chapter 1 meeting hot mysteries boys going bad

Wish!!!!! my sister October scream. I just ignore her and just keep blasting my music in my ears. Then my sister yank them out. I turn to her and just saw big black words on her for head that said LOSER I always do not kid around with stuff like that. "WHY DID YOU DO THIS!!! October scream in my ear. "Because you ate the last cookie" I said in a bitchy tone. "I am going to kill you" she screech. I got off my bed and ran to the bathroom. And lock the door and turn to look in the mirror my red hair in a high pony tail and my big green eyes staring in my reflation and with my white skin and my face with freckles by my nose. I heard yelling from my sister "open the freaking door" "ok shut up china can heard you gosh" I said unlocking the door.

Then it slam open by a piss off sister her big brown eyes staring at me and her brown hair was all the way down to her butt unlike mind my hair is by my shoulders and her brown skin. She had a pen in her hand I smirk "what are you going to do with that write saying I hate you in deep bold words" I said laughing. Then she smirk and said "pay back" I curse under my breath and she was running to me I duck before the sharp point went on my skin. And look up and shout off in the house I was 13 teen years old and she was 15 but Hell I ran faster then her I saw the front door open and bolted for it. But I got tackle in the green grass by sister. The we heard whistling and then somebody pull off my sister and pull me up. MY sister struggle ageist two boys that I never ever seen in my life. "let me go" my sister hiss and claw at the boys who just heeled her in a grip that nobody can get off. "wish help" she scream. Then I said "let her go" One boy just stared at me and rolled his eyes. "don't get your underwear in a twisted and beat it we got it from heard kid" o how I hate that word kid "at least I am wearing underwear instead of a thong you man whore" I said He gasp and drop October "YOU little brat how dare you call me that" before taking one of his big hands and slap it across my face.

October and I gasp my eyes fill with tears and I look at him he was shock what he just did "listen kid I- I ran before I heard anything else. And ran home and lock myself in the cool basement and look at a window with the sun coming down that was the first time anybody hit me and then I hear my sister yelling at the boy piss Then the front door slam. "Wish? my sister call Then I heard the basement door creaking 'what" I said she sigh an sat down next to me. "sorry for the pen thing" I said she sigh "no problem" she said I stood up "going to bed" I said. Then went to my room and open the door and plop onto the bed and fell asleep fast.

I groin as my stupid alarm clock went off. "shut up" I said pushing the snooze button but it keep beeping "shut up" I said pushing it one million times then I unplug it and threw it at the wall. But it still beep "what the fuck is wrong with you" I scream at the thing then there was loud footsteps coming to my door. My sister came in and grab a fist full of my hair "Hair hair hair" I said as she drag me down the cool wooden stares. Then she pointed outside the window It was those boys but more like seven of them. I cuss under my breath. They were laughing and pointing at each other riding on skate boards. "soooooo" I said to her.Walking to the refrigerator then I grab some water and took big gulps.

"they are moving in next to us" she said. And I spit and choke on the water. "What' I said gasping for air. "yep" My sister said popping the P. "dame it" I hiss "o light in up and get ready for work" October said. "ugh I hate work" I said. "I know" My sister said. I change into neon green skinny jeans and black t-shirt that said save me in green. With my hair down then I put on sun glasses. My sister had on a gray skirt and a shirt that said I BITE and she had on flip flops and I had on neon pink converse on.

"Ready" she said "Yep" I said popping the p. Then we were out the door. The boys stop everything and I think their jaws hit the floor Me and October laugh. then we went in our black mustang and I gave them the finger then we speed off.

chapter 2 models

We stop at the front of the big building. I sigh "can you say I move to Alaska and died" I whined. "no" October said getting out the car. I sigh in frustration and open the car door then slam it. "Hey break by car I brake your nose" October hiss that send chills down my back. We walk in the big glass doors and it was sure dang busy. We were models. I grab the teal blue bikini and a beach ball with sun glasses on my head all the girls had to go to stage 1 it was a beach set. We stroke a pose everybody laughing and having a good time. Then we change but I had to put on a leather jacket and torn blue jeans and get on a really cool black with red strips mustang with these guys by me I put my arms around two guys name Luke and Rick and they both kiss my check. I knew I look like a bad ass now. After a two hours we left.

