Chapter 1

*** Sam ***
“God damn Shane! Get out of my room!" I yell at my brother's best friend. He looks at me with an amused smile, waving a little. "Nahh I like your room" he says with a smile and a wink. I run at him, and barrel my head into his chest. "Ummph!" he says with a grunt. Moving to the door, he holds his hands up in surrender. Katie, my best friend, is sitting on the bed, laughing her ass off. "Run Shane!" She yells, falling back on the bed. He runs and I slam the door shut behind him. She is still laughing as we get dressed. "Katie, please. Stop laughing!" I say with a smirk. "Its so hard not to though, I mean, you have the biggest crush on him!" I stare at her open mouthed. "I do not have a giant crush on him! He is an annoying asshole, and a player! Why would I love an arrogant jerk like him?” I say, staring at her. She smirks “Cuz he is flipping hot!” she yells, fanning her face. “Mmm I wouldn’t mind having him take me for a ride” She gives me a wink. I laugh. “Ughh, Kat, you are so crazy. I love you!” She smiles. “I love you to. Now finish getting dressed for school! I don’t want to be late!” With that she walked down the hall in search of breakfast

~~~ Shane ~~~
Haha She just kicked me out of her room. Gosh I love messing with her! Her face was so funny! I rub my chest where her head hit me. Damn she is so stubborn, and strong. And beautiful. Whoa! Where did that come from?! I shake my head walking downstairs for food. I can hear Katie and Sam’s laughter. Wonder what they are laughing about? Ah well.. It doesn’t matter. I hear footsteps coming down the stairs, and turn to see Katie coming down them. She stops beside me and leans forward to whisper in my ear, “You really should just ask her out. She likes you.” and with that she was gone. I stood rooted to the spot shock written across my face. Sam? Likes me? Crazy…?

Chapter 2

*** Sam ***
I laugh and start to pull on my tight, light blue, skinny jeans and white tank top. I slide on my sexy leather jacket, then pull on my blue converse. I stand in front of my full length mirror. My golden colored hair falling in long, silken tresses to my shoulder, my brownish green eyes bright with mischief, and my curves well proportioned. I was beautifully sexy I thought. Making my way downstairs I saw my brother and his friends. I guess I’ll tell you a little about them.
My brother, Matt, is 6’1, with short, spiked, brown hair, blueish gray eyes, and a well built body. He and all his friends are on the football and basketball teams.
Shane, is 6’1, has shaggy black hair, piercing green eyes, and is broad and well proportioned.
Zane, is 6’2, has baby blond hair, light blue eyes and is kind of lanky, he is also my best guy friend, and the only reason he is is because he is nice and sweet and doesn’t hit on me.
Xavier, is 6’, has long brownish blond hair, dark brown eyes, and is well built.
Chris, is 6’3, has short, spiked, black hair with red streaks at the tips (Which make him look unbelievably sexy to bad he’s a jerk), dark blue eyes, and is very well built.
Jason, is 6’1, has dirty blonde hair, ocean blue eyes, and is very broad and muscular.
Mike, is 6’, with short blonde hair that has light blue streaks, dark blue eyes, and is nice to look at. All in all these boys are sexy eye candy. No wonder they are the most popular boys at school. And I’m not popular, but I am well known around the school. Being captain of the basketball and soccer teams, I should be. “Sam! Get your ass down here or your gonna be late!” shouts Matt from the kitchen. “I’m right here you dumbass!” I shout, smiling slightly. Matt and I are really close so when we call each other names it doesn’t matter. He smiles and grabs me, giving me a big bear hug. “Awwww”, says Jason in a baby voice, “Look at them. They are so cute!” I laugh as Matt punches him. “Hey, Hey Matt take it easy! I was joking!” says Jason as Matt punches him once more. “Learn to keep your mouth shut Jas” says Shane, who was leaning on the counter, eating an apple. He tosses me one and I catch it easily. I bite into it as we all grab our bags and head for the car.

~~~ Shane ~~~
I almost choke on my apple when I see her. Long hair flowing behind her, tight jeans hugging her curves, her breasts straining against the material. She definitely dresses to impress. And I have been impressed. Wait?! This is Sam! Not some hoe you wanna fuck.. But she does look amazing. Matt and her hug and then Jason starts to run his mouth. I don’t really listen to what he says but I know it pissed Matt off cuz he starts to attack the poor dude. I snicker a little and say, “Learn to keep your mouth shut Jas,“ I take another bite of my apple. She looks at me with those mesmerizing eyes and when she nods at the apples I toss her one. She catches it easily and I have to give her credit. She’s a great athlete.

