He was late...again. Seriously, if his dad didn't ask me to tutor his irresponsible son, I wouldn't be in my dad's study waiting for Kyle Matthews to make an appearance. I don't even know how in the world that boy ended up being my best friend...of all people. Maybe because our dads are best buddies and the Matthews are our neighbors. We are alike in many ways. Our dads are single parents. Kyle's mom ran off with another man when he was only five. My mom died when I was three. Kyle resented all women including the female teachers at school. He was a hard boy to handle but at least he never gives me troubles.

"Sorry I'm late," a voice said from the doorway. I raised my head and harrumphed at the sight of the tall, lanky and handsome Kyle Matthews. His black hair was tousled. He smiled and his blue eyes twinkled. "As usual," I frowned. He sauntered toward my dad's desk. "Awww...Serena. You know I have practice with the guys," he said and slumped on the chair across from mine. I wrinkled my nose. "I know but this is our final year, Kyle. Do I have to remind you all the time? Besides, you made a promise to your dad you'll do well," I reminded him. He snorted. "I know so don't go and rub it in my face, genius." This time, I snorted. I don't know why he always called me that. Seriously, I'm not a genius. Far from it. I saw myself as an average student who happened to have passion in History while Kyle sucked in it. "Stop calling me that. I know you want to be a country artist but even artists need education so shut up and open your book," I told him. He harrumphed but said nothing. He opened his book and scowled. I smirked.

Two hours later, we sat at the bar shaped counter in the kitchen having hot chocolates and tuna sandwiches. "When I become an artist one day, will you work for me?" he suddenly asked. I knew he had always wanted to be a country artist and I admired his dream. He practiced every day and entered contests. It wasn't a surprise when he won every time. I frowned. "As what? Your tutor? No thanks," I replied. He tilted his head back and laughed out loud. "Why would an artist needs a tutor? No, I want you to be my personal assistant." I rolled my eyes. "Doing what? Do your laundry, cook and choose a potential wife for you? In case you're forgotten, I don't think I'll fit in your entertainment world, Kyle," I reminded him. "Maybe but I still want you to be my personal assistant." I rolled my eyes again. "Whatever," I muttered under my breath.

I was in the kitchen when daddy came home from work. He was a chief at the local fire station. "Serena?" he called out. "In the kitchen, daddy," I replied as I plated the food. He sauntered towards the counter with a smile. "So, how's today lesson with Kyle?" he asked as he stood at the sink, washing his hands then face. I handed him a clean face towel to wipe off the water. "He's getting better," I replied. "Do you know he wants to be a country artist?" Daddy sat down and I put the plate piled with food in front of him.

"Yes. His dad mentioned it to me a few years ago."

"Is he okay with it? I mean doesn't he wants Kyle to be a cop like him?"

"Honey, children don't always follow in their parents' footsteps."

"I suppose."

"What about you? Do you want to take my place at the station after I retire?"

"Jeez, daddy. You know I'll always want to be a writer."

"See? As long as you're happy with your choice of career, I don't mind."


I was sitting on my bed reading a romantic suspense novel when I heard a knock on the window. I walked towards the window and pushed it open. Kyle poked his head inside and grinned. I crossed my arms over my chest. "Why can't you come through the front door like a normal person?" I asked. He pushed one long leg through the open window then his body followed. His other leg was next. "I wouldn't want to wake your daddy," he answered and dumped his body on top of my bed. "Don't tell me you're planning to crash here tonight. We're too big to play slumber party," I said as I sat on the edge of the bed. Seriously, I felt uncomfortable with him in my room despite the fact he'd been here countless of times before. When we were kids of course. Now we're both eighteen and Kyle is no virgin. He has shared his x-rated stories with me countless of times until I get bored listening to him. "I have a date in an hour. I was bored waiting for the time to go so I decided to come here," he told me.



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