Nacomy-Sweet,nice,smart and beautiful.Her parents died when she was 13 and she never knew what love felt like.She just wants to feel love.She has the gift to break or fix things with her mind by her emotions.She doesn't know how it works though.Life for her was very hard and she would always work late at night.She has no one to go home though.She was smart and got good grades.

Akito-Shy but really sweet.Everything new to him,he has to study it and its like he has his own world of math and science.He was found running away from home and his drunk parents.He was nearly killed but after Haku found him and bite him,he found his true calling.His calling is being smart.He has no gifts though but if you want to know something just ask him!

Sanosuke-Very strong and is always casing trouble.He has a kind heart at times.He was found in the forest.He was starving and weak.He would always be found by some wild creature ready to kill.But after being biten,he keeps to himself and never told anyone why he was in the forest alone.His gift is seeing peoples emotions.

Haku-Sweet and pure.Leader of the their clan.He was made and left alone to find out what he is.He once loved a girl but lost her trying to change her into a vampire.He never opened up to anyone until Nacomy came along.He seems more cheerful and happy.

Takato-Strong but he makes many mistakes.He lies at times and never learns from his mistakes.He was made into a vampire by his last girlfriend.She didn't know he was cheating on her after he was bite.She left him and let him fend for himself.

Chapter 1

A bright sunny day in Ohio.Everything was normal.People rushing around.Going to work or appointments.People where bumping into everyone.Even me.My name is Nacomy and I was walking around town.the breeze teased my mini skirt and blew my hair back like a beautiful waterfall.Guys stared and I waved nicely and kept walking.They looked after me like i was a goddess of some kind.i turned red.I didn't like people staring at me like that.It made me nervous.It is late afternoon and I was going to go to school but something told me to skip class.Missing school for a day won't kill me or my grades.I get straight A's.I was smart and beautiful.But i never wanted to be beautiful.I don't want to be ugly either..just..normal.But my life has never been normal.My family died when I was 13 and I lived alone.My neighbors would come over and teach me how to fend for myself.I'm 17 now and i have my own apartment and i have job.I work at the market store.My boss is kind and lets me take some food home.Someone bumps into me,knocking me out of my thoughts."Watch it kid!"He shouts and leaves.I shake my head."Well sorry.."I mutter.Some people are just to rude.I started walking to the park and sat at a bench.I looked around.I saw some couples and my heart stopped.I looked down.I never been loved by anyone.My family loved me but i want someone to fall in love with me.I never met a person who liked me for me.Not for what i look like.I want a guy to love me for how i feel and who i am.Every guy i know thinks their in love with me..but they're not..I think love is just a illusion we wish we felt.I stayed sitting there.I would text on my phone or read my books.Enjoying the weather and the sun.Finally it was getting dark so i headed home.I was far from home so i chose to walk through a few allies till i got there.I walked in a ally and half way through it i found a guy.Leaning on a wall.Waiting.His hoody was covering his face and he had his hands in his pockets.He was tall and looked strong.I started to head back when a cat ran by and tipped a trash can.I looked at the cat run by.I felt someone watching me."Well..looky here.."I suddenly felt a hand on my shoulder and moving to my neck.He's other hand was on my waist.Ke started kissing me deeply and held back and pushed away lightly.I didn't answer.I couldn't speak."Don't be shy.I won't bite."I still didn't answer.I kept my head low.i ran but he grabbed my wrist and pushed me to the wall.I screamed as my body slammed on the wall.His hoody was pulled back.He had golden eyes and brownish blond hair."Never run..makes it worse.."He smiled.I shut my eyes tight and looked away."Don't hurt me.."I say but my voice was weak.His lips were on my neck.Kissing my collarbone and then to my jaw.I felt something sharp stick into my neck.Like daggers.I screamed again as they go in deeper.I kick but i can't move.I feel something wet going down my neck.The pain gets worse and it starts to burn.I scream louder and tears are in my eyes."Stop it!Leave me alone!"I scream loud as i can.I want to scream louder but i feel dizzy.I couldn't hold my self up and my legs were about to give out and let me fall."I'll take you home..Brother will be most pleased with you.We will have dinner tonight.."He grins and i can't move.Tears run down my cheeks fast and faster.A sob breaks through me mouth and i'm holding on to his arms.Trying to push away but he's to strong.I hear him chuckle."Rest..It'll all be over soon.."I closed my eyes and fell to the ground.i was still a little awake and i tried to get up again but i couldn't move.I force my super heavy head to look up.He was laughing at me then that's when the world around me disappeared.

