A Mystique


There she sits at a table by the window on the ground floor
Silently watching the torrential downpour
Milk & Cookies, anyone? Was the café's name
Amber eyes flicking from her cappuccino to the bonfire aflame
Beige crochet lace dress
Her hair a golden mess
Kohl rimmed eyes
Golden tanned legs covered by her brown knee highs
I can tell she's a happy face
For I've watched her smiling to herself for hours at the same place
But today she looks bleak
And yet I can't stop staring at this mystique
A rainy day like this one it was—when I saw her first
Small, sweet face, an innocent rose—slight, tanned, beautiful in a soft mint shirt
Her voice quiet with a hesitant musicality
And the look on her face was one of utter tranquility
Pitter patter of rain began and the café grew silent
And she looked at me for just a moment
Long lashes fluttering over big amber eyes before turning away
She sipped her coffee and dropped a cigarette in the ashtray
I convinced myself I wasn't fascinated when she finally left
Yet I found myself watching her as the days silently swept
The hollow of her neck, her nose, brows and chest
Watching her smile, watching her as she wept
Neither she looked at me, nor did we ever talk
Impatient eyes flicking from blueberry muffin to the café clock
She was here alone everyday
Probably waiting for someone— 'cause she's always gazing at something far away
Amber eyes sometimes guileless, sometimes scary
And so I say this girl is indeed an intoxicating mystery
But today as she sits and drinks
I'm dying to know what she actually thinks
Peering at the rain—trying to keep her emotions at bay,
Does she know I'm the one who's here for her everyday?
Content swept over her face etched with agony
When her eyes paused at a man under a tree of mahogany
Up she stands, runs out, and hugs him
And he holds her close, shattering my whim
For once there's no one here but me
And the Mystique's memory
And in my heart I know
That she will always be close to me in my reverie ...






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To my sissy :)

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