Lauran Walker is a 17 year old that owes money to the baddest nigga in the game named MidNight. One day MidNight gave her drugs to sell, but the police came to her house and she had nothing to do with the drugs so she flush them down the toilet. Now with little money from stripping she has to pay back the drugs that she flushed down the toilet. Will MidNight come after her or send her a message which involves her family or will Lauran get revenge???

Chapter 1

See me grabbing on my tooly, she told me smack her on the booty", Lauran stripped down the pole to her favorite song "She twerkin", by Cash Out. She bend down and collected her money and stuffed it down her bra. She went into the backroom and grabbed her coat and wrapped it around her half naked body and left. She soon arrived at her apartment building. She gave the cab driver his money and hopped out. "Five more days", she heard a familiar voice say. She realized it was a thug she used to fuck with named MidNight, but she don't fuck with him any more cause she was in debt with him. "I keep telling you I got you MidNight", she said rolling her eyes. She went to the elevator and clicked the third floor. She soon arrived at her apartment door. She blew her breathe because she dreaded going home. The apartment was so little and nasty. "Where the hell you been", her sister Diamond said when she walked in. "Somewhere you weren't", Lauran mumbled. "Whatever, mom been looking for your ass", Diamond said rolling her eyes. Lauran went and knocked on her mother's door. "What", her mother yelled. "What you need me for", Lauran said with an attitude because she knew what her mother was doing. "I'll be out in a minute", her mother yelled. Lauran rolled her eyes knowing her mother would not be out in a minute. She went to her room that she often stay in because it was neat and clean and with stuff her dad spoiled her with unlike the rest of the apartment. Her room walls were dark blue and her closet was full of clothes. She had a full queen size bed and a flat screen t.v. "I'll be glad when I get out of this hell hole", she thought as she took a pull from her cigarette. Her thoughts were interrupted by her phone ringing. It was a text from her dad that read "Hey angel come outside in 10 minutes I have a surprise for you." Lauran father spoiled her all the time that she wasn't surprise when she saw "Surprise for you.", across the screen. Lauran didn't want her father to smell the cigarette on her so she took a shower and 10 minutes later she was wiping herself down with a red towel. Her phone started ringing so she rushed to answer it. "Hello", she said forgetting to look at the caller I.D. "5 more days", the voice said fading away. She blew her breathe cause she knew it was MidNight. She hanged up the phone and then sat own her bed she wore some black harem pants with a plain whit tee and a pair of J's . "Good job", she heard a man tell her mom as she came out of her room. The man handed her mom some money then left. Her mom, Jessica counted the money the man handed her and she shook her head. "This not enough", she said smacking her lips. Jessica looked up. "I need to borrow $150 till next Friday", she said to Lauran. "Mama you know I'm in debt with MidNight and anyways if I had the money I wouldn't give it to you cause you want pay me back", Lauran said. "I pay you back last time", Jessica said getting mad. "Mama you pay me no mind and made exsuces that's what you did", Lauran said. With that Lauren walked out. With her mother cursing and yelling at her. She walk down the steps leaving the apartment building. She went to the parking lot and spotted her father by a bright........................

Chapter 2

Lauran's father T.j was standing next to a bright yellow mustang. "Oh my god", Lauran screamed. "Thanks daddy", Lauran said after she finally clamed down. 'Your welcome angel I just wanted to give you something before I put the Ki's in the islands,but listen I want you to take good care of this car trust me it will HELP YOU in life", Lauran father said. He stop right there because he knew that he was being watched and didn't want to bring any harm near his little girl. 'I promise I will", Lauran said.


