The Halloween Riser II: Apprentice

A figure appeared from the darkness. The figure looked around the surroundings. The wind stayed silent as the figure grabbed Max off the floor. The figure then takes Max to a nearby cabin. The only sounds that could be heard was that of grasshoppers and leaves and grass being stomped on. The sky was filled with darkness and distraught. The cabin itself aired out a foul and disgusting scent. The lawn was unkempt, and the paint wasn’t any better.

    The figure then opened the door and walked in. It let down Max onto an old stool and then grabbed the first-aid kit from a nearby rusty cabinet. It then went to inspect Max when he quickly grabbed its hand. Max slowly opened his eyes to see a female face in front of him. He then reached for her neck when his hands fell face down towards the ground. He realized that he was on the verge of death.

“Allow me to help you.” She told him. She waited a few seconds before inspecting his gunshot wound. “Your name is Max Riser isn’t it?” She asked with her hands shaking a little bit. He replied with a nod. “I-I-I can’t believe it. I finally found you. The legendary serial killer Max Riser. I have been waiting to meet you for such a long time.” The girl looked like she was in her late teens. Her short black hair was invisible in the darkness. The moonlight was the only factor that allowed Max to see it. Her ripped clothes showed that she had been through things. “Max, who are you trying to kill?” She asked with a hint of delight in her eyes. Max didn’t respond. Who is this, he thought. Max didn’t recognize the girl nor knew why she was helping him; a serial killer. He wasn’t going to tell this strange girl anything about himself. “What’s wrong.” She said with a mischievous smile. “Afraid of me. Am I too pretty or ugly? Am I in the way of your plans?” She asked now with a hint of disappointment lying in her eyes. “Who’s your next target?” She asked. Max went to respond when a shock echoed within his body. “You’re bleeding out. I’m so sorry. I forget you were bleeding. Let me help you.” She told him. Max was against this stranger helping him, but he needed to finish his job, so he allowed her to heal him up. “It shouldn’t take long.” She said grabbing her tools.

Thirty Minutes Later…

    Max was bandaged up and couldn’t move from the stool that he was stuck at for now. The girl smiled to herself. “Never would I imagine that I would be helping the legendary serial killer Max Riser. The one who slaughtered all those teens in that high school. The Infamous East Emerald Case. Wait, I never told you my name. Joyce. Joyce Janet. I like to also go by the name of Joyce the Ripper.

Of course I never actually killed anybody… however, I want to. With the help of you.” She blurted out. Max could care less about her. He only needed her to help with the bullet wound. Then a brilliant idea popped up inside his mind. He decided to set the plan into motion. “Fine, you want to help me?” He asked. “Of course, I would love to help with your plans. Anything you need.” She said with the hint of delight back into her eye. “Kill my sister, Marie Riser.” He told her. “Where does she live?” She immediately asked. He told her the details, and off she went. Knife in one hand and an alcohol bottle in the other. She rushed over to the road and walked back to the nearby town where Toby was killed. A car pulled up before she made it back to town. The dark blue Cadillac slowly made its way to her. The guy opened the passenger side window as he called to Joyce. Joyce walked over to the window and opened the door. She got in as the guy started questioning her. She smiled at him before rolling up her window.

Joyce got to Marie’s house. The blue Cadillac is waiting for her a few yards away. She then walked up to the door. She looked at the doorbell, her alcohol bottle and the door. She took a swig from her bottle and kicked down the door. The sound awoke Marie. She lived alone which meant nobody could get in her way — not even a pesky neighbor.  Marie woke up in a panic as Joyce walked in drunk off her heels calling for her. She didn’t know who came in. Without hesitation, Marie ran for the pistol in the closet. She loaded the gun and locked her door. She grabbed her phone and started to dial for help when the doorknob started rattling.

    “Uh… Marie. Can’t we just… have a good, nice talk?” Joyce asked swaying.

“Leave me alone. I’m calling the police!” Marie yelled.

