Chapter 1

I walk in the kitchen where my mom and dad are sitting waiting for me.I finished my homework and i hadn't got in trouble in school.I was the good girl type.Nice to everyone and pretty normal.I stood in front of them.I had my red tank top and shorts on.My mind racing with why i might be in trouble.My mom was almost in tears.I never saw her cry unless she's under pressure or about tell a secret."Am i in trouble?"I quickly ask and my father shakes his head.
"No.Dawn,We've been keeping a secret from you."He said and my mother started sobbing.
She hugged me tightly."We're so sorry Dawn!"
I hugged her back and looked at my father confused."What is it?"They never kept a secret from me.Never the least lied.
"sit down and we'll explain.."Says my father.

This is where it began....

"A long time ago.we were in a accident."Says my father nearly in tears."Me and your mother where fine.But you..were hurt the most.The doctors said you were going to die"
My mom kept talking for him."We tried to find a way to keep you alive.Till me and your father met a man."She stopped to collect her words."He was like a wizard.He sold us what we nneded to keep you alive.But for a deal.A terrible terrible deal."She said sadly and looked away.
"What was it?"I ask and shudder.What can it be?Thoughts raced in my mind.
My mom looked at my dad.Soon my dad finally said,"Then when you were almost 18 you'd marry his son.But he didnt say that when you'd come back you'd lose your memorie and if you didnt marry his son you'd die and so will we.We had to give him our soul and life to keep you.He agreed to wait till after the wedding and our death for him to take it."My mom broke in sobs and i just watched them.
""I got up and moved away."This is all lies!"I shout till my vision turned white and showed a car crashing with my parents in them and me inside to.I gasped and feel to my knees shaking.
"No.."I breathed and closed my eyes.I fall to the ground and black out.
My vision was replaced by a rainy night.A lil' girl was in the back sit as her parents talked and laughed with her.The little girl took her seatbelt off when her parents weren't looking.Then all of the sudden the car with the lil' girl inside slips and slides and the girl crashes into the window while her parents are knocked out.Blood,pain,horror everywhere.And the lil' girl?Well,that was me.


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