Chapter 3

*** Sam ***
I jump into Shane's car and he gives me a funny look. "What?" I ask watching his face. "Umm.. Why are you riding with me?" he asks, looking a little shocked. "Cuz I wanna that's why. Now drive I don't wanna be late." He chuckles, "There's my Sam." I smirk, "I'm not your anything," He murmurs something under his breath but I don't catch what it was. I shrug and stare out the window. Yeah, I know what your thinking. Where are our parents? Well, Matt and I live alone because our parents are constantly on the road and they didn't want that life for us. So every month they send us money for food and other necessities (No, I'm not gonna say how much) and we get along just fine. Then the guys either hated living with their parents or were kicked out. Shane was one of them. Only Matt and I know the full story. Shane just tells the guys that his parents kicked him out. You see, Matt, Shane, and I have been friends for years. When our parents first bought us the house. We have lived here since Matt was 16 and I was 14. Shane was the same age as Matt and one day we decided to get together and hang out. Well, Matt got sick so we took him home. I left something at Shane's and asked if he would drive me over there to get it. He agreed and we drove over. We were laughing and giggling. He chased me upstairs into his room and I fell on the bed laughing. Well out faces were really close together and his eyes got all serious. My smile faded as his lips came closer to mine. I held my breath when his lips touched mine. It wasn't a hard kiss. It was soft and lingering. Then his door flew open and his parents saw us. His father started screaming and yelling and his mother grabbed his hair and dragged him a little. I was terrified. They started arguing and then Shane yelled that he was leaving and they said good riddance. He grabbed his stuff, shoved it in a bag, grabbed my make up bag and then my hand and dragged my outside. I told him he could stay with us and we've been friends ever since. I always felt that he sort of resented me after that. I mean, it was my fault his parents kicked him out. I hear him crying every now and then. Imagine saying your leaving and your parents saying they didn't care. They don't ever call or talk to him. Its like he's dead to them.

~~~ Shane ~~~
Sam jumps in my car and I’m kind of surprised. She usually rides with Zane. She and him are like best friends. It makes me smile to see her happy with him but, it also makes me kind of jealous. “What?” she asks breaking my train of thought. “Umm.. Why are you riding with me?” I ask, sliding into the car with her. “Cuz I wanna. Now drive I don’t wanna be late.” I chuckle and say, “There’s my Sam” She smirks, “I’m not your anything.” I murmur softly, ”Yet” She glances at me, wondering what I said but I wasn’t gonna tell and she wasn’t gonna ask. Before I knew it she had fallen asleep and it gave me a chance to stare at her. God she was beautiful. Nobody was as amazing looking as this girl. I pulled into the parking lot. We were a few minutes early so I sat there, watching her sleep. She looked so peaceful. I didn’t want to wake her but, I know she’d be pissed if I let her sleep through a period. I climb out of the car and open her door lightly shaking her shoulder. I lean down and whisper to her.

Chapter 4

*** Sam ***
"Sam! Sam, Wakey Wakey, We're at school." I feel a hand on my shoulder and a warm, soft voice speaking in my ear. I blink open my eyes and see our high school, then turn my head and see Shane, kneeling beside me. "S-Sorry," I stutter, rubbing my eyes, "I must have fell asleep." He smiles and offers me a hand pulling me up. "No worries" and he starts walking off, immediately he is surrounded by girls, sluts more like it and I feel Katie's arm slide into mine. "So, are you in love with him yet?" She asks with a teasing smile. "Not yet and I don't think I ever will." I laugh and we walk into school, watching Shane with his horde of sluts following him, touching his hair, trying to slide their fingers under his shirt. He smiles and lets them. I feel disgusted and they guys don't looks as pleased. Matt takes a long look at Katie and then glances at me. My eyes widen a little and I get out my phone to text Matt. 'You like her?!' I text. Then I open my locker, grabbing my books and heading to my first period class. Math.. Ugh.. Why must I learn about you? My phone vibrates and it says: 'Yeah I do, But don't say anything! I mean it Sam' I smile and text: 'Your secret is safe with me.' and it really is. I wouldn't tell one of Matt's secrets if my life depended on it. He's my brother. I can't betray him. Ever. He's all I have. Yeah, we have our parents but they aren't ever around. Since I was 14 (And now I'm almost 17, Matt 19) I haven't really had a Mom. The boys living with me are more family then I could have ever imagined. Matt threw ever birthday party I've ever had, made sure I was well clothed and fed, and gave me all the love in the world. His friends even though they annoyed me and sometimes really hurt my feelings (not that I told them), they loved me unconditionally. It was like one big family. Ms. Peterson, started to drone on and on about Parabola, Its like this fancy grid in a U shape. I started to doodle in my notebook, knowing Matt could help me with this later. Katie, who was sitting next to me whispered, "I cannot wait till the last day of school" I nodded in agreed meant. Our last day of school was only a week away. I was so excited! Then I was also sad. My brother and his friends graduated this year. We were all going to the College Station in Texas not far from our home, but I wouldn't see them at school and that tore my heart up. That meant less time with Shane.. I thought. Wait?! I thought that!? Oh my god! I'm going insane. Focus Sam. Focus on Math. Oh thank lord the bell rang. I jump up and out of my seat. Running into the hall I hit my head on a hard chest, before I fall I feel a pair of strong arms holding me up. "You know babe, I'll always give you a hug if you want one. You don't have to run at me." Chris says with a chuckle. I push him away. "Shut up Chris, You know I hate this class." he shrugs and smiles. Seeing his groupie of sluts coming, he slips away to go see them. They squeal and grab his clothes, touching his hair. Its sickening. The last thing that boy needs is more attention. The day drags on and the only good time was in the cafeteria where we ate some pie. I love pie. It tastes amazing. All soft and creamy. "Miss Matthews. Are you listening?" The teacher snaps. I shake my head and say, Nope! Popping the 'P'. "Well I hope you like detention then." I smile and nod. "Of course, I get a lot of extra nap time in there." The class snickers and chuckles. My teacher slams down the book he was holding. "This isn't a joke Miss Matthews. Straight to the principals office. Now." I smile and nod getting up. "You might want to consider detention yourself Sir, You seem a little cranky." I hear the laughter from my classmates as I close the door and make my way down the hall to Shane's car. Screw detention. I am not sitting in detention for an hour. I slide into Shane's car and close my eyes, drifting off.

~~~ Shane ~~~
I pull her out of the car and start walking towards my class. I don’t really care which one. I just know Sam’s not gonna be near me. The sluts surround me and I try to shake them off. They cling to me like glue. It sickens me. Yeah I’m a player but I don’t want them around me 24/7. Lately none of them have satisfied me. I glance over and see Sam talking to Katie. They laugh and Sam shakes her head. They start toward their own classes. I see Sam glance at me and I let the sluts touch me, hoping to make her jealous. Instead her face twists in disgust and she flings her hair over her shoulder, walking away. I sigh and shoo the sluts away. Uncaring about them, they go off to bother someone else. I walk into the classroom and Matt pats me on the back. “Alright. Spill.” I look at him confused. He sighs and looks me dead in the eyes. “I can see straight through you bro. You have a thing for someone. And its not an ordinary someone. Its special. Who?” I look at him nervously, my head was screaming Sam. But I couldn’t tell that to her overprotective brother. Best friends sister is off limits. Matt’s eyes soften and he touches my shoulder. “You can tell me anything Shane. You know that.” His eyes show a little hurt that I wouldn’t be completely honest with him. Guilt pierced me in the gut. This is the guy who protected me and I couldn’t tell him the honest truth. I was falling in love with his sister. I lower my voice and glance around. “I think I’m falling for your sister.” Matt looks at me for a second, weighing his options then he smiles. “I couldn’t think of a better guy for her.” I break into a giant smile. “But you better treat her right. I don’t want her having a broken heart cuz of you.” I nod rapidly and start daydreaming about Sam. Her long hair, her body, mostly her eyes. Gosh, Anybody could drown in them. I walk through the class in a daze not really listening or caring. I pretty much had straight A’s. I was having a good day till I reached Reading. I knew I had to concentrate in this class. ‘C’mon Shane, Last class. You can do it.‘ I thought. I had dyslexia and it was really hard for me to read. I was pretty good at writing, just reading gave me trouble. As the class went on I kept mixing up the letters. I could barely understand. Finally, I just got up and ran out. Not caring where I was going I went to the parking lot, making my way to the car. I just wanted to go home. Sleep. Forget about life. I reached my car when I felt a hand on my back and a slutty sugary sweet voice talking to me. Oh lord. Cherry. God, she is the biggest slut ever. I don’t want to talk to her at all.