No response. Joyce looked at her bottle and started murmuring under her breath. In one swift action, the door was on the floor and in its place was Joyce. Marie screamed. This did not sit well with Joyce. “Okay lady just shut up already. Just accept… uh- yeah your fate or something. What I’m trying to say is die.” Marie screamed even louder. The nearby houses were now alerted as Joyce could see lights being turned on from the window. She was not happy anymore. She then mumbled something to her bottle before throwing it at Marie. A direct hit as blood dripped onto the floor. Marie’s head was cut seriously. Marie held the gun up with one hand while the other gripped the cut on her face. She fired off a shot. Joyce stared at her. She could tell that she never fired a gun before. “Marie-” She started. Don’t you talk to me like we’re friends! Marie yelled furiously. She fired another shot off. This bullet hit Joyce in the leg. Now she was piss. She grabbed her knife and ran at her. Marie finds another shot missing at point blank. Now Joyce was inches away from her. She slapped the gun out of her hand. She then plunged the knife into Marie’s skull. With one last blood-curdling scream, Marie fell back limp. Joyce then grabbed her knife and continued to cut into Marie cutting out pieces of her until police sirens scared her away. She then returned to the cabin, a part of Marie in tow in which she gave to Max. He glanced at it before dismissing it.

Something is wrong with her, He thought. Joyce then looked at him. Well, since I did what you ask does that mean you’ll take me up as your apprentice? She asked with the same hint of delight resting in her eye. What do I say? I don’t need any help, but then again she might be useful for now. Max thought. Uh, sure then. He answered. She yelled excitedly.  This excitement annoyed Max. She pranced around the small cabin. Her celebration was cut short due to her finding three rotting corpses under a trapdoor. She looked at Max in confusion.

“Homicide case at 57th and Gandalf. A young woman in her twenties. Marie Riser.” The police chief told his men. “Wasn’t Toby Riser also killed earlier?” An officer asked. “Yes. I suspect that it’s Max Riser. The same bastard connected to the infamous East Emerald Case with the high schoolers. I think he’s targeting his family. I admit Marie’s death is very different to Toby’s. That could mean anything. It could even be the lead the neighbor pumped into that changed something. Well, anyways get out there men and protect the remaining Risers!” The chief exclaimed.

Bendy and the Ink Machien Chapter One

The children looked around in panic as they only saw the landscape that Bendy now controls over instead of the safety of their living room. Bendy’s black and white color palette now affected them as their colorful clothes change. Bendy gave them a twisted smile as he talks to the kids. Welcome kids, he starts. To Bendy’s Hellworld. He said with his grin still apparent. He then called for Katrid to lock the three up. He gave the kids his condolences and left them to their own devices in a cage in Joey Drew Studio. There they were guarded by two ink monsters. The first one had no head and only talked in grunts; It was shaped like that of Bendy. The second ink monster had a crane as a head and was only able to speak through grunts. The ink monsters paced around the cage. The prisoners' hurdle together. Boris’ plan is to wait for reinforcements.
There are reinforcements? Asked Zane.
We had our suspicions about Bendy’s real motive. Boris whispered. We thought something like this was going to happen.
We? Asked Liz.
Alice. Alice Angel. A few others are also helping us. Boris told them with his shoulders turned away from the guards.
    A bird’s croak echoed within the air. The guards weren’t confused as they continued to pace around the cage. On the other hand, the prisoners were. A raven then appeared and landed on the cage. When it did some of the ink that created it dripped down.
An ink bird? It must be a spy. How dare you, Bendy. You intended to find out everybody who’s against you with this dumb ink monster. I didn’t think you would go that low. Boris ranted to the ink bird. While Boris ranted to the bird, the children looked for a way to escape. They continued for a while. Boris ranted to the ink bird, the children looked around gloomy, and the ink monsters continuously paced around the cage. This went on for a couple of hours.
    An explosion went off at the front of Joey Drew Studio which alerted everybody to their presence. Alice rushed in leading a few other rebels. They were equipped with melee weapons only having Alice with an actual gun. The others carried pipes and axes. They wore strips of cloth covering their essentials. Alice then fired off a shot at the headless Bendy. The bullet ricocheted off the cage bars and into the ink bird. The bird died with one squawk and one more line from Boris. A rebel fired a shot as two other rebels scouted out the rest of the studios. Now with no guards or spies left, the prisoners were finally free. Alice walked over to the now open cage.
Boris, didn’t I warn you of this? She asked.
Yeah… but-- He started.
And who are those two? Commander Charles secure these two. Alice ordered.
The rebel who took out crane head walked over to the two and brought out two pairs of handcuffs. Alice handed a wrench over to Boris and smiled at him.
We’ll stop him. Bendy has to be defeated. In due time though. Alice told him.
In due time…

