The woods...

There was a school at the heart of the forest
To the area the fearless ones frequently return
Though they adore all the subjects best
Not all could determine why Math they had to learn

I was the Math teacher there at that school
Math was closer to my heart than anything else
I spoke of it always like a lovesick fool
And taught like a desert wanderer searching for water wells

A hole and gap I felt deep inside
Only to you what it was I shall confide
This feeling that couldn’t be pushed aside
To search for that someone I honestly tried!

Someone to teach the tricks and knowledge I’ve acquired
To make a teacher out of that person
Of me and of Math would not grow tired
This yearning I still did not know the reason

As I wrote these words that afternoon
I was at my cottage within the forest
It was getting dark, I could see the moon
A sudden chill I felt and a heavy feeling in my chest

An inhuman presence truly I felt
The blanket beside me vanished and it I could not find
Weapons to fend off with were only my Math books and my belt
A thousand equations seized my mind

My formulas were useless in a fight
Be it to a beast or to an evil in my cottage
All of the lights turned off and darkness seized my sight
No blood of brave heroes at all in my lineage

I turned around, and behold!
Not a murderer or a monster
But an ethereal woman whom merchants would have loved to sold
She lay shivering on the floor though it was not winter

Summed up fears erased
I approached her with haste
The strong scent of blood I traced
She was hurt and an impending death I could taste

I attended to her wounds calmly
Then the blanket fell off and I was astounded
Brilliant and butterfly-like wings opened mystically
My belief that she was human equal to me ended

“Malady, I am quite bothered with something
But what are you and why are you here?”
She stared at me like she was calculating
She moved closer and mischievously acted could not hear

Our lips were almost touching
Like an asymptote, I thought
I smiled and saw that she was also smiling
The sound of her laugh I strangely sought

“Exiled faery,” she whispered
Her wings and her eyes glistened
My eyes widened, “Have you murdered?”
She shook her head and laughed while to its sound I listened

“I had refused to eat a human
And that angered our queen
She wanted be burned and so I ran
They’ve lost my trail and no longer was I seen”

In my arms she looked so fragile and betrayed
I longed to care for her though it was irrational
I prayed she’s not imaginary for my world she had swayed
Her safety became fundamental

“I have no exact solution for you
But you can stay here if you have no alternate home
No one knows this cottage even a few
I just beg nee not to go out and roam”

She hugged me and nodded her pretty head
She smelled like flowers and sweets
I could not imagine her dead
I was positive I would be shattered to bits

Days later, she felt recovered already
She became interested of my work
“You wish to know me more, malady?”
My fairy grinned and poked my silver fork

“I teach Math and that is my whole being
Life mate, you say?
You see, I wear no ring
Now I’ll tell you about Math, sweet fae”

“Math is full of computations
Both letters and numbers it has
Simplicity and complications
Tell me if you wish me to stop now, lass
In Math, you will be an investigator
Mysteries to solve and answers to get
Even become a navigator
To be pulled around you will let!
Math is also similar to us humans
It has powers and relations
Some are not that loyal like fans
Others are attached to only one through all the situations
Love is much like Math
Sometimes it is easy and other times it is difficult
With joy or frustration to throw your hat
And we always yearn for the result
You will learn of the distance
Even the measurements
While solving you will look to be in a trance
Do not listen to misleading comments
Math has sums and differences
Values will be taken away and added
Like crossing over fences
If wrongly done, you will be saddened”

Her wings shimmered and she held my hand
“Can I truly stay with you here?”
I pulled her up gently to stand
“I do not have any fear
I do not care that you have wings
I want you with me every day
All of me and my things
Are yours if by my side you will just stay”

There was a school at the heart of the forest
To the area the fearless ones frequently return
They have a new enchanting teacher they all love best
The couple taught the reason why Math they had to learn

And that is the end of my faery tale
I know of my story you will never believe
But to love her till I die I will never fail
My students are now here, I now take my leave



Tag der Veröffentlichung: 11.11.2012

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I made this for our Math project-to make a poem that has Math in it. This is for my Math teacher who constantly told me he would surely finish reading my work :)) Hope you guys will like it :)

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