Can anybody hear me?
Am I talking to myself?

My mind is running empty,
In this search for something else.

Because it seems I've crossed the line again,
For being nothing more than who I am.

I keep searching for something,
That I never seem to find.

Take a good look at me.
Do you still recognize me?
Am I so different inside?

And I tear my heart open.
But I sew my self shut.
My weakness...
Is that I care;
Too much...

And my scars remind me
That the past is real...

I've been to a place so cold.
It steals your soul.
It takes more than hope.
It takes its toll...

I've been beat up and broken
I've been there a thousand

I may have walked
Through the worst in Hell
My friends.

We all got our
Reasons why.
That's why...
Was built
To last...

Just give it one more try,
To a

When I lose my way,
And I forget my name,
Remind me
Who I am.

My insides are turned to
So slow.
And the waves are
So cold.

Where'd you go?
Where's your home?
How'd you end up...
All alone?
Can you hear me,

If today was your last day,
And tomorrow...
Was too late,
Could you say good bye...
To yesterday?

The secret side of me...
I'll never let you see.
I keep it caged...
But I can't control it.

I feel it...
Deep within.
It's just...
Beneath the skin.

I must confess...
I fell
Like a monster.

This is the last night you'll
Spend alone.

Look me in the eyes,
So I know you know...
I'm everywhere
You want me to be.
Look me in the eys,
So I know you know...
I'm everything
You need me to be.

That doesn't mean much.
It doesn't mean anything
At all...
Because the life I've left
Behind me...
Is a cold room.
Sweet surrender...
Is all I have to give.

Listen to your heart,
When he's calling for you.

I am just another
Stack me up I'll
Drift along...

I made a wrong turn,
Once or twice.
Miss 'knowin' it's all good'...
It didn't slow me

Second guessin'...
But look!

What doesn't
Makes you
Stand a little
What doesn't
A fighter...

Stanza 1-2: Astronaut, Simple Plan
Stanza 3: Bully, Shinedown
Stanza 4-5: Monster You Made Me, Pop Evil
Stanza 6-7: Scars, Papa Roach
Stanza 8-11: Built to Last, Redlight King
Stanza 9: Lullaby, Nickelback
Stanza 10: Remind Me Who I Am, Jason Gray
Stanza 11: Valentine's Day, Linkin Park
Stanza 12: Hear Me Now, Hollywood Undead
Stanza 13: If Today Was Your Last Day, Nickelback
Stanza 14-16: Monster, Skillet
Stanza 17-18: The Last Night, Skillet
Stanza 19: Sweet Surrender, Sarah McLachlan
Stanza 20: Listen to Your Heart, Kent Moran
Stanza 21-22: Drift, Emily Osment
Stanza 23-24: Perfect, P!NK
Stanza 25-26: Stronger, Kelly Clarkson

I feel lost.
I hide in a world of dark.
Nobody sees the truth,
I act happy,
I say I'm okay.
When on the inside I'm breaking apart
I remain silent
Nobody asks me to speak.
That's okay.
I don't really feel like talking anyways.
I look around and see so many things;
Happy people,
Groups of friends.
All of them so oblivious,
So oblivious to my feelings.
They ask me if I'm okay.
I say I'm fine.
And they accept that.
But it's not true.
I know it's not.
And then after they've asked,
And I've said that I'm okay,
They leave me alone and I ignore them.
This is because I don't want to face the truth.
I don't want to tell them that everyday I look.
I look for someone.
Someone to see past the lies.
Look past all the fake smiles.
I don't want to tell them that I wish.
That I wish for somebody who won't ask.
Just somebody to say that they'll be there.
But I know that this will never happen.
They don't want to deal with this stuff.
Never will.
Never have.
They just won't...
Darkness, Rebecca Kinnaman