Chapter 5

*** Sam ***
I wake up, hearing a knock on the window. I look up seeing Shane and some slut in front of the car. I wrinkle my nose in disgust. Cherry, is her name. Big boobed, blonde, long legs, no brain at all. She sleeps with everyone who asks. She disgusts me. They're talking, I duck down to listen and they won't see me.
Cherry: Awww Please Shane? Just one ride.. I'll make it worth your while. I can tell she winks and takes his hand. I think Shane ran his hand through his hair. I peek up to watch. Yep, he did. I know him to well.. Freaky. I turn my attention back to the pair.
"I don't know Cherry.. I'm not in the mood." He replies, glancing at the ground. Cherry gapes at him.
"Not in the mood" she shrieks, staring at him in shock. Obviously it was her first time being turned down. 'About time' I thought. He nods and she takes a step toward him. Pressing her boobs against his chest and grabbing his hair, twisting his head down so she can kiss him. I gasp softly and tears well in my eyes and I feel.. jealousy? Jealousy?! What is wrong with me?! Shane pushes her away and wipes his mouth in disgust. She glares at him. Then without a backward glance, she stalks off. Shane shakes his head and heaves a deep sigh then climbs into the car. Stupid of me though I left my bag in the front seat. He smiles and turns around. I do a small, stupid wave at him. "Hi," I say, glancing up at his face. He smiles and waves back. "Did you skip class?" his voice is gentle. Not what I was expecting. "No, I got detention and I didn't feel like being there." he nods and starts the car. "Lets go home then." I jump into the front seat and look out the window, watching the land as we drive. Nothing special about our town. Just an ordinary town in Texas. "Are you gonna tell Matt?" I ask softly. Still staring out the window I hear him sigh. "No, I won't. But please, Sam, its the last week of school. Two more days. Don't get in trouble again. I'll make a call to the school and tell them you felt sick and I took you home early." I glanced at the clock and realized we were both out of school early. I look at his tired face. "Why are you skipping?" I ask, raising my eyebrow skeptically. He sighs and lowers his head. "I just.. I didn't want to be in the classroom anymore. Couldn't handle it." I think in my head. Then it pops up. "You were in reading weren't you?" He gives a slight nod and I reach out to him. I gently touch his shoulder, and he seems to relax. "Its okay Shane." I say softly, stroking his shoulder softly. He nods once. Shane has dyslexia. Reading and writing are hard for him and he's a perfectionist. Making it even more stressful for him. I remember staying up late at night helping him study for a big English Exam or a reading project.

~~~ Shane ~~~
I shake my head and climb in the car, wiping my mouth in disgust. Ugh. That was probably the worst kiss of my life. I glance in the passengers seat and see Sam’s bag. Sam’s bag? I look behind me and there she is. Sitting in my backseat. She gives a small wave. She looked so cute doing it. “Hi” she says softly. I smile and wave back. “Did you skip class?“ I ask her, my voice gentle. She gives a half nod, then says, “No, I got detention and didn’t feel like being there.“ I nod and turn on the car. “Lets go home then,“ I murmur softly. God, Sam saw the whole thing with Cherry. How am I ever gonna tell her that I.. care about her. Wait. I can’t think like this. Even if Matt gave me the okay. Its still wrong. I glance at her out of the corner of my eye. She’s wiping her face. Huh?! Sam..was she crying? No. No, no. Sam never cried. Never. She was way to strong. I want to reach out and hold her hand so bad. I want to touch her so bad. And not in a sexual way. Well.. Not that I’d complain if she let me. I mean, she’s the sexiest thing alive. I’d make her.. NO! Gosh! What is wrong with me?! This is Matt’s little sister. I cannot think like that about her. But I was.. No! I had to stop. “Are you gonna tell Matt?” She asks, interrupting my train of thought, thankfully. I sigh deeply and run a hand through my hair. "No, I won't. But please, Sam, its the last week of school. Two more days. Don't get in trouble again. I'll make a call to the school and tell them you felt sick and I took you home early." I see her glance at the clock and something dawns on her. She asks, “Why are you skipping?” she raises an eyebrow and looks at me. I sigh and lower my head a little. I could still see the road but enough to look ashamed. "I just.. I didn't want to be in the classroom anymore. Couldn't handle it." I murmur, knowing she would get it. This was the girl who would stay up late with me when no one else would. She’d help me get the good grades. The guys were smart to. We all got great grades. But me being a perfectionist I’d read something 5 times and re write reports and study like crazy. Yeah I still went out and rolled around in the sheets if you get my meaning but, I wanted something else in my life. Not just sex, food, sleep, parties, more sex. I wanted to make something of myself. Only Sam understood. Matt stopped staying up late with me. I’d go to Sam and beg her to go over this report with me. Check that spelling and punctuation was right. She understood me. She’s the only one that has. Oh my god. Listen to me! I am going insane. And its all the little beauty next to me’s fault. I hear her asking if I was in reading class. I give a small nod and I feel her hand caressing my shoulder. Her touch relaxed me and I felt so much better. “Its okay Shane” she soothed. Her hand crept up into my hair, knowing how much I liked that. I smile and pull into the driveway.

Chapter 6

*** Sam ***
We pulled into the driveway and we get out. I grab my bag and head up to my room. I want a nap and nothing was stopping me from having one. Just as I lay down and close my eyes, I hear a knock outside. "Come in" I say, rolling over to look at the door. Shane walks in and I smile slightly. He tries to smile back but fails. He takes a tentative step toward me. I reach out my hand and pat the space beside me. His eyes flare with hope and he crawls next to me. "I'm sorry. I just didn't want to be alone." I nod and pull him close, stroking his hair softly and he sighs, curling close to me. 'Poor Shane' I think, watching him fall asleep. He has such a rough life. Without us it would have been harder. His parents leaving, dyslexia, sluts chasing him everywhere. And now he was faced with college and that’s probably terrifying for him. He pulls me closer, burying his head in the crook of my neck. “Sam.. Don’t go.. No, no.. I didn’t.. No!” he murmurs in sleep, rolling around a little, clutching me tighter. I smile and blush a little, surprised he’s dreaming of me. I stroke his hair and whisper reassurances to him, holding him close. He settles and falls back to sleep. I smile and close my eyes, the warmth of his body making me drowsy. Soon I feel myself slipping away.

~~~ Shane ~~~
I watch her as she walks away, bag over her shoulder. God, she is perfection. And her personality is everything a guy desires. She’s smart cocky, brave, beautiful. I need her. Its official. I have re-fallen in love with her. Yeah, I know what your thinking. Huh?! You loved her?! Well I did. It was when I first met Matt, he was babysitting Sam. He was thirteen and she was ten. She thought she was very smart and independent and she was. But wasn’t very smart. She got into a lot of trouble. Her big mouth kept running off to some big guys. Matt was talking to some guys and hadn’t been watching her. I was. I loved her spirit. Her eyes. The same as they are now. Full of spark and mischief. They melted my heart that day. She had been talking some crap and they were about to beat her up. They weren’t the kind of guys to care that it was a girl. The biggest one had pushed her down when I started running across the park. I jumped on the guy and pulled him off her. I punched him repeatedly in his face. I had seen red that day. I didn’t want anyone to touch her. When the other guys ran off I grabbed her hand and pulled her close to me. She looked up at me in amazement and something else. She had hidden it so quickly that I never found out what it was. She gave me a playful shove. “Not bad, for a boy.” she said with a smirk. I watched her normal face slide back into place. The stubborn, independent girl was back. Matt ran up and pulled her into a hug which she struggled out of. I smiled remembering how she didn’t shrugs me off. “Matt I’m fine!” she yelled exasperated while he asked a million questions. I had smiled and watched them bicker a bit. He then turned to me and smiled, thanking me for helping his sister. Then it was set. We were best friends. We did everything together. The Three Musketeers. As I climbed the stairs remembering all these times. Then before what I knew what I was doing I was knocking on her door. I needed to lay next to her. I opened the door after hearing her soft voice and stood there watching her. She rolled over and looked at me. God, her eyes. I swear they saw right through me. I see her smile a little and I try to return it. Try. I can feel my smile fail and I take a tentative step toward her. She reaches out her and I feel grateful, when she pats the space beside her I can feel the hope flaring in my eyes. I crawl into bed beside her and whisper, “I’m sorry. I just didn’t want to be alone.” She nods and pulls me close, stroking my hair. I curl close to her and relax, feeling safe and comfortable. Before I know it I’m drifting off to sleep.