T.j allowed tears to flow down from his eyes on a picture of his daughter Lauran. T.J got down on his knees and said a quick prayer for Lauran. He knew that giving her the car was the last time he would make her happy, because his time was up. He got up and went into his bedroom and sat down on the bed. He then heard a loud knock. He knew who it was. After about a minute later his door was knock down. MidNight and his crew came in. "T.j I'm make this simple where's my damn money?", MidNight, said in a clam voice. I don't have it", T.j said simply. This pissed MidNight off. "You pussy ass motherfucker don't play with me", MidNight said. "Nigga you the pussy coming in here with all of them when you could have just came by yourself as a man!", T.j said referring to MidNight crew.He knew he was going to die, but he want leaving out of this world a pussy. "Nigga you must think I'm playing with you", MidNight said getting in his face. "Fuck you", T.j said then spitted on him. MidNight glared at him. "That was just foul", MidNight said. "But trust me your daughter will be nigga", with that MidNight shot T.j right in the head. "Clean this shit up", MidNight yelled at his crew. "Come here Calvin", MidNight said to one of his workers. "Go find this bitch ass nigga's daughter and don't let her out of your sight!". MidNight said through gritted teeth. Calvin nodded his head and was about to walk pass MidNight, but MidNight bumped his shoulder into his. "And remember the plan", MidNight said. Calvin shook his head and walked out In search of Lauran.

Chapter 3

After Lauran father left she decided to take her new car for a spin. Lauran didn't want to go alone so she went and picked up her best friend Nya, and they decided to go to the mall. When the girls walked into the mall they went in different ways. When the girl finished shopping they had everything from Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada, etc. The girls walked out the mall with a bunch of bags in their hands. Nya spotted Calvin and her boyfriend Ace. She shook her head giving them approval that it was the right time. "Wassup ma", Calvin said to Lauran. Lauran wanted to seem cool. "You tell me", she said smiling a little. "Well I see you on the pole doing your thing up there ma and I was wondering if you could work on me a little?", Calvin said with raised eyebrows. Lauran started falling for the trick. "Ok", she said after a long period of time of thinking. "Cool", Calvin said smiling. She walked away with Nya following behind her. "Good job", she whispered into Calvin's ear as she passed him.



Lauran stripped down the pole to "Red Nose", by Sage the Gemini. About 3 minutes later of dancing she saw Calvin walk into the building. She started to show off her moves then getting his attention. He decided to show off to. He walked up the stage and started to throw all $100 dollar bills at her, also getting her attention. Lauran bend down and whispered into Calvin's ear, then collected her money and left. She went to the back and changed into some high waisted shorts with a crop shirt and a pair of stilettos. She left out and went to find Calvin beside a black Range Rover, and smiled. 

Chapter 4

She walked over to him and blush. "Nice car", she said noding her head towards his truck. "Thanks", Calvin said smiling. "So are we just going to stand here?", Lauran said with raised eyeborws. Calvin just smiled and walked over to the passgener door and opened it. No man had ever done this for Lauran so she just stood there in shock. "Are we going to just stamd here", Calvin said mocking Lauran from a few minutes before. She walked over to the car slowly and got inside still in shock. Calvin noticed her face experssion and chuckled a little to himself, because he was suprise he did that himself. He got into the driver seat and pull off. 


They pulled up to a resturant that was a little fancy, but not over the top. Lauran was very confused at this point, but tried not to show it. Calvin walked over to the passenger door and opened it for Lauran. She thanked him and steeped out. They walked up to the resturant and Calvin held the door opened the door for her. Lauran raised her eyebrow, but didn't say anything. They were greeted by a host who showed them to a table. Calvin pulled out Lauran's chair for her and once again she was confused but sat down. "So tell me a little about yourself", Calvin said while clearing his throat. "Well...what do you want to know", Lauran said blushing a little. "Everything", Calvin said showing off his pearly whites. "Theres not much to know about me", Lauran said while looking everywhere else, but at Calvin. He just stared at her confused, but was interrputed by the waiter.