Five Sentence Stories Part One

Fast One Hundred:


A billionaire approaches a kid who just lost his race and in turn his car. Now he has no way to support his family as racing was the only thing he was good at. The kid who isn’t a kid but is consistently called a ‘kid’ by the billionaire is given an offer he cannot deny. Now with the help of the billionaire the kid can support his family and continue with his passion for driving. The billionaire sees the kid as his son who perished in a car accident and uses the kid as a way to move past his son’s death and help protect the kid from danger.




Tim Dragon discovers a card named ‘The Silver Knight’ which is similar to having a Pokemon caught inside a Pokeball. Tim’s village is shortly attacked and burned down by savages, who are creatures that attack villages and towns and are often in small packs. The survivors are picked up by a Refugee Protection Service team and transferred to a nearby camp. Now that he’s activated the card, which saved his mom and him during the savages attack, he’s now been drafted to a Jaeger card-user team in another village. His mom sends him off, and he trains and competes in different tournaments earning money and cards which he sends the money to his mom for repairing the village.




There’s someone following me. I thought. I often jog at very late times as to have the entire park to myself. The moon illuminates my path as the park lights were currently broken due to some incident a couple of days ago that caused every light to break. I always enjoyed jogging late at night but tonight was different as a stranger in a trench coat followed me only being twenty paces behind me. Every time I looked behind me, with the moonlight guiding me, I would see him getting close until he was just a step behind me; I then felt his hand touch my shoulder.


Second Chance:


Kiran is an ordinary boy who is devoted to his love, Holocene and would do anything for her. She didn’t feel the same as his best friend Derick and his girlfriend Holocene teamed up to kill him. The two were madly in love and hid this from Kiran. Kiran is given a second chance by Achilles, and he returns to Earth as Kane Salvatore, and now he has only one mission; Kill Holocene and Derick. On his path of vengeance, he meets Vulcan, a blacksmith who figures out who he used to be.


Hiding Out:


Five friends, Jinx, Royce, Sadie, May, and Garfield lived during a nuclear war stationed in the fictional country of Azteca. The friends live together in harmony as the over looming threat of bombs hangs in the air. They have as much fun as you could during an ongoing war. Their joy is stopped when a nuclear bomb drops and kills all but Garfield and Jinx survive as they were able to make it to the shelter before it dropped. The two decide to avenge their friends by joining the Aztecian Air Force and protect other people from the bombs that killed their only family.


A Cursed Gift:


Alpha Frost, a blue-haired young adult, has been given the gift of time travel by the goddess Demeter. The goddess gave humanity one gift to help protect them from demons. Alpha, who goes by Jax as his time traveler name, time traveled with his wife Amelia but never thought about the consequences their actions caused and to atone for his sins he lost the person that mattered the most to him; Amelia. Years later, he is confronted by Rachel who tells him she wants to fix their corrupted government and after much convincing, he agrees to help her. He doesn’t know it, but Rachel’s real purpose for Alpha’s help is to bring back her dead family which doesn’t sit well with Alpha when he figures it out.


Flash On:

Three teens, Jane, Sam, and Charlie, visit an abandoned building where they find a book that allows the creature to come out of Hell and appear in that building. The teens clueless about the creature’s presence play twenty questions until the creature interrupted them. The creature hungry attacks the teens claiming Charlie’s life. It continues on its path of destruction with Sam and Jane attempting to fight back. It doesn’t work out as Sam is devoured and Jane gets only a yard away from the exit before being snatched up and eaten.


Wizard Tales:


Julia and Myles are magic-users in training who went from their small country town to a big city to join the army to help fight in the ongoing war. Julia and Myles want to protect their families by participating in the war and keeping their town out of harm’s way. They meet Denver, John, and Tailor while fighting and they make connections spanning the entire kingdom. Myers eventually makes a difficult decision that impacts the entire war effort which causes a split that nearly gets Myers killed. Myers differs from the army and joins an assassination group while Julia and the others continue to fight in the army and risk their lives for their families.


