Chapter one

         My name is Alice Morris. I can not tell you exactly where I live because that would put us in danger. You see, there are some who are not a fan of werewolves and would love to hunt us down.  They just don’t understand what we do.  Why we were put on this earth.  They don’t know that we are trying to keep their sorry asses alive. They won’t listen to our story.  They dont know whats out there that we are trying to save the human race, not destroy  it.

I am in Middle School, I’m thirteen years old and I’m a werewolf. How? I do not know. The Elders in the tribe  say that our ancestors were werewolves. The younger generation says its because of our love for the wolf and that if you love an animal so much you will turn into that animal. But we don’t really know.  You see this story of our lineage of our history has been passed from one generation down to the next and details have been lost along the way so we may never know why.  But enough about me its time tell you the story. But beware there are vampires in the world and if you are one watch out we’re watching you.

This story starts way back in 1878 when I moved to the outskirts of the town I now call home. I didn’t know that I was a werewolf at the time. How could I? I was only three years old. It wasn’t until I turned 12 years old and my little sister got me so mad that I started to shake uncontrollably and I turned for the very first time from human form to wolf form. My coat was a beautiful rich white and my eyes were a deep golden color.  I could feel every bone in my body break and twist changing me from human to wolf. I was terrified i had almost torn my own sisters head off.  I bolted away.  Ran as fast and as hard as i could scared that i had somehow in. . . someway turned into a monster a -- a beast of some sort.  When I finally was able to calm down i found my way back home and my mother and father hugged me close and told me everything was going to be okay, then they gave me this crystal.  It was the deepest red i have ever seen.  They told me it was charmed so that i wouldn’t turn at school.  But that was only the beginning.

           The next day I had proceeded to school and in eighth period my teacher got me so pissed telling me that i didn’t know what i was talking about.  We were studying how our tribe fought for our freedom and  the same thing almost happened again, but luckily for me I calmed down before I turned but just barely. He somehow knew what was happening and told me to leave the classroom and i did i got up and walked out.  I knew i was starting to change my nails elongated into rock hard claws and my white fur sprouted out of my fingers and my tiny hands doubled in size in preparation to become large wolf paws.  I took a deep breath and grabbed the blood red crystal that hung around my neck and the fur started to recede and my claws turned back into fingernails.  

The end of the day finally came. I got on the bus and went to the back where my friends and I normally sat. They told me the same thing happened to them. I don’t feel so alone now. They each wore a similar crystal to mine. Edward’s was a deep blue, Bailey’s was a deep yellow color it was almost gold, Madison’s was a deep dark purple, Dekalah’s was a bright orange and Jaden's was a bright ass pink.  Oh my god what the hell is that smell my nose is burning. It is only 25 degrees out but I open a few windows any ways to air out the damn bus. A lot of kids are complaining that it is cold in the bus but I don’t feel a thing my body temperature runs at 102℉.

           The bus finally pulls in front of my house. My friends and I get off the bus. That's unusual, my dad's home early. We walk through the door and my dad says that he wants to talk to me about something when my friends and I are done studying. Three hours later we are done and its time for my friends to go home and for my dad to tell me what the hell he wants to talk about. So my dad and I go to the man cave which is where he spends most of the time now when he gets home from work.  It has a couch and a loveseat, a bar and a flat screen tv. I don’t know what he wants I did everything I know I was suppose to do.