I wake up slowly.My eyes feel droopy.Like I was asleep for hours.I sit up slowly and rub my forehead and wipe my eyes.I look around and see i was on someone's bed.I look around.The bed was soft and i had a blanket on me.Then my mind figured out what had happened and i got of the bed quickly.I fell to the ground.Shit!My legs are numb.I can hardly move.I hear someone enter the room.I look and see the guy from the ally."Finally..your awake!"He says.He came closer and i grabbed a pillow from the bed and smacked him with it."Leave me alone!"I shriek and push him.I stop for a second and he gets up.He looks at me and grabs my wrist.He starts dragging me out the room.I scream and try to pull away."Let me go!"I scream and try to break his grip.He's to strong.As we reach a huge set of stairs,he looks at me and grins.He picks me up like i'm weightless and i scream and punch his chest."Let me go!Now!Let me down!"I shriek and try to push away.We reach the bottom and he drops me on my feet.He's hand is still holding my wrist."Let me go!"I scream again and i hear other people chuckling.I look around and see 3 more guys standing side by side looking at me.I look at them all.The one on the right is about my size and has bronze hair.The one on the left is the same size as the guy holding my wrist and has black hair.The one in the middle has dark blue hair.the one in the middle spoke up."welcome..hope my brother wasn't any trouble.."He says in a sweet voice.I only look at him."Why am i here?"I ask."Lets introduce our self's first.."He grins.The one with black hair said,"I'm Akito.."He nods and looks away."I'm Sanosuke.."Says the bronze guy and sneaks me a wink.The guy finally lets go of my wrist."I'm Takato.."He says and walks over to Akito.The guy with the dark blue hair smiles."I'm Haku.."I looked at them all."I'm Nacomy.."I say softly.I look at everyone and then look down.I hated all the stares they gave me.Haku looked at me and grinned."Sanosuke..Takato..get our guest some food..She must be hungry.."I don't look at them.Just the floorI sit on a huge couch and he sits across from me."Why am i here?"I ask again and look at the fireplace as it flicker.Huka sighed."You won't belive me.."He told me and i looked at him."Try me..I just want to go home.."I looked him straight in the eye and my heart skipped a beat but i held my ground.He shook his head."You cant leave..Yo're going to live here now.."He looks rubs he's head as if he had a headache.I looked at him confused."What do you mean i can't leave?"I ask and look at him."I mean..your a vampire.."He says and i stand quickly."What?!"I scream and a bunch of vases break around me.A..vampire?!.Was this a prank or something?This is SO not funny!Haku stand quickly and looks shocked."This isn't possible.Vampires are myths.Fake.Fairy tales."More things break around me but I ignore them."Please tell me you're joking."I say and look at him.He looks at the broken glass from vases and lamps."How did you..?"His brothers walk in."Whoa!What happened?"Asks Takato and looks at me.I shake my head and step back."I never touched anything."Akito looks at me."Wait.."he leaves and comes back after me and everyone is done cleaning."I know what's happening..someone make Nacomy mad."he says and looks in a book.Takato says he`ll do it and i shake my head."Fine.."i stand there and wait with my arms crossed.Next thing i knew i was being smacked with a pillow."quit it!"i shout and take the pillow and smack him with it till i hear a crack and a bowl that was on the table broke to a few pieces."did..I do that?"i ask and stand next to it." got a gift.u can break or fix things with your emotions."says Akito with a smile.I shake my head."It can't be true..Am i really a vampire?How did this happen?"I ask and sit down on a chair and rub my head."Why me?"I close my eyes and look down.I sigh and look at them."Who bite me?Turned me like this?"I ask but keep my temper cool.Takato chuckled nervously."That would be me..Sorry.."I nod at him."It's okay..but what did you mean I'd make a great dinner for your family?"I ask and evryone looked at him.Haku looked madly at him."Takato..I told you..we can't drink from humans..I told you to go find a animal to eat.You told me you found her dying and had to bite her."Haku turned to me."I'm sorry about my brother.."I just nod and keep quiet.I didn't tell them about the kissing or the way he touched me.After everything was planned,where i would sleep and not to mess with me,Takato asked me if he could walk me to my new room."Of course.."I nod and give him a grin.When we got to my room door he stopped me."I'm so sorry Nacomy..I just..hadn't had human blood in a long time..I was waiting for my friend to show up but you did instead and..i lost my side of humanity."he looks away from me.He was embaressed of what he did.I touched his cheek and said softly."It's okay.."I smile and my heart races.He leaned down and and i moved my head up and our lips met.I closed my eyes and wrapped my arms around his neck.He kiss for a while till i slowly pull away.My cheeks are pink and i felt my blood racing.Was this love?He looked down the hall."I got to go.."He kissed me quickly then left.I felt dizzy.i hurried in my room and shut the door.My heart would ran when i thought of the kiss.It was so deep and passionate.I found clothes in the closet and changed to a nightgown.One up to my mid thigh and was very beautiful.I put it on after a warm bath.i put it on and climbed into bed.I soon fell asleep and that's when it happened.I dreamed a nightmare that was soon to come true,

