Chapter 1

Life is complicated.When your a teen it's down right confussing.But when you're me life is just a hole of trouble,lies,and problems that have never found you out; until now. I'm a Senior in Highschool and captain of the cheer squad. My name is Becky Smith. My friends call me Bee for short or you can call me B.S. for short.Thats what my life seems like now. All I ever do now (as it may seem) is lie and hide and lie and hide.You might be asking why my life is like this.Well,it all started on my first day of my first year of Highschool. Why my mom insisted on me wearing the oufit that she picked out, I will never understand. Let shutup so you can hear for your self all that happened.

"Mommy I love you but I'm not wearing that."

"Aww sweetie,"my mother said in her 'why not' tone,"Why not it's cute."

"This wasn't cute when you bought it. Don't get me wrong I loved the geture just not the oufit."

"What's wrong with it."

"To start with you bought it from Pixie Town department store.Only nerds shop there. Secondly I look like a five year old,and I'm 14 years old."

Then out of nowhere I saw a tear trinkle down my mothers face.

"Okay I'll wear it"

"Thankyou sweetie. Now I'm going down stairs to make your breakfast be down in twenty minutes to eat okay." She said with a smirk knowing she won that battle.

Twenty minutes that's all I had to find another oufit to hide under this one and be down stair with my hair done in an style that could pass with this horror filled oufit and go perfectly with the second.Okay.I ran over to my closet pushed all of my prop clothes out of the way and went way in the back to the secret corner closet I had built while my parents went on their anual anniversary vacation. I picked out my black mini skirt and my purple halter that clung fairly tightly to my skin and a black spagetti strap tank top to go under it. I fished out my black stilletoes that I bought on the sly and put those in my pre-approved gym bag. I had only ten minutes left after I got my over-the-shoulder bookbag and my tiny gym bag with my shoes and purse in it by the stairs. I ran in the bathroom and curled my brown hair so that it hung in ringletes around my face. I ran out of the bathroom grabbed my stuff hurried down the stairs put my things by the front door and ran into the kitchen with only a minute to spare. My break fast was waithing for me on the table.Talk about hot and ready.

"Thanks mom." I said as I scarfed down hot eggs and pancakes.

"You're welcome sweetie.Okay now for the checklist. Do you have your gym clothes and shoes?"


"Your backpack and locker combination?"

"Yes and yes."

"Your lunch money, class schedule, locker number and cell phone?"

"Yes. Yes. Yes and yes."

Just as I finished my last drop of orange juice I heard the bus pull up infront of my house. My bus was the only bus to do that because our house with like fifteen other kids houses that were in this big rich development. So the bus driver,Lazy eye Joe, picked us up from our houses.

Beep Beep

"Bye mom that's my bus. See you after school."

"Bye sweetie, you have your key right?"

"Yes mom.Love you." I called over my shoulder.

Finally I saw my best friend Sarah sitting in the back of the bus. Perfect I can totaly change ecspecialy since she was the only one on the bus. I waved to my mom who was standing in the window now and jumped onto that bus a fast as I could.I shot a smile to Lazy eye Joe and ran to the back of the bus. Sara was looking at my oufit with wide eyes. She has a very good sense of style. She was wearing a pink plaid mini skirt with a white and pink spagetti strap shirt with a black half sleeve blazer. She also wore her white knee highs with the black line on the top of them with her black stilletoes and big pink and black bow in her golden blonde hair.

"What are you wearing?" he asked horror struck.

"A cover up. My mom just had to pick the perfect oufit out today."I said rolling my eyes.

"Sit down, Please!"Lazy eye Joe called.

I sat down next to Sarah and took off my shirt my mom put on me.I only had two minutes before the huge group of guys got on the bus.I pulled off my converses and kapris. Which reveled my skirt I opened my gym bag took out my purse and heels.I put the heels on and stuffed my horrindous clothes in my gym bag I pulled out my pink lipstick and put some on. I also pulled out my pocket mirror jut to make sure my hair was okay.It was perfect.

"Alot better." Sarah commented.

Just as she said that the guys borded the bus. Billy, Jacob, Eric and Justin fourof the hottest guys at our school,besides my boyfriend Josh, got on the bus and sat infront and across from us.

"Hey girls." Justin said. He was sitting right across the alise from me.

"Looking good ladies"Eric said nodding his head.

