#Chapter One

Emily's P.O.V.

I lifted my head off his jacket. My head was aching so badly that I felt I will die. I realized that I was sleeping around his clothes in a car.

"You okay?" He questioned.

I rolled my eyes in frustration and peeped outside the window.

It was a dreadfully hot afternoon.

"Shall I drive?" He questioned again.

I ignored him.

"One more time and I'll kill you..." He jumped to the back seat of the car and strangled my neck.

"What else can I expect from you?" I bit his hands.

He pulled me closer to him with my hair and stuffed a pungent cloth in my mouth.

"Now, for the rest of the time, you're gonna stay completely silent... Get it?" He said, jumping back to his seat.

Of course, what else can I expect from my kidnapper?

I just wanted to make sure that Max is fine. It wasn't her fault. She didn't know that Rob could do something like this.

The glaring sunlight from the window made me feel even more uncomfortable and dizzy.

I just couldn't believe that how Rob could do this.

"I need to pee..." I muttered, uneasily.

"What?" Rob questioned.

"I need to pee..." I muttered again.

"Okay, wait!" He hushed and stopped the car with a jerk.

I hopped out of the car.

And, Oh, my god! We were in the middle of no where.

We were in the middle of a deadly desert.

"Where are we?" I cried.

"Just go and do what you've said..." Rob yelled.

I didn't know why was he doing this to me.

"And don't you try to run away...You'll find no one here. I'm the only one you know." He said, covering his face with a scarf.

I walked away a few miles and peed behind the bush.

I growled softly with frustration and sat down for a while.

Why? Why was this happening to me?

My skin burned dreadfully with the glaring sunlight.

"Emily, where are you?" I heard Rob shrilling.

I wanted to run away. But the deserts and the roads appeared to go no where. I was dying with heat.

"Emily?" Rob kept on shrilling.

I weakly walked to him.

"I'm here..." I felt helpless.

Rob grabbed my hand and whispered into my ears, "Are you afraid?"

I gasped.

"Have I hurt you?" He cuddled my hands.

He smiled at me. And that smile melted everything in my heart. Every. Single. Thing.

"No..." I hugged him. I didn't want to say that and I wanted to run away, but something in him was stopping me from doing so.

He kissed the top of my head and took me inside the car.

Rob tied my hands tightly with a rope and made me sit on the back seat.

Before starting the car again, he stared at me.

"Why are you doing this to us?" I said, silently.

He swallowed hard and started the car.

"You have to tell me, Rob. Please." I yelled.

"Emily, please..." His voice went sturdy.

"Rob, you have to tell me! Tell me, where's Max? Is she alright?" My voice deepened, "Is she alive or dead? Why are you doing this to us? Tell me, why? Rob, don't you remember our friendship? Rob, I want to go back to my home. I want to meet Max and my family. And I miss our college. Please, don't do this to us. Let me go..." My angry expression soon faded and got replaced with tears.

"Emily..." He said, "Stop crying, Emily. You know that I can't watch you crying..."

"Huh?" I gasped, "Then, why are you doing this to me?"

"I can't..." He uttered and instantly stopped.

"I can't? What are you saying?" I cried.

"I can't tell you..." His voice flickered, "Sorry. Sorry, Emily!"

"I know..." I said, as a heavy shower of tears drenched my cheeks.

Rob started the car. I didn't know where we were going. I just knew that I was completely unsafe with Rob.

If he could do that to Max and Erik, he could do anything with me too.

I closed my eyes as tears fell repeatedly from them.

And I slept within a few minutes.


#Chapter Two

"Emily?" Rob called, "Emily?"

I woke up.

"What?" I whispered through clenched teeth.

"Have this!" Rob said, offering me a blanket.

I rubbed my eyes and noticed that I was freezing badly.

My lips had gone parched with cold and I couldn't feel my legs.

I quickly looked outside the window. Night had fallen and we were still in the middle of the desert.

"Oh, my god! It's so... cold!" I shivered.

"Wrap it around yourself, Emily." Rob said.

I grabbed the blanket and stuffed my body into it.

"Where are we?" I said, gasping and shivering.

"Go back to sleep! And don't say a word now..." Rob growled.

He adjusted his head on the seat and closed his eyes.

"Aren't you feeling cold?" I said, as I saw that he was having nothing other than a scarf.

He didn't reply.

"Huh?" I asked again.

"Shut up, Emily!" He yelled loudly.