I run and I hide.
I think and I cry.
To be recognized, I have to threat a manic ride.
They look at me like nothing's wrong.
This is because I try to be strong.
Even though it won't be long,
Before I completely lose it all.
I go and I lie.
An dI, I try.
But try as I might
I just can't find a light
That might help me with this fight.
Completely alone
I find a stone.
It's deep in my heart
And I feel like it's tearing me apart
Running away is starting to fray.
And as much as I would like,
I just can't find a way out of this plight.
And as I slowly come undone,
They don't even begin to ask
If I'm getting ready to run.
This, too, is slowly tearing me apart.
And I just can't help but think...
They're playing a part.
A part of my fucked up life...
Playing a Part, Rebecca Kinnaman

You look at me with sorrow in your eyes.
And all you ask is why.
Go look inside.
You might find an answer.
But until then, I don't want your pity.
And I don't want your sympathy.
All I want is for you to see.
One day you'll try to find me,
But I won't be there for you to find.
I will have left this bitter life behind.
You may want me, and you may cry.
But remember all the times you said
That you would be there for me.
And then you weren't.
All the times I needed you.
But you ignored me.
You don't look at me
Like I might have something to say.
You just ignore me.
You want me to speak.
And then when I do
You tell me to be silent.
I do not know what truth is anymore.
I do not know what is right.
What I do know, though, is that I am afraid.
I wish to not just be noticed.
I wish to be seen.
I do not wish to be heard.
I wish to be understood.
But I do not wish to hurt.
I only wish that you would see me hurting
I wish you could see what was lying behind my mask.
You only see my surface.
You see my happiness,
But not the fakeness.
You hear my laugh,
But not the force behind it.
You no longer dig.
You only mar the surface.
That's it.
I am left with more hurt and more scars.
You think I am okay.
You believe me when I say that I'm fine.
You believe me when I say that nothing's wrong.
When in my broken heart and weary mind,
There are so many thoughts.
I have so many emotions running rampant.
They are slowly getting out of control.
I don't know what to do with them.
I only know what they want and need.
But not why they are there or what they mean.
All I know is that I do not want them.
They only cause me hurt and discomfort.
I just want them to end.
That is all I wish for
Is that too much to ask for?
Or am I not lucky enough
For these memories to quit consuming me?
They overwhelm me like a tidal wave
I am swept over by them.
They take control and hold me
Until I am too hurt and paranoid to move.
That is all they serve me.
That is all they ever serve...
Hurt, Rebecca Kinnaman

You comfort me when I cry.
You catch me when I fall.
Even if I'm lost in the dark,
You are still there for me to call.
I don't have to pretend.
You let me be myself.
You laugh.
Even when I'm acting stupid.
And if I say something stupid,
You push it aside without question.
I know you're not perfect.
But that's okay;
Neither am I.
That's how it is.
I don't care what others say.
You tell me you feel useless,
I say I can always use you
To put a smile on my face.
You say you feel like a failure?
I tell you that you never fail
To make me laugh.
Even if you feel like everyone
Wants you dead,
Remember I am here.
I'll always the person to tell you:
"Everything is going to be okay."
I don't care if it's two in the morning.
If you need to talk,
Text me.
Call me.
Tell me.
I'll do my best to get you smiling again.
I get the biggest joy when,
Even if it's stupid,
You say you'll listen to my problems.
You don't tell me to suck it up.
You don't tell me to get over it.
And most of the time,
That's all I need.
You're one of the few people,
To just sit there and listen.
You don't judge.
You don't criticize me.
I thank you for that.
But most of all I thank you,
For giving me a chance.
Even though half the time,
I'm a hopeless wreck.
And the other half,
I"m a haphazard mess.
But like I said before,
Nobody's perfect right?
Nobody's Perfect, Rebecca Kinnaman
For S.C.

