Chapter 01



"What the hell is this?!" My fathers voice boomed throughout the house. You can literaly see the veins popping out from his neck- which is really a bad sign. As you can see, he saw my card and It's not really good for the eyes.

"That would be my card," I stated dryly. Hoping that my calm facade would somehow helps to not affect me about my current situation.


"Why you-!" My dad leaped out from his desk and was ready to strangle me when my mom tugged him and tried to reason with him. I really love my mom. And I'm going to tell you a secret . . . He's afraid of mom. Yes, I tell you. When my mom starts to open her mouth, my dad will do everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. Wait for it . . . Wait for it.

"What kind of a son are you?!" He seethed.

BINGO! Right choice of words, dad.

My mother scoffed and crossed her hands over her chest, "Are you seriously asking him what kind of a son is he?" My mom asked and this is my chance to escape.

"Well, dear. Have you seen his grades?'' His voice was softer now.

Nope, that won't work.

"So, you're basing eveything by his grades? Do you know how long I conceived him? And where are you?! You're in your freaking business meeting!" She said, throwing her hands in the air.

My dad's full attention was on my mother so I slowly slipped away leaving my mother crying and my father trying to comfort her.

I sighed. I called James-the Butler- and told him to get my car ready. The old man nodded his head and proceed to the garage.

After a couple of minutes I saw my Ferrari 458 Spider. I thanked Luke-the driver- and slipped inside my car. I pushed the keys in and the engine roared to life. I turned the radio on, the music blasted from the stereo and I barely heard my iPhone ringing.



"CJ! What's up?" I said playing with my fake gun. It's a private joke between me and CJ so don't ask.

"I'm at Amanda Bostic's party, man. You should come! Lot's of babes! Woo-hoo!" Cj shouted from the other line. I could hardly understand him. The noise was too loud so I ended the call.

Amanda. Amanda? Is that the chick I dumped last week? Yeah. I am not going there. She's too clingy and I find parties kind of boring right now. I probably have a fever.

So, I don't know how I ended up here at Walmart.

I pushed the trolley towards the stack of beers.

What to buy? I scanned the stack of beers. I huffed and grabbed the one nearest to me. I dumped it in my trolley and made my way towards the cashier.

After I paid for it I quickly bolted towards my car and dumped everything inside my car. I opened the door but stopped halfway when I heard screaming. I scanned the parking lot and I saw figures at the darker area.

"Hey!" I shouted, walking towards them. Holding my fake gun.

"What?!" The black guy shouted back, obviously annoyed.

That's when I saw the girl. She was petite with long blonde hair. I couldn't make out her features beacause it was dark.

"What are you doing? Let go of her." I demanded calmly.

"Or you'll do what?" THe other guy mocked.

"Or I'll shoot you," I said pointing them the BB gun.

"Oh, shit. He's got a gun!" The two scrambled. Too dumb to noticed it was fake.

I approached the girl, "Hey, you okay?" I asked.

She just nodded and ran away leaving a locket in the cement.

"Hey! You dropped your locket . . .." I trailed off, seeing that it's pointless. I put the locket in my pocket.

I opened my car door and quickly got in.

I was halfway through my house when a loud noise pierced through my ear. A baby cry. I glanced at the passenger seat and saw a baby crying.

"What the fuck!" I shouted, the car veered left and right. I don't know how I got from the other lane. As soon as my mind cleared off, I stopped beside the road.

My breathing hitched. My eyes were as wide as saucer. And I couldn't control the beating of my heart.

I glanced at the passenger seat again, hoping that everything was just my imagination.

Oh my freaking jesus!

It's a baby!

There's a baby in my freaking car!


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Chapter 02



"So, you're saying that this baby just popped out of nowhere?" Cj drawled. I snatched him away from that party and god dang it, it was harder than I thought. Every two minutes Mandy or is it Miranda? Whatever. So, Mandy popped every two minutes, practically begging for sex and damn Cj was sleeping under the table.

Thank God he was sobber.

"Yes! For the last time, YES!" I was freaking out now. I mean- It's not everyday that a baby just popped inside your car.

"Okaaay. That doesn't explain why I'm here." He said shaking his head.

"Dude! I have a freaking baby in my car."