I got up once again and saw that Rob's body was shaking with cold.

"Rob?" I muttered.

"What happened now?" He said, impertinently.

"You'll freeze..." I uttered.

"We don't have anything other than this blanket... Don't worry, I'm fine..." He said through clenched teeth.

"I'm not worried! I'm just not that bad to leave you to die..." I said.

"That means you are asking me to take the blanket from you?" He said, snatching the blanket from me.

"I didn't tell you to do that..." I said, "I told you to share..."

"I don't want to!" He sniffed.

"Oh, c'mon! You'll die with cold!" I said, "Alright. Your choice, I'm sleeping then!"

I snuggled against the warm seat of the car and drifted off to sleep.


Rob's P.O.V.

I was dying with cold. My wrist-watch flashed 3:45 AM.

Darkness surrounded our lonely car.

I turned back to watch Emily sleeping peacefully.

She looked like a baby with that blanket rolled up so cozily around her slender body.

I was so...happy to have her again in my life.

I silently switched off the yellow bulb inside the car and jumped at the back seat.

I softly adjusted myself besides Emily's cute, little body and spread a small piece of blanket over my frozen legs.

"I'm sorry, Emily!" I muttered, gently.

I gazed at her face for a second. She was so...beautiful. Her heart-shaped face was perfectly sculpted with a pair of attractive eyes, a dainty nose and lush-pink lips.

A strand of hair fell repeatedly over her forehead. I gently brushed it away from her face.

Then, I closed my eyes.

I wanted to tell Emily that it wasn't my fault. I wasn't the devil of her fairytale.

And Max, Erik and her family were absolutely safe and fine.

I wanted to tell her everything. But just couldn't.

"Oh, god!" Emily instantly woke up, "What are you doing here?"

"Um... I was freezing and I needed some warmth. So, I thought lying closer to you might give me some warmth... I'm sorry if I woke you up...!" I was afraid for she looked at me as if she was going to kick me off from the seat.

"Get away!" She muttered.

"I'll freeze! And you'll be stuck here... 'Alone'!" I whispered.

"Take this blanket and go away!" She shrilled.

"Can't we share it?" I said.

"Now, I'm not sharing anything with you!" Emily rolled her eyes.

Emily never liked to share anything of hers with me.

"Okay, if you want this!" I said, sliding the blanket off my legs.

"I'll die, for sure..." I mumbled, before jumping to the front seat again.

"Fine! But, stay away from my face!" She muttered and closed her eyes.

I quickly adjusted my body on the seat.

"Have it!" Emily said, offering me a piece of blanket.

She looked so...cute at that moment.

"Thanks." I smiled. She turned her body to the another side.

She was snoring within a few minutes.

Emily loved to sleep.

I softly ran my fingers in her blonde hair.

"I'm sorry, my lovely Emily!" I whispered, before going to sleep.


#Chapter Three


Emily's P.O.V.

I woke up for the sixth time during the night. And I noticed that I was lying really close to Rob.

His hands were cupped around my waist and my arms were curled around his neck.

I didn't understand how this happened.

But I felt quite good. Rob's body's heat was very useful and comfortable.

For a moment, I forgot that how bad he is and that he is my kidnapper. He looked so innocent and pleasing at that moment.

I snuggled even more closer to him and dozed into peaceful dreams.


Rob's P.O.V.

We both woke up to sunshine. I had to turn into devil Rob once again.

"Where are we?" Emily asked, yawning.

"Do you wanna eat something?" I asked.

"I said, where are we?" Emily said, frustrated.

"And I said, do you wanna eat something?"

"Yes. Your sick brain." She shrilled.

"I'm serious."

"I'm serious too. Just tell me where we are!"

"Texas!" I exclaimed.

"Huh?" I said, "Texas?"

"Yes... We're so... away from your hometown!"

"I hate you..." Emily cried, "How can you be so mean? Just tell me what are you gonna do with me?"

"That I can't tell you!" I exclaimed.

"Are you gonna kill me?" She sobbed.

I remained silent.

"If you wanna kill me, then kill me now... But, please don't do anything with Max and Erik... I beg...!" She started crying.

"Emily, just stop crying...!" I yelled.

"I won't!" She continued crying.

I stopped driving and hopped outside the car.

"C'mon, come out!" I said.


"I said come out!" My voice went sturdy.

She adjusted her clothes and came out of the car.