October and I stop at the olive garden and got soup and water. Then we talk about are job how lucky I got kiss by Rick but to bad he is gay. Then we pay and hop in the car. We left at 1 o'clock and now its five. I yawn and fell asleep in the car. I woke up in the car with no sister "thank you for not waking me up" I mutter. Then I open the car door and hop out I look at my phone it said three in the morning. I fell down I felt a big pain on my cheek I got up and ran to the door it was unlock so I open it quietly then headed for the bathroom I turn on the lights just a scratch I mumble. I didn't feel like walking up two flits of stares so I just fell asleep on the carpet.


I felt somebody kick my ribcage "OW" I said. "Wake up" October said. "naw" I said. Then I felt something cold go on me I scream it was a whole bucket of ice cubes. I look up at October she had a wicked grin on. How dare you" I said Then ran and grab her shirt she laugh and tears started to come out and her face was becoming red. And after she sober up I ask "are you done" "um no" she said still laughing. "bitch" I mumble. "thank you" she said. "For what" I ask "For calling me a bitch as you see bitch is a dog. Dogs bark and bark is part of a tree and trees are part of nature and nature is beautiful so ya thanks for the complicit. I just roll my eyes and grin. "see you are grinning" October said "psh no" I said
"maybe" I said October just stood their grinning like she won one thousands cookies.
"what" I said in the snappy tone. "The tickle monster is coming" she said "You wouldn't dare" I said "yup I would" she said then I took off and ran around the coffee table.Then I ran in her room then I went by her Taylor Lautner poster "I will kiss him if you do not back off" I said She gasp "nooooo then he will smell like crap instead of paper" she whine. "Then back off" I said. She held her hands up "I surrender" She said. "OOoo can we have a party. I said battering my eyes "Hellz ya" she said then we got out our phones and text away.

chapter 3 party

October and I went to the store to grab all the stuff we need. We went back home and set up everything it was a just a realer party but we always threw the best ones. I put up pink and orange streamers across the ceiling. And we made are food Then we ran out the door to are garage to get lights then I got the nail gun then we hung them everywhere are front yard. Then one of the man whores skate up to us "Is it to late for Christmas" he said. "no we are having a bad ass party for your information" October said. "well can me and my- I cut him off "no never ever you are not aloud to come" I said smirking "listen kid I think your parents don't want you throwing a party so" "so we live alone just me and her" I said pointing back and forth to me and my sis.

"wait you guys live alone? the man whore ask. I look at my watch "yes yes now we need to hurry up and go to the mall see ya" I said grabbing my sister by the sleeve and going to our mustang I push her in the front seat and I jump in the passenger seat. "drive woman drive" I said we look at each other and burst in laughter. Then she speed off. It was a 20 minted drive but when she drives it is a 5 minted drive. Then we ran to the store we went to are favorite places first I grab a hot pink dress with a black flower on the wast line and with a neon green ribbon on the wast line. And October had a teal dress with sparkles for a design. We went to the cashier she look like my age but she was pale like me and had silver eyes and blond hair with pink and black hair and snake bits and really black eye liner and pink lips. She look up her eyes beam with excitement "you are the Everheart sisters the best models of teensnap magazine" she said. "yes can you um check these out" I said showing her the dresses "o sorry" she said. then we left the store then we speed down the streets then we were at the house then I went to a shower first I strip off my close and hop in the cold water then a little while it heated up.