I was lost in a forest.I called for Akito,then Sanosuke,then Takato and Haku.I started calling my mom and dad."Please..Mom!Help me!"I scream and start crying.A shadow was infront of me.I ran to them and hugged them.It was a guy."dad?"I ask and tears keep running down my cheeks."You'll soon be mine Nacomy.."He said and thats when i woke up.I looked around me.I remembered what happened.The bite in the ally.vampire and a new family.That dream met nothing.It was just the stress of being a vampire.I get up and put on a short shorts and a tank top.I make sure they match and head downstairs.As i leave my room i met Sanosuke.He stops and looks me over."Nice.."he and walks ahead of me.I shake my head and hurry downstairs.I walk in and end up at the kitchen.I look around and smile.I loved to cook.I went through another door and found Sanoske,Haku and Takato talking at a huge table."Hey guys."I smile.They look at me and smile.I see Takato motioning me to sit with me.I blush and sit with him.I hear Sanosuke chuckle and i look at him confused.Haku saw my expression."He has a gift to.He can see what you feel.If your happy,sad or whatever."Haku started to fix paper infront of him.I blush."Oh."I say."So whats for breakfest?I'm hungry.i didn't ate yesterday."I say and look Haku.He looks at me."We drink blood.."He says and chuckles."I know..but..i still feel human.."I say.I get up and hurry into the kitchen.I find every kind of food i could name in there.I make pancakes with eggs and bacon.Someone was watching me." and Takato?"It was Haku.I look at him."You could say that.."I say and look at him.He looks down." you cooking?"He asks and at the plate of bacon,eggs and pancakes."Breakfast.Try some."I smile and he takes some eggs."Mmmm..That's amazing."He takes the plate and leaves.I hear him shout."Look what Nacomy made!"I laugh and make lots more batter for the pancakes.I get more bacon and eggs.After i make stakes of pancakes for everyone.I notice Takato,Haku,Akito and Sanosuke watching me."um..have you been there the whole time?"I put away the remaining eggs and bacon away.I throw away the empty box of pancake mix."Yep..You seem to get lost in your own world."Takato chuckled and took a plate of food and left.Everyone took one plate and left.I took mine and joined them.We laughed and talked all morning.I wanted to tell them about the nightmare.Something told me it wasn't just a dream of stress.Something was about to go terribly wrong..It feels like it might be my fault.Why couldn't i be normal for once?

Chapter 2

I headed outside for a walk after breakfest.Haku came with me just in case something went wrong.We talked and laughed."So..your not mad?That Takato bite you?"He asks.I just shake my head."I'm just mad he lied about it."We go deeper into the forest and I feel like i'm reliving my nightmare.It gets darker.I keep walking till i turn around to ask Haku something.But he was gone."Haku?"I shout.I look around."Haku!If this is some kind of joke!It's not funny!"I scream.My voice cracked and I looked around.I hear something."Haku?"I say and the figure ran off."Akito?"I call after it.It runs faster."Takato?"I scream but it keeps running."Sansuke?"The figure turns around.It looked dad!"DAD!"I scream and tears run down my cheeks.He turns and runs away."Dad!Come back!"I run.He stops by a creek and i run up to him and hug him."Oh dad!I missed you so much!"The figure hugs me but it wasn't my dad."Now,now Nacomy..don't cry.."I gasp and pull back.The figure changed and it was a guy"W-who are you?How do you know my name?"I ask and watch him.A girl walks from behind him.Then another then another guy."Don't you remember me?"He asks and steps closer so i can see his face."Mike!"I shriek.My heart starts racing and i see him smile.He has fangs."You' to?"I ask and he laughs."Took you long enough to notice."He stops and bends down to me.He touches my neck."You go the bite but your still..mortal.."I push him away."Get away from me!"I scream.He doesn't move an inch."You don't have enough poison in your blood.."He bites my neck lightly and i scream as hard as i can.He holds me close and i can hardly move.I lose control of my arms and body and they get numb.I let them fall and i start closing my eyes."Just let me die..