Rulers of Zombies #1:


Darrel and Nicole were two portal travelers that investigated ‘The Zombie Infection’ universe without proper attire that will protect them from Virus X. Virus X is a virus that plagues portal travelers and knights who enter post-apocalyptic universes without the infection suit. Darrel and Nicole’s mind were slowly being corrupted as the zombies in this universe don’t see them as prey but as rulers as they follow their rule. This was weird as this was never recorded to have happened. The two become King and Queen of Zombies, and their decisions affect Nick’s group which led to Nick’s mom and Eric’s parents’ death.


Slender Man:


eg was the name of the missing boy from the posters that were everywhere. He disappeared a year ago along with all hope for him. Shelley and Samantha discover a new lead that connects Greg and other missing kids to a creature that only goes by the name ‘Slender Man.’ They follow multiple leads, some dead ends and some leading far into the missing kids' case. They meet Mandy who has been searching for ‘Slender Man’ for a very long time to find out what happened to her daughter.


The Legend of Grims Hancock:


Grims Hancock was a notorious serial killer that murdered plenty of people during his prime. He had many infamous cases and murders under his belt. The police suspected he had a died over a decade ago, and Hancock’s pattern also died out. That was until Hancock’s pattern of killing suddenly popped back up leaving two dead and three wounded. Now, police have to deal with these murders and figure out if Hancock was still alive or if a copycat was roaming the world.


Angels of Heaven:


The Angels of Heaven were once a great team composed of fighters, but over time and during many battles the team crumbled apart. They consisted of seven fighters varying in power and intelligence with constant replacements arriving every other week. Angels of Heaven fought and protected the kingdom of Wolfenstein during the war. The First Wolfenstein War. This war was conflicting in views as many saw the war as unnecessary.


Star Wars II:


Lucas is a homeless teenager that lives on Coruscant. He scavenges for food and has no family. He is then discovered by Tan Uk who sees the force within him and recruits him without any hesitation. Tan Uk starts training him as a Jedi apprentice, and the two continue to train without any problems. Then the two battle a Sith Lord named Liam Da Kahn who appears and fights them which nearly kills Lucas.

Darkness Episode One

The night was dark as coal. All around her was pitch black. All that she could see what one house. The house looked like it was in good condition and the people who owned it were very nice people. The house is bright and cheerful during the day, but at night it is dark and deserted. The moon was the only light guiding Kim towards her destination. If that light were to be gone, then Kim will be lost until morning. After the stories she had learned about the darkness, Kim felt determine to regain what she had lost. And today was the day. Kim gripped her backpack strips tightly for she was terrified of the thoughts of the creatures she may face on her journey. Sounds appeared and disappeared at will. Kim heard noises of fright and curiosity. A large terrifying boom could be heard many feet in front of her. She cringed. "I must get what I lost so many nights before." She announced into the darkness. "I will get what I lost." She repeated. The voices could be heard from many directions. Some close and faint while other far and booming. These were the voice of the night that her grandfather told her many summers ago. When she was a little girl. She stood her ground. "Leave." one voice boomed. "You will perish if you continue on your path." a quiet voice said. "Leave." Another voice ushered. The voices were of those who perish following the same path Kim intended to go on. She is willing to do what she needs to. "I intend to get my baby back." She announced into the darkness. "We all intended to get something but we all departed our souls to those who live in the darkness." A booming voice told her. "You will perish... turn back for you will not come back alive." "If you don't heed our warning then you will become one of us... a single voice stuck in the dark abyss you call the darkness.” another voice said. “I must continue on my path.” She said walking past the voices in the darkness.