I jump out of the shower then put on my dress. Then I got my make-up bag and did my make up just a tiny bit on. Then I curl my hair then I grab my Neon converse and put a purple bow on to. My sister had on the teal dress she put on make-up to and I let her borrow one of my green bows then she put on black high heals and she had her hair curl like mind.Then their was a knock at the door. October and I ran down stars then open the door. Their were a lot of people coming in I put on a song call BRING ME TO LIFE by EVANESCENCE I sat down and grab punch and chug it down. Then their was another knock at the door "I thought that was everybody" My sister said. "guess not" I said walking to the door. Then I open it. It was the man whores. "What the hell are you doing here" I hiss at them. They laugh "It a party dud" the first man whore said. Then they push me aside. "so your just going to walk in like that" I said. "yep" The man whore said. "do you want some punch" I said in my sweet tone. "sure" the man whore said. Then I pull back my fist then I made contact with his nose. "what the hell was that for" he said and rubbing his nose. And his little man whore pack start to crack up.

"It home made punch you want another" I said using my sweet voice. "No but I want to give you one" He said. "whatevs" I said and I walk away to my sister. I saw her trying to flirt with some boy. I tap on her shoulder she turn her head "I am a little busy" she said. "Just to let you now those man whores are here" I said then I walk away. I didn't see them so I went outside to get fresh air. I took deep breaths then I heard the front door open then close. I turn my head around quickly. But nobody was their.I just shrug my shoulders. "Hey" a guy said. I turn around he was like 14 years old. "um hi" I said shyly. He grin I could see his purely white teeth. "so what are you doing outside" he ask. "catching some breaths" I said."well mind if I sit with ya" He ask. "sure" I said. Then he sat down then he look at me. Then he held out his hand. "my name is Dave" I took his hand "wish" I said with a smile.

"your beautiful" Dave said "what" I said " I I mean the sky" he said. "o yeah" I said and then look up at the sky. then I look at him and he look at me. It felt like I was staring into his soul. Then I felt something warm on my lips. I open my eyes and he was kissing me.Then I was frozen in place but I kiss him back nice and soft. Then he pull away fast my eyes shot open. But he was thrown off by man whore. "leave him alone" I sob. But he keep punching his face. I saw Dave chest move so that was good. Then five guys came outside with the whole party behind them. They pull off man whore off of Dave.I craw to him and sob in his chest. "Please don't leave me please" I whisper in his ear. And a single tear drop slid down my cheek then it fell on his cheek.

October pull me off of Dave but I fell to the ground. And hug my knees to my chest and cry. I heard the ambulance truck coming fast. I heard other people sob and whisper conversations to one and other. The ambulance came out with the gurney and put Dave on it. Then they slam the doors close.I stood up and saw myself in the windows reflation. The ambulance truck tires screech on the road. I turn around and saw man whore. I walk up to him and smack him across the face. "Get out of my life or I will call the copes" I threaten to him. He look up his mouth open ready to speak but he shut it rate away. Then he put his head down in sham and walk away with his brown shaggy hair bouncing up and down. Then his seven friends follow behind him. I turn around and thank everybody for coming then I went to bed. I put my had on my heart it felt like it had one thousands pounds on it. I just close my eyes and pray for Dave.

chapter 4 sorry

I woke up to knocking at the door. I groan and put the pillow on my face. But it got lounger. "I coming" I put on my robe and my ducky slippers. And walk down starts. I look at my cell phone one o'clock P.M. "who wakes up on this time on Saturday morning" I mumble. Then I put my hand on the cool door nob and open it. It was man whore but I never got a good sight of him he had shaggy brown hair and brown eyes and he was sure dang buff. "like what you see" I just roll my eyes and shut the door but he put his foot between the door. But then he groin from the pain. "who wants to get a view of you" He sigh and put his hand between his hair in frustration. "look we got off by the wrong foot" "no kidding" I said. He growl at me I mean really growl at me.

"All I came here was to say sorry" "well then apology not accepted" I said then I slam the door in his face. I just shrug my shoulders. Weird kid I thought. And walk to the kitchen and turn all the lights on. Then my phone buzz. I flip open my phone it was my best friend Kelly.

