Untold Beauty

A baby robin flew above my head.
It's freedom reminded me of her.
The girl I never knew before,
Who secretly admire me.

A baby robin flew above my head.
The sight of her beauty,
Shines lovely upon me.
Although the thing I love the most,
Is that wonderful smile.
Please show me a wonderful smile.

A baby robin flew above my head.
It's broken heart, concerns me the most.
Come help me nurse this lovely child,
Please I beg of you.

BY: James Juarez

A Poem of Hope

It is dark where I am,
and I cannot find the light.
There are shadows all around me,
and my heart is full of fright.
Everyone is cheerful.

They never even see,
That storm clouds forming.
Upon the peaceful sea.

I cannot see the future,
and I cannot change the past,
but the present is so heavy.
I dont think I'm going to last.

By: Darling Cassie herself.

Breathless thoughts

The thought of her gone.
I never thought it could be done.
Her continuious strife,
To my stupidity.
My desires of keeping him to myself.

The thought of her gone.
Makes me feel lonely.
My rival is no longer here,
And I have no reason to fight.
The things I did, were merely stupid.

The thought of her gone.
Is something I can’t believe!
Please come back!
I have so much to say.

BY: Angelica Juarez

Teary Lost

Her wonderful smile.
Big and bright,
Showed such happiness.

Her melody laughter,
Hanks at my very soul.
She brings such warmth.

Though I have never seen you,
Your bonded to be beautiful.
Your warm eyes pleading for help.
Her lovely lips, quivering with sorrow.

That beautiful hair.
It's auburn color,
Tempts me very much.
I need you by my side,
And though you are gone.

I can still see you.
You see...
You're in my heart.
I will always treasure you dearly...

By: James Juarez

I Love You

Looking at her, makes me want to cry.
Looking at her.
Makes me remember, how much i miss her.
Looking at her.
Makes me remember, how much things we did together.
Looking at her.
Makes me, want to hug her.
Even though she is gone, looking at her makes me want her back.

BY: Cindy DuFresne

Truly What Love Is

love is special
love is fine
it sends warm shivers
down my spine
his touch is like carresing fire
his smile can make me feel desire
his eyes are kind
his arms are strong
I've found the place
where i belong

By Cindy DeFresne


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