"It's a good thing changed my clothes"I whispered to Sarah,but he was disracted by her boyfriend Jacob who was blowing kisses to her. It's a good thing Josh's house was next I hate it when Sarah gets all mushy and lovey dovey.

Finally,after thirty seconds of agony we reached Josh's house. He boarded the bus and came to sit right next to me.

"You look very beautiful."he whispered in my ear.

"Just beautiful?"I asked in fake horror."I would have used gloriously hot or very sexy.But just beautiful,it's an insult." I turned my head to face the window.

"I'm sorry. Forgive me. Please?" Then he kissed me on the cheek.

"I guess so."

After like eight more kids got on the bus we finally had our whole popular gang and we drifted off into pairs. Sarah and Jacob went up to sit at the front left side of the bus and Josh and I went to sit on the right behind Lazy eye Joe.

It was a twenty minute ride to San Fran high.(Sanfransico highschool.)But it was worth it Across the alise Sarah and Jacob went into a make-out session which was understandible because Jacob just got back home from his family vacation which lasted a whole three weeks.Uh, I wish I could go on vacations without my family even if I wanted to go over to a slumber party my mom sent our maid Felecia with me.This years vacation was cool except for the fact that I was monitored for ever bit of it. Over protective much!

Any way when we got to school I saw my assitant(Linda) waiting for me on the school side walk. Linda is such a sweetheart she monitors all my classes and home work I would be nothing without her.

"Hi Linda. How was your summer vacation?"

"Good Bee. How was your summer?"

"Fine. A little dull but I'll manage."

"Okay you have honors calculus first period after homeroom with Mr.Shlemick.Your mom is picking up you, Sarah, Josh, Jacob, and I today after school in the limo to take us to the mall for an hour then home for homework. She will be here at four-thirty to pick us up in the west parking lot. Here's your latte can I get you any thing else?"

"Yes. When is gym class?"

"Gym is forth period right before lunch.You have that period with me.Oh, I almost forgot. You need to have changed back into your mommy clothes at four fifteen so that you will have time to meet your mom. You have Social Studies ninth period. I already cleared it with Mrs. Devores that we need to leave class today five minutes early so you can get to the parking lot unseen by your other class mates. And here is your 'You wish' T-shirt to put on later instead of your big flower power shirt.Can I have your other sshirt?"

I fished it out of my gym bag and gave it to Linda.

"I will make sure that I 'spill' something on it at lunch.Your locker is al stocked with books, pencils, and paper. Here's your binder."She said handing me my pink feather binder."Shall we go to homeroom?"

"Yes, we shall." I said with a smile.

Homeroom was cool. I sat right in the front in my special cushioned chair. It was nice to know that the school got my memo. Being the richest kid in school had its ups. Like how my locker is under construction because I'm having it lead off into a bigger room behind it. You could call it a walk-in locker. I already had the design ready. I was going to have a big pink couch, a latte maker, a closet for clothes, a fully stocked mini fridge, and an ice cream bar. Can life get any sweeter?

But for now I'm sharing a small locker with Sarah. It wasn't her locker. It was just an extra locker the school had left over. Sarah and I were going to share my walk-in locker. It would be perfect we could even have a study party in there. Did I forget to mention the special feature. Because I don't like to use the schools bathroom and showers, I'm getting my own put in. Three bathroom stalls and three showers. One for me one for Sarah then one for a significant other.

Any who the rest of my day went by like a breeze. We got a lecture in history over ,well, I can't tell you. I zoned out after the first couple of words. Honors algebra was pretty easy. Biology deserves one word ,ick. Mr. Varner wants us to discect tomorrow. I'm going to need a 'doctors' note for that one. I'll write it tonight. Liteature class was interesting. We were assigned the book Withering Heights to read by the end of the month. Boring. I'd rather read The Twilight Saga books. At least thats more relatable. Well, aside from all the vampires and wolves and stuff like that.

Gym class was so gross. The other girls kept getting all sweaty. Luckily, I had a small pink towel to wipe off all of my sweat. The only good part about gym class was that we got to wear what we wanted. Of course I was wearing a sequenced pink sweat suit made by Louise Viton. I had it made on a special order. I saw the style of pants in a magizine along with the top and jacket. But, I wanted to give it my own special touch. So I had Louise Viton ,himself, put my name on the jacket and on the butt of my pants.

