Chapter 1

It was a cold winter morning as I sat up in bed. My alarm clock had just went off, beeping loudly as the rain hit the window next to my twin sized bed. I yawned, tiredly.
Stretching, lazily, I looked around my room, still half asleep. Then when I spotted what I needed, I slipped out of bed and grabbed my school uniform off the dresser.
I slid on my uniform, which consisted of a short black pleated skirt with two pockets at the side seams on the front,a silver metal zip fastening at the back of the skirt,and a hemline that finishes mid-thigh.
The skirt was paired with black chunky wedge shoe-boots and a tight fitting white dress shirt for a clean, modern look.
I sighed and went downstairs when I was finished dressing, bringing my shoulder bag and school books with me.
The scent of homemade cinnamon rolls overwhelmed me as I came into the kitchen, where mom was making breakfast.
Mom greeted me with a warm smile and kiss on the cheek.
"Morning, Katty”, mom greeted as she took a fresh baked pan of cinnamon rolls out of the over.
"Good morning, mom", I said in a tired tone as I wiped sleep out of my eyes. I yawned once more.
"Hey, mom, where's dad? He's usually up by now."
"Oh, he's been promoted. It was just yesterday when you were at Cassie's house. Now he has to go to work early. So he went at five o'clock."
"Huh? Well...that's just great! He deserves it for his hard work”, I commented, cheerfully.
Mom set a plate full of bacon, eggs, and cinnamon rolls on the table and gestured for me to sit down at the table.
"Oh and Katty...don't go out alone tonight unless you're with Cassie or a friend. Okay?”, mom insisted in a concerned tone. I gave her a questioning look.
Mom’s face became a dull, lifeless expression. Her large blue eyes weren’t giving off that cheerful, heart-warming glim like they always do. She looked like she had seen a ghost.
"It's just not safe. Last night…last night an employee of a business company had found a…a girl decapitated in an alley. S-she was d-dead. They couldn't d-do anything for her. So when I seen the just frightened me. I-I don't want that happening to you, Kat", sobbed mom.
I gave her a comforting smile and hugged her.
"It's okay. I will, mom. If I'm out tonight I'll bring Cassie or Alice with me”, I assured her in a soothing tone of voice.
"Okay. Okay, I believe you. Now eat and when you're done brush that hair of yours. It's sticking up and all over the place".
"What?! Seriously?!", I squealed as I hopped out of my seat and ran to the bathroom.

Chapter 2

"Students, please go to the auditorium. All students report to the auditorium now. Teachers make sure you do a head count and have all your students

",a female voice announced on the intercom in an urgent tone.
Cassie cheered. "Yes! We get to miss Mrs. Willow’s class and probably algebra, too", she squealed.
I sighed, feeling relieved. But then I felt a bit worried. The lady on the intercom seemed to be really concerned about something.
"Hey, Cassie. Doesn’t the teacher seem to be a bit alert and really worried”, I considered as I watched the teachers count student after student as we arrived to our destination.
The auditorium was crowded with students, teachers, and the school administrators. It was chaotic. Everyone was shouting and talking at the same time.
My ears were ringing and my head ached from all the noise.
With all of them talking at once it sound like a swarm of bees, out of control.
"Kat,are you alright? You look kind of pale. Maybe you should go see the nurse",Cassie observed. Her expression was one that seem genuinely concern for my well-being.
I forced a smile, trying the persuade her. I didn't want her to worry about me when we already have problems to deal with here at school.
Cassie frowned, but left it at that.
"Students,get with your homeroom teachers and settled down in the auditorium. This is very real", ordered the principle.
"What's real? What are you talking about? Has something happen?",asked one of my peers.
The principle just ignored his questions and went back to giving orders.
"What is with her? That was so rude. She didn't even answer his questions",grumbled Cassie as we went over to line up in single file with our homeroom class.
Miss Gilding, our homeroom teacher, scorned at us as she caught sight of us coming her way. She tapped her foot on the ground, repeatedly and crossed her arms over her chest.
"What took you two so long? You should of already been over here. It's troublesome watching over the two of you",crowed Miss Gilding as she assigned us to places in the line our class had made.
"Um...Miss Gilding? What's wrong? Why are all the teachers acting overly concerned and alert? What's happened?",I asked in a worried tone.
Miss Gilding gave me a sympathetic look and pat me on the shoulder."I truthfully do not know what has happen,Rina. But please do not worry. The school board will take care of everything as much as they can",she tried to assure me, but I could tell she doubted it. Her small brown eyes said she was frightened and unsure of what to think.
I touched her arm,comforting her."Miss Gilding?Are you alright?",I asked.
She smiled kindly and pat my arm."I'm okay,dear.Just really worried is all."
"Okay.I'll go stand back in the l...",I began to tell her,but she grabbed a hold of my arm.
"They're coming for you,Rina.Please run. The other teachers plan to give you willingly to them.So please...go out the back exit. No one's back there. Just be careful,Rina",she whispered in my ear.
I was stunned. What was she talking about? And who is "them"?

I turned back to the line and stood back in my place, silently.
Then came the ear piercing howling. I covered my ears and let out a shrill scream as did everyone else.
I hit the floor,feeling deaf, as the sound stopped, then started again. I whimpered, rocking back and forth.
What was this horrible sound? Who or what was making it?