    Kim walked past the voices and continue on her path. If her grandfather’s stories were correct then she will face the beasts that escaped the laboratory that she once worked at. A doctor of high importance created a serum that activated the side that was hindered in most animals. The urge to kill. The doctor, whose real name was forgotten, was called Dr. Insano for his many crazy-sounding experiments he proposed. Dr. Insano infected animals with this serum and not long after, they escaped the laboratory and went on a killing spree. 30 people were said to be killed by the animals. The police weren’t able to catch the animals. Legends say that the animals escaped into the darkness and never left. Other legends say that the animals could only be killed by the sword crafted by Dr. Insano. Luckily Kim was able to recover the sword after his death. He was mauled by his own experiments. Kim walked through the darkness with only the moon for comfort and light. From what she can see, the scenery significantly change. Instead of being near one house she was now in what seemed like a big open field with tall grass. “Animals can attack me easily in tall grass.” she thought. She stopped walking. She reached into her backpack and brought out the sword. The sword was a blood red color and had Dr. Insano’s name inscribed into it and was told to have mystical properties. Kim brought the sword parallel to her face. She stood waiting and listening to any movements around her. Crack went a branch. “Something is getting closer to me.” I thought. Crack went another branch. “The animals are trying to scare me by cracking branches.” I thought. Crack goes another branch. Kim looked around. About a hundred feet from her a timber wolf appeared. Kim noticed the animal. “A gray wolf. There has to be more. A pack of them.” She thought. She brought the sword closer to her face. With one hand on the sword, the other went to grab a few other weapons from her backpack. When she reached for her backpack she could hear growls from the wolves. “Ten growls… ten wolves are surrounding me.” She thought. Then her heart skipped a beat. The ten wolves were rushing at her. The wolves were foaming at the mouth and the look in their eyes was vicious and had no remorse or mercy. Kim took a step back. The wolves were getting closer by every passing second. Kim readied her sword. The wolves then suddenly stopped. They were only a few feet away from her. “Hello, Human.” One wolf said. The wolf had a big scar going diagonally down its face. Its fur was a dark gray almost black. When it spoke it sounded gravelly and dead. “You can talk?” She asked.

“Why, did you think we couldn’t?” The wolf asked.

“Stories about you never mention you being able to talk.”

“Humans don’t know the potential of us animals.”

“Why haven’t you attack me yet as you do with many others?”

“Unlike many others that followed this path, you are the only one that isn’t afraid of us.”

“Unlike many others, I have a real reason for being on this path.”

“That is to recover what you lost many years ago. “

“Yes, something very important to me. My first child.”

“And the father of the child.”

“Perish in a war many years ago.”

“So unfortunate. How did you lose the child.” The wolf asked in more of a curious tone.

“The creatures of the night took away my child. My only child.”

“Why do you think you can do what many others weren’t able to do. Many have followed this path but never found what they were looking for.”

“I have the sword crafted by Dr. Insano.”

“The scientist that freed us and turned us to what we are now.”

“Yes, the very one I were to use to defend myself from the very likes of you.”

“You are willing to kill to regain what you lost?”

“Yes. I am willing to do what I need to. That includes slaughtering all of you here.”

“We may be animals but we are intelligent. We will allow you to pass. For you may do what others couldn’t. Regain what you lost. Follow the path but be careful. We may have been friendly but others may not be the same.”

“I understand and I thank you. For what stories tell of you isn’t how you acted towards me.”

“Humans showed us as vicious and terrifying monsters?” The wolf asked.

“ Yes but we as humans are incorrect.”

“That shows that you shouldn’t assume about stuff that you have no knowledge of .”

“Agreed… I shall be on my way.” Kim said. “And thank you again wise wolf,” Kim said continuing on her path.

Civil War #1 - #3

Civil War




Golden Hope was on the case. A murderer that went by the name ‘The Hatchet’. The murderer had killed his latest victim only a few hours before. Golden Hope had linked up with the police to figure out the identity of ‘The Hatchet’ and arrest him.

Golden Hope was following a new lead. One that might give her the location and name of ‘The Hatchet’. She was sneaking around a shady building. An abandoned warehouse with symbols inscribed into the walls. A triangle made out of three lines with a z in the middle. The warehouse was a dirty brown and a dark yellow. She then signaled for her artificial intelligence army to move in. Her plan was for the robotic army to flush him out of the building and right into the police’s arms.

Her army moved in, and about three minutes after that numerous amounts of gunshots and explosions could be heard from inside the building. Screams and curses could also be heard from inside the building. The walls were surprisingly thin for a murderer’s hideout. More screams followed as the Hatchet appeared outside. A guy in his fifties with a light blue sweatshirt and gray jeans with black sneakers. He was holding a hatchet in one hand and a gun in the other. Golden Hope rushed in and summoned her army and her sword. She pointed the sword at him and demanded him to drop his weapons. He drops the weapons and police surrounded him.


