The Dog and Her Owner
Her name was Sammie, oh what a dog she was. She was a light brown Laso Apso, and had a love for her owner. She always stayed true and faithful to this undeserving owner, who in her younger years disciplined her harshly out of fear of losing her. As the years passed, this loyal calm dog taught the owner the errors of her ways. People would ask the owner how she got the dog to behave so well, and after fourteen wonderful years, she replied “I didn’t, she taught me to be a loyal calm and loving person”. Thanks, Sammie.

A Cat’s life

Who would ever think that a rescued six toed Maine coon would save a woman’s life? The cat in question was a prissy delicate female that expressed her intelligence every day. After a sad lonely break-up with the woman’s first love, she was going to end her life lying in bed. The cat had other ideas and proceeded to jump up on the lady’s chest. She laid there with her feet touching the sad lady’s cheek, and purring like never before. Upon waking, and still alive, the lady was forever beholden to this cat, whose purrs were louder than her cries.

The Journey

Two ladies making a journey, which others said they could not do? These two ladies left their home, family and life a in a small town to venture to the big city. These two ladies needed each other, as they were mother and daughter. Both alone, they had each other, both going seeking the Lord their God. They found what they were after and much more. You see, the daughter and a daughter that was a surprise, but one that only gave them more joy. The two ladies, now three, found love, joy, and hope in the city venture.


Tag der Veröffentlichung: 21.08.2010

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