Then suddenly I saw the entrance to the auditorium slam open with a thud.
And I finally got what Miss Gilding was talking about when she kept saying "them".

The beings of myth able to shift into both human and wolf. A being I believed never existed. Until now.

Chapter 3

They came through the front entrance of the auditorium doors. Three wolves and five humans, eyes brightly like a blazing fire. But it wasn't the strange eyed humans that frightened me.
No it was the gigantic beastly wolves, who's fur stood on end and sharp ears highly alert. They snapped and snarled at the students,staff,and teachers,backing them farther into the crowded auditorium.
I gaped,dumbfound. My eyes were two wide saucers. I couldn't believe my eyes. The wolves were like the size of a horse. And the men who came in with them didn't seem frightened of their little(i mean gigantic)friends.They stood by them like the beasts were their loyal companions other than beasts from hell itself.
I couldn't process if it were a dream or reality. But rational thoughts told me it was just a dream;a nightmare. So I went with my rational thoughts, thinking it's all just a bad dream.
"K-Kat? What the hell? Do you see those...those things

,"I heard Cassie stutter in a whispered tone. I looked over my shoulder at her. She must of moved out of her assigned spot in line to stand close behind me.
Her usually tanned skin was white as a ghost and she looked like she could be ill. I looked Cassie in the eyes and could tell she was seriously freaked out right about now.
But it's only a dream isn't? So why does it seem like this "dream" could really be reality instead not just a stupid nightmare?

I hugged Cassie."It'll be alright. Just...just calm down. Breath,Cassie,"I told my best friend in a soothing tone as I tried to comfort her as best as I could.
"Katherina Rosewell,"I heard a harsh husky male voice bellow from the auditorium doors. A member of the intruders had spoken,which was probably the "leader" of the group.
My eyes widen, once more. Miss Gilding was telling the truth! Oh God! What do I do?!
I look toward the back Exit doors and glance around at my surroundings, supiously with squinted eyes. I start shuffling backwards slowly toward the back door. I whistled to calm my shaking nerves. Yet...I believe that was what caught the strangers' attention. The wolf-or whatever the hell they are looked right in my direction.
I turned around and ran for the doors,feeling a bit deranged in some way because I felt trapped and hopeless.
"HEY, SOMEONE GET HER! I DON'T WANTA DIE!"I heard someone schreech in a desperate tone.Oh save you own damn self. You are SO considerate dude!
And it a few seconds all the students and teachers were tumbling over one another to grab me. One student even yanked me toward her by my hair, pulling out strands harshly. I screamed and jabbed my elbow in her stomach and smashed my fist into her pretty face and scurried on toward the exit, desperately.
But someone caught up to me and slung their strong arms around me and pulled me toward them. I cried out for help, but no one came. I tried to fight back so I elbowed him in the gut. Yet it didn't do a damn thing. He just grunted and hugged me to his chest, roughfully.
"Let me go, perv! Let me go",I whimpered but he didn't give a damn.
Moments later, the leader of the wolf creatures- people?- (are they werewolves, maybe

?)- came to appear before me with a curious expression. "You're Katherina? Do you know how long I've been looking for you,child?", he asked in a calm serious tone.
I tried to act calm and cocky like some of my-well ex friends since they betrayed me-friends, but failed misberablely. " No, I'm Selena...Selena Gomez. I'm artest-I mean actress", I blurted out as the jumbled up thoughts came to mind. I tried to laugh but it came out like a bird tweeting then sounding off Q when it gets shoot out of the sky.
"Hey, has anyone seen my-",I heard my little brother, Mac, bellow in a clueless tone as he caught sight of the rampaging crowd and strange werewolf people, totally uninterest in what was happening to me. Then finally after a few moments of admiring the large hybrid wolf people he caught sight of me.
"Oh, hey, sis!I forgot to ask you what we were gonna have for dinner...Sooooo...?"
I looked at him, dumbfound. Something in me snapped and before I knew it I was screaming at the top of my lungs, cursing everyone to burn in the depths of the firey pits of Hell. I bite the guy(the one who has me captive)on the arm, drawing blood. He let go of me with a growl; the sound of a pissed off wild animal. I scurried away from him and a moment later I felt like I was in another person's body, not my own. I felt like I was outside my body, watching everything from the sidelines.
At first my body just stood there with a haunted ghostly look as it watched everyone. Then a chant spurted from my cracked lips and all hell broke loose.

Chapter 4

The girl(well, me)stood before the crazed crowd with a empty glazed-over stare like she were in a trance of some sort. A woman stood beside my empty shell-like form, whispering into my ear. Her glammerous silver shimmered down her back in ways and her green eyes shimmered mysteriously. She was unbelieveably beautiful beyond words. I just see myself gapping at her stupidly. She glanced up at me(I guess my spirit form floating above the ground? She might even be a spirit or demon?...Or an angel?)and smiled a secret smile of sorts,her eyes shinning mischieviously. She put her finger to her lips, telling me a silent "shhh".
I look at her, confused. It didn't make any sense why she wanted me to be quiet. Aren't I a spirit or somethin'? Hey! Wait a wait doesn't that mean I'm...I'm dead? Oh crap! But if so how the hell did I...?
She laughed at me, mutely( if that makes sense) and shook her head, smiling and then looked back toward the crowd, solemnly.

(this book is still being edited but I will try and hurry to writing more, also please read my first book: Red Moon. Thank you for reading)


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