Chapter two

        The next day was very sunny there wasn’t a cloud in the sky and very hot close to 90 degrees you could see the heat rising off the concrete. The weather is so drastic around here. There are only three days left of school before summer comes around. Which is good because I am so tired of school and the teachers.  So, like every other day I get on the bus and the first thing I see is my friend Edward, and pictures start to flash in my head the first one; we’re fighting a huge group of red-eyed vampires and Edward is injured and I am protecting him then the picture changes it’s me and Edward walking on the beach holding hands, the picture changes again and Edward is proposing to me the picture changes for the fourth time it's a wedding, wait a minute I know what just happened I just imprinted on Edward. I’m sitting next to him now I tell him I love him and that I see a wonderful future together. He tells me that he loves me too and that he has been waiting a long time for me to realize that I love him too. The others get on the bus and come to sit all around me and Edward. They asked what my dad wanted to talk to me about. So this is what I say, “My dad says that I wasn’t supposed to live as long as I have because I was born three months early and I was screaming “Bloody Mary” when I came into this world, my right lung was not developed all the way and that I was only three pounds and four ounces. Well, they told my mother that I probably not live very long. That night I started to turn blue and then went into a coma, and had to be put on an oxygen tank. Two days later my color returned, my right lung grew to its full size. I woke up and I was taken off the oxygen tank. The doctors said it was a miracle that I was still alive and that I was really strong. The chief of the tribe came and talked to my parents and said that he wanted me and five other people to be the protectors of the human race. He said since I was such a strong baby he wanted me to be one of them. He said that if my parents didn’t agree he was going to force them to agree. He told them that he would take me from them if they didn’t agree.  Even though my parents did not want to agree they did anyways because they did not want to be forced to say yes. The chief said on my twelfth birthday I would become a werewolf and from then on I would become one every time I got mad or if the enemy was near and that I would stop turning into a werewolf when I gave up the fight. Then the chief infected me with the “poison”. It was a dark green and smelled of pine trees. The chief told them that I would be the leader of the pack because I was the chosen one. He then gave them a deep red crystal and told them that when I turned for the first time that they should give it to me.” My friends all looked at me and told me that I would make a great leader.

Chapter three


Three years have passed I’m now sixteen years old and have killed over three thousand red-eyed vampires even though there were over twenty thousand of them still to go and they keep multiplying we have to get this under control before it's too late.  We will not stop fighting until all of them are dead because all they are, are huge mosquitoes that infect humans with their disease. When you are infected there is no going back and you will be in so much pain for three days until finally, the venom has taken over your heart then you will live a cruel life only able to drink the blood from people you may or may not know. You will live in fear of werewolves hunting you down to kill you before you start to infect humans.

The red-eyed vampires look just like your everyday person but their not.  The only way that you can tell that they are not your everyday person is by their features like pale skin, of course, red eyes, sharp K9 teeth, they are ice cold to the touch, and their skin is as hard as a rock.  One way to kill them is while they are asleep very carefully drag them into the sunlight because if a vampire goes into the sunlight without sunscreen on they will burst into flames, the only other way is to stay away from them and let us take care of them so you don’t get hurt and they don’t attack you, because if they attack you we have the right to kill you. Just to let you know. So please be careful and dont go out at night unless you have to.

The hunt is on.  We are right on its trail.  I’m in the front of the pack then there’s Edward, Madison, Dekalah, Bailey, and Jaden.  We can catch it and it will be easy. It will fight so, will we. it will bleed and we will too one of us will tear off its arm and it will scream and then I will leap onto it and tear out its throat and then we will set the body on fire like we’ve done before and we can go home.  Wait what the hell Madison’s picked up another scent trail from another blood sucker just what we need. I send her and Jaden to follow it. Great now Bailey has picked up yet another trail and she and Dekalah go after it. After three more miles we finally see them. Madison comes in on the left and Bailey comes in on the right.  As we get closer the scent is getting stronger our noses are burning. There are seventeen of them. We have them surrounded but there are so many of them and we are outnumbered there is no way for us to take out this coven without losing some of our own and i dont want to lose anyone. I start to growl bareing my teeth and all of a sudden this one steps away from the rest.  He is very tall and muscular. With blonde wavy hair and purple eyes. His eyes are what catch me off guard because they are suppose to be red. He puts his hands up in a we mean no harm kind of way and says “ please help us. We are not like the ones you have hunted we dont harm humans but you see one of my own fell for one of your own kind while we were traveling and somehow conceived a child and now she is ill.  I bow my head and the rest of my pack backs away all still ready to fight. I run into the woods and change into my human form which is very risky but i must know more. I go out to meet the vampire Acheron. The child has the reddest hair i have ever seen


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