"What? Did I magically produce them to freak you out?"

"You know what? You are not helping," I told him, putting my hands in my face.

"That's what I thought," He muttered and turned to leave.

"Hey. Where do you think you're going?"

"I'm going home. You should probably go home, too," he said lazily while trying to keep his eyes open.

"What about this baby?" I asked.

"Take him home. The parents should probably called the cops by now. Maybe tomorrow there will be cops in front of your doorstep," he reassured me. Which kinda helped, a little, but still.

"Oh, okay." I let out an frustrated sigh.

When I got in my car I stared at the baby's violet eyes. He was cooing and muttering incoherent words. He looked like nine months to me.

"Who the hell brought you here?" I whispered, poking the baby's cheeks. He let out a gurgle of laughter.

I found myself smiling like a retard so I quickly shook it off.

Ten minutes later I was already in the mansion. I parked straight to the garage, hoping dad's car won't be there ang thank heavens it wasn't there. All I have to do now is to sneak this baby in.

I tip-toed my way toward my bed room. Just a little further. I glanced sideways finding for any sign of human being. Ok, coast is clear. I felt like a black ops. haha. Only nine steps away.

Eight steps.

Seven steps.

Six . . .

Five. . .

Four . . .


SHIT! I frantically rocked the baby back and fourth. "Shut up!" I whispered/Yelled. "Oh my God!" I grumbled. "Rock a by baby on the tree top. . ." I sing him frantically which makes his cries louder. "Fuck! What the hell's wrong with you!" I shouted, shaking him.

"Young master? Whose baby is that?" Curiosity got the best of the old maid.

I can't catch a break, huh?

"He's not mine," I said, too quickly and a lot more defensively. She raised his eyebrows demanding for answer.

As you can see. I respect Martha more than I respect my mom. He's like my real mom to me, so her opinion always mattered to me and I know I'll get a lot of lecture tonight.

"Well. . .Someone left him in my car." I said slowly.

She sigh in relief. What? Is she expecting me running around and making babies? Nu uh, I always use protection.

"Sooo, can I go now?"

"Go to your room."She ordered.

I happily obeyed.

While inside my room, I rummaged the baby's bag. There's a diaper, milk, some rubber that you stick in the baby's mouth and a letter?

Oh, hey. There's my name on it.

I opened it.

Dear Hunter,

You're probably wondering right now on who is the parents of the baby.

How should I tell you this? Aha! To put it bluntly you are the father. Shocker, right?

You might not remember who I am but I definitely remember who you are. Due to my financial problems I have to give the baby to you- even though it hurts for me to be away from my child. Love him as he is your son. He needs his father and I ams so sad to say that I'm a failure as a mother.

I hope you take good care of him.

Sincerely yours,


P.S If I heard that something bad has happened to my baby then I'm going to skin you alive. Oh, well. Love you.

P.S -again- He still hasn't have a name yet. Feel free to name your son.



I don't do proofreading so feel free to point out my mistake.

Lots and Lots of Love to you!

Chapter 03



"One, two, three, four, five, aaaaand six. Where the heck is number seven?" I muttered. You might be wondering what I'm counting or rather WHO I'm counting. Yep! They are my brothers and sisters although there were still two which is older than me and both are boys.

So, I'm going to introduce you to my super mega awesome life- note the sarcasm. My older brother is Joshua, twenty, he's in college. The next one is Jeremiah, nineteen years old, he's in college, too. And there's me, seventeen years old, a senior in high school. Jessica, sixteen. Pamela and Patricia, both fifteen. Edromel-or Mico, fourteen. Rj, thirteen. And the last one is Andrei, four years old.

See! We are one big happy family. Anyways, number eight is missing.

"Patricia!" I shouted.

"What!" She shouted back.

"Get your butt down here! Andrei is missing!" A couple of minutes later. There was an angry stomping of foot coming down my way. "Now, go find him. And it's your turn to cook dinner."

She scoffed, "Hey! You are not the boss of me!" She snapped

"Yeah, yeah. Tell that to mom when they get back." I retorted.

"Hey! You pigs!" I said trying to break Mico and Rj apart. When I took hold of Mico Andrei came out of nowhere and started to squirt using his water gun. "I'm going to kill you! You little devil!" I glared at my two brothers who is rolling in the floor, laughing their brains out.