You say that you're not perfect.
You me tell me you want to die.
You go on
About how people want you dead.
I don't want to hear you
Talking like that.
No matter what anybody says.
You may not be perfect.
Yo what,
Tell me the name of one person who is.
I don't ever want to hear you
Say that you want to die.
No matter how hard life gets.
If you start feeling like that
You tell me.
I will try and do my best
To change your mind.
And not everybody wants you dead.
If you feel like that,
Let me know
I'll change your mind.
Even if it's two in the morning.
I'm going to do my best
To tell you:
"I know you're not perfect.
But I don't care.
Neither am I.
And another thing:
I love you..."
I Love You, Rebecca Kinnaman

I love you.
I just wanted to let you know.
Even though you mes sup.
There's nothing to make me stop.
I hope you realize something.
You may not be perfect.
You might fail at something.
You might feel unloved.
But forget all of those.
Because I have news for you.
Nobody is perfect.
Everybody has flaws.
And I love you.
Don't forget that simple phrase.
I love you...
ILY!, Rebecca Kinnaman

"You've been there for me when I was sad, mad, depressed, or when no one else was. I could never repay you for that. (Doesn't mean I'm not gonna try!)"- Author Unknown, Found at Status Shuffle
"When you want to cry... I am your shoulder. When you want to laugh... I am your clown. At all times... I am here. <3"- Author Unknown, Found at Status Shuffle
"You're always there when I need you. You're always there there when no one else is. You will always be my best friend... I LOVE YOU! <3"- Author Unknown, Found at Status Shuffle
"I love that when I'm having a rough day, all I have to do is hear your voice or see your face and my day is flipped around completely. :)"- Author Unknown, Found at Status Shuffle
"It doesn't matter what age you are. The only thing that matters is they came to be by your side and they never left."- Author Unknown, Found at Status Shuffle
"You know you've found your soul mate and best friend, when you're having a bad day and you just want to be in their arms so they can shield out all the bad in the world!"- Author Unknown, Found at Status Shuffle
"... Sometimes you have to throw caution to the wind and just go with what feels right at the moment! Don't worry about others may think! Live for YOU!"- Author Unknown, Found at Status Shuffle
"You think you're nothing extraordinary... The love you give me, the thoughtful little things you do, the way you accept me, is nothing short of amazing!"- Author Unknown, Found at Status Shuffle
"Ever feel like you just don't belong... You shouldn't be here... You shouldn't exist..."- Author Unknown, Found at Status Shuffle
"Sometimes, I'm afraid to be happy; Because every time I'm happy, something goes wrong and hurts me to the point where I want to give up and end my life."- Author Unknown, Found at Status Shuffle

Real friends look out for you,
Accept you,
Won't ever abandon you,
And will keep your secrets.
Unless those secrets might hurt you.
And only then,
Will they tell someone your secrets...
So trust them.
Because there aren't many out there
That will do that.
Trust their decision.
Don't hate them.
They were only looking out for you.
Anything that they did,
Or said
Was in your best interest.
They did it for you.
Everything that they ever did...
It was for you...
It Was For You- Rebecca Kinnaman

Don't build yourself around other people. Because they'll leave. Don't build yourself around items. Because they'll get destroyed.Don't build yourself around anything. Because it'll only hurt you. I guess the only thing that you can do is build a wall around your heart. Because then, no matter what, you can't be hurt. That wall will keep out any possibility of caring... Loving... Hurting... It will block it all out. All the things that could hurt you. All the things that could make you sad. Happy. Alone... Keep all those things out... And you won't have to worry about it. So, build a wall around your heart, and you can't be hurt. Ever... -Rebecca Kinnaman

Although the storm's passed, it does not mean that the damage has been repaired.- Rebecca Kinnaman
Real love, no matter what blows it takes, what words are said, what people come through, will last. Remember that. Because if you can't handle a few harsh words, or somebody standing in the way of it, then it was never meant to be. But, if you can stay and fight, and last through all the storms that threaten you, then your love won't falter. It will only grow stronger with each blow. With each word. And with each storm...