"I think.Suddenly i hear someone voice."Let her go!"It's Haku!I hear Mike hisses and so do his friends.He lets me fall to the ground and they run off.I feel someone hold him."don't're safe."It was Akito.Suddenly everything went black and i passed out.

I snapped awake and saw i was in my room again.Something was wrong.Very wrong.Takato and Sansuke came in and saw me."Nacomy!"They shouted and crowded me."Are you alright?Do you need anything?"Sansuke asks and Takato gives him a glare."What happened?"I ask and rub my head.Suddenly Haku runs in."Are you alright?"He asks.I nod and uncover myself from the blanket."I..lost you in the woods..I saw someone and it looked like my dad.But..It was mike!"I say and they all look at me."It's not safe here.."Sansuke says to me."We need to go to a new location for a while till Mike and his group pass by."Haku nods and I stand up and wobble alittle but Takato gabbed me by my arm."Be careful.You don't have all your strength yet."Sansuke says and hands me a cup of water to drink."Thanks."I say."Do you know Mike?Is he your cousin or friend?"Haku asks and grip the cup lightly and try to keep my emotions in line.I take a deep breath and look at the cup."He's my ex boyfriend..He's gang are girls he dated and used and some are his best friends."I say softly and everything was quiet.Akito runs through the door."Guys.We need to leave tonight!"He says and turns to Haku."Mike wasn't far from here when he found Nacomy.He's going to come to take her.He bite her makings her a full vampire.He's coming to take her away."Akito said and Haku nodded and turned to me."Do you know a place we could stay at fir a while?"He asked me and I tugged on a curl of my hair softly and nevously."W-we can go to my apartment.It's been empty for a long time since the accident.Mike doesn't know where I live.I dumped him a year before moving there."I say and I here Sansuke and Takito agree.Akito nods in agreement."Are you sure?We need to keep you safe from Mike."I nodded and drink some water.Before I knew it,Haku was telling me to get dress and to hurry downstairs under 10 minutes.Everyone left and I was alone.I ran to the closet and put on my black t-shirt and skinny jeans and ran down stairs.Everyone ran outside and we all got in a huge car and left to my apartment.I pointed where to go and we got there.I checked my pockets for the key and pulled it out.I open the door and head to floor 3 apartment 101.I unlock that door.The whole way,no one spoke."Okay,um get settled."I said akwardly and sat on the couch and turned on the tv."So this is how mortals live?"Akito asks in awe."Yep if you're not working at your job and working to get money to pay the rent."I shrug and look for something good to watch.I feel something claw my leg.I look down and see my lil puppy."Scruffy!"I shout happily and
everyone looks at me funny but I don't care.I pick up scruffy and hold him close."Oh I missed you so much!"I squeal and he barks and licks my face."Awww!"I hug him closer."Um is that your puppy?"Takito asks and sits by me.I nod and smile at him."I totally for got about him."I say."Um Sansuke?Can you get the bag of dog food out and put it in the bowl on the floor?."I ask."Sure!"He said from the kitchen.Scruffy pirked up and ran into the kitchen to eat."Meow!"I hear and see Akito petting my kitty."Who is this lil fella?"Haku asks and pets my kitty to as she purrs."It's a girl and she doesn't have a name.I couldn't think of a name."I say and I lay my head on Takito's shoulder as his arm goes around me.I grin at Takito shyly."So what was with the spark of jealously back there when I said Mike was my ex?"I ask him and he chuckled."What you think?"He asks and kisses me.I kiss him back."Don't be jealous.I dumped him.."I giggle and let his arms wrap around me.He keeps kissing me."I'll try not to be."He laughs."Get a room you two!"Sansuke says and throws a pillow at us and everyone laughs.Suddenly theirs a knock on the door.Takito get defensive and I stop him before he could do anything."Who is it?"I ask and a familar voice says."Nacomy?It's Crystal!Open up!"I run to the door."Crystal!"I cheer as a tall brunett with Jean and a purple jacket hugs me and cheers to."Where have you been?You never answered your phone."She says and sees Akito and Haku petting my kitty,Takito on the couch and Sansuke in the kitchen."Um,Who's your cute guy friends?"She asks and smiles at them.I roll my eyes."They're staying at my place for a while."I say."They're off limits."I say and Crystal frowns."Aww,why?"She asks and I chuckle."Cause you don't know them and the fact I'm dating one of them."I felt Takito smile.Crystal rolled her eyes."Whatever.."She says and walks in."What happened to you?You disappeared.The whole town was looking for you."She says and sits by Takito."I went to visit these guys."I lied.I point
to Sansuke."That's Sansuke."I point at Akito and Haku."That's Akito and Haku and this is Takito."I say and point at Takito last."Nice to met you."Takito said."Hey Crystal."Said Akito."Okay."She smiles."So what happened?"She asks."Um,I went to visit them and slept over a while."I shrug.she gives me the I don't belive you look."Want to know the truth.I met them a while back and they seemed all alone with no on but themselfs
so I helped them and I stayed at their house and now they are here."I say.That was half the truth."Okay."She says and sits by Takito."Hey cutie."She says flirtly.I feel angery rise up on me.Takito sees my reaction and smiles."Hey."He smiles.Crystal smiles back."Want to hang out sometime?"She asks.I hear Sansuke chuckle.I try to calm myself but I feel ticked off."No thanks.Taken."He says and tells me to come over.I smile but shake my head."I am going to BlockBusters to get a movie."I say.I kiss Takito quickly on the lips and say bye to everyone.I come back later with scary movies and comdeys.As I walk in I see Sansuke making out with Crystal."Whoa.What happened here?"I laugh.Haku smiles."First they're talking about themselfs and what the have in common and then they were making out.I through a pillow at them."Get a room."I laugh and put in a DVD.We all sit and watch the scary movie.I shreik at the scary parts and Crystal clings to Sansuke.After Crystal left,I was on the couch and Haku was in the kitchen
with Akito,Takito and Sansuke.I clung to the pillow and look at the movie and cover my eyes when something scary happens.I didn't notice Takito and Haku sneaking up behind me.They yelled "BOO!!" and I screamed for dear life."Oh my god.Guys!"I say madly and smack them with a pillow."Jerks."I laugh.After we all went to bed that's when the Mike snuck in my dreams again.

