chapter one

"I'M BATMAN" I scream and ran around my room with a pair of underwear on my head."COME ROBIN TO THE BAT MOB VEAL" I repeated over and while I jump on my bed and no I'm not a five year old I'm three well that's how I feel like but I'm eighteen the word sickness me how the hell can I stay a kid forever? wait find peter pan."I NEED MORE RED BULL" ?I said with an evil laugh fallow behind.I jump off my bed and ran to my kitchen and slam open the frige door and grab a six pack of Red bull and slam the door shut.I grab a can and put the rest on the kitchen table and took big gulps.I felt a boost of energy pump my blood."HOLY UNICORN I THINK THIS RED BULL CAN TALK" I scream then put my ear on the can "hello anybody there?" "......." "fine then don't talk" I said before finishing the last sips and crushing the can and threw it on the floor."EVERY DAY I"M SHUFFLING!!!" I said then dance oddly.

That's when my phone ring scaring the rainbows out of me."YELLOW!" "hey bubbles want to sleep over?" "Hell to the waffles" "GREAT! love ya bub" "psh I know" "m'kay see ya" "BYE Chunks" "BYE MY LOVE" "BATMAN!!!" I scream then hung up and reran to my room "God this is so much work" I groin and took out a small duffel bag and shove all my clothes in then ran back down to the kitchen and shove 12 red bulls in and five monsters and ran out the door with no shoes on I grab my skate board and tied a rope around it on put my bag down on it and rolled it all the way to Chunks house.


I walk up her door step and let myself right in."Hello? Chuck Norris are you hear?" "In the kitchen" "of course" I rolled my eyes and drop my stuff and headed in the kitchen."Ello ,love" I grin at my bad England accent but Chunks was on the phone "OMG I WON FOR REALS!" and she started to jump up and down like the cookie monster on crack so I join in with her when she hung up she scream on the top of her lungs."What is it chunks?" "One direction they here stay won" then she drop dead on the floor.

"what the fudgenuts?" I question and kick her side but nothing " "O MY PENIS SHES DEAD!!!" I scream then ran to the fridge and saw some chine's food then stuck it in the microwave then after a few minters it beep.I grab it out then walk over to her and poor it all over her face.Her green eyes flew open and shoot right up but hitting my in the head with her big head "ow" I whine and run my head "my butt cheeks guess what?!" "do I really have to?" "ok I will tell you one direction are coming over!!" "what direction?" "one direction" "north?" "no ONE direction" "south...." "FOR GOD SAKES ONE DIRECTION IS MY FAVORITE BAND EVER!!! ITS A BAND!!!!" "I think my ears burst" "shut up" "what is this shut up of you speak of" I said and croak my head.

She sighed and began to poke my tummy "never mind" she rolled her eyes and got up I did the same."Ok when are YOU going to meat them" "don't you me US" "no YOU" "WE are going to meat them in about five for three two one" "wait what- I got cut of by knocking at the door "O dear gummy bear Joe" I sighed then glare at chunks while she headed to the door. This is going be an normal day and let me tell you me and normal do NOT get along....


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