Chapter One

I was born fifteen years after the Perfections started to appear. Perfections have an genetic mutation that cause them to be super human. They took all of the humans, and locked them away like we were some kind of animal. They told us that they didn't want us to get in their way. We didn't get what they were saying at first. We thought they started to appear to save our dying world. They made it better, but not for us but for them. I'm sixteen now, and my mom and brothers are dead. I have been trapped in this prison for eleven years.

I watch as Perfections walk by my cell door. They look perfect they have no blemish on their skin, nor do they get burnt. They are beautiful in every way. I envy them, and hate them at the same time. No one or nothing is going to change my mind about them. They are cold hearted conceited jerks. They destroy everyone's lives if they're not part of their race. They will just trap you In a ten by ten cell, and leave you to die. I'm a lucky human they actually feed me, and let me have baths. They take interest in me, but they take interest in me for the wrong way. Many of them say I'm a hybrid between a human and a Perfection.

Their theory is since I can't remember my dad that he is a Perfection. They he broke the rules, and had only one kid with my mom. That kid was me. The half Perfection, and human. I have the eyes of a Perfection, and the immune system of a Perfection. The rest is just human.

I watched them all pass by my door. I felt a chill flow down my spine. I sneered, and took out my knife. I started to throw it at a wooden board on my wall. I had perfect aim it stuck in the board every time. I walked over to the beaten up old board, and took it out. I put the sleeve back over the knife, and stuck it into my boot. My side braid fell over my shoulder as I leaned down. I huffed, and pushed it back behind my back. Even though I was still human I had purple eyes. I still get stares from that. Even from the Perfections I heard foot steps in front of my door. I ran, and jumped on top of my mattress on the floor. The door flew open with great force. The usual Perfections came threw the door, “Come on twat get your lazy butt of the mattress.” I huffed at Alak's command. He pulled me by my hair, and whispered my in my ear. “If you don't get up by yourself you'll get whats coming to you twat.” I whimpered as he pulled me by my hair. Alak threw me against the wall, and chuckled. I felt a sharp pain shoot from my back.

“Now come on.” I pushed myself off the ground. He motioned for me to follow him. I tried to keep up with his long strides, but I staggered a little further behind him. I watched as the humans were sticking their hands out of their cell begging to be let out. A small chill ran down my spine. They looked like they haven't taken baths in weeks. I cringed at the smell of them. Even thought I don't take full baths I still wash myself off in the sink. More Perfections walked by, and looked at me in disgrace. I felt insecure around them. I rather been left in my cell to rot like all the others.

He led me into a room in the back. He pushed me in front of me. I opened the door, and looked around there were about five Perfections in the room. They were all surrounding one chair. Alak pushed me into the chair trying to get me in the set. I looked behind me calmly, and gave him a death stare. I turned back around, and stared at everybody in the room. I plumped down in the chair with a huff. They stared at me like a was something they never seen. I stared a them bored wanting to go back to my room. I mean at least I don't have to stare at them. What they don't know is that the make me nervous, and they are never going to know that. “She acts like this all the time,” one of them stood up and said. Alak nodded his head behind me. I chuckled at their response. The had their mouths hanging down. I stayed quit not making a sound while I watched in amusement. “I think we should break her” the oldest suggested. My face turned to a worried expression. I knew what was coming I've heard about this before. People say that it's the most excruciating pain in the world. They all smiled at me. Now I was scared I had no idea what to do.

I walked back to my cell with a black eye, and a busted lip. I knew this wasn't the end of the abuse, nor would it ever be. My fiery hair fell over my shoulder while my head hung low. I was terrified of the Perfections, but I'm not letting them know just yet. I walked in my room, and sat down on the mattress in the floor. My head started spinning. My vision started to blur. Dark circles started to pop up in random places. I started to get light headed. I felt my eyes roll back in my head. I blacked out no clue of what was happening in the real world.


I looked around frantic watching everyone in my small town falling down one by one. I felt adrenaline flowing threw my veins. People were screaming in horror as they were running for their life. I stood still afraid to move afraid to talk. I saw Hannah, my best friend, being thrown to the ground. I was about to go help her, but then I felt a scratch on my shoulder. I was shocked, but quickly turned around to face my attacker. He looked young about five. He stuck his tongue out of me, and pushed me over. The first thing I realized was that he had looked like the other killers. I held my breath afraid of what my five year old self would do under adrenaline. Right before he kicked me some one yelled, “Seven, she's special don't hurt her.” I was confused about two things. The first one was that he said I was special, and that I couldn't be hurt. The second was that his name was Seven. I mean seriously Seven is a number not a name it's a number. My five year old mind quickly changed from that subject to my family. 'Since I was special they couldn't hurt me' I thought. I quickly got up, and ran to my house.

I slammed the door open. I looked around my house. It was quite small. I saw everything broken, ans strolled around the house. I walked further in. The house creaked as I walked slowly. I was taking my time afraid there was someone in the house. I opened my parents bed room. I crept slowly to my parents bed. I saw some bumps under the covers. They looked like human form, but they looked deceased. There was no movement under the covers. I instantly thought worst. My mind kept on creeping to they’re dead, you're never going to see them. I took a gulp, and walked to the bed. Blood started to seep threw the covers. I quickly pulled the covers off. I saw my parents wrapped around each other they looked lifeless, but so peaceful. I walked away afraid of what was happening, I bumped into a hard chest when I was walking away.