The Hunter was surveying the streets. He was crouched on a rooftop. A briefcase and quiver were nearby. A bow was strapped across his back. The night was pitch black due to the moon being covered by dark clouds. Perfect time for the shady people below making a deal. Three of them, One million, demanded the first guy. More said the second one who seems to want something from the first. The third guy stood a little farther away from the other two. The Hunter grabbed his bow and opened up the briefcase. He took out an arrow label C. He then fired the arrow. It flew down, a gray arrow surrounded by darkness made it an almost invisible shot. It continued going down while The Hunter made his way down the fire escape. The arrow finally landed… it landed next to the dealer’s brain. The buyer was in shock, and the other guy looked around. The Hunter made it ground level. He walked out, having three arrows in his quiver. He took one out and aimed it at the buyer.

“Leave and never come back.” He yelled. The buyer turned and ran away. The last guy held his ground. He held his hand near his pocket. A gun won’t hurt me, The Hunter told him. Good, the guy said. He then revealed what was in his pocket. A 65 pistol. The 65 pistol shoots tasers, bullets, and mini smokes. It also holds twenty of everything if stored correctly. The gun was banned everywhere since the bullets used are sharper and as a result, more dangerous than any other kind of bullet. This bullet slightly hitting you will cut off a significant piece of skin and/or clothing off.

The guy held the Hunter at gunpoint. Don’t think I wasn’t ready, he said. Don’t think I wasn’t either, said before dropping two small metal balls on the floor. The metal balls emitted smoke, concealing The Hunter’s position. The guy knew that he was going to be taken down within seconds, so he decided to turn and run. He still held the gun. The Hunter wasn’t going to let him go easily, so when he ran The Hunter shot a regular arrow at him. The arrow got him in his leg. As he tried getting back up The Hunter was in front of him. He smacked the gun away. You can’t leave yet, The Hunter told him.


Civil war


Night Assassin / Element


It was tough. He died and left me a burden. I didn’t want this but yet I still take up the mantle even when there were better people for the suit. The Night Assassin suit. My father was the first Night Assassin and he left the mantle for me, but I’m still unsure if I should have given the suit to somebody else.

My father, John Robin, was a brilliant man that created the Night Assassin suit. He was in charge of Robin Industries before his death. He ran almost every component and often made sure that whoever he didn’t trust were immediately fired. He was paranoid for many reasons. The suit was one of many. He was paranoid about spies and assassin in his building. I always thought he was kidding when he talked about them, but the second night as Night Assassin I was attacked by assassins. They were referred to as The Exiles. Referred to because I destroyed their little group within a week. They didn’t stand a chance against the suit. They even had a symbol. A dagger in the middle of blackness. That also didn’t survive. That was a long time ago. Now I fight all kinds of baddies. LIke the one that just appeared. Alfredo Castro, also known as Nightsteel. A tougher looking Tom Hardy.

I’m sitting on my couch thinking when Nightsteel walks into the room. I wasn’t wearing my suit at the time, so I was outmatched. A big bounty on your head Mr. Assassin, He said in a rough voice. Well, when you're as rich and popular as me then you’re always in danger. I told him. I glance to my left. On the side table was a potion grenade. An explosive one, I then pulled a gun out of the cushions and fired. Nightsteel blocked each shot. I kept firing and he kept blocking. I then fired the last shot, dropped the gun, and went for the potion. I grabbed it and threw it at Nightsteel. The living room exploded as I ducked for cover. I didn’t find cover but I was thrown against the wall. I looked towards where Nightsteel was. Nobody was there, it seemed like he vanished into thin air.


I woke up. I look over at my clock. Seven-Fifty. I got up quickly and rush as I got ready and packed my stuff. You're going to be late, My mother tells me. I then reach for my homework. I knew I didn’t do it, I think to myself. I then kiss my mother on the cheek, say bye to my dad, who doesn’t even know I said bye, and run almost trip on my way to school. I just barely make it before the bell rings. I stop to allow myself to catch my breath. You don’t live far Max so either you're out of shape or you were late. Someone said to me. I turn around to see Skylar. Hey Sky...I chose option two. I say. Well, when you stay up every night then eventually you’ll be late Max. She tells me as she walks away. I nod before continuing to class.