Chapter 7

*** Sam ***
There was a loud bang downstairs and I groaned, rolling over and getting out of bed. I walk to my door and open it, looking over the railing to the living room, seeing my brother and his friends coming inside. I shake my head and go back to my room. I see Shane still on the bed and I smile. Then I crawl into bed beside him, softly stroking his hair and falling back asleep. “Sam! Shane!” I hear, behind me and I wake instantly, turning to see Matt standing in the doorway his face, shocked and angry. Shane shoots up, face confused. He sits up, rubbing his eyes, “Sam.. Why did you wake me-” He glances up and sees Matt and his eyes go wide. “Oh, oh Matt no! We- I- didn’t do anything! I just.. I fell asleep-” Matt took a threatening step forward. “In bed with my little sister!” He roared, hands shaking. I quickly got out of bed and stood in front of him. “Matt its okay. He didn’t do anything. We were asleep the whole time. I swear.” Matt glared down at me then his eyes softened. I never lied to him. He sighs softly then pulls me close to him. “I’m sorry sis. It just looked bad.” I nod and hold him closer. Shane slowly gets out of bed and walks toward the door. “Matt, bro, I’m sorry.” Matt shakes his head and pulls Shane in for one of those manly hug thingies. I smile at them. “I overreacted, I’m sorry.” says Matt, patting Shane’s back. Shane smiles and pulls back. “No problem man. No hard feelings” Then they start downstairs laughing and joking like the best friends they are. I smile and follow them, looking for food.

~~~ Shane ~~~
I jump awake hearing noise. I sit up, rubbing my eyes, “Sam. Why did you wake me-” I glance up and see Matt, looking ready to kill me. I start to stamper, I know he gave me the go to ask his sister out but sleep with her? Uh big no, no. “Oh, oh Matt no! We- I- didn’t do anything! I just.. I fell asleep-” He took a step toward me, his hands trembling. “In bed with my little sister?!” he roared, looking very scary. Then someone got in front of him. Sam. She was pleading with him in a soft voice. I doubt I would have heard if she was shouting. My heart was beating to loudly to hear anything. Whatever she said was good cuz he hugged her. He murmurs something and then looks at me as I get out of bed. I swallow hard, “Matt, bro, I’m sorry.” He shakes his head and pulls me in for a man hug. What?! You never had a man hug?! Your missing out! I smile and pat his back. Matt says, “I overreacted, I’m sorry.” I pull back so I can look at him as I smile. “No problem man. No hard feelings.” Then we start walking downstairs, joking around with each other, then Matt murmurs softly “I wouldn’t have been so mad if you told me you finally asked her out.” I looked at him like he was crazy. One minute he was about to clobber me but, now he wants me to ask out his little sister. Wow.. Weird day. I walk to the kitchen, feeling starved. Sam follows after us and goes over to Zane, ruffling his baby blonde hair. Gosh, why doesn’t she do that to me. I watched them together. Wondering how Zane was better then me. Zane was swatting at her hand trying to get her away from his hair, I watch her sigh then drop his hair, then he leans down and kisses her cheek. I start to see red. His lips on my girl. No way! Then she giggles and hugs the loser. Wait?! Loser?! That’s Zane. My best bud. Ughhh My head feels so scrabbled! All thanks to her. Wow.. I watch as she jumps on his back and he carries her to the TV room. Why can’t I do that? Why can’t I be the one she plays around with? I’d be so much fun. I frown and turn away. Not wanting to look or I was going to start pounding Zane’s face in. Matt came up behind me and put a hand on my shoulder. “Hey, easy man. No worries?” I nod stiffly. He was about to leave when I said, “Why does she like him better then me?” I swallow hard, preparing for the answer. Matt looks at me for a second then starts to laugh. I stare at him in disbelief. He grabs the counter because he’s laughing so hard. “Y-Y-You seriously w-w-want me t-to answer t-that?” I frown and nod. Matt straightens and calms his laughter. “How come you haven’t figured it out?” he asks genuinely curious. “Figured out what?” My gut immediately twists, ‘Are they secretly dating?’ No, they can’t be! Can they? Matt chuckles and says softly, “Bro, Zane is totally gay. Haven’t you figured that out?” I stare at Matt opened mouth. “Y-Your serious?! Zane is gay?!” Matt nods. “That’s why his parents kicked him out.” Then Matt walks out, shaking his head and still laughing. I look through the doorway, watching Zane and Sam cuddle. He’s gay. I laugh. The guy who was out to steal my girl, wasn’t interested in her. I laugh louder, and stand near the doorway, watching my love.

Chapter 8

*** Sam ***
The boys were gathered in the kitchen, eating something or other. I grabbed an apple from the fridge and hopped onto the counter next to my best friend, Zane. I ruffled his soft blonde hair, smiling when he swats my hand away. “Sam,” he whines, trying to push me away. “Please don’t touch my hair!” I sighs and gave it one last tug before releasing him. He smiles and gives me a quick kiss on my cheek. I giggle and hug him. Zane is my best friend because he is really sweet. Oh and I forgot to mention.. he’s gay. Yeah! Shocker right? Yes? No? Maybe? Okay! Anyway I jumped on his back and said, “Carry me to the TV room!” I play with his hair and bite into my apple and he laughs, shaking his head. He carries me to the TV room. Plopping me on the couch then sitting next to me. I smile at him and put my head in his lap. He turns on the TV and I grab the remote, turning it to SpongeBob. He groan and so do the other boys. “Really Sam?!” I nod and Zane leans back watching. The other boys keep complaining and I chuckle and shake my finger at them, “Hush! I am trying to watch the little sponge dance!” they chuckle and get up to get more food. I look at Chris, then smile and get up walking toward him. He looks at me with a lustful, wary smile. I put my hands on his chest and lean very close to him. “Will you get me some potatoes chips Chris? Please?” I ask, running my hands over his chest and then his abs. He gasps softly and nods, then I pull back smiling. “Thanks Chris” then I walk back and sit next to Zane. I hear Chris swear under his breath and the guys laughing. I glance at Chris and see Chris Junior has come out to play. I laugh and cover my eyes. “Umm.. Chris? You might want to… umm..fix..your situation.” I hear him chuckle and then walk away to the kitchen. I can hear the guys laughter and comments like.. “Damn she got you good bro” “Haha Why’d you fall for it?” I smile and Zane gives me a high-five. “You are so beast girlfriend!” I laugh and slap his palm. We settle back into the couch, listening to the guys tease Chris. He comes back in looking mad he tosses me the bag of chips and I smile and blow him a kiss. He smirks and comes to sit next to me and Zane. “Hmm.. I believe you teased me there Sam.. You might want to either kiss me or suffer my revenge.” He murmurs into my ear with a wink. I hear two sets of footsteps but I don’t glance to see who it is. I smile at Chris and lean in really close, making his sparkling blue eyes shine brighter. My lips are mere inches from his when something grabs Chris by the collar of his shirt and jerk him away.