"Do you think this is funny?!" I asked.

"Apparently yes. They wouldn't be laughing if it's not funny," Jessica stated dryly. You see, she thinks she's so smart because she's a valedictorian for like- for ever and her grades are always A+. She's just like Joshua. Bleh!

"have you seen Justin Bieber's new album?!" Pamela squeaked.

"Uhm, no. Because some people actualy has a life unlike you-" Patricia was cut off by Pamela.

"Don't diss JB!" Pam cried. Literaly cried. She is such a drama queen.

"Whatever. I'm going to change." I left them arguing.

I slipped on my hoodie and some short shorts that I found lying inside my closet. I pulled my hair back in a bun. There, I'm all set.

When I got back down stairs everything was set. They were already in the table saying grace. I sat in my chair after they pray and it's like I'm in the school cafeteria again. There were a little food fights here and there and then someone would snap and apparently that someone already did beacause I can't see jessica anywhere.

"Have you heard?" Pamela said mysteriously, leaning her body in the table.

"Nope. We don't gossip," Patricia said not looking away from her food.

Pam rolled her eyes and continue talking, "Did you know that Hunter has a baby? And that baby is living there right now because the baby's mother just left the baby to him.poor Hunter"

"Puh-leese, that man-whore totally deserves it. I don't know about the baby but I'm really sorry for her." I said.

"Him." It was Pam swallowing a big bite of her spaghetti.

I made a face, "What him?"

"The baby is a him not a her," she stated.

"Whatever, can you go and get Jessica?"

She sighed and mumbled about killing that smarty pants.

"Bea, my principal wants to talk to you?" Rj said nervously.

"Why? Did you get a medal or something?" I sarcastically said.

"No, he punched someone in the face," Jessica said while adjusting her glasses, oblivious to my sarcasm.

"Just eat your food," Rj grumbled.

Jessica just ignored him.

"And who might this someone be?"

"Blake. Blake Martin."

I choked on my spaghetti, "Excuse me? Blake Martin? As in Hunter's brother?" He nodded, "What are you? Crazy?! Are you on social suicide?!" I hissed.

"I'm sorry!"

"Yeah, tell that to me when he started to harrass us!" I glanced at my siblings. Pat and Pam's eyes was wide in fear. "Don't worry. He won't hurt you two because he doesn't have English and history with you not like me!" I spat. "But I'm sure he will." I added quickly to their horror.

Dinner passed quickly. I was in my room trying to sleep. We have school tomorrow so that means there's a big chance that I will see Hunter. He was known for taking revenge. I mean last time there was a boy who is accused by an anonymous student that he was cheating on the exam and in his bag was full of answers and then the next day Hunter was bragging about it.

I closed my eyes and find the will to sleep and I think it was three o'clock when exhaustion pulled me in a deep slumber.


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Chapter 04



"How's the baby? Did the cops showed up?" Cj asked me. We were talking on the phone. He was tailing me with his yellow Porsche a.k.a his 'Baby'. Yeah, I know. What's with men and their cars? I mean no one can touch mine. It's more like of being possesive of what's ours.

"No, the cops didn't. I'll explain to you later at school," I grumbled. I am not in a good mood today. Who would be? I just officially became a father yesterday because some over dramatic Cynthia- a one-night-stand-gone-horribly-wrong- claims that the unnamed baby is mine. For christ sake! She didn't even bother to give the baby a freaking name. Is that so hard? You can name him Bob for all he cares.

"So, where's the baby?" He asked, trying to make a conversation.

"I dunno." There was a protest on the other line. "Dude! Calm down! I left him at the Fischers," I explained, stopping at the red light.

"You know the baby is your responsibility, right? You can't just leave him to your neighbor," He insisted.

"Seriously man. What's got your knickers in a twist?" It turned green.

"What are you? A brit? Anyways, you don't even know the Fischers."

"Uh, yes. I do," I said in my defense.

"Well, if you call trick or treating in the third grade is your only basis then I don't know," he snapped.

"Hey, they made those cute little home made chocolate's that's a shape of a heart." I remember in third grade. Me and Cj can't get enough of those that we practically begged James and Martha to go there and get us the chocolates. Good times.