"Come along!" I grabbed her tiny wrist and we walked to the nearby food-joint.


"Two mugs of black coffee and two extra-large chicken sandwiches." I placed an order.

"I don't like black coffee." She uttered.


"I don't like black coffee." She said, a little louder this time.

"God!" I tried to pretend to be frustrated, "What do you want then?"

"Lemonade." She whispered.


"I need lemonade." She demanded.

"Eh, okay." I hushed, "A lemonade."

The waiter quickly served us the food.

Emily picked up the fork to tear down her sandwich.

"You look feeble..." I said, "You can't even cut the sandwich..."

She remained silent.

"Wait," I said, taking the fork from her hands, "I'll feed you..."

"I'm not an animal... I can eat by myself...!" Her voice sounded pale too.

"Oh, c'mon!" I hushed, "Give the spoon to me!"

"I'm not interested in talking to you..." She sighed.

"Ah, okay." I grinned, "Then, let me just feed you..."

"You always do what you wish..." She twitched her eyebrows.

"Whatever..." I gruffed and took the fork in my hands.

I cut the sandwich and fed her.

"Yuck! It tastes so... ridiculous..." She coughed.

"What?" I said.

"I said that it's ridiculous to taste..." She shrilled.

"Let me eat it then..." I said.

I munched the sandwich and found that it was perfect to taste.

"It's delicious." I licked my lips, "Why were you lying?"

"Sorry." She giggled.

"Were you mocking with me?" I was surprised.

"Yes." She laughed.

"You're such a hag!" I laughed too.

I then fed her the sandwich.

"Have you lemonade now." I squealed.

"Yes." She smiled.

She eagerly sipped off her lemonade and ran her tongue over her lips.

"I loved it." She grinned.

"That's good. C'mon, let's go now!" I coughed.

"Rob," She held my hand, "I trusted you. And you broke my trust."

"Emily?" I felt sparks race down my spine as she touched my hand.

"Yes." She smiled. It was an unhappy smile.

I swallowed hard and moved out of the food-joint. She followed me to the car.


#Chapter Four


Emily's P.O.V.

"Rob?" I mumbled.

"Yes?" He said.

"What are you gonna do with me?" I said.

"I simply have no idea."

"Why aren't you killing me?" I said, as my voice began to flicker.



"Why will I kill you?" Rob asked.

"Because you hate me..." I sobbed.

"I do hate you. But, hating someone doesn't means that you're gonna kill him..." He twitched his eyebrows.

"Okay." I squeaked.

Rob was driving and driving. But, none of us knew our destination.

"Wow!" I murmured, staring out of the car's window.

"What?" Rob asked.

"That hut. It was beautiful. I wish I could go inside it..." I mumbled.

"What did you say?"

"That I wish I could go inside it..."

"Really?" He said.


"Okay!" Rob muttered, and took a U-turn.

"There it is..." I said, as I saw the hut.

Rob parked the car near the hut.

I hopped out.

"Wow!" I smiled.

The hut was surrounded with beautiful trees and hills. Chilly winds whisked across the rolling hills and my body shivered with cold.

I felt like if I was in some magical part of the Earth.

"C'mon!" Rob said, opening the hut's door.

"Can we go inside it?" I said.

"Of course. There's no one inside it." Rob smiled.

I ran into the hut.

It was a wooden hut and had a lovely fireplace inside it.

It had a little window and a tiny bed.

"Looks like someone stays here." I said, sitting on the bed.

The place was filled with warmth and coziness.

I stretched my legs on the bed and closed my eyes.

"It's so peaceful." I said, "I wish I could stay here, forever."

"You can't." Rob hushed.

"I know." I inhaled deeply.

"Rob?" I said, after a few seconds, "Do you remember that?"

"Huh, what?" Rob asked.

"That day, when you, Max, Erik and I went to the SJ Hyundai Mount?"

"I don't remember." Rob replied, sternly.

I looked at Rob. He was changed; completely.

His clean haircut was replaced with dirty blonde hair and his eyes lacked the brightness and charm which they used to have once.

I stood up and walked near to him. I innocently placed my warm palm on his cheek and smiled at him.

"You've changed..." I sighed, "Why?"

We stared at each other for a while.

He cuddled my hand and placed it back on his cheek.

"I don't know." He replied.

"Rob?" I mumbled.