“You're coming with us” a husky voice said behind me. I was shocked. I thought every human was dead, but me. He wrapped his arm around my waist. I started to kick, and scratch in the air. I started to scream on the top of my lungs. “Shut up you little brat” the guy yelled. I carried on screaming. Another guy came in front of me. I felt a sharp pain go across my face. My hand instantly flew to my face. I looked in front of me, and the guy's hand was up. I kept my head down. I stumbled on rocks, and logs on the way back to the town. I gasped as I entered the main area there were dead bodies laying everywhere. There was a big truck with a trailer hitched the back. I saw people trapped in the trailer. It was like a huge cage. They looked like hungry animals trying to escape. He pushed me to another one this one had all girls in it most of them were the athletic type. They were looked like ones who would rebel. I looked at them again they all looked in their twenties. They opened the cage, and held the girls in. The guys gripped softened as he threw me in the cage. As I took contact with the ground I felt all eyes on me. I slowly crept back to an unoccupied spot. They all locked away not wanting to speak to me. The car jolted forward. That was the last time I walked outside. I was the youngest captured at the age of five.


I flew up. My head was sweating. . I started to pant as I looked around. Seven, the guy who caused my best friend and my family to die. I will never forget him. That was the first dream that I had of Seven in a while. I tried not worry about any thing that happened in the past. I tried to think that this life was normal, and everyone else lived like this. I put my head back down on the hard mattress trying to fall asleep again. I knew it was going to be while before I fell asleep.


Chapter Two


I woke up the next morning still sweating. Alak opened my door, and I instantly shot up. “See that's how I like it you do what ever we say” he said smirking. I held back my snarl as I stared at the Perfection he is. Alak turned around, and closed the door. I couldn't help but stare at him. Even hating and being afraid of them doesn't stop you're envy. He turned back around with a huff, and took a couple of strides closer. I stumbled back not wanting to be close to him. Before I could step back again, and backed me against the wall. His hand flew, and hit me across my dirty face. Since they took away my bath. I was beyond filthy. I felt the sting. My face stared to redden after every blow I took. He then took a upper cut towards my stomach. As soon as his hand hit my stomach, my hand flew to hold it. I sunk towards the floor. He kicked me in the back off the knees, and then spit on me. I started to sob. He picked me up, and took the knife that I had hiding in my boot. I gasped in horror as he was about to open it. He started caress the blade of the knife. He looked back up at me a smirk. He took the knife, and gently rubbed against my neck. He looked at me in the eyes with pure hatred, “I always wanted to do this.” He took the knife, and very quickly flung it across my neck. I felt blood run down neck. I grabbed my neck, and fell to the ground. I heard the sirens go off meaning that the rebels were attacking. My door flung open, an a Perfection was standing. I thought he was here to finish me off, but he pulled Alak in a head lock. I started to cough out blood. Just before I passed out I saw my hero finish Alak.

I woke from the darkness, and saw a human standing over me. “She's awake!” she screamed. The same Perfection entered the room. He excused the human. I leaned up in the bed ready to thank him, but then I recognized him. “Hi my name is Seven, and I wouldn't mind knowing yours” he said bored, and not looking into my eyes. I grunted in response, and flipped over. He sighed. I looked at him, “Why don't you look at me in my eyes, and ask again.” I retorted. He looked into my lavender eyes. “Oh my gosh” he said in response. I looked away not wanting to look at him. “Look I have a reason...” I cut him off, “I don't want to here it.” I got up with no emotion. I walked a couple paces to the door, and didn't turn back. I pulled the handle till I heard a click. I hear him running towards me, but I was to quick. I walked out of the room to a hallway of people. I looked at them with fear in my eyes. I ran off like a child. I could hear Seven coming out the door, and hitting the wall in frustration. I ran to a side hallway, and saw the people trying to comfort him.

I slid down the wall putting my small fragile arms around my legs. I looked at the wall in front of me. I couldn't bare not crying anymore. I let out a whimper trying to conceal my outburst of tears. I felt them coming, and they just flooded out of my eyes. I heard footsteps coming toward my direction. I scooted further into the darkness that held my sanity.

I saw a girl that was about my age. She had long blonde hair, and chocolate brown eyes. She was beautiful. She was tall and lean. She looked about 5'9. She walked further into the hall. “Hey it's okay you don't have to worry about us. I know you have had a bad time in the past, and a lot happened with Seven. He has changed though.” She spoke with a reassuring voice. It was almost like I could believe her. Seven walked up behind her. Even though she was almost six feet tall, he was still a head taller than her. She looked up at her, and nodded her head. She walked away just like that. Like the could read minds. Seven stepped back afraid he was going to scare me off. I rested my head in my hands not wanting to look up at him. I felt a tear run down my face. Just feeling his presence reminded me of my mother and father. I felt something touch my arm. My head snapped up to see what it was. Seven was in a crouching position. I could tell he was uncomfortable. He held that position though like if he knew if he moved any closer he would scare me off completely. I looked at arm I noticed it is held out. My brain just processed that his hand was touching me. I stared into his eyes with such hatred. He flinched at my action towards him. “Please come with us” he begged with such mercy. I nodded in response. He smiled. “Don't think this means anything!” I snapped with anger.

I got up, and walked towards the other people who rescued us. I looked around, and observed the familiar faces I saw in the jail. They were mostly boys that survived the raid, but only one perked my interest. I saw a girl in the back of all the boys. She looked small and fragile like she was broken, but I knew that was a cover. I pushed threw all the people till I got to her. “Hannah...” I whispered. Her eyes snapped to me. She smiled. We embrace each other with a hug.


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