~~~ Shane ~~~
I was watching Sam lay on Zane’s lap, day dreaming that it was mine when the guys started to come into the kitchen. I quickly busied myself with the sundae I was making for me and Sam. She and I love ice cream. Then I hear her voice, low and seductive. I turn and see her standing in front of Chris, looking small in comparison. I almost growl when I see her touch him, running her hands over his chest and abs, smiling. I glare at Chris as he gasps loving the feel of her hands then just as soon as it started it stopped. I quickly turn and hear Chris swear as he walks into the kitchen, rummaging for food. The guys are teasing him. Apperantly Sam was just playing with him. Thank God. I wouldn’t have been able to handle it if she was serious. Especially about him, I concentrate on the sundae so I don’t go and beat Chris’s face in for looking at her in such a way. Then I do turn when I hear his low voice, saying her name. I look at them. Her pinned in between his arms, her lips teasing his. He is enjoying it. You can tell from the slight bulge in his shorts. I walk into the room thinking they are fooling around, then he smiles wickedly and leans closer. I grab his collar and jerk him away from her. Growling, I hold him high. Sam jumps off the couch and touches me shoulder, pleading with me to put him down. That they were playing. Then Chris says, “Oh yeah, I was gonna teach her how to play. My way.” My grip tightens and Chris gasps, trying to breathe. Visions of him and Sam made me want to kill him. Kill, my best friend, right now. “Take it back” I say in a low, scary calm voice. Chris claws at my hands wanting me to release him. “I-I-I t-take I-it b-bac-ck” I drop Chris and Sam pulls me into the kitchen.