Lauran ate the last piece of her chicken and pushed her plate away. She was still very confused and wanted answers. She cleared her throat. "So why did you do all these things for", she asked tyring to gain some confidence. "What do you mena?", Calvin said looking up at her. "You bought me here to this nice resturant, held the door for me, opened doors for me, pulled out my chair............but you picked me up from a freaking strip club", Lauran said. Calvin bursted out with laughter. Now Lauran was very very confused. "What you thoughgt I wanted some pussy from you!", he said with an eyebrow raised. Lauran looked down at her hands ashamed, because he was right. "I could fuck plenty of bitches if I wanted to, so why would you think I'll pay to just fuck you", he said with a slight grin. Lauran got up and left. She walked to a nearby bus stop and sat down. She was mad because of her lifestyle, what she did to make money, herself, and most importantly beacuase Calvin was telling the truth. "Why you walk out for", Calvin said interrupting her thoughts. Lauran ingnore him and blew her breath. ''I'm sorry", Clavin said. Laruan  countined to ingnore and turned her back toward him. "I'm sor....... look I know what I said was wrong, but I didn't mean it", Calvin said. "Just go away you just the rest of these niggas", Lauran said. "Wow...if I'm just like the rest of these niggas why haven't I tried to fuck you yet then.... come just aleast let me take you home.", he said grabbing her hand pulling her, but she pulled back. "If you don't come I'm going to drag you", he said. Lauran got up and got in his face. "Why do you care you barley even fucking know me, I'm just some lil fucking thot to you anyway", she said blinking away tears. Calvin had her just where he wanted her knowing that MidNight would be proud of him. "If I thought you was a little thot I would have never bought you to a resturant, pulled out your chair, opened the door for you, and damn sure wouldn't have been here having this conversation.", he said leaving her speechless. After about a minute of standing there Calvin grabbed Lauran's hand and guided her to his truck. Lauran didn't say nothing she just wanted a free ride home. Calvin had a trick up his sleeve though, he wasn't taking her home becuase his job for the day wasn't finished just yet. He glanced over at Lauran a couple times and chuckled, because she was so brain washed and deep in her thoughts she didn't even tell him where she stayed, but she'll regret that very very SOON!        

Chapter 5

Lauran and Calvin continued to ride in silence, but arriving at a mansion snapped Lauran out of her thought. "Where are we", Lauran said panicking. "Are you trying to rape me you pervert", Lauran said in shock. "Chill ma, ain't nobody trying to hurt you", Calvin said seriously. "This my crib and I just bought you here to show you I'm sorry.", Calvin said while patting her back. "But I thought you didn't't want to have sex with me?", Lauran said with an raised eyebrow. Calvin blew his breath. "Ma, didn't't I just tell to chill, it's not even nothing like that", Calvin said staring into her eyes. Lauran sighed, because it wasn't no use to sit there and keep auguring with him. She glanced over at him and he smile showing off all of his pearly whites. Calvin then got out the car and went to the passenger side of the door and opened for her to get out. She steeped out and gazed around amazed. "Are we just going to stand here", Calvin said mocking her words from when they were at the restaurant. Lauran chuckled a little and followed him into the mansion.


"So why do you do............... you know......this", Calvin said looking Lauran up and down referring to her using her body to make quick money. "Well I ... I'm in a situation with this guy named Mid........", Lauran stop herself. "I broke up with my boyfriend and took everything me and my family had.", Lauran lied. Calvin shook his head thinking to bad for her because he already knew the real reason and he was apart of the solution. "Oh I'm sorry", he said trying to show some sympathy. "Why you do what you do", Lauran said changing the subject. Calvin scrunched up his face at her. "I know you sell dope cause ain't no other way you living this good out her in New Orleans", she said while looking around. "A nigga got eat and provide to his family", Calvin said while trying not to look at her. Lauran cleared her throat. "Family?", she said raising her eyebrow. Calvin blew his breath. "You heard me", he said while scratching the back of his head. Calvin had a 2 month year old son named after him, so everybody called him Jr. for short. Laruan just sighed and try to accept the fact that he and her barely knew each other, so there was nor reason for her to get pissed. "So tell me about your.....?", Lauran said unsure of the sex of the baby. "Son", Calvin said while smiling. Lauran shook her head and smiled. "Well he's my everything because without him I'm incomplete", Calvin said glazing off. "He's my motivation. I do the shit I do for him and for him only.I love to see that smile on that little boy's face.", Calvin said while allowing a tear to fall freely from his face. He realized that he was going against the plan, because he wasn't supposed to be tell her about his personal business. He looked at her and smiled. "Want a snack", he asked while raising an eyebrow.


