want to find out the meaning behind their dreams. May this book not appear as an awkward reference especially to those who denounce such ability to foresee what dreams bring or may bring for mankind. For those who believe, this book is heartily written for them.

This features both good and bad dreams that people usually experience while sleeping. As a dream interpreter, I am encouraging the readers to take note that prayers are still the best weapons to prevent misfortunes from coming especially for those who most of the time had bad dreams. Enjoy reading and learn.

Should anyone desire to inquire of any dreams which I failed to include in this book, kindly email me at I will be pleased to entertain your questions.

I. Meaning of Dreams

For thousands of years now, dreams still remain as an ancient mystery.

What do we mean by dreams? As a dream interpreter, I would say that dreams are divine interventions. These are essential messages that most human beings fail to understand. Dreams are sent by the divine being to inform us of what is going to happen, be it good or bad. Whether the mind is worried or not, dreams come to guide us in decision-making since no one is sure of what lies ahead. God informs us only in dreams for we are not immortal, nor prophets. He allows us to dream to tell us indirectly that it is only HE who is the wisest and the most intelligent who knows everything about what is going to happen in the future. This would somehow answer our question why we dream. However, only few are gifted with ability to decipher or disclose the real meaning behind dreams.

II. Theories of Dreams

Curiosity has encouraged me to review some reading materials about dreams posted in the websites purposely to find out if dream experts have common interpretations to a specific dream, or if they have common patterns of revealing the essence of any symbols people see in dreams. This is however in connection to my intention to determine whether or not my way of disclosing the meaning behind dreams is an oddity.

Experts have been trying to disclose their point of views by saying that dreams take place when a part of the brain is consciously awake while sleeping. Carl Jung is one of them who spend a lot of time studying dreams. According to Jung, (cited in http://www. formation/dreamtheory/jung.html) “dreams are a way of communicating and acquainting yourself with the unconscious. Dreams are not attempts to conceal your true feelings from the waking mind, but rather they are a window to your unconscious. They serve to guide the waking self to achieve wholeness and offer a solution to a problem you are facing in your waking life.” This is in contrary to the theory of Sigmund Freud who believed that “the world of dreams allows a person to exercise subconscious desires which have been suppressed during waking life.” He said, “these desires are manifested symbolically during dreams.”

In Freud’s Theory of Dreams (cited in /theory. html), Freud classified the subconscious in three different sections:

The Id – The ‘id’ contains the most primal and primitive desires, such as unrestrained sexual desire and the pursuit of pleasure.

The Ego – The ego is the self-aware section of the mind. It is the section which is aware of the perceptions and senses of the world and works them into understanding to aid the functions of the individual.

The Superego – The superego acts as a censor of the id. This is the section which will suppress desires and prevent a person who performing the actions that may be interpreted (in a modern society) as immoral. It is the part which will turn desires of the id into the symbolic figures inside dreams.

Freud said, “the ‘id’ would be suppressed by the superego during the waking day. When a person is asleep, the influence of the ‘superego’ would be lessened and the ‘id’ would reveal the mind's deepest inner desires. This is why dreams may seem strange and unrealistic and also why they are difficult to remember, as the superego would immediately try to wipe them away once the conscious awakened cycle is resumed.”

Marlon Xavier pointed out in his essay entitled “Dream Interpretation in Jung's Theory: A Comparative Analysis” (cited in analytical_ psychology/dream_interpretation.html), that Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung are two of the most influential dream interpreters who have theoretical difference concerning the unconscious. Both of these doctors are instrumental in identifying the symbols and meanings behind dreams. Freud’s theories created psychoanalysis, while Jung’s ideas illustrated the archetypes we dream.

To give us a tip on how to work with a dream, Jung said, “the simplest way is to keep it in mind and turn it over and over throughout the day--or week--endeavoring to see what messages it holds for us.” Jung believed that some dream symbols are quite transparent and can be taken at face value if we are willing to hear what they tell us.

I agree with Jung considering dreams as signs that hold messages, but I disagree with the assumption of Freud especially on the part which considers dream as manifestation of the hidden ‘sexual desires’ which emerges during sleep. I am not either convinced by most of the dream interpretations given by him in his book entitled “The Interpretations of Dreams” ('Die Traumdeutung'; literally 'dream-interpretation'), which was first published in 1899. His attempt to decipher some symbols and its associations ’sound strange’ to my knowledge being a dream interpreter. Most of these interpretations are partially vague or merely assumptions though they are intentionally written to serve as a guide for those who believe.

III. Strategy in Dealing with Dreams

In dealing with dreams, one has to condition his/her mind to believe. This could be the best element one must possess. To BELIEVE. If not, it would be difficult for a person to experience meaningful dreams. Whether it is a good dream or a nightmare, the mind would probably not register any meaningful symbols while sleeping. This is partly the reason why some people don’t remember their dreams. Since dreams serve as signs of what is going to happen in the future as emphasized by Jung, it is best to learn how to interpret it or consult someone who is knowledgeable about meanings of dreams.

One might say that the act of studying dreams or putting them into meaning is tainted with lunacy since it is believed that no one can fathom the real meaning behind the scenes that a person sees and experienced in dreams. In my ability to interpret dreams, I believe that if a person dreams of anything he saw before going to bed, there’s no corresponding meaning to it. It is a manifestation of the subconscious in the brain. Likewise, if a person prepares himself with an intention to dream of something before sleeping, whatever dreams he may have are insignificant and meaningless, but if a person is not conscious of what he sees in dreams, a corresponding meaning is set to happen if not on the next day, two to three days after or a week. As experienced, A lot of my clients confirmed that the interpretations I made for their dreams are authentic. Because I always see to it that the dream being presented is really a product of the dreamer’s unconscious mind. At one point, I should say that dreams are tend to be meaningful or have meanings if the person never thinks of what he/she sees in dream before going to sleep. In other words, if the dream is influenced by the conscious mind, anything in this dream represents no corresponding meaning.