KELLY: girl get your butt up and lets go to the beach :)

ME: kk get me at 2:01

KELLY: why 2:01????

ME: cause I am a freak :P

Kelly: oops I forgot:\ but alright I will get u

ME: Thanks girl :D

Kelly: No problem just Buzz me

ME: ttyl


I put on my white bikini with my neon pink flip flops. And I got my bag that said I <3 music and I got my towel and my other crap. Then I made a not to October

Dear Sis will not be back luv ya WISH

chapter 5 Kelly coming

I heard honking outside. I ran in the kitchen and grab an cookie and stuff it in my mouth like a little kid. Then I open the front door and ran to Kelly's car. "Hey girl" I look up "Hey" she was captain of the volleyball team. She had strawberry blond hair and high cheek bonds with brown eyes and rocking cures and tan skin. "ready" she said I look up and pull the mirror down "Yep" Then she back out of the drive way then put the car in drive. Then speed of. I was putting on cotton candy lip gloss. "so did you herd anything Dave yet? I ask her. "yeah.They say that he is coming out of the hostel today" "well"thats cool"

"Yeah but when he gets out hes going to be a little funny" Kelly said "um why" "because he taking a LOT of pain meds'. "o but can I see him tomorrow"? "yeah he just took a lot because the dude mess his ass up" "I know but I smack that dude" I said wearing a big goofy grin. "I know. I heard" "Really" I ask. "You know when you guys have parties word get out" She said and nodding her head. "I heard that you were looking fin girl" Kelly said. "I know" I said. Then the car halt. "were here" Kelly sang. "yeah" I clap my hands like I was a child who got free ice cream.I jump out and grab my stuff. "ready" "hellz yea" I said putting my right fist up. "we ran and drop are stuff off on the burning sand. Then I ran to the dock. I took off my flip flops. "you sure dang run fast girl" Kelly said she was slouch over and had her hands on her knees looking down and gasping. I laugh "your just mentally slow" She put a hand on her chest by her heart and clutch it "Harsh" "big time" Kelly ran then jump off the dock into the Crystal blue ocean with some green in it too. I sigh."getting in or running" I jump up two feet. It was MAN WHORE I mean come on everywhere I go he is there.

"well" he said "well men whore I am taking my time" I said in a bitter tone. He was walking to me and I was backing away slowly. That was a big mistake there was no more of the dock left so I fell off I felt the air rush up to me my eyes were wide and wild. Then I hit the water belly first. I sank down I try to swim up but sea weed was caught on my leg. I scream but that was a bigger mistake. Water fill my lungs I put my hands on my throat. Then I saw big spots then I black out.

$$$ ++++/-****************-/+++ $$$

I woke up ready to throw up I cough up my cookie and a lot of salt water. I lay back down and reclose my eyes. "wait don't fall asleep" a person said. But I want the darkness to come because mt throat was killing me. It felt like a knife been slicing in my throat.There were people talking to me but it sound like a radio on low. My heart thump on my rib cage like a humming bird racing a way to get out. My ears were pounding. My breaths were gasps. I felt someone put there fingers on my neck searching for my pulse. What happen? o yea I was begging stupid and fell off a dock and almost drown. Yup that sounds like me. Then I felt the darkness take over me.

My throat hurt all my muscles were stuff and hurting. Is this life or death? I hope not death because I really want too have a family. I try to open my eyes but I couldn't. I listen to sounds but all I heard was just plain old nothing. Then the noise grew now there was just a faint whisper. Then I heard everything. "when will she wake up" "I don't know" "wait look she waking up" I open my eyes but my throat felt like it was on fire. "water" but it sound like a dying hours as my words came out. My sister just nodded and turn around and left. I saw man whores pack of friends. "are you ok Wish?" O there is a heart in that odd boy. I just nodded my head. But if you fell in the water and almost drown how will you feel jeez I thought he had a brain. guess wrong. October came back with a full glass of water. I snatch it from her hands and chug it down. It was way better sliding down my throat. "so what are your names" "why do you want to now" Because I think we both really don't like man whore now do we" "well if you want to really know its Mikel but call me Mike" I look at the others waiting for names. "Luke,Dan,Beck,Richer,Fred,Matt,and John