"Yeah man", Calvin said answering his phone. He got up slowly trying not to wake Lauran up and crept into the bathroom and closed the door. "You got that bitch yet?", Midnight said on the other line of the phone. "Yeah she falling for the trick right now ", Calvin said into the phone. "Good, real fucking good. Make sure to get close to that bitch and grow her trust, because in this whole motherfucker over it'll be worth it seeing the hurt on that hoe face", MidNight said harshly and with that he hung up. Calvin looked at the phone and shooked his head. Lauran ran back onto the bed pretending to be sleep. Unluckily for Calvin she heard him say "she falling for the trick right now." Lauran sighed and decided to early in the morning.

Lauran got up at around 4:00a.m and left. When she got home she was very exhausted and out of breath, because she had to walk for about 15 minutes just to get at the nearest bus stop. When Lauran steeped in the small cramped apartment she heard her mother yelling at her sister about being selfish by moving with her boy friend and leaving her alone to pay the bills. "Just leaving like your fucking dead beat dad!", Lauran's mother yelled. "Fuck you you evil bitch", Diamond said while giving her mother the middle finger. That upset Lauran's mother so she picked up a dish off the table and threw it at the wall while yelling at Diamond. Diamond grabbed her suitcase which was full of her clothes and left. "What the fuck you standing there looking dumb as shit!", Lauran's mother yelled. Lauran opened her mouth to say something, but thought against it and went to her room. In no way was she going to let them ruin this day for her, because this was the day her father was coming back. She picked out her best outfit to wear, curled her hair, and applied a little make up. She decided to take the train this time instead of the bus, and she was very grateful that she did.

She soon arrived at the airport and tried to patiently wait for her father. But Lauran was a daddy's girl and her father spoiled her. As she stood there she thought about old memories of when her father and mother was together. They had broke up, because Lauran's mother insecurity got the best of her and she keep accusing T.j of cheating on her. But Lauran always thought that because of her they broke up. A tear feel down her cheek and she quickly wiped it away. She pulled out her phone and realized that she had been standing there for about 10 minutes now. She started to worried a little bit and tried to convince herself that maybe the flight her father was in was a little late. "Hey", she heard a deep familiar voice say. She turned around and saw that it Calvin. "Hey", she said not really in the mood to talk to him. "Where did you go this morning?", he asked. "Umm.... I had to go to work", Lauran lied. Calvin raised an eyebrow. "You mean stripping early in the morning", he said seriously. Lauran mentally hit herself for saying something so stupid. "I.... don't judge me", she said throwing a come back at him. Calvin put his hands up in defense. Lauran rolled her eyes and continued to search for her dad. "Who you waiting for?", Calvin asked already knowing the answer. "My friend was just catching her flight to go back home and I'm just making sure", Lauran said lying once again. "You sure", Calvin asked with raised eyebrows. "Fight 2887is now taking off", one of the workers announced. "Yeah that's her flight right there", Lauran said with a slight smile. "What are you doing here", Lauran said changing the subject. "Oh I had to make a little drop", Calvin a said lying himself. Lauran just shooked her head. "Well since your friend is gone come with me, so I can learn you a little better. Lauran start to worry even more about her father now, but this was the perfect time to rob Calvin, because she really needed the money. "Ok", she said. To bad Lauran didn't;t know MidNight was watching the two from across the room and she was falling for the trap. Calvin grabbed her hand and lead her toward her head. Lauran just silently prayed that her father made it home safely, or was he really?


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