Chapter 1

I felt the anger,the anger i had so long kept in check boil over. I felt the kn ife in my hand, its cold creul steel resting in the palm of my hand. I heard his screams of suprise and of horror and as we fought I excited; by the adreneilne rushing through my veins. i paused for a moment to take it all in and in that same moment he let his gaurd down and with the percision of a striking cora, I plunged the knife into his unprotected throat. He went down, writhing and wiggling in garbled agony; I dropped the knife and walked slowly over to him. I removed his hands from the fatal wound and replaced them with my own. I savored the feeling of his life's blood slipping through my seemingly delicate-looking fingers. I relished the feel of his warm, dark blood on my hands, face, and clothes. I wanted desperatly to cling to the rush; I continued to stab him over and over, and landing the blows I never could before. I finally let out all the anger I kept bottled up for so long. When I realized that he was dead, I stood up and stared at his lifeless cut up, beaten body on the cold kitchen floor. Working with the police long enough, I knew how to dispose of bodies effeciently. I made my way to the front door window by the stairwell, I looked outside there's no one about. I opened the window and listened, not a sound outside except the far off sirens and a college party a few houses down. No one had heard him scream from inside the house. I had to think of where to dump his body...aha the bridge down the block. I wrapped his body in a thick blanket and carried it to the garage and stuffed him in the trunk. I grabbed a pair of binoculars and gloves from Felix's secret box he uses to peep on the lesbians across the street. The sick bastard didn't know I knew but I knew a lot of things he didn't know I knew. I drove down the block and to the bridge and turned my lights off and took out the binoculars and looked around. There was no one in sight I draped the binoculars around my neck and I popped the trunk put on the gloves and got out. I pulled his body out of the trunk and dragged him to the railing. I picked up the binoculars from around my neck and looked around again, still no one. With one last final burst of strength I pushed the abusive son of a whore's body off the Southside Marlin's Bridge. I picked up the binoculars and took one final look around and still not one single person. I smiled slightly, this is too easy.

I thought and got into the car and drove home. When I got home I locked all the doors and I felt a sick, twisted smile make its way across my face. I made my way upstairs to my bathroom to take a bath. I looked into the full length mirror behind the bathroom door and saw what my body for the first time that night. That perverted smile was still on my face and my cheecks and neck where flushed and splattered wit my husband's blood. My hands where blackened with his blood and my clothes where soaked and heavily stained with all his life's blood. I turned on the water and unclothed myself slowly letting the blood and cloth caress and stain my caramel skin and black wavy hair. Warm water had filled the bathtub and I got in and the clear water became dark pink as the blood lifted off my skin. I heard something metallic scrape and hit the bottum of the tub; I felt my around the bottum of the tub and i found it. It was my wedding ring. Ha Ha. It was caked and crusted with moist blood, I felt no guilt as i looked at the ring. I had no memory good enough with him to regret what I did. I finished up and got out and changed; I headed downstairs to go clean up the kitchen floor. I walked down the stairs and back into the blood stained kitchen. I reached into the cabinet under the sink and got a pair of cleaning gloves, some rags, a bucket, and bleach. I poured the bleach into the bucket along with some water; and threw in the rags. I rolled up my sleeves, put the gloves on and grabbed a rag on sloshed on the pool of blood and began to clean up the bleach-water and blood solution of the cold tile floor. After I had finally mopped up the pink solutiopn off the floor I opened the back window to let out the heavy smell of bleach that lingered in the air. I looked around slowly looking for any visible evidence of what happened tonight. There was nothing, perfect. As I went up the stairs I replayed the wonderful events of tonight, I memorized his screams, and the way the light in his eyes slowly dimmed until it faded from his eyes. As I lay in bed, I thought of what my albi would be. Sleeping? No, no one could confirm that. I'll say that he said he was going out and would be back later at about nine P.M. And when they ask if I was worried in the morining when I woke up I'll say, "No he was always up before me." I'd pretend that we were happily married, how absolutley devasted I am to find out some one had killed my husband in cold-blood. I could cry convincingly, and they would never suspect a thing. Now as I fell asleep, I relaxed as i remembered that I would never have to worry about Felix drinking, coming in, waking me and hurting me ever again.
* * *

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

The next morinig when I woke up, I wasn't surprised to find Felix had gone to work already. I sighed heavily, I had had a horrible nightmare were I killed Felix. It had felt so...real. I shuddered I love Felix, I would never pureposely hurt Felix. Sometimes he'd hurt me but it wasn't his fault. If I would do what I was told, like he said, he wouldn't hurt me. I went to the bathroom and washed up, then I headed downstairs for my usual breakfast of ceral and berries. My mind wandered off to memories of my nightmare, I could clearly smell the heavy bleach and and I could see the blood vividly. Remembering the heavy smell of bleach, my head swam. I cleaned off my dishes and I heard a heavy knock at the door, then they rang the door bell several times. "One second!" They kept ringing the door bell. "I said I'm coming!" I walked over and when I entered the living room I saw, for the first time, flashing red and blue lights. I opened the door to find to police officers. They were male, tall and both very handsome.One was fair skinned,and blonde with deep chocolate brown eyes, he was the younger of the two; and I could tell he was well muscled. The older officer was caramel skinned, a few shades darker than I, and he was soft in the stomach area. He had salt and peper hair, with black eyes. The blonde guy asked "Excuse me, but are you Annabell Rodrigez?" "Yes, but please call me Annie. Is there a problem Officer...?" the blonde stood straighter and said, "I'm Officer Grant, and this," he jestured to the older bored looking man,"is Officer Maybel. Ma'am I'm terribly sorry to tell you this, but your husband's been murdered. We need to ask you a few questions, may we come in?" His words didn't process at first, I couldn't believe what he had just said. "Wait, my husband? My Felix? But, no that's not. You must be mistaken." "Miss, we are very sorry but his identification led us to this address. May we come inside to ask a few routine questions?" I opened the door wide for them to come inside.


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