The same story but a with a meaning

Its morning, like any other mornings I wake up and get ready for the most dreadful day at school, but I always make it in time, since my best friend keeps me occupied. This morning was different though, I’ll meet Dwell, the most handsome and dangerous guy since he came to our school.  “Don’t worry” Alice says “you know you will have f- you know what you will have fun, I’m your best friend and I know you will”. She started her car and the whole way to school was quite. Blackwell high is original well, if you don’t count us winning state champions and it’s not just football and basketball it’s my favorite sport too; Soccer the original “football”. The next few classes took forever seemed like it will never pass, than lunch came around. “Lorain! Come here the line doesn’t wait forever you know”. As I made my way to the line a sudden crash came my way, only it wasn’t in front of me or behind me I was the cause of the crash I was standing right in the middle of it and before I knew it my life flashed before my eyes till a hand grabbed my waist ever so gentile and hold me up. “uh-um-uh… thank you”  while mumbling the words I got to my feet picking up my bag and eagerly trying to leave till his voice stopped me and replied.  I turned around it was as if I knew his voice, and when I did he quickly came forward and grabbed me because little did I know I bumped into the second person today. “you got to stop doing that” he said with a chuckle “I know” I tried to carry myself up, but I wanted him to hold me longer “at least I get to save you” he looked up before asking “what’s your name” while he tried to hide his embarrassed I replied when I did his nice light brown eyes looked up at me, his perfect structure jaw, his full pink rose lips, his perfect skin color, and his smile just wanted to knock me down but I stayed strong to hear him tell me his name “Dwell”


Texte: Bookrix
Bildmaterialien: Google
Lektorat/Korrektorat: Lieandea
Übersetzung: Rose Mary
Tag der Veröffentlichung: 14.03.2016

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