IV. Specific Meanings/Interpretations of Dreams

Let me share to you some interpretations based on my own ability to decipher what dreams bring for us. Consider the following:

1. If you dreamed of cutting your hair, breaking up would possibly happen between you and your beloved, fiancé, or sweet heart. Cutting of hair symbolizes ‘separation’ between two people who are in a relationship.

2. If you dreamed of (so many) lice crawling on your hair or shoulder, separation would happen between you and your loved ones. You may have possibility of living or staying away from your parents for example.

3. If you dreamed of catching birds or the birds simply fly into your palm, the time for you to find a thoughtful lover or a loving person has come.

4. If you dreamed of writing something using a pen, a pencil, or anything with a pointed tip, you would receive something that would make you feel happy.

5. If you dreamed of being wounded of which blood flows out of it, you will be forced to spend money for a certain problem. The amount of blood represents the sum of money. The same thing when blood flows out of any part of your body.

6. If you dreamed of being chased by a dog, a man is looking for you due to a certain purpose. The number of dogs suggests the number of persons. If bitten by the dog especially when you are a girl, the man has an indecent intention toward you. If you are a boy, the man is mad at you.

7. If you dreamed of swimming in the sea, ocean, river, or lake, your plan(s) will not yet be fulfilled, or it is not yet the right time to fulfill your plan(s).

8. If you dreamed of flying high and land on a certain place, you will receive good news that will make you happy. If flying is disturbed by falling over and over again, the good news is still affected by some factors.

9. If you dreamed of talking to a dead person or someone who is already dead, trouble is on the way, or something that will make you utter a lot of bad words which may possibly result to conflict.

10. If you dreamed of being bitten by a snake on your foot or feet or any part of your body, someone is planning to marry you. The color of the serpent suggests the attitude of the lover.

11. If you dreamed of a cat. A relative will arrive to visit you. The color of the cat suggests the attitude and behavior of the visitor. The size of the cat suggests the age.

12. If you dreamed of crying especially when you feel so sad in that dream, something that will make you happy is coming.

13. If you dreamed of the sun appears in multiple number in the sky, the place where you live in will soon be in danger. There will be trouble or even war in the place.

14. If you dreamed of getting married or being married to someone especially when you wear a wedding dress in that dream, you will get sick. You should take care of your health.

15. If you dreamed of wearing an anklet on you right foot. You will have a peace of mind especially when you are in trouble, or facing a problem.

16. If you dreamed of catching a fish or simply the fish comes to you, you will have the chance to receive blessings usually in the form of money. The size and number of the fish suggests the sum of money you will receive.

17. If you dreamed of eating cooked rice, blessings are coming your way, or your life is surely be in the safest condition.

18. If you dreamed of a fire, a house in fire, or anything that is burning, you will be involved in a trouble, if not, you will witness a trouble.

19. If you dreamed of getting pregnant or being pregnant (for women only), you will have good news related to your plans or business.

20. If you dreamed of feeling so happy especially when you laugh in that dream, sadness will come to you.

Remarks from the Author:

These are only few of my interpretations. I can't include everything here since it is only for promotion of its original copies which can be ordered from me. Please see my contact information for inquiries.

We should remember that prayers are still the best weapons to prevent misfortunes from happening. If your dreams mean bad, pray to God. He will always listen especially when your heart is pure. No one stays forever in this world. We all die. This world is just like a market place or a shopping mall we love to hang on during our leisure time. But as soon we get tired or we are done with what we want to do or get, we always return home to rest. This is life anyway. Life that is beyond the control of mortals like us. But as long as we are here in this temporary world, we need to search knowledge in order to find a better living. And dreams are instruments to understand some messages that divine being wants to convey in guiding us. Good bless!

About The Author

Johnnie J. Lim is a graduate of Ateneo de Zamboanga University, Philippines with Master of Arts in English. He was an Editor-in-Chief during his college at Mindanao State University where he finished his Bachelor of Science in Education major in English and graduated as Journalist of the year.

In 2008-2009, he worked as an English teacher in Non-Destructive Testing Technology Institute, 2nd Industrial City of Dammam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where he taught General English to college students.
In 1998-2008, he worked as an English teacher and later became the Language Coordinator in Notre Dame of Jolo College, Jolo, Sulu, Philippines. He used to be one of the representatives of the American Studies Program Committee through the initiative of the Thomas Jefferson Information Center of US Embassy Manila in putting up American Studies Resource Centers in some of the colleges/universities in the Philippines. In 1994-1996, he worked as a high school English teacher and adviser of the school paper in Luuk National High School, Luuk, Sulu, Philippines.

Mr. Lim has conducted research entitled "Students' Reactions on Code Switching among Teachers", “ The Effects of Pronunciation on Spellings and Comprehension”, “Philippine Gay Language.” He has also written articles which are already posted in the websites such as “Brief Analysis of Some Tausug Lexical Features”, including “The Close Analysis of Meaning Behind Symbols in Dreams”, “Dream Interpretations,” and short stories like “The Nightmare of Tora-Tora”, “Into The Land of Crocodiles”, “The Legend of Bukidkat”, and “One Bloody Christmas Eve. He is also conducting studies about mysticism.

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