"I want to go back... I want to go back and meet my family. I want to meet Erik and Max. Just take me to them... Why are you doing this to me...?" I burst into tears.

"You cared for me so much, then why are you doing this to me? Why? I know that you miss them. You miss Erik and Max. You miss the fun we had. You miss those lovely days, don't you?" I continued speaking, tears streaming down my face.

Rob was standing like a statue. I was shocked for he didn't show even an emotion.

"Rob, what happened? Don't you remember our friendship? Have you gone mad, damn it! Speak something!" My tears got replaced with anger.

I shrilled, "Rob! Just give me a damn reason of why are you doing this to me? Just tell me and I'll shut my mouth! I know that you've killed my family and Max and Erik. I couldn't understand anything, Rob! Just speak something!"

I shouted so badly that I felt my lungs would get mangled.

I burst into tears again.

"Tell me, Rob. Please...!" I sobbed, weakly.

"Emily?" He finally broke his silence, "I still care for you. I haven't done anything with your mom and dad. And Erik and Max are absolutely safe. Don't worry!"

"Really?" I cried.

He nodded.

"They are perfectly safe. Don't worry!" He mumbled.

"Thank you so much. Thank you so much, Rob. I knew this. I knew that you can't do anything wrong with my family and friends. Rob, I wanna meet them. Please, take me home. Please!" I cried.



Rob's P.O.V.

Shit. Damn it. What have I done? He had told me to stay quite. But, when Emily cried in front of me, I couldn't resist and told her everything.

Oh, no! Shit! Shit! Shit!

I glanced at her. She looked so... happy. I wanted to hug her.

But, I did really wrong by telling her the reality. Now, I was in trouble.

Complete danger.


"Rob, tell me the truth. Damn it! Are you sure they're safe?" She wept.


"Are they safe, Rob?" She shrilled.

"No!" I shouted, "Now, you won't say even a word!"

"But, Rob! Please!" Emily cried.

"Just shut up, Emily!" I shouted and ran out of the hut.

I heard her sobbing.

"C'mon!" I screamed.

She sobbed harder.

"I'm coming." She wept.

I ran and sat again in the car.



Emily's P.O.V.

I sobbed. Tears streaming down my face.

I gasped and looked around. I spotted a shattered glass lying at a corner of the hut. I lifted it and ran and sat in the car.

Rob started driving.

I wiped my tears and looked at him.

"Rob?" I called him.

He turned back with a stern look on his face.

"What?" He muttered.


"I hate you. I hate you to death." Saying this, I slit my neck.

"Emily!" He shouted, hopping to the back seat.

"Dammit, Emily!" He hastily covered my bleeding neck with an old hanky.

I gasped.

I wasn't able to breathe anymore. I felt Rob slapping my cheeks to maintain my consciousness.

"Emily? Why did you do this?" Rob was gasping continuously.

I was done. I wasn't able to stay conscious anymore.

"Rob, I hate you so much." I whispered and closed my eyes. I felt I was dead.





Rob's P.O.V.

I was stunned. I was shocked. I couldn't understand anything. She said she hates me. A painful tear dropped from my eye and I lifted Emily in my arms and laid her on the back seat.

Her eyes were closed and her neck was bleeding badly.

I quickly started the car and rushed to the nearby hospital.

"God!" I cried, "She... She slit her neck... Please, do something..." I gasped.

"Alright. Don't worry, we'll definitely try to help you!" The nurse replied and took Emily inside the room.

"You need to wait." The nurse muttered and went in the room again.

I sat on the bench and slapped my forehead. It all happened because of me.

Why wasn't I able to tell her the truth?

I cried and cried. My Emily was hurt. And that was because of me. I hit my head against the wall and sobbed.

"Emily... I'm so sorry... I'll tell you everything... The truth. But, please..." I sobbed harder and closed my eyes.



Emily's P.O.V.

He killed them. He killed all of them.

"I hate him," I murmured and gazed down at my body.

My neck wasn't bleeding anymore.

I closed my eyes.

"I hate him," I muttered again.

Suddenly, I felt someone's hand on my forehead.

"Who are you?" My eyes were still closed.

"Emily..." It was Rob.

I gasped.

"Get lost! I don't wanna be with you anymore. Please, I beg you, leave me alone." I cried.

"Emily?" He tried to cuddle my cheeks.

"Don't! Don't even try to touch me!" I screamed.

"Emily, please!" Rob held my arms.