Chapter 9

*** Sam ***
I look up expecting to see Matt, instead I see Shane.. Looking very pissed off. I jump up and touch his shoulder, “Shane. Relax, we were just playing around.” Chris smirks and opens his big mouth, “Oh yeah.. I was gonna teach her how to play. My way.” I glare at him in shock and Shane’s grip tightens. Chris gasps and tries to push him away. “Take it back.” Shane says in a threatening tone, grip tightening more. “I-I-I t-take I-it b-bac-ck” Chris gasps, his breathing low and shallow. I grab Shane’s hand and he releases Chris, who falls to the floor, gasping for breath. I pull Shane into the kitchen and stare at him as he paces. His hands are shaking as he turns to me and I expect him to yell. Instead he gently places his trembling hands on my shoulders and tilts my chin up to face him. “Sam.. What were you thinking?” He asks softly, green eyes piercing my boring brown ones. “I.. was just playing with him. I never meant for him to take me seriously.” He sighs and lowers his head. “He’s a player Sam, you know that. He’ll take you to his bed against your will if he has to. He’s to stubborn to realize you don’t want him. Unless..” Shane glances at me eyes unreadable. I jump, “No! Oh Lord, no. I can’t- couldn’t- ever be with Chris. We aren’t.. won’t ever be.. compatible..” Shane sighs in relief and his eyes seem to soften and relax. “Okay well, with that taken care of. Matt was wondering if you wanted to throw a party in celebration of graduating?” Shane smiles at me and I nod rapidly. “Yes, Yes, Yes! I totally want to throw a party” His smile gets brighter and I laugh. He turns around to grab some food and I watch his muscles ripple as he reaches into the cabinet for a bowl. ’I wonder what it would feel like to have his arms around me.. “ I shake my head, getting rid of that thought. I can’t think like that. I can’t! He’s my brothers best friend. He is totally off limits. Though.. I wouldn’t mind.. No! I can’t.. I start walking into the TV room trying to clear my head. I plop into Zane’s lap and he groans, “Why?! Why me?! Ughh.. Your so fat..” I gasp and look at him in shock, getting up and sitting in my next favorite guy’s lap. Xavier smiled and welcomed me into his lap and I smiled back at him. “Thank Zane!” says Xavier, pulling me close to him. I wave at my brother who looks ready to kill someone. I’m not sure if its Zane or Xavier.

~~~ Shane ~~~
I couldn’t believe how crazy she was. Tempting Chris like that. He could have seriously hurt her. I shake my head, trying to not go in there and beat Chris up more. I pace a little faster, my hands still trembling. He deserved to be hurt. I could only imagine the thoughts he was thinking right now. About her. I turn and tilts her chin up. My girl. Wait?! My girl?! Ugh.. She is.. She just doesn’t know it yet. But she will soon. Soon she’ll know who her guy is. And its not some sleazy, good-for-nothing guy. No. Its gonna be me. I’ll be the one to take her to bed and hold her tight. I ask her softly, “Sam.. What were you thinking?” My eyes are piercing hers and I know she won’t lie to me. She tries to make her voice seem confident but I can tell she was a little frightened, “I.. was just playing with him. I never meant for him to take me seriously.” I sigh, of course she didn’t seriously want him. I lower my head so I can look into her eyes, “He’s a player Sam, you know that. He’ll take you to his bed against your will if he has to. He’s to stubborn to realize you don’t want him. Unless..” Then an idea crosses my mind.. What if she did want him? What if he was what she wanted? Oh god, please no.

(Author’s Note: Hai guys:D Hope your enjoying the book, just wanna clear something up. I dunno if I said something about a girl he loved or not.. I have like two different documents so I’m kinda confused.. I don’t have the time to read all over them so I’m just gonna put this in now and if I put something about this in earlier tell me Oh and sorry that this story is kinda long xD I really get into the whole cheating thing that’s about to happenJ Please and Thank you!:D Okay back to story<3)

Don’t let the girl I love, love another man again. I used to love this girl. She was beautiful and sexy and a senior. Wasn’t really smart and I hadn’t cared. I never care that she was a senior either. I didn’t wonder why she chose me either. She was fun to roll around in the sheets with and being a sophomore, I didn’t care about much else. I used to take her out on a date then come home and have my way with her. Oh.. How I used to love her so. I couldn’t even think of another girl, she dominated my thoughts so completely. Matt, Sam, and the rest of the guys hated her. Said she was cheating on me. Turns out she was but I’ll tell it from the beginning. It was the night of the big game. Football game I mean. Matt and I were there early. He planned on giving me a pep talk and tossing the football around a little. We were in the locker room when we heard moans from the showers. Matt and I walked toward them, the sounds getting louder and louder. I yank back the curtain and there she was. My beautiful, wonderful, sexy girlfriend. Pinned against the wall with one of the Seniors doing her. She smirked at me and laughed when I stampered, “W-why Meagan? H-how could you? Y-you s-said you l-loved me?” Tears blurred my eyes but I held them back. Her smirk grew and laughter got louder, it haunted me. “Oh? You honestly thought I loved you? Stupid foolish boy. I never loved you. I loved that long pole in your pants.” She said that with a wink. Then she ran her hand over the guys chest. “But I can’t be with just one guy. I like variety. Sorry that you thought there was something between us. Now please, if you excuse me. I have some business to get back to.” I gave a sharp nod, my eyes hard. I quickly turned around and left, tears not escaping my eyes till I reached the car. Matt had called Sam and she was waiting at the car for me. She saw the tears in my eyes and opened her arms. For weeks she had been avoiding me. It hurt me but I had Meagan so I hadn’t care so much. Now that she was in front of me, arms open. I realized how much I had missed her. How I needed her. I hugged her and spent the rest of the night in her room, eating popcorn, talking, and watching movies. She was so understanding. She even told me about the few boyfriends she’d had behind Matt’s back. I never told Matt. I mean, the girl wasn’t allowed to hang out with any boy except the guys. I felt kinda sorry for her. Then we fell asleep in bed together, limbs tangled. I always thought back to that night fondly. The part with Sam, not Meagan. I hear Sam’s voice saying, “No! Oh Lord, no. I can’t- couldn’t- ever be with Chris. We aren’t.. won’t ever be.. compatible..” I sighed with relief and my body relaxes. She doesn’t like him. Thank god. I don’t know what I would have done if she did. No I do know what I would have done. I would have pounded his face in till Sam realized she loved me instead. Yeah, that seems like a good plan. I smile as an I idea comes to my head, Matt mentioned a party earlier for graduation. “Okay well, with that taken care of. Matt was wondering if you wanted to throw a party in celebration of graduating?” I say with a smile. She nods rapidly and looks so funny and my smile gets wider when she says, “Yes, Yes, Yes! I totally want to throw a party” She laughs and I turn to get some food. I can feel her eyes on me. I kinda feel self conscious. When I turn around she’s back in the TV room. I hear Zane complain about her being fat. Then her gasp, I turn to look. Now she’s in Xavier’s lap. ‘Ohh no’ I thought. Matt’s gonna flip. I watch Xavier thank Zane and put his hand on her leg. I start to see red. She waves at Matt and I see him getting more pissed by the second.

Chapter 10

*** Sam ***
Matt growls when Xavier’s hand slides a little higher. “ my have your hands on.” I laugh and keep watching TV, having hearing this conversation a thousand times. I run my hands through Xavier’s hair, slightly bored. I hear footsteps behind me and Zane’s baby blonde hair comes to my line of vision. I start to play with it and Zane groans as he sits down. “Matt you owe me!” I glare down at Zane. “Good sir, I will have you know I am not fat, I am curvy.” Then I got up and did a little belly dance which had all the guys drooling except Zane and Matt. “Yeah, yeah. We get it. Your sexy as hell. Now sit your “curvy” ass back down.” I smile at Zane and he grins back. I sit in his lap and start eating my chips. I hold one out to Zane and he eats it out of my hands. The guys groan. “Why do you trust Sam with Zane? He could be straight and telling us he’s gay.” says Mike. I laugh. “Zane is gay. Trust me.” The guys look at me skeptically. I look back. “You seriously don’t believe me?” They nod. I sigh and look at Zane. He shrugs. “How are we gonna prove it buddy?” I look at the ceiling a clear sign that I’m thinking. He chuckles then whispers something in my ear. I gasp and nod. I get up and straddle his lap. Moving my body in a hypnotic rhythm, I start to pull off my shirt, slowly sliding it over my belly, showing the golden tanned skin. Zane watches with amused eyes. The guys sit there with opened mouths, all of them sporting a situation. All except Zane and Matt. Of course. Matt was laughing, watching the guys try to hide themselves. I quickly put on my shirt and Zane pulls me back down. I smile at look at the guys with a smug expression. “So.. Believe me now?” They all nod rapidly. Shane then walks in holding the best sundae ever. He glances around, a confused expression on his face. “What did I miss?” He sits next to me and Zane and I take a lick of his ice cream. He chuckles and lets me have another lick. “Oh the usual. I showed the guys that Zane was gay by giving him a lap dance.” Shane faked a sad expression. “I missed The Samantha Matthew’s Strip Show.. Awwe damn.. Guess I’ll have to see the 10 o’clock show. I laugh and nod, sliding into his lap. He wrapped an arm around me sort of protective. No.. That has to be my imagination. Right? He was thoughtful enough to bring an extra spoon for me. I smile up at him as he takes a bite of the sundae. “Did you plan on sharing with me or was the second spoon for Matt?” He chuckle and pecks my cheek softly. All the guys attention was on the football game on TV so we weren’t gonna get caught. “It was for you. You know you’re my ice cream buddy.” I smile and pick up some whipped cream and touch his nose, leaving a white dot on the end. He went all cross eyed staring at it and then stuck out his tongue trying to get it. I burst into a fit of giggles watching him try to get it. I then lean up and kiss his nose, licking up the whipped cream. He looks at me sadly, “I wanted that piece of whipped cream.” I laugh and before I was thinking about what I was doing I leaned down and kissed him softly. I didn’t mean to! I mean..its just..He was there and..He looked so cute..and I just wanted to kiss him. Shane gasps softly then cups my cheek, pulling me closer, deepening the kiss. I tangle my fingers in his black hair, tugging gently. He tentatively touches my lips with his tongue. I slowly open my mouth, sliding my tongue over to tease his. He growls and plunders my mouth, spearing my mouth with his tongue. Then I pull back and his eyes show confusion, hurt, and hunger. Something else lingers in the background but he hides it quickly. I glance at my brother then back at him. His eyes widen as he realizes what we were doing. I yawn and lean back against him, dipping my spoon back into the ice cream. Shane and I never skipped out on ice cream. So if we just took it to the kitchen without finishing, Matt would get suspicious. Shane and I keep eating our ice cream till we are almost done. I decide to take the chance and tease him. I dip my spoon into the ice cream and lick it off the spoon. Very slowly. I hear him growl and turn to look at him, my tongue sticking out of my mouth at a weird angle. He chuckles and pecks me on the lips. I giggle and finish the ice cream.

