I walked up to the attic.I wanted to dig out old freaky stuff.The only thing is this was freakier than freaky.I found a genie lamp!I went downstairs to my room and rubbed the lamp.I didn't believe in fairy tales,but this one was real.When I rubbed the lamp sparkles flew around the room.Suddenly before me was a genie.
"What do you wish for?"the genie said.
I backed into my bed,thinking I was dreaming.
"Um...I want to be a mermaid when I touch water with special powers."I said.
"I will now process your wish..processing done."
And with that she was out.
The next day I woke up at 9:00am.I was gonna be late!I got in my bathtub,and as soon as I did my legs started tingling then they were in pain.My legs turned a light blue.Then they stuck together.Then something grew onto me and formed into a dress.Then in the midst of everything I realized it was Saturday.Then I heard my mom's footsteps.I turned off the water and began to dry myself.I got dressed,and my mom came in.
"Honey,can I talk to you for a minute?"Mom said.
I nodded.
"Well,there's going to be a new girl at your school,her name is Mary Lether.Your teacher wants you to be her school buddy."Mom said
"I'll do it."I said.Then I ran out the door.
At the beach I ran into a girl.
"Sorry,I wasn't watching where I was going."I said.
"It's okay.My name is Mary Lether,what is yours?"she said.
"Mine is Cassie Nelleen."I said.
The new mermaid
The girl said nothing she beckoned me with her hand so I followed her to what seemed like a cave.She stopped at the entrance.Water streched along the water for a while.Mary dived in,and she transformed into a mermaid.I dived in,and also in the process turning myself into a mermaid.She swam forward,eventually led me to a pearl shrine.She said a prayer,instantly a pearl necklace appeared she grabbed it and handed it to me.I put it on,and when I did I was instntly teleported.A castle stood in front of me.It was golden with jewels and beads on it.I swam in,almost blinded by the light.I followed a hallway.A map lay there on the gold covered wall.The lobby was on the right.I turned and saw several merpeople.I swam in,people stared in starry-eyed wonder.Then they fled except for one.That merperson approached me.
"Hello,may I help you?"she said.
" do people live here by any chance?"I said.
"Um..yeah are you a new person?"she asked.
"Yes I am.My name is Cassie."I said.
The mermaid looked horrified.
"You need to see the queen.She's on the top floor you can't miss her."
The Queen
I got to the queen's room.I was huffing and puffing and don't say I blew the house down.I knocked softly.
"You may come in."a gentle sweet voice said.
I opened the door a crack slipped in,and quietly shut the door.I turned my head to see a young mermaid.
"Welcome to the castle,Princess Aqua."she said.
I assumed she was the queen.She was after all,the only one in this room.
"I am a princess?I asked.
She nodded.Then spoke:
"You are my long lost sister.You see long ago two mermaid princesses were born.They grew until they were 16 years old,then granted everlasting youth.But one day,a storm broke out at sea.The old glass castle was smashed carrying you to the human world.Our mother at the time erased your memory so you could find a home.She was later sent to the human world to find you,but hasn't come back ever since."The queen said.
The return
I was permitted to go back to the human world for a few days while they built me a room at the top of the castle.I went back to school,and sure enough Mary was there.
"Hey,what's up?"I said to her when I got in the building.
"Nothing really,what about you?"She asked.
"I don't know."I said.
The bell rang,and she told me to meet her at recess.I rushed to homeroom.Nobody was there.I heard footsteps in the hall,and I realized it was heading towards the classroom.I ducked under a desk,but then noticed that person already saw me.I recognized the face.The queen!I stood back up as she approached.
"Hello,how are you?"she said.
"Great!I have one question though,why isn't there anybody here?"I asked.
"This school was bought."she said in a quiet tone.
"Bought?By who?"I asked.
"By me!"she said.
"And how did you get the money?"I asked.
"My witch friend!"she said.
I looked at her stunned.
"Let me explain,there are two worlds.The human world and the magic world.The only way to get to the magic world is a pearl necklace you get the first time you pray at the hidden shrine.There are two princesses for each magical realm.Oh!and just in case you want to know,my human name is Sarah,and my mermaid name is Princess Jewel."she said.
I glanced at the clock.It was time to meet Mary!
"I have to go now,see you later!"I said.
I ran to meet Mary.She was standing on the wall.She noticed me and yet again beckoned me.She led me to the same cave,but to a different room.This one had a jewel in it.She told me to grab it. so I did.A cellphone appeared,so I began to study it curiously.
"It's a magic cellphone.You can harness magic with it."Mary said.
"Okay cool.I said sarcastically.I didn't want anything to do with it.
"It is time to return!"
I looked at the opening.Jewel was there.I gathered my things and left.
The room.

I began to decorate.Then there was a knock at the door.
"Come in!"
Jewel appeared carrying dresses.
"You can have these."she said.She hung them up on some coral hangers.
"Mind if I help"she asked.
"Wouldn't mind it."
She began to decorate.At the bottom of my bags there was something I didn't remember putting in there.
"What is this?"I asked holding up the item.
She gasped.She studied it.
"This is...Mother's..tracker."she said.
There was another knock at the door.We looked at each other.Then looked at the door.I opened it,peeking out.I looked at Jewel.
"M..M..Mother?"she studdered.The mermaid at the door nodded.Then looked at me and said:
"Aqua I have been waiting for you."
I stood in front of her staring.
"Why?"I asked.
"The underwater kingdom is in great danger.Only you in this castle can stop it."
"Why just me?!"I asked
"You aren't the only one.We need princesses from each castle can stop it.Your job is to gather them and fight evil."
"But how do I do that?"
"Take this wand, it can transform you into different living things."
"Wait!" Jewel said."Can I help?"
"Yes,I was just getting to that.You can take this other wand it does the same thing as Aqua's.Now, go up to the surface I will finish unpacking your room Aqua."
I nodded.I swam to the surface.As soon as I did, colors flashed in every direction.I was soon in the human world.Sarah was beside me.


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