School is over for the day, so I walk back to my house to see my father drinking and smoking and my mother not home. I drop my backpack in my room. I then walked over to my window and space out. We have an average size backyard. The backyard is always empty. My mom wanted to have a garden but with her constantly working she has no time for it. I then walked over to the door and walked out. I look over the backyard with no real purpose. I somehow had the urge to look around my backyard. I then found a light blue crystal. The urge to look around my backyard vanished. I grabbed the crystal and held it up to the sun. It was surprisingly light for its heavy appearance. As I held it up to the sun the crystal disintegrates into dust. I was stunned, thinking that I broke a possibly valuable mineral. A mineral that could help out my family. Whispers started. From my left, then my right, then from above me, then from under me, The Ice Crystal Max. Somebody said behind me. I turn to see a person engulfed in smoke. The smoke then faded. You now have the powers of the Ice Crystal. He told me. I respondent like any sane person would. Who are you? Why are you in my backyard? What’s an Ice Crystal? Are you drunk? High Maybe? No, I’m The Guardian. I protect planets and defend all races from aliens invasions and war between heroes and villains. He told me. I can call the doctor if you need it, sir. I told him. Summon an ice dagger, Max. He said. You need help. I said. Say it and I’ll leave. He told me. Do you promise? I asked. He nodded. Ice Dagger. I said. Then a dagger made of ice appeared. I stared in disbelief. Am I high?


Civil War


Pink Diamond/Impossible Girl


A terrorist bomb. That's all it took to change my life. I went from a normal teenager to a superhero in a day. I’m not a hero. Not a real one anyway. Not the ones you picture, the ones with capes and the will to survive and thrive. Heroes that will run towards the danger. I’m the hero that will run the other way. I was normal before the bomb. No responsibilities. No fighting bad guys. No lying. No injuries. No worrying about the safety of my family, friends, or myself. No fighting. Now I fight for my life every day.


Do you know what it feels like being created? Not a real human but an android. Artificial Intelligence. Not being able to feel emotions. That’s how I was brought up. I was created by a corporation who wanted to use me for their own greedy purposes. An artificial superhero is what I am. Luckily, since I was granted multiple powers by the corporation I used them to escape their grip. Now I was laying low trying to keep away from that corporation. I help humans, but only if it means my cover won’t be blown. I am always on the run trying to not be under somebody’s control. I want to have free will.


The Outsiders: Z

The Outsiders are a ragtag team of four members. The leader is Jace followed by his second-in-command Meghan. The other two members are Kira and Zack. Kira is the weapons expert while Zack is the medic of the team. Jace is the assassin type while Meghan is the tank of the group. The Outsiders is one of four groups that looks over the multiverse. They are considerably weaker than the other three teams and a lot smaller than them as well. The Ace Legion, Time Police & Multiverse Guards are the other three groups that rule their part of the multiverse. The multiverse was split into four equal parts with every new universe being granted to the group with fewer universes under their belt.

The Outsiders established their base in a space known as “The Core of the Multiverse.” The team is used to being bullied by the other groups, but Jace has never allowed this to mess with them. He has stood up and became the leader of the group as nobody else was able to stand up to the other groups.

“Jace! Time rifts have opened up in three different universes!” Zack shouted. “Any clues about the creator?” Jace asked. “Chance Griffith,” Zack answered. The other two members’ head snapped right to Zack. Chance Griffith is a notorious criminal who used to be part of the Ace Legion but left it feeling like he was better than the others and soon became a criminal. Chance was known for creating time rifts and destroying the peace between universe. “What are the universes?” Jace asked. “All apocalyptic universes,” Zack informed them. “Okay, everybody get your gear. We’re leaving right away!” Jace announced. The team of four took a risk leaving their base as another danger may call on them. Luckily, Zack has a watch looking device called “Instant Alert” that alerts him if another problem arises. They used the “Multiverse Access Doorway” or MAD for short to get to the first universe.