Cj snapped me out of my reminiscing, "You do realize that you sounded gay just now?"

I groaned, "Whatever, dude. Don't you missed those chocolates?" I asked and we gave out a dreamy sigh.

Finally, we're in school. I got out of my car and streched my arms high up in the air, knowing that the girls are watching me flexed my muscles.

"So, you were telling me about the baby?" He prod my arm with a stick.

I slapped it away and scowled at him. He chuckled and shook his head and then the warning bell rang. Save by the bell. I slugged him in the arm and run, hearing him shouting profanities at me.

Of course I didn't go straight to my class. I bumped into Marry Anne and she beamed at me smiling. Mary Anne is a very religious person, you know those kind of people that are like- Jesus is my saviour and shit like that. She's the head of the Celibacy Club. Ha! Celibacy Club my ass beacause after a few greetings we ended up making out in the janitors closet.

Her hands trailed down my chest to my jeans, fumbling with the button. I kissed her lips down to her jaw and to her collar bone trailing up again to her neck gently sucking it, leaving a hickey there.

She gasped, "Oh my Gosh. You did not. Just. Gave me. A hickey," she said in disbelief.

"No?" It came out as a question.

"You jerk!" She spat, buttoning on her denim skirt.

"What are you? Bi-polar?" I muttered under my breath. I slipped my t-shirt on. There's nothing much to do so I decided to go to my first class which is

English. Mr. Briggs is always late, I bet he's still not there and bell rang twenty minutes ago.

Correct as always. He's still not here. I saw Mary Anne being interrogated by some black haired chick. Was it Lea? Mary Anne saw me and threw a vicious glare while flipping her hair (hey, it rhymed.) with an 'hmmp'.

Her friend saw the hickey that I gave her when she flipped her hair."What's that?" She gasped. "Is that a hi-ckey?"

"Bea, you're being ridiculous." She let out a nervous laugh, "Seriously, its just some . . . bug bite."

I snickered, "A bug bite, huh?" I smirked.

Bea was looking at us suspiciously. Mary Anne saw how she looked at us so she changed the subject.

"So! I heard you flipped out at your house yesterday?" She giggled while Bea groaned.

I tuned them out. Guess what? Mr. Briggs showed up, gave us a freaking assignment then that's it. Time passed quickly and the next thing I knew I was sitting in the cafeteria with Cj and a two blondes sitting beside me.

"We-we-we-we-we-wait." I interrupted Cj's babbling, "You're telling me to have an audition for the next mom of my baby?"

"Yes, we can do it at your house," he said like it's the most brilliant thing he has ever said.

"I don't think that's a good idea," I said slowly.

"What?! No it's not."

"I can be your baby's mom," the blonde on my right purred.

"Yeah, me too," said the blonde on my left.

"You have to get in line,'' Cj said, sending them a wink which caused the two to giggle.

"I'll give it a try."

"Great! The first audition will be tomorrow. I already send out flyers." He clasped his hand together.

"What if I didn't agree with you?"

"I know you won't." He said slugging me in the arm and he ran.

And this time it was my turn to shout profanities at him.


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Chapter 05

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The six of the Callebow sibblings sat inside their daddy's study room, waiting for the twin Patricia and Pamela to arrive. Bea paced the room anxiously, biting her nails - which is an old habit when she's too nervous.

"Why am I here? It's already Spongebob!" Andrei bang his tiny fist on the coffee table as a protest.

Bea stopped pacing and glared at her little annoying brother, "Go watch it. Take Jessica with you." She grinned. She didn't really like Jessica here in their supposedly family meeting, she would just degrade them with her oh-so-smart comments.

Jessica and Andrei left the room happily. She huff and sat right next to her brother Mico, who is busy playing with his PSP. She glance at the clock, it was 06:47 and the twin were still not here. She was imagining bad possibilities on what's happening to them but quickly shook it off.

Apparently, Rj punched Blake Martin while driving his Porsche and the car smacked on to a tree. Her blood boiled while in the principal's office earlier. It seemed that he forgot to tell her that part of the story and thank the spirits that they won't have to pay for damages because Blake's underage and meaning driving without a license. The only thing that they paid was Blake's hospital fee.