"so bye" I said waving. "look sorry for the dock thing" Mike said he look down and turn around. "come" he said to his friends. They all hesitated but nodded to me and left. "ok was it me or are they really weird" I ask October. "its you now rest up" "wait wheres Kelly"? "she went home her mom call blah blah you now" "ok I thought she drown" "naw she was crying and boy o boy cursing mike out" October said with between giggles.

"Well thats her all right" we both look at each other and crack up. "well get some rest I call in work and told them that you will not be in" "ok night night" "Night don't let the bed bugs bit. she close the door I roll over and shut my eyes "goodnight Dave" I said in just a soft whisper then I doze off.

I keep waking up because I had nightmares of the party but I was the one who got beat up. After about ten times of waking up I just got up in bed. I look at my alarm clock the big red numbers read 2:35 a.m I sigh I shuffle my feet to the bathroom and flip on the switch. The lights went on. I turn tors the mirror. My red hair in a rat nest bags under my eyes. I sigh and turn around I went back in my room and walk tors my deist . I open my draw and fumble around with papers. Then my finger tips felt something hard. I grab it. it was a old book it was brown and leathery and there were gold words on it that said wish book. I open a clean page and grab a pencil and drew my dream I finish it like in ten minters. IT was in back and white. I flip throw the pages looking at all my work I have did. They are all in back and white. I like to drawl animals mostly wolfs. They are really cool. I mean people say they eat human flash. But I don't care to me that stuff is all fake. But I do believe they existed and I always will.

chapter 6 save him

My sister just walk in the front door. "hey how you felling" "fine" "this is for ya" October said and handed me a card. I open it music start to play. miss you miss feel better again. and everybody sigh their names on it. "sorry but got to go to the store need anything". "COOKIES" I said and wave my hands like a little kid."All right see you later" "k bye" Then she walk out the door. I got up from the sofa and went to my room. I got out my drawing book and a pencil and I went to my iPod and blast my music. I ran back down. I sat behind the book shelf. I start to draw the forest tiny drops of rain falling down and a whole pack of wolfs running. Then I heard loud banning on my front door.I crawl out of the book shelf.

I went to my room and turn down the music and put my hair in a pony tail. Then I ran down the starts. I still had my book in my hand. Then I open the door. It was Mike only him. "hey can we be fr- I cut him off and slam the door in his face.Then I went back to the book shelf and start to draw. I drew a deer being chaste by a wolf his teeth ready to snap the deer neck the wolf teeth have saliva dripping on his teeth. I finally finish the drawling. And got up from the book shelf. I then turn on the T.V to the news. It was a teenager on the building with a beer bottle in his hand.Then my phone start to ring. I saw who it was my sis. "hey" "Wish wish you now mike" "yeah" "he is on a building drunk and calling for you please come now" I drop my phone and I ran out the door I had no shoes I keep running.Then a sharp pain went to my foot. I look at it. A piece a glass but I didn't care. Then I saw so many people all group together.

I saw the back door and bolt for it. I ran up ten flits of starts. Then I saw the roof door. I slam it open. "MIKE" I scream his name I heard the crowd say "theirs a little girl their" I just block out the sounds to only mine and Mikes "please don't jump" He turn around lost his balance a little. "Wish"? "step away slowly' I said. Then the door was open with fireman and police and the ambiance. "Wish?" "yes its me come away nice and easy" I said and wave my hand. He hesitated. "O my god your bleeding" A police man said then somebody grab my wast. "MIKE" I scream.