~~~ Shane ~~~
I turn around to get back to my sundae, knowing that Sam would want some. I hear some voices and turn to see Sam with her shirt being pulled up. I stare opened mouthed at the exposed skin. A soft groan escapes my mouth as her body moves slowly on Zane’s lap. ‘The lucky basterd’ I thought, glaring at Zane. I hear Matt’s laughter and Sam quickly puts her shirt back on and settles back in Zane’s lap. I chuckle and glance down. Damn.. She got me all hot. I quickly finish the ice cream and by then my situation had faded. I grab two spoons and stab the ice cream with it. Haha, I stabbed ice cream. Isn’t that funny? No? Well who asked you?! I walk into the TV room and glance around, amused. “What did I miss?” I ask, sitting next to Sam and Zane. Sam reaches out with her tongue and licks the whipped cream on the top. Mmm.. I wish her tongue was reaching out for my… No! I cannot think that at this time. I chuckle, and hold the ice cream out again and she takes another lick. She smirks, “Oh the usual. I showed the guys that Zane was gay by giving him a lap dance.” I faked a sad expression, even though I was kinda sad that Zane got the lap dance and I didn’t! Grrr… I said, “I missed The Samantha Matthew’s Strip Show?!.. Awwe damn.. Guess I’ll have to see the 10 o’clock showing.” Sam laughs and slides into my lap. Score! I thought, wrapping an arm around her. I take my spoon and eat some ice cream, glancing at the TV. Football, Awesome! The guys won’t pay any attention to us now. I swallow my ice cream and take another bite when she says, “Did you plan on sharing with me or was the second spoon for Matt?” I chuckle and peck her cheek, “It was for you. You know you’re my ice cream buddy.” she smiles and picks up some whipped cream and puts it on my nose. I go all cross eyed and try to lick it up. I hear her sweet little giggles then her lips on my nose. I pout, “I wanted that piece of whipped cream.” She laughs and before I know what happened her lips are on mine. Wait?! Her lips are on mine?! I gasp and cup her cheek, pulling her closer. Needing her. She’s mine now. I’ve tasted her lips. Oh god, she’s driving me insane. She tugs my hair and I suppress the urge to moan, softly I touch her lips with my tongue. When her tongue teases mine I lose it. I needed to feel her mouth. I growl, spearing her mouth with my tongue, taking what I wanted. When she pulls back I almost cry. The kiss ended to soon. I wanted more. I stare at her, my emotions clearly displayed in my eyes. She glances at Matt and my eyes widen. I was making out with her. In front of her brother. Oh god. I almost blew it. I started mentally freaking out while she ate more ice cream. It was almost done when she started to lick it. Slowly. Oh god, this was torture. I was jealous. Of a spoon. A damn spoon. I growl, feeling my body ache. She turns to look at me, her tongue still out of her mouth. I chuckle and kiss her quickly. She finishes the ice cream.

Chapter 11

*** Sam***
God, that was the best kiss ever. His lips are so sweet. I loved teasing him with the spoon. And his growl is so sexy.. Mmm.. Gosh, I need to get away from him.. He is distracting me.. But.. His kiss.. No! Sam, Stop it! Bad, Bad, Bad! I get off his lap, taking the bowl with me and taking it into the kitchen to wash it. I hear Shane come in behind me and wrap his arms around my waist. His voice is soft and low in my ear and it makes my tummy feel funny. “Hey, I’m sorry if I got a little to eager.. Its just.. I’ve wanted to kiss you for so long and when your lips touched mine.. I just..lost know? Please don’t be mad.. I won’t do it again..” His voice is so soft and pleading and I did know what he meant.. I just wanted to kiss him forever.. He drives me insane but..we can’t be.. I almost cry after thinking that. I sigh softly and then his lips brush my cheek. “Please,” He says, voice almost breaking. I turn and look into his eyes and they look so vulnerable and caring. I nod saying, “Its fine Shane.” Then I do something I guess I shouldn’t have.. I stood on tip toes and kissed him softly. He smiles against my lips and kisses me back, lifting me up and setting me on the counter. I part my legs and he steps closer, his hands on my thighs. I hear someone clear there throat and Shane’s eyes go wide. “You know.. If you want to make out, go ahead. But it might be smarter to do it in, Oh I dunno, Your room?” I look over Shane’s shoulder and see Zane with a smirk on his face. I chuckle and push Shane back, walking over to Zane and giving him a big hug. He smiles and pushes me toward the stairs. “Bed young lady.” He says his smirk growing. I laugh and hurry up the stairs, collapsing on my bed. I hear a soft knock from the other side.

~~~ Shane ~~~
God, That kiss.. My mind trails off to other things. Other more naughty things. Suddenly a weigh is off my lap and I see Sam moving toward the kitchen. I get up quickly and follow her, panic rising with every step. Was I to forward?? Did she hate it?? Oh god, What if she doesn’t let me do that again? I stare at her as she washes our bowl in the sink. I smile slightly and walk up behind her, sliding my arms around her waist. I lower my head and whisper, “Hey, I’m sorry if I got a little to eager.. Its just.. I’ve wanted to kiss you for so long and when your lips touched mine.. I just..lost know? Please don’t be mad.. I won’t do it again..” I can tell my pleads are working. Her breath is speeding up a little and I can feel her heartbeat. Then I hear her soft sigh, and brush my lips against her cheek, knowing she was about to break and forgive me. “Please” I whisper and she turns in my arms, staring in to my eyes. Then her lips brush mine, so soft. Its like a butterfly gently skating over my lips. I smile and kiss her back, grabbing her waist and lifting her onto the counter. I gently rest my hands on her thighs and she opens them. I step closer, pressing as close as I can to her. Then I hear someone behind me clear their throat, ‘Oh fuck,’ I thought, looking at Sam my eyes wide. Only she is looking behind me, over my shoulder. When I finally hear the voice I relax. “You know.. If you want to make out, go ahead. But it might be smarter to do it in, Oh I dunno, Your room?” I stand there, my heart still racing, as Sam pushes past me. Giving Zane a big hug then walking towards the stairs after a word with Zane. He smirks at me. Then he walks towards the fridge, grabbing a Sunkist. “You know,” he says, standing. “Sam is really special. Not like every girl you have been with. I suggest you treat her right. Or I’ll have to come at you with everything I have. And,” He turns to look my in the eyes. “She won’t stop me. Watch it. Don’t break her heart.” With that he walks away into the living room, informing the guys that Sam and I went to bed. I hear a few ‘Oh’ and ‘Shush’ then its silent except the ‘Boos’ and ‘Yays’ I smile and shake my head, chuckling softly. I grab a few sodas and take them upstairs with me. I look at Sam’s door for a few seconds. Then I take a deep breath, gathering my courage and knocking.

Chapter 12

*** Sam ***
I hear the soft knock and get out of bed and open the door, looking up into dark green eyes. They look kinda soft and wary. Scared of taking a step to far. My heart melts staring into his eyes. I self-consciously brush my hair out of my face. I then open the door wider letting him in. He glances around nervously. “Shane, Its my room. Not a foreign country. Your safe.” I walk up behind him and hug his waist. I feel him relax and turn around to hug me back. We walk to my bed and I lay down, pulling him down on top of me. He smiles in a wicked sort of way. Then he takes my mouth in a passionate kiss. His tongue softly traces my lips. I hear a soft whimper and realize its mine. He growls and I bury my fingers in his dark black hair. When I tug them his mouth opens and I slide my tongue over his, teasing him. He presses me deeper into the mattress and I squirm, starting to worry. I’m not ready for this.. I can’t. He starts kissing down my neck, licking gently at some spots, sucking at others. I squirm more as he gets closer to my breasts. I push him away and pull the blanket to cover my body. He looks at me surprised at first then his eyes soften in realization. “Babe, I’m sorry.. I didn’t know..” He crawls towards me, eyes begging for forgiveness. I nod and he pulls me into his arms, rocking me gently. I smile and bury my head in his chest. He strokes my hair and we stay like that till we fall asleep.

