The blood dripped to the floor. Shaw pulled the knife away and looked over his kill. His lips curled into a nasty smile as he saw the girl laying there. She had been beautiful. To bad she had made the mistake of being alone at night. He could have always raped her but she was to pretty for that. So he had decided on a brutal murder to match her beauty. Shaw put the knife into his pocket and left the girl where she lay. They would find her soon enough and it would hit the newspapers. The Throat Slasher Strikes Again. He could see it now. He had killed almost 10 girls so far. They weren’t all that innocent as you think. They were the girls that someone would kill to be in high school. The pretty popular ones, or should he say the total bitches. Shaw stepped out into the streetlights and paused. It was cold out but not to cold for him. He didn’t even have to wear a jacket. He smelled the air. He could smell the alcohol and cigarette smoke. After all he was in Vegas. He continued on. It wasn’t long ago when Shaw used to be in high school himself, but that one horrible night had changed his life forever. The night he had been made into a vampire.

Amy looked up from her computer. Damn it’s cold. She got up and closed her window. She looked down at her screen. Had she really written that? She looked the story over. It was good, but where did it come from. For as long as Amy could remember she had had dreams about this Shaw guy but who the hell was he? Amy went to her kitchen and poured herself a cup of coffee. She didn’t know what to make of things. Her phone buzzed.
“Amy.” She heard a voice squeal on the other line.
“Yes Rachael is there something you need?”
“I got us two passes to that new hot dance club.” Amy groaned. Rachael had always been trying to get Amy a boyfriend.
“Will you go?”
“Fine but this is the last time.” Rachael squealed and hung up. Amy got dressed in a pair of leather pants and corset. She then brushed out her pale blonde hair. She had been putting on eyeliner when the doorbell rang.
“Amy are you ready?”
“Hang on.” She finished with the make up and but on her favorite boots. She then went to Rachael.
“Damn girl your going to give every guy there a boner with that outfit.” She laughed and led Amy to the club.

Shaw scanned the room for his next meal. There were a lot of pretty girls here but none fit the image he was looking for. Ah hah. He spotted a pale blond headed girl. Damn. She was with another girl. A skittish brunette. Not only that but she had a date. He had to get her. No matter what.

Amy played along with Rachael’s game she even danced. But after awhile she got bored and went to the bar. She wasn’t much of a drinker so she just ordered herself a coke. Amy sipped at her drink. That’s when she noticed someone was watching her. She looked to the right and sure enough there was a guy watching her. He had the greenest eyes she had ever seen and his black hair made them even greener. He noticed her watching him and walked over. She had seen this man before but from where?

He had noticed her watching him so he decided to make his move.
“Hello pretty lady. What might your name be.” He used a little glamour but he could have done well on his own.
“Amy. You?”
“Shaw.” he replied smiling. His white teeth shining in the strobe lights.
“Do I know you from somewhere?”
“I don’t believe you do.”
“I know this might sound crazy but I think I dreamed about you before.”
“Well that doesn’t sound crazy at all.”
“It doesn’t?” God she was so beautiful he thought looking her over. Her pale blonde hair her bright blue eyes. Her outfit even turned him on. No human had done that before.
“I mean I am the kind of guy every girl dreams about.” Amy laughed. Even her laugh was cute.
“Amy would you like to go off somewhere less noisy so we can talk?” She nodded and took his hand. Big mistake he smiled.

Amy didn’t know what made her trust Shaw so much maybe it’s the fact that she had dreamed of him? He was leading her to a back room at the club. What does he think he’s going to do? Seduce her because he can just give up now. They stopped at a small room and he held the door open for her.
“Thank you.” She stepped in and he closed the door.
“Now that we are alone what do you want to talk about?” Amy turned to see him undressing her with his eyes. He had crossed the small distance between them. He smiled and she saw fangs but she couldn’t move.

“You know you’re the most prettiest human I have ever met.” He smiled as he kissed her neck. “To bad you have to die.” He bit into her neck and she let out a low moan. He began drinking her blood. Shaw had almost taken all her blood but he stopped and laid her down on the couch. She looked so fragile laying there. It was in that moment that he had realized he had fallen for her. He did what he had never thought of doing before. He fed her his blood.

Amy had felt cold when Shaw let go of her. Then in the next moment she had his blood going down her throat. It was warm and metallic tasting. She drank as much as he let her. She then closed her eyes. Amy thought about her story. It was true. She had seen her own future and his. How had that happened? She slowly faded.
It was much later that she had realized Shaw had saved her.
“Why?" She asked.
“I’ve fallen for a human.” he laughed. “Well not human anymore.” Amy looked into the mirror and saw that her eyes were a deadish misty blue and her hair was more silky looking then ever.
“Your beautiful.” Shaw whispered. How had this killer fallen for a human. How had he fell in love at all?
“Shaw what made you pick me?”
“I had a dream.” He said and kissed her. “A dream of my future. You were in it.”
“I had that same dream.” She said and kissed him.
“Good then I guess your stuck with me forever now.”
“I wouldn’t want it any other way.” Amy replied and kissed Shaw again.
“Good.” He breathed out. She took his hand in hers and they walked out of the club to began an eternal life together.


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