Is there a solution?

So many disturbs

Around the world

Now Egyptians as turks

A global look remarks

Man unable to stand

with dignity in their own right

Why we cannot coexist

All different jet be just

It is a matter to discuss

Many ideologies and cultures

Multi-developmental stances

If we could only share

A view of right in differences

For human sovereignty

Greed and envy dismissed

For we questions others' lives

But do not question ourselves

That's not the place for you

This morning's Silver Moon

Stood above the afternoon's Sun

In that place so strong she shined

One couldn't tell the day arrived

And then she lured anyone's look

Who scans surroundings about face

To appreciate everyday's gleek

And met too strong her appearance

"That's not your place I fear"

My thoughts reticent to admire

The power and freedom you gear

Those giving you a significance

Where desire abides

For winners to face up

Man has given asters meanings

Beyond the physical bounds

You dare not think I hide indoors

Because I have to do my tasks

I expect you will not stay there

that place for you is not meant

Not even at night.

So brilliant was tonight's moon

Hard to see without a halo

Thinking it moved so fast around

It left last image behind

A beautiful silver moon

As I had never witnessed

Smiling to this side of the world

The one deprived of clouds

This halo enhances bright

But is it due to movement?

Some say it is ice particles

Suspended in the atmosphere

But gives the astro a nimbus, aura

Astrological majesty and elegance

To resemble feelings,

light surrounding

Inviting to follow a moon's healing

To see this night with reverence

And welcome the full moon encircled

It has been linked to desire

Each year having 13 cycles

Illuminates the rushing waves

The clouds, our nights, and deserts

May your inner light shine as brightly

A space for poetry

Social page it is

Where one can make friends

Follow a thread with each

Talk privately, or give tips

Also to be shared with all

A space that gets our time

A time each appreciates

Vest our thoughts as well

As feelings and choices

For there is respect for difference

A person detects an identity

Socially established here

Upon acceptance, friendly

comments, ignore or treat

with kind words our best vibe

I would like to comment

Silver Sacs from Feng Shui

January has five Mondays

Also five weekends to enjoy

Pass it around and money will hit.

A story to tell

I have a story to tell

On Da Vinci's best picture

and the choice he made

When imagining his model

To paint Jesus he took

Some time to seek

For a man of virtue

That would also virile be

To paint Judas Iscariote

He waited until he heard

Of the most horrible

criminal that stroke the land

Life may take us by paths

That will reflect in our outer looks

But of our heart

we can speak by our deeds

which will also reflect

in both our eyes and gestures.

The picture to jail he took

For the criminal to see

That fell on his knees and cried

My lord, don't you remember me?

I am the young man you chose

As a model for Jesus 19 years ago.

First Winter Day

First winter day!

A date is set for each season

There's a description too

On mountains near

I saw the yellow and brown

Meant for Autumn

Early in December

Our hometown starts

Winter time today

At sixty-one degrees

A clouded sky, intermitent rain

That's snow on top

Of the mountain

The best time not

To drive up the highway

Plans are postponed

A week further yet

I wish I was there

To enjoy the landscape


Regardless of the culture
A person keeps unique
No one can tell you act as it
This means this or that
For because of uniqueness

We are when met a bliss
A discovery of each other
That requires good will
But mostly rid of selfishness
Communication must fulfill
The gap and respect each other.
It takes a great heart
A wish to share one's life
Dissipating every doubt
To spare the loved of pain
Then patience is a must

Intelligence not enough first
Since a relation to be true
Requires spontaneity
Be one to one and sincerity
Both clearing their doubt
Not judge when feelings hurt.

The men of war

The men of war

Hard it is to be
To understand
The men of war
If not within
At prime time

A land as ours
Without an army
And a small navy
It favors not
National sense

Becomes dull
Selfish, laager
Has no heroes
To lead the ego
At present

It fought in arms
It kept no lead
Other groups did
Retell the past
Untold, unseen

To new times
As women
As children

As poverty

Just crime and power
Cartels and drugs
Easy money
To feel success
Others worthless

Do not engage the moment.


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