I gasped and shrilled, "Is anyone here? Please, come here! I need help!"

Rob was bewildered.

As I continued screaming, a nurse came running inside my room.

"What happened?" She was petrified.

"He... He is troubling me... He's my kidnapper. And I don't wanna be with him... Please, help me!" I cried.

"What the heck? Miss, she's lying. I'm not her kidnapper. We're friends." Rob immediately said.

"What are you both trying to say?" The nurse was confused.

"See, she's just lying. I want to take her back to her home. Her parents might be troubled. Can I?" Rob said, softly.

I was too weak to say anything after this.

And, the kind of innocence in his voice made the nurse feel that he was actually concerned about me.

"Okay. She's fine now. You can take her home!" The nurse said.

"Alright. Thank you so much." Rob smiled, lifting me in his arms.

He carried me to the car and placed me gently on the back seat.


For a moment, I had forgotten that how bad he was.

I stared at him; his eyes were brimmed with innocence and loyalty.

Why do I still care for him? Why am I not able to hate him?

"I hate you..." I forced my mouth to utter the words.

"I know. Do you wanna eat something?" He replied, sternly.

"How can you be so selfish?" I mumbled.

"Are you hungry? I'm sure you are. Let's go to the nearby Pizza Hut."

"What?" I rolled my eyes, "You're so morbid."

"I know. I know, Emily." He chuckled and drove to the Pizza Hut.

"Emily?" Rob mumbled. I weakly shook my head.

"Do you really hate me? He asked.

"Rob," I stuttered, "I know you're bad. I know that you've killed my family and my friends. But, I... I still can't believe this! Somewhere inside my heart, I feel that you're not bad. You haven't done anything. I feel that you're good. And pure. And due to some reason, you're hiding the reality from me! Please, I beg you. Tell me the truth! Just give me a damn reason for which I can live!"

Rob sighed.

"I don't want you to hate me!" He mumbled.

"I want to hate you. But, I just can't." I murmured.


"C'mon! Let's have our lunch." Rob lifted me in his arms again.

"Put me down. I can walk by myself." I tugged at his shoulder.

"Shut up! You're weak."

I couldn't help but nodded. He carried me to the Pizza Hut.

As we entered, people began staring at us. Some old men and women gave as a is-it-a-place-to-do-such-kind-of-things look. And, some girls and their boyfriends gave us a ouch-that-is-so-romantic look.


"Put me down!" I said, blushing a dark shade of pink.

"I won't!" He chuckled and carried me to the table in his arms.

Everyone's eyes widened towards us.

"Rob?" I muttered.

"Yes? Anyway, what would you like to have? Mushroom Pizza?" He mumbled.

"Please put me down." I begged.

"You're weak." He replied.

"Yes. But I can sit and eat by myself." I blushed.

"Wait," Rob examined the awkward expressions of people around us and uttered, "But I won't let you eat by yourself."

I nodded.

He placed me gently on the chair beside him and ordered two small-sized mushroom and chicken pizzas.

"C'mon." Rob fed me a slice of pizza.

"Emily?" He stuttered.

"Yes?" I said, munching the pizza.

"Do you really hate me?" He asked.

“Why do you ask the same question again and again?” I took a sip of water.

“Just tell me.” He stared deeply in my eyes.

“I don’t want to hate you. But I can’t do anything. I hate you.” I said.

“Why do you hate me?” He asked.

“I hate you because you aren’t telling me the damned truth.” I mumbled.

“Truth?” He repeated.

“Yes, the truth.” I muttered.

“Why do you think that I’m hiding something from you? “

“Because I know you’re hiding something.” I muttered and grabbed Rob’s hand, “Just tell me that my family and friends are safe…”

“Emily?” He cuddled my hand.

“Yes?” I stared at him.

“I’ll tell you everything. The truth. But, at the correct time! Till then, you don’t need to worry about anything!” His eyes were brimmed with loyalty.

I nodded.

“Rob?” I said.

“Yes?” He replied.

“Do you remember that night?”

“Which night?” He mumbled.

“That night, when you, I, Max and Erik slept on Greg’s auntie’s terrace, under the stars.”

“Yes.” Rob’s lips curled into a smile.

“And that conversation.” I laughed.

“Yes. That epic conversation.” He winked at me.

Rob held my hand and we moved out of the Pizza Hut.








Guys, I'll be updating soon. Till then, I would love to know if you guys liked it :)




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