They arrived in a horrific setting. Multiple military vehicles were abandoned and blood covered the streets. Zombies lingered on the street feasting on whatever human bits were left. “Universe #N035CAP3 has only one rift,” Zack informed the group. “It’s on a tall black building covered in windows and blood. It’s diagonal from a plane crash site.” Jace started walking getting to the building with ease. The zombies were very little in numbers and slow posing no threat. Meghan and Kira kept their guard up eliminating any zombies that got close to them. They were armed with time guns which used a crystal named “Time Crystal” which took its power from the “Time Force.” Time Force is a type of energy pool that the crystal and weapons rely on. They got inside the building and made their way to the top where they found bodies, blood, empty bullet cases, and a time rift. A blue portal emitting an electric field is known as a time rift and can be used to jump universes. Kira walked up to the rift and used a device called “Anti-Rifts” that plug up time rifts and acts as a piece of tape used to cover the rift. “Next universe Zach,” Jace said. “Got it,” Zach responded opening a time rift via the MAD device and everybody stepped through it. They were now in a new universe. “Universe #7H320M8131NF3C710N has one rift as well,” Zach informed the group. “Where?” Meghan asked. “5th and Ericson. An abandoned house surrounded with corpses littering the ground.” Zach said looking at his IA. The team moved to the location seeing the corpses and building in ruins. The rift was in front of the door. “Kira got it?” Meghan asked. “Yeah,” Kira answered concealing the rift. Zack activated MAD and they were sent to the last universe.

    “Universe #D1FF3R3N7UN1V3R53,” Zack told them. “Where’s the rift?” Jace asked. “32nd and Amand. There is a person not from this universe there.” Zach said. “Not from this universe? Chance Griffith?” Jace asked. “Not sure,” Zach told him. “Let’s get there as fast as we can.” Meghan motivated the group. The four made their way to the location. There they noticed a person standing in front on the rift tinkering with it. It was Wraith who was Griffith’s subordinates and infamous rift engineer.  “Wraith!” Jace shouted. He turned around and shows them a twisted grin. “Hello, Jace.” He says. “Where is Chance?” Jace asked. “Not in this universe.” He said with soulless eyes. His twisted grin was creeping out the group. “It seems like I’ll have to defend this rift from the likes of you.” He said raising a dagger. Kira didn’t want to wait any longer. She fired off a shot from her time gun. Wraith dodged the shot and rushed at Kira knocking her off balance. She tripped on her own feet and fell to the floor. She avoided Wraith’s attack. Wraith then went for Meghan but was stopped by Jace and his time sword. The two exchanged blows but since Wraith had a dagger he could move faster than Jace and dealt a blow to Jace’s stomach which threw Jace to the ground. Meghan charged in firing off multiple shots with only one reaching its target. It hit Wraith in his left leg. This crippled Wraith and his speed even if it was only a little bit. Zach focused on healing Jace’s minor wounds. Kira got up and stayed back as Meghan force her way to Wraith and sliced off his hand. Wraith retreated and stumbled back. He was losing blood quickly since his hand got cut off via Meghan’s time sword. Kira fired more shots into Wraith bringing him to his knees. “Any mercy?” He joked. “Not even close to what you deserve. Mercy isn’t available for you.” Kira announces. He then put the tip of his sword to Wraith’s forehead before slashing his head off. Kira went and closed the rift ending their journey there as well as a subordinate of Chance Griffith. Case closed.

The Ten Heroes #1

I was interested in fantasy games. Fantasy worlds. Demons, angels, demi-humans, adventures, magic, and love caught my attention and always seem to make its way into my dreams for countless nights. I valued fantasy over reality. I enjoyed reading fantasy stories during my lunchtime. I am a high school student at Wildbrook High who is known as a geek as I often spend my time reading instead of socializing. Because of that, I don’t have any friends. I don’t care that I don’t have friends since my imagination is enough for me. A world where I become a hero and save people and fall in love with a beautiful girl. The typical isekai story.

    A magic circle appeared under my feet. A pink circle with writing that was unfamiliar to me appeared and a split second later I was in an unknown room. I looked and noticed other people around me. “Welcome our ten saviors.” A guy with a cape announced. “I am your summoner, Rikesh. I have summoned the ten of you to defeat the Cobra Clan and save our world.” Rikesh informed us. “Each hero has been granted a weapon.” He motioned for us to look at our weapons. “Yes, a sword.” Somebody announced. Other people started talking about their weapon. I looked at my weapon. It is…. A! Crossbow?”  “A freaking crossbow!!!” I shouted.


To be continued...


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