well they got onto the bus and waited to get there they did what they had to and won hey miku theres something i wanna gift u that i gifted all or other friends its a bff neckless" aww so pretty miku hugged rin and walked home ate and went to bed (3 weeks later ) miku went to work out she tied her hair up" and jogged for 2 minutes kaito screamed icecream and then miku turned to dark miku and blasted him 200 miles away from her".. and never do it again u give me headache"s rin and neru was watching and said thatas what he gets for saying something he wasn't sapose to to many times" miku untied her hair and grabbed her pink bag" and neko toy* hey u guy's lets go grab a bite to eat im starveing" miku walked rin neru and teto towards a close by resteraunt and ate sushi" with a side of shrimp and ketchup for fries" they ate a buffet and everything so they had crabs fish shrimp chicken burgers icecreame" but miku only ate crab and shrimp with fries the rest stuffed themselfs" u guy's im washing my hands then we leave:" neru noded and agreed she got tired" 2 weeks later miku and rin planned a pool party" rin screamed " cant wait onii chan she glomped eevrybody in the room" and smiled i cant let them be more popular than me i will go to that party without an invitation" sally said " watching them who was so jealous of their beauty and talent" aspecially neru and miku" ( To Be Continued pool party surprise)


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