My personality is like a two way mirror. You may see one thing going on on the outside. But, on the inside, something completely different is happening. Will you be the one to open the door to the other room? Or will you be like all the others and run because you were afraid of what you would see what I'm really like? Choose carefully. Because if you can't handle somebody for what they have on the inside, then you shouldn't have tried to be with them in the first place.- Rebecca Kinnaman

If you really love somebody, you will love them. You will love them without terms. You will love them unconditionally. Love isn't a contract. It is not something that you can sign into and get out of. Love is there. And it always will be. You love your family. You love your friends. You love your girlfriends and boy friends. You love everything. So, if you can love your self with all of your flaws, then why can't you love others? We're all the same on the inside. Why can't you see that? You have flaws too, you know. Even if you can't see them, other people can. Most of them come through in your personality. And by putting people down, and making snarky remarks towards their appearance, then you're only down grading yourself. So why would you do it? Do you do it to make yourself feel good? Do you do it to make them feel bad? Do you do it just for the Hell of it? Don't do it ever. You never know what your words could do to somebody. Even the slightest remark could push them over the end. That's what your words finally did to me... They pushed me over the edge. Because you were doing the same exact thing to others, that others did to me for so many years. You know it hurts me, even if it's not directed to me... So why do you do it? You do it because you can't accept yourself. You do it because you want to hurt them. Don't do it. Please. You never know when you might push them over the edge to no return. So stop it. Don't. Just don't.- Rebecca Kinnaman

I know it's hard right now, but believe me when I tell you I'm here and I"m not going anywhere! No matter how hard it gets, I'm in this forever!- Status Shuffle
Everytime I look at you, I wonder what I did to deserve such an amazing person like you. <3
She's special when the phone rings, you run to get it, fall in the process, get up, trip over the dog, get BACK up and still answer it by the second ring. You can have all the straight guys. :P I'll take my tatted up, crazy, out going, drive me up the wall guy any time.-Status Shuffle
I don't love you because you're perfect. I love you because you're perfect for me.- Status Shuffle
You were there for me when I cried, feld me when I felt like I would die, loved me when I felt completely alone, and helped me find my way home. I don't believe in happily ever after, love at first sight, or fairy tales. But I believe in us. Maybe you not being perfect is why I love you so much. :)- Status Shuffle
When someone sees you at your worst and still thinks you look your best, that is someone worth keeping. ♥- Status Shuffle

Loving somebody isn't when you know everything about them. Loving somebody isn't spending time together all the time. Loving somebody isn't talking twenty four seven. Loving somebody isn't when you know they're not going to go off and betray you. Loving somebody isn't giving them your heart to take care of. Loving somebody isn't about any of that. Loving somebody is when you take the time to learn more things about them. And accepting them for what ever they are. Or what ever they have been or what ever they might be. Loving somebody is when, even though you may not have seen each other for a week, you can't wait until you see them again. Loving somebody is when you can go back and remember all the coversations that you've had with them, good or bad, and smile just knowing that sometime soon there will be another one to add to the list. Loving somebody is trusting them to not hurt you and stab you in the back. Loving somebody is letting them take your heart and fixing what ever might have been wrong with it. Loving somebody is so many things. But it's never going to be perfect. Yet so many of us walk into relationships expecting just that. Why? It's because you want it to be perfect. Don't walk into a relationship expecting it to be perfect right off the bat. Instead, walk into it letting it be the worst thing ever. And then, slowly, day by day, make it perfect. Hope some of you will take advice from this. Have a great day!


I will never turn my back on you or walk away...I will be there thru the hardest times because that's what makes the best times so inspire me

just wishes that people would see what they do to me though my eyes

all i know is your smile melts my heart, your kiss makes my day, and you simply take my breath away.


love me without fear, trust me without doubts, love me without restrictions, want me without demand and accept me for who i am

Sometimes you have to be apart from the people you love but that doesn't mean you love them any less Sometimes it even makes you love them more

Sometimes it's just easier to say I'm okay, than to explain why I'm not

To my very special guy- even though you can be a handful, I love you so much and that will never change. Never stop being special. I love you.

Long story short... even though it wasn't what I had planned I've fallen for you. =)




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