The exercises our gym teacher , Mrs. Volvoc, had us do were grewsome. She made us do push ups and sit ups. We even had to do crunches and pull ups. For today she picked something special out for us the dreaded rope.

"Come on guys, pick it up." She would say when we started to slow down.

Finally after gym we had lunch. I wnet over to the sushi bar and ordered a spicy tuna roll. It was ready in record timing. I went over to my reverved table in the back of the cafeteria. I saw Sarah already sitting there next to her boyfriend Jacob. And Josh was waiting for me in the seat right next to mine at the head of the table.

"Hey." I called when I got close enough in range to hear them talking.

"Hey, Becky."Josh called turning around in his seat.

I walked up to him. He stood up and kissed me lightly on the lips.

"How was gym honey?"

"Don't speak of it." I mumbled out. "But you can remind me to get a doctors note against that evil climbing rope."

"Okay." He said as he motioned his hands toward my seat. He pulled out my chair for me and I sat down smiling at him. How could I not he was so sweet. I motioned with my finger for him to bend his head down to me. When his face wa right infront of mine I kissed his cheek. He sat down and we started eating.

"How was class for you Sarah?" I asked while swallowing a piece of my sushi.

"It was okay. Highly boring really. You're so lucky to be able to take honors classes. You get less homework

"Not really we just have alot of free time after each lesson to get it done in class."

"Oh, well still the idiots in my classes have to get things repeated atleast five times per person."

"Sarah you have straight A's in every class. Why don't you sign up for Honors classes?"

"Because, if I do I'll end up failling out in two days."

"Okay, no you won't. I'm signing you up. I get lonley without you guys.Wait scratch that. I'll have Linda sign you up during her free period. Then tommorrow you will be in class with me."

"Thanks Becks."

Oh, and Sarah. Our locker will be done tomorrow morning. We have a free period second period and we will be able to go and stop by our locker to make sure it looks good and we can then move in."

"Yes, finally." Sarah said throwing her arms up." Did they order my day bed for free period naps?"

"Yes I stopped by on the way to Gym class and they said the just built it. They also said that they added a special feature they think we're going to like. But they won't let us see it until tomorrow."

"What ever we pay them enough, I guess. They deserve to have one little secret to keep to themselves."

"Yeah. I hope they figureut a way to cover up the room. You know,"I said snapping my fingures." like a door that looks like the back of a locker or when our parents come. But you would want to make sure that it is clean and stable. We would need one of the hook to be lower down so that it can act as a door knob,almost. But, we would need to be able to hang a coat up on it as prop."

"Yeah," Sarah said in an agreeing tone." But and we will need fake books that look real but aren't to be glued together and label them extra books."
"Jakey," She said turing to Jacob."Don't you have wood shop today?"


"Do you think you could be able to build a set of fake books for me to paint later in all diffrent shapes and sizes?"

"Yes I can do it. It will be a breeze."

"Thanks hun."

"Aw no probs."

"Ugh," I said making a face." I'm eating. Don't go all mushy on me. I'm eating ,and I don't need my lunch to come upon my favorite oufit." I said with a hint of complaining in my voice.

And with that we continued to eat in peace. Some of us driffted of into seperate conversations when the rest of our little popular gang joined us.

Lunch flew by so fast that I couldn't believe it when our forty-five minutes were up. My next class was home ec. I still don't know what possesed me to sign up. I guesss it doesn't really matter now I'm all signed up.

"Hi Mrs. Roberta." I said to my lunch aid from the year before.

"Oh. Hello again Becky. I didn't know you were interested in cooking."

"Yeah. I didn't know you were interrested in teaching a cooking class for minimum wage either." I mumbled under my breath.

"What was that?" She asked looking a little annoyed.

"Oh, nothing. Just saying how happy I am to see you again." I said louder now with a fake angelic expression.

"Okay class let's begin."

From there all my clases just kept getting more and more dull. If I wasn't Expecting my mom to take us to the mall later, I would have said this was the most boring day of my life. But she was, and Linda spilled some soy sauce on my shirt so I would be able to wear the shirt I was wearing. I would just have to change back into my kapris and a pair of very fahionable pair of sandles. My mom was always okay with me changing my shoes. As long as they were shoes she had seen before. So my stilletoes were out of the question.


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