Short Story

“He’s quiet, always by himself. I don’t think I ever have seen him with anybody. His parents… gone. No other living relative.” Emily looked at Renee, a hint of a smile deep in her eyes.

“Alone. That’s the worst time of homeless people; no one to talk to. At least he only has to take care of himself.” Renee poured another glass of water for the homeless women in front of her.

“I’m going to go over and give him some water, I don’t think he will come to our little booth. He looks to be about our age, maybe a year or two older. I’ll be back in a second.”

Emily walked cautiously over to the mysterious gentleman, careful not to spill the cup of water in her hand. As she stopped just steps away from the gentleman, he abruptly stood, causing the cold water to pour onto Emily.

“Oh um...-“Emily stumbled. “What are you doing?” Abruptly cutting her off the man questioned. He sounded older, not the 18 year old Emily thought him to be.

“I ah, I saw you sitting here and, I run the water booth over there with my friend, and I thought you could use some water. I came-“

“Save it, I can figure out the rest. If I wanted water I would have come over there and got it.” He looked at her, than all around the room, and again, as if seeming to find someone watching him.

“You didn’t seem like the kind of person to do that. Well I’m sorry I came over, and  to bother you.” Emily turned as ahe mumbled, “And I’m so ever sorry to have come with water for you and to have you abruptly turn into me, causing the water to spill all over me…”

“Hey you got a problem with me?” He grabbed her arm gently, causing her to once again face him.

“You have a problem with me? I came over here trying to help, and you sir have gone and been nothing but rude. Now if you excuse me I have work that needs to be done.” Emily turned away, expecting to walk away, leaving him to think about what he had done. She paused, good no sound from him, maybe he’ll be nicer next time.


Emily stopped. Turning she could see “Jonathan” almost smile.

She paused.

“Emily.” And with that she turned and continued with her work. 


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