Chapter 3

In my dream I was on a beautiful beach shore.I smiled and walked around.Till I saw a girl alone.I walked up to her."Hello.Are you okay?"I ask her."My boyfriend cheated on me."She looked about 15 or 14."Well don't worry.You'll find someone else."I say trying to cheer her up.She shakes her head."I love him.How could he do this to me?"The girl looked at me and I jolted back.She looked like me!My same eyes.Face but alittle younger. This was 2 years ago.The girl faded and a soft hand touched my shoulder.I turn to look and saw Mike."I never meant to hurt you.It wasn't my fault.That girl kissed me."Tears filled my eyes."I don't belive you!People said you two have been dating for a month.She told people I was a slut trying to date you."I say and get up and run.All I heard Mike say after that was,."You can hide but you can't run from the truth.I'll make you see it!"

I snapped awake and bolted up.I was breathing heavy and tears where in my eyes."Nacomy?"I hear Takito ask.I see him laying on my bed."Are you alright?What happened?"He asked and sat up with me.I looked down afraid to met his eyes."It was mike again?"He asks and puts his hand on mine."Don't let him get to you.All he is saying is lies."Takito wraps his arms around me."Try to sleep.You need to rest.I nod and lay in his strong arms.Before I knew it I was fast asleep and Mike wasn't in my dreams since then.
In the morining I woke up and saw Takito wasn't in my bed.I showered and got dressed.I went to the kitchen and saw them eating eggs."Hey."I smile and sit down next to Takito."Is mike still in your dreams last night?"Takito asks softly.I shake my head and smile."I guess he can't when I'm with a guy.Jealousy probably."I shrug."Let's go.I'm signing you guys up for school."I smile and get my car keys.After we all eat,we hop in my car and drive to school.I take them to the office."May I help you?"Asks the office lady."Yeah,I'm here to sign in new students."I say.She looks at me."Well how many?"She ask and takes out some papers."4"I say and she hands me the papers.I fill them out.The bell rings and I show them their classes and when to go there."See you guys later."I smile.I hug them all and kiss Takito.I rush to first period and see everyone already talking about the new students."That was quick."I think and sit in the back.Sansuke walks in and smiles when he sees me.He gives a note to the teacher."Well class.I guess we got a new student."Says the teacher.Sansuke sits by me and rejects all the girls flirting with him."Guess we're in the same class."He smiles and I smile back."Awesome"I smile and show him what we're working on in class.Next period was science.Again I sat alone in the back of the class.Akito walks in.Gives the teacher the note and sits with me."Hey Akito!"I smile and he smiles back.The girls look at me in disguested ways.I show him what we're learning but he already knows it all.In every queastion the teacher asks,Akito was the first to raise his hand to answer.Next period was art and Haku was in my class.He did the same as Sansuke and Akito.Gave the teacher the note,Ignore the flirty girls and sat with me."You guys are in almost all my classes."I laugh.He smiles and chuckles."Have you seen Takito yet?"No.Guess where not in the same classes."I shrug.I started scribbling in my notebook.A few designs here and a couple here.I mostly zone out and I didn't catch the teacher calling my name to answer."Nacomy!!!"The teacher nearly screamed.I jumped."Who invented The Scream?"She asked again."Um.."I turned red as everyone giggled and laughed at me."I don't know.."I mutter and look down.I see Haku give me worried looks.After class was lunch and I hurried away.I sat at lunch alone untill Sansuke came over with Crystal."Hey