Then Mike ran and punch the dude in the face and grab me and jump off the building. "What is wrong with you" I scream in his ear. "hold on tight". I saw everybody got out of the way. Then I shut my eyes. But I heard a soft thump. Then running I open my eyes I was alive. And I was in the forest? "Mike"? "Yes Wish" "I am sleepy" Then he put me on a big rock. "let me see your foot" "ok" "your losing a lot of blood" He said I shut my eyes.He shock my shoulders "don't fall asleep" he hiss. "why not" he hesitated before answering. "so you well I don't want to be alone" he said in a small."awww is the little baby scare of the magical forest" I said in a child like voice.

"would you want to be in hell now" he growl at me. "hey I am not the dummy who was drunk and jump off a build like he got five seconds to live" "well bye then" then he got up and start to walk away. "fine I would like to get away from a man whore" "fine then I was just trying to help hope you bleed to death or a tiger eat you alive" "I hope I will" I said then I got up then I felt really dizzy and fell back down.I try to get back up so I put my hands on a rock to get me up. I start to see three of him. I fell on my knees my head hurt so bad blood was coming from my foot it was a dark red. Then I saw him stop dead in his tracks his head turn around fast I lay on my back gasping now the pain coming. My heart thump my ears filled with blood.

I heard something creaking like bones I shivered at the sound.Then a wolf with golden eyes look at me he had black shining fur with a white lighting stripe.And I look at his eyes reading his soul and he look in my eyes reading my soul to.Thats all I remember before I pass out.

chapter 7 its a dream or not

I had that wolf memory in my head replaying over and over.I know it was a dream or was it yes yes a dream now I am talking like a mad man. But where did Mike go? I remember he stop dead in his tracks.He could of turn the other way. And he said he hope I die in the forest.All of this thinking is hard. And just darkness surrounded me. I was lost in the darkness my mouth force shut my hands tie behind my back feet glue to the floor. I close my eyes and counted to 3. 1,2 and 3 I reopen my eyes I was in a weird bed room it was all white. My hurt foot wrap up in a white cloth. One door I got up and bang on it "hello" "hello" I scream on the top of my lungs.


She was in are pack house we watch her in a video camera."so is she gong to stay in there like forever" Said Justin "Is she"? I said "Well you had to tell her your secret" said the alpha Rick. I am sorry don't do this to her" I said " yea she is really nice she can keep our secret" Tim said.


I look everywhere for a way out."who ever is doing this is an ass hole"! I scream I put my hands in my pockets and I had my Ipod I put on the song cut my life into pieces and start to sing.




we all stared at her she haves a an amazing voice."Holy shit" Ben said "No kidding" I said."She stop singing and she saw the video camera she walk up to it. "what the hell is sh- Rick got cut off she smash the video camera."shit" we all said. "I am going to see her and talk" said Rick then he walk out off the door.


"owww"! I scream blood gush from my right hand but a little it just sting.Then I heard someone coming. I was in a crouch poise by the door.A dude walk in tan skin buff blond spike hair. "little girl were are you" I went out the door slowly not making a sound then I shut it close and lock it.I ran a lot of other boys behind me and Mike. I saw a window and bolt for it. I climb on the roof Mike rate on my heals. Then I stop rate on the edge. "stop we need to talk Wish" Mike yelled "why so you can put me back in that white room" "No you got it all wrong" "sure my bad you are really a perv" "who me? no no no you got it all wrong we were going to talk to you" "sure 'talk' " I said in a sarcasm tone."I am not lying trust me please" "but you said hope you die" "I was mad I didn't mean it can we just forgive and forget" "sorry man whore but I-I-I can't just let me be free I really d-d-don't want to see you" "wish just hear me out" "NO"! I said and start to raise my voice.Then he took a step close I took a step back I scream but I caught the gutter.


