Chapter 1

I sat, frozen in my seat. I couldn't believe what I had just watched on TV...everyone was going to leave Earth in two months.
I felt like I was going to puke...this wasn't possible. I can't be.
I heard someone start to was Sam, the bully.
Mrs. Brown, my sixth grade teacher shot him a look and he immidiatelly stopped.
"Class, go get your are going home and will not be coming to school here anymore." Mrs. Brown told us in a flat voice.
I stood up and did as I was told.
Once I was done getting my bookbag from my locker, I waited outside for my mom to pick me up...there I met my brother Michael, who is in eigth grade.
He, for the first time since I can remember, was not joking around.
"Is mom here?" I asked him in a flat voice.
"No." He replied in an equally flat voice, if not flatter.
We both waited in silence.
I glanced around and saw some people crying...I was too sad, shocked, and afraid to cry.
Right then, I got a phone call from Mom. I picked it up.
"Mom?" I almost choked. I scratched my cheek and found out that I was crying.
"I heard, Emma. It's going to be alright, sweety. Can you and Maichael walk home, please? Dad and I are packing." I heard Mom's voice through the phone. She was almost crying.
"Ok...bye Mom." I replied, tears running down my cheeks.
"Bye sweety...I love you." Mom's soothing voice said.
"Love you too." I replied, then hung up. I turned to Michael, "We need to walk home."
He nodded, then we both left the crowd of silent middle-schoolers.
As we walked home, we were both silent. The only noises to be heard was our footsteps on the pavement, the wind through the trees, and the calling of the birds.

Chapter 2

When we got home, Mom and Dad were there with Samantha, my one-year-old sister. Mom had swollen eyes and a blotchy face, while Dad had pink eyes, but he still stood strong. He knew he had to be the strong one, to keep all of our hopes up.
Samantha didn't know what was going on, so she continued to walk around near us and lift her arms up, a signal to pick her up and swing her around.
We would do that, but not as enthusiastically as usual.
Michael and I helped to pack. None of us talked except Samantha, saying "Emme" that is her way of saying my name, "Mica" her way of saying "Michael", "Mommeh" her way of saying "Mommy", and "Dada" her way of saying Daddy.
We would respond with a flat "Hey Samantha!" and a small smile that wouldn't reach our eyes.
The rest of the day, we packed in silence, except short breaks to eat.
None of us could believe this...we had never EVER thought that this would happen...EVER.
It was beyond imagination for most, and probably the most unexpected thing that has ever happened to anyone in all of history!
I couldn't believe we would have to leave everything behind except things like clothes and stuff.
I got out my last suitcase and started to neatly fold and cram everything I needed in there.
I opened my bedside table's drawer and on top was my iPod Touch.
I picked it up and thought dryly, I wonder if my iPod will work on Pluto?

I packed it anyway.
Also in my drawer, was my cell phone.
This DEFINITELLY will NOT work on Pluto!

I thought to myself.
I stuffed my phone into my pocket. Heck, why not use it for the last month that I could?!
I finished up packing right as Samantha walked into my room.
I was sitting on my bed, listening to music on my iPod and staring into space.
Samantha crawled onto my bed then into my lap. She smiled at me, making me feel a little better.
Samantha looked down at the bags I had just finished packing.
"Where we going?" She asked, giggling.
I froze for a second, not sure what to tell her. I couldn't tell her the truth...she wouldn't understand. Even if she could understand, it would be too much of a shock to her.
"We are going far away." I told her, "To a place very different than here. We are going to stay there a very long time."
Samantha thought for a second, "When we coming home?"
"Um..." I started, racking my brain for what to say, "I don't know."
"Ok." Samantha said, then stuck her thumb into her mouth and rested on my lap. I turned my music off and wrapped my arms around her, rocking her gently.
Everyone I knew always told me that I was a great older sister, and I believed them...I would do anything, ANYTHING to protect Samantha.
I brushed a loose strand of curly brown hair off of her face, as I thought about life on Pluto.
First of all,

I thought, Why Pluto? Why not Venus or Jupiter? Why not a larger planet than Pluto? How can we POSSIBLY fit everyone on Pluto...especially with the population growing every year? We can't be expected to move to another planet every bunch of years!

I glanced down at sleeping Samantha.
What about kids like Samantha? They won't even remember Earth at all! Maybe tiny little tidbits, but hardly anything!

I realised.
I quickly decided to do something...for samantha.
I stood up with her in my arms an spun around. I placed her on my bed, grabbed my camera, and left my room.

Chapter 3

I went outside without a sound and took a picture of the front of our cheery looking white house with green shutters and a yellow door that didn't really seem too cheery at thhis moment.
I then took a picture of the thin forest behind our house. After that, I took pictures of roads, neighbor's houses, businesses, the sky, and the sun.
I made a mental note to take a picture of the moon that night.
I headed back home, feeling a little better.
At least now, Samantha could have something to see of the planet she was born and lived on for about a year.
When I got home, I pushed the bright yellow front door open and stepped inside.
I didn't see anyone.
I looked around and saw no one. Then I heard the TV.
I quickly ran upstairs and saw Mom, Dad, and Michael infront of the TV, watching intently.
I sat down next to Michael and listened. When the announcement was done, I was awe-struck.
We instead had to leave earlier than expected.
They had listed out which states in America would leave first. When they got to Georgia-which is where we live-it was announced that we would leave in one week.
I broke down and cried, not able to hold it in. Michael hugged me and tried to comfort me. It helped a little but not much. No matter how kind my brother was going to be, it wouldn't change that we were to leave the planet for the rest of our lives.

6 Days Later...

Chapter 4

Tomorrow was the day that we were to leave.
I sat in my room, holding Samantha who was playing with her blue teddy bear, Blueberry.
Samantha giggled. "Blueberry want blueberry pie! Blueberry want blueberry cake! Blueberry want bluberry!"
Samantha giggled then flopped onto my bed.
"Why you sad? Why you sad Emme?" She asked me, looking at my tear-stained face.
"Huh?" I asked, broken from my thoughts, "Oh...well...I am going to miss home while we are on that trip."
"I not! I like twips!" Samantha exclaimed, jumping on my bed and giggling.
I couldn't help but laugh a little with her.
"We coming back, so no reason to be sad." Samantha said with a grin.
Coming back.
No, we aren't coming back.
We are never coming back.

Chapter 5

"Emma? Michael? Get's time to leave." I heard my Mom call.
I wiped away my tears and grabbed my bags.
I stepped out of my room with my fully charged iPod in my pocket and my cell phone in my other pocket.
I saw Michael with Samantha in his arms.
"I'll take her." I told him.
He handed Samantha to me and I took her in my arms.
"Where we going?" Samantha asked.
"We are going a long waay away." I told her.
"When we come back?" She asked me with a silly grin.
I looked at Michael. He nodded then walked off to the car.
I took a deep breath and looked at Samantha's cute baby face.
"We aren't coming back." I told her.
Her eyes got big and her mouth turned into a frown.
Her expression froze like that until I saw her bottom lip quiver.
Oh boy.
I hugged her tight as she cried into my shoulder.
I carried her outside, whispering soothing words like "This place is fun! We wil play games there! I'll explore with you!"
They calmed her down and she stopped crying.
I dried her tears then strapped her into her carseat and gave her Blueberry.
I then went to the other side of the car and stepped in.
I buckled up and waited for everyone else to get in.
I quickly took out my camera and snapped a few pictures of Samantha in her seat next to the window.

Chapter 6

After a while


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