She was hyperventilating when she stood outside their school earlier, expecting Hunter to attack or something to embarrass her and her siblings. She was shock though when she saw Marry Ann's hickey and Hunter talking to them like he didn't know she was Rj Smith's older sister - she wasn't shock by Marry Ann's hickey. The girl is shameless and completely clueless, she's doesn't even have an idea on why she kept on talking to her maybe because Michelle's not there anymore, her real and childhood best friend.

Her inner ramblings was cut off by a screaming outside and a couple of minutes after, the study room's door flung open. There, stood the twins with a violet hair and the other was red.

"Let me guess? Hunter?" Mico said, not looking up from the game and when he did he burst out laughing, "Wow, sis. I never thought violet suited you."

Bea sighed when Pam quirked her eyebrow, "Don't." She snapped, raising her hands in a stop gesture, "mention that freaking name.ever.again!" She crossed her hands to her chest and flooped down the sofa that was on the other side of the room.

"What the hell's your problem? I think this color's beautiful." Pat said fumbling with her red hair, "At least mom won't get mad at me because I have an excuse," she said in glee.

"You're just saying that because, unlike you, "She spat, "I am a cheerleader and I can't go out there looking like this!" She hissed pointing to her hair.

"Well, you should be thankful. Yours is violet, mines red. I love violet." She got the far away look from her eyes as she stares at her twin sister's violet hair.

"So, was it really Hunter?" Bea asked, staring at Pam's violet hair.

"Yes, after our volleyball practice I head straight to the girls locker room and after that." there was a dramatic pause, "My hair came out like this."

"So not fair," Pam muttered, "Why is it us? Why not you, too?" Pam turned to me.

"I don't know." Bea shrugged, "Maybe because you're more popular I mean- Pat is the captain of the volleyball team and you're probably the next captain of the cheering squad and me? I'm just a nobody." She finished it with a smile. She was thankful for being anonymous. Only a few people knows that they were sisters others just don't care, too cooped up in the world they create.

"Well, the last thing I want to be right now is to be me. I didn't know being a nobody can be handy, huh?" Pam chuckled.

"Hey, don't rub it in!" Bea threw a pillow at her and she swatted it away.

"We can't let him do this to us! We're Callebow's for Christ sake!" Pam thought messing with them was outrageous, like messing with the Queen of England was a much better idea than messing with them.

Their dad- Kavin James Callebow - is the quarterback for Chicago Bears. Kevin was expected to be a high draft pick in the 2006 NFL Draft, and was ranked by many experts as the third-best quarterback prospect, after Matt Leinart of USC and Vince Young of Texas.

The Callebow sibbling's was known for their atrocious manner- in Chicago. They have this rule that when they are in Los Angeles they have to be in their best behaviour or no going back at Chicago and they can't watch their dad play. They agreed, reluctantly, and they were even surprise that they can do it. Too bad when they set foot on Chicago all the pent up pranks will burst out and the usually their mom will lock them up in the hotel room and do a 'reflection'.

"What're are you proposin'?" Mico asked, sensing an evil vibe.

"Let's just say we're going to bend some rules." Pam smirked, her eyes lit up in excitement. Mico pump his fist in the air and replied with an 'I'm in.' and before they could conjure up images of the nastiest prank ever Bea knew it was a bad idea.

"Nu-uh! Nope! No!" She said shaking her head frantically. "Mom will kill us! And don't you wan't to watch dad play?"

"No," the three said in unison. Rj was sleeping besides Mico.

"Don't be such goody goody!" Pam.

"Yeah, you're acting like you're not the master mind of our pranking in Chicago." Mico snorted.

Bea tried to protest but Pat cut her off.

"Oooh, Marry Ann got through you, huh? She saved your soul from burning to hell," She said,in a high pitch tone, mocking her.

If they do this there's a possibility that Hunter will retaliate. Scratch that, he 'will' retaliate and there would be a prank war and then they would be sent to the principals office and their mom would go ape crap on them and they will be left at Los Angeles watching their dad play on the T.V instead of watching him live. So the answer is:

"Fine! Get Jessica, we have to do this smoothly."

The three grinned in victory. Mico scurried off to drag Jessica in here.

A little fun can't hurt me, right? She thought.



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