miku* woke up" yawning* ugh! i think ill brush my teeth she exsclaimed" she went to brush her teeth and do her long hair* rin woke up with a smile' i think ill go tease my brother' she sayed with a smile' but i want to try out for cheerleading miku' wanna come? she said with a luagh'; sure i would love to come' rin brushed her teeth and then they headed to cheerleading tryouts' teto uve made the squad they said' next!!! the leader yelled* miku was up8 it was her chance to become a cheerleader8 she took deep breaths* then she ran jumped with a backflip and did a split putting her arms in the air8 woo miku u rock ur on the squad they said*rin was next* she was nervous but' she ran did three cartwheels then a split8 she smiled8 then they said youve got a bad score so youve made the squad* but your gonna hafe to be the bottom list* tho rin grinned* i did perfectly fine!!!! then she attacked the leader* she yelled do u want me to lower u to mascot!!? rin stopped with a mean look* then she stuck her tounge out * miku ' umm rin thats enough lets go now ur ok with the bottom now u dont want to be the bottomest* the leader said* we r going on a trip tommorow pack ur things and be out tommorow at 5:08 or 5:14 be earlyer than 6:00 or youll get left there are 16 cheerleaders in the group now take this from and go to ur rooms* miku and rin smiled then skipped to there rooms in excitement and dont forget ur uniforms and swimsuites* the leader yelled then went to her cabin*miku screamed in exciutement yay i bet its a amusement park' rin;' or a beach::? miku and rin arrived at the room packing there stuff up* rin took a 1 hour nap while miku painted her nails and toenails* blue* rin woke up and painted her's yellow then they ate dinner and went to sleep " they wokeup going towards the bus they got on took there seats in the back' and rode the bus ittle take 1 hour to get there so they stopped towardss a resteraunt and ate food '' another school bus came with the boys they got banna icecream kaitos faverite icecream and lens faveorite bannas they ate there food and got desert brocoli tea and yogurt with cookies rin' i hope this trips gonna be fun miku agreed' shakeing her head' in excitement; (to be continued) next time* vocaloid school trip*


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