We all gasp and ran to her her eyes were wide with fright she turn pale as a snow. "give me your hand" I yelled at her. She look at me and rolled her eyes "why should I? you kidnapped me" she scream at me then she spit at my forehead. I wipe it off then I stood up. Then I put my left foot over her right hand."I will step on your hand until you fall off if you don't give me your hand" I yelled at her then I felt something wrap around my shoe then I fell I felt her grab my hand. "your going down with me" I rolled my eyes "then will you go to hell with me and we can live happily ever after" I said she hiss at me "No you will live happily ever after with Justin Bieber you gay fagot (no offense to the Justin fans)"Aww how sweet but Justin is a girl you lesbo" I said to her


He did not call call me a lesbo that is just wrong. I shook my head and grin "hey your right" "about what" "about Justin gender" "honey we knew that since the doctor saw his face" I started to laugh. Then I felt a strong hand grab my wrist I yelp in pain. I look up to see a guy dirty blond hair piercing blue eyes and pink lips and white teeth and olive skin. Mike was standing up. "well nice seeing you and being kidnap it was a swell time" then I felt a smile play on my lips. "I must be off to my sister who will be in a hell of a mood when I come back" Then I saw some guy push the boys away. He had black hair and a frown on his face tan skin and a hot body to.

"sorry you can't leave until you answered some questions" I felt a frown come on my face and I start to tensed up "why" I said but it sounded more like a demand instead of a question. "because I said so" I took a fast glance at Mike he nodded for me to go I hesitated for a second then I nodded.He turn and walk back in the window I follow behind still very tensed and I grip my pants wishing the hallway would end. Then we stop at a door and he open it "after you my lady" my eye twitch I saw a desk two chairs and no windows. "take a seat" he said I pull the chair out with shaky fingers he study me my throat was dry. He took a deep breath the he spoke "what do you remember last time in the forest?" I lick my lips and thought should I say about the wolf? or should I just make up a lie.lie make up a lie!

the tiny voice scream in my head.

"all I remember is feeling really light headed and Mike walking away". He study me before he spoke "is that really it or a lie" he said and his voice soften as he spoke "is it a lie" I cross my arms over my chest "I speak only the truth" He stood up slowly and walk to the door. "you may leave"he said then I nodded to him and walk out to meat a boy just a few years older then me he has chestnut hair mosey green eyes and a forced smile "um I am taking you home" he said "what is your name" "Austin parker what about you" " Wish Everheart" I said and blush.He grin "well miss we must go to your home" Austin said and brush his lips my hand."we shall" I said in between giggles.

chapter 8 getting to know Austin

Austin and I got to now each other a little better. He told me that he hated sports except one pool. "I didn't even know pool was a sport" "well it might not be but for me it is" "o sooo Austin"? "yes Wish" "do you live with Mike and those other dudes?" it didn't really sound like a question it sound more like a command. "sadly yes" "why are you so polite and they are so mean" he laugh "I am only nice to the pretty ones" my mouth was in o shape. "well then I am falter" there was 2 blocks away from my houses."hey we should talk more" "yes we should" "give me your number"we both said at the same time.We both look at each other and laugh "ok give me your number first then I will give you mind" I said "ok"he took out a pen and scribe a phone number down. Then I took his hand and scribe my phone number down.

"ok if this is a fake one I will be mad as hell" Austin said in a serious tone."what ever" I just roll my eyes at him. Then we stop at my houses "well I will miss you" "me to bye Wish" "bye Austin boo" he just laugh at the nick name I gave him and walk away I sigh and turn to my houses and walk up the steps until I was at the door.I let out a sigh and open the door. "WISH"! "mmm" "I was about to call the F.B.I on your silly ass where were you? the last time I saw you was on top off the building falling for your death" "o well I was at- "hey is that a phone number and your hand"? "yea why" "who gave you a phone number" "why should I tell are you my mother" "no but a sister who is- "snoopy" "no a sister who is conserved about you". "awwww that suck up is really good.NOT" "what is with you" "ME!?!?! what is with you October" then I turn around and start walking away."DO NOT WALK AWAY FROM ME WISH NONAME EVERHEART!!!" (weird middle name right noname I mean what kind of name is that)


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