nacomy!"Crystal smiles and sits next to me."Hey."I smile.Sansuke sits by Crystal."Where's Takito?"Amigo says and sits infront of me."I don't know.Haven't seen him."I say and eat my lunch slowly.I see Takito talking to a girl from my class.What was he doing?I ignored it and he finally came over."Hey guys!"He says and kisses me."Missed you."I smile and we all talk and laugh."I'm going to Math next.I love math!"I say happily."Well lucky for you I got math next."Takito says and I smile."I love math way more now!"I cheer.In Math I sat alone again and Takito sat by me.We talked and laughed till class started and I showed him the work."Okay,so x+32=50 so what is x?"I ask but see him staring at that girl from earlier and she smiles back."Takito?"I ask look at him closely.What was wrong with him?"28"he says but doesn't look at me. My heart starts aching."Fine.."I grab my stuff and move away from him.I look over at him and see the girl move next to him.My heart was aching.Hurting.I never felt this way.I ignored him the rest of the day.As I was walking back to my apartment with Haku I froze in my tracks."Takito?"I say as my eyes pool with tears.Haku looks at him madly.Takito stops kissing the girl and turns around."Nacomy..I-it's not what I seem."He says and something breaks in a near by apartment."You fuckin' cheater!!!"I scream and stuff keeps breaking and the girl looks so confused.Takito tries to get closer but Haku stops him.Haku places his hand on my should and I unfist my hands.I let myself cry and I haven't cried since my parents died.I cover my mouth and sob.I turn and run as Haku and Takito call my name.I run past Sansuke,Crystal and Akito crying and they call me to.I wasn't going to love again.Love hurts and I learns the hard way.I kept running till I reached my apartment before they did.I grabbed some clothes and pulled out my savings fund.I right a note and leave it with the money."I'm leaving and I'll leave money for two years of rent.After that you'll have to get more money to pay or they will kick you out.Bye."

My writing was shaky and tears dripped from my eyes."I hate you Takitto.You're worse then Mike."I scribble on the paper.I rush out the door and don't look back.Before I knew it I was in the woes calling Mikes name."Mike!"I shout and a hand grabs mine."Hey sugar."He says and smiles and untill he sees my puff eyes.He gri ds his teeth."He hurt you didn't he?"He growls under his breath and I start crying again and I was in his strong arms."He lied to me."I sob and Mike tries to quiet me."It's alright.Do you belive me now?I only loved you.That girl was kissing me.I tried to push away."He says and begs me to belive him with his eyes and I nod."Takito was kissing the girl and was ignoring me."I say sadly and hug Mike."You were right." I sob and hug him tighter and Mike growls madly."HE'LL PAY!!"Before i can say anything Mike shouts and a bunch of people show up.3 girls and 4 guys.One girls scowls at me as i bury my face into Mikes Shoulder."Jenna,Dawn.Take Nacomy to our place and help her."Mike says.2 girls nod and the one scowling looks away.Mike kisses me deeply with passion that shocked me but i kissed back.I walked deep into the forest.They seemed nice."Are you alright hun?Did Mike hurt you?"One girl wearing shorts and tshirt.

Chapter 4

My eyes slowly opened and i found myself back in the room where it all started.I got up but feel to the floor when all the memories came back.Takito lied..Cheated on me.Tears dripped down my cheeks.I stumbled to the door and tried to poen it.Locked.I fell to my knees amd sobbed."Why?"I sobbed and tried to open the window next.Locked to.I started pounding on the door."LETS ME OUT!!!"I screamed.


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