Goddess of death

Her hair;
So lightly shaded like the feathers of a black raven;
So lustrous;
So long;
And blindingly beautiful

Her eyes;
Like black pools of inky swirling shadows;
Full of hatred and death;
So inhumanly sad and depressing

Her complete existence;
Putting fear and hopelessness into the minds of
useless humans;
Frightening even the murderous scariest of all beings that may exist

Her heart;
Like that of a piece of coal;
So dull and harsh;
But when angered;
It'd be like that of a blazing flame from hell itself;
Burning into the souls of others

When one catches a glimpse of the goddess of death;
He or she would stop and stare;
But not before their eyes emptied into nothingness and death's chill catches them;
And they exist no more

Poem 2: Goddess of Death

Her body;
Shaded by the dull lifeless souls of death;
Tainted with the blood of innocent;
And shadowed by the eerie darkness of the night

Her pale skin;
Glimmering like moonlight;
So glamorous;
So beautifully unblemished;
That which creates such a drop-dead gorgeous sight;
It's unbearably radiant

Her soul;
Reflecting the shimmering clever predatory look in the hungry eyes of the great panther;
So dark;
So deadly;
And hypnotically beautiful

When all;s asleep;
Dreaming dreamlessly;
Like the innocent little lambs they are;
The goddess of death visits the dead

She smiles inhumanly;
And tells her children of the night:
"Pleasant dreams, my dear ones. For I shall bring death to all"


Texte: Well...this cover is not mine, so i will not take the credit of one's hard work.
Tag der Veröffentlichung: 01.10.2011

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To my imagination.To my stubborn, mean, little sister, seehara. To my anger and to all who've decided to read this. I always thought I sucked at poetry, but it turns out i'm a bit good at it. Thanks to all.

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