~~~ Shane ~~~
Wow.. I almost lost control there. I think as I fall asleep with Sam in my arms. She just smelled so nice and she was making these whimpering noises and.. Gosh. She is so fucking with my head. I need her so much and I know I can’t take her yet. What am I gonna do? I sigh and stroke her hair a few more times. She is already asleep so I look down at her angel-like face. She is perfect. I don’t know what I’d do without her. I sigh again then everything goes dark..
(Still Chapter 12:D I felt I should mix it up so Shane will be first then Sam<3 Enjoyy;D)

I wake to someone poking me repeatedly. “Sam!” I groan, catching her wrists and pinning them above her head. She glares at me and I look down at her. “Why are you poking me so early in the morning?” I ask still groggy. She gives me a look. “I have to pee! Let me go!” I slowly let her go and she jumps up, running into the bathroom. I watch her nice ass as she runs. Damn that girl has everything she needs. I lay down and stare at the ceiling smiling. She is my everything. I stretch and tilt my head to look at the bathroom door. She stands there in a long shirt and panties. She is mouth watering. She smirks, knowing the effect she has on me. I snicker. “Hun, if you keep taunting me then I won’t be able to say no. I’ll take you whether you want me or not.” She laughs and I do to, knowing I could never hurt her. “Get up,” She says, “Its time for school.” I groan but get up, and walk toward her, wrapping my arms around her waist and kissing her deeply. She responds instantly, her hands crawling into my hair. I smile and peck her lips one last time before I leave.

*** Sam ***
It was nice sleeping with him last night. He was so sweet about it to. I felt so safe and secure. Mmmm.. I wonder.. No! Can’t think like that this early! I climb into the shower and wash my long, golden brown hair and shave my legs really quick. Satisfied that I am clean and such. I climb out wrapping myself in a towel. ‘What to wear’ I think as I sort through my closet. I settle on some mid-thigh shorts, low cut dark blue tank top, leather jacket, and a my hair falling naturally. I pull on my black vans then head downstairs. The boys are still trying to get up, most of them cradling some coffee. I skip in just to annoy them. True to nature they groan. Chris says, “How are you so happy in the mornings, something is wrong with you!” Mike and Jason nod in agreement. “Well I don’t stay up till two am watching TV. I actually go to bed. Like a normal person.” I say with a smile. Zane tosses me a bowl and the cereal is already on the table. I pour myself some then begin eating. Shane stumbles in wearing, faded blue jeans with holes in the knees, a white muscle shirt, bright green vans, and his hair is rumbled and hanging in his eyes. I smile and stare into my cereal. He is so sexy. Zane comes up behind me and whispers, “He has got a lot going on huh?” then he winks at me before kissing my cheek and handing me my bag. Yeah, I have a backpack. I don’t see a point in prissy little purses. I mean seriously?! I have enough shit to carry without needing more! I walk out the door and climb into Shane’s car. Jason starts teasing me, “Awwwe does someone have a crush on Shaney? C’mon you can tell me” He says with a wink. I smile sweetly and say, “Nah, I have a different guy on my mind. But I love Shane’s car. Its so cool!” Jason seems to think that over then nods, “Okay Sammi bearr, Seeya at school!” He yells like a little kid. Something is wrong with Jason. I swear his parents dropped him on his head like 15 times. Then beat him with a baseball bat. I shake my head, chuckling softly. After all the guys have left and are out of sight, Shane practically attacks me. His mouth hungrily kisses mine. I gasp and kiss back, pulling him closer. “Gosh,” he murmurs between kisses, his hands traveling up and down my thighs, rubbing small circles over them. I whimper and moan softly. “You look so sexy today baby, I just want to eat you.” I smile against his lips and softly nip them. “Well, We have to go to school babe so please start driving. I don’t want to be late or make anyone suspicious” He nods reluctantly, tasting my lips one last time. I smile and stare at him as we drive. I giggle when he whines, “No fair! How come you get to stare at me but I’m not allowed to?” I laugh harder as he turns his head to look at me with a pout on his lips, “Cuz! Your driving! I don’t want to be in an accident” He sighs dramatically and speeds up a bit. I smile and let the wind blow my hair around. Ocean Avenue by Yellowcard comes on and I turn it up!
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Shane and I sing along till the song ends. I smile and shout, “I love Yellowcard!” Shane laughs and nods in agreement. We pull up to school and I hop out and run to my best friend ever, Katie.

Chapter 13

~~~ Shane ~~~
I love listening to her sing. She has such a beautiful voice. I remember some nights were she would sing me to sleep. I shake my head thoroughly and pull into the parking lot. She hops out and runs over to Katie. They hug and I’m jealous. Why won’t she run up and hug me? Oh yeah. Cuz her brother would skin me alive. Sam turns and shoots me a smile and I melt. Gosh, fuck her brother (Not literally! Teehee that would be weird!!;)) I want that girl and I’m not gonna take no for an answer. I jump out of the car and head to my first class. The day drags on. The only good time is lunch. I at least get to admire her from afar. Then Jason nudges my arm. “Bro, who are you staring at?! Its driving me insane not knowing.” I can feel a blush burning my cheeks and Xavier laughs, “Ooh! Shane is blushing! Hmmm.. Do I hear crush? Yes I do!” I lower my head and mumble, ‘Shit’ under my breath. Okay I was being a little obvious. I admit it. But its hard not to stare at her. Her long hair, beautiful curves, nicely shaped tanned legs, soft, plush lips that are just so kissable. Damn I sound like a girl. I can feel my body tighten when I glance at her. Her shorts have ridden up a little bit, showing more of her tanned legs. Her tank top has slide down exposing more of her cleavage. I’m almost drooling and all I want right now is to take her in my arms and kiss her breathless. The guys are watching me and I know they are. Jason keeps teasing me and the guys laugh but I don’t really hear them. Finally the bell rings and I head to class. History. Blahhhh! I don’t want to learn today! I want to sit and dream about Sam. So that’s what I do. I lay my head in my hand and stare blankly at the board. Her soft brown-green eyes. Her long hair that flows behind her. I love how she’s kind of short.. “Mr. Harrison, Are you paying attention?” Mr. Holliman asks. I jump, looking up at him. I nod, “Yes sir, I’m paying attention.” He smirks, “Then answer my question.” I sigh and shake my head. “Okay.. You got me. I wasn’t paying attention.” Mr. Holliman chuckles. “Pay closer attention Mr. Harrison.” I nod and try to concentrate. Finally the bell rings and I head for my last class. I take my seat in reading and try to get my mind off Sam. Then I hear my phone vibrate. Its from Sam, immediately my heartbeats faster
Sam: Hey:] Lol Have fun in reading! Don’t ditch again or I’ll have to tell Matt;)
I chuckle and smile. She knows how to make everything better. I reply:
Me: Hahaha, Hi and I will. Don’t tell Matt or I’ll have to tell him to ;)
She replies back quick.
Sam: You wouldn’t ;)
Me: Teehee, You don’t know that! Bell rung;) Time for class;) I’ll drive you home okay?
Sam: Very girly laugh there bud;) and Yay!:]
I close my phone and try not to think about her winking at me. I shake my head and laugh at myself. I’m delusional. Reading goes by pretty quick. Soon I’m rushing down the halls looking for my angel. Then I see her, a smile blooms on my face.

*** Sam***
I see Shane’s blinding smile and cannot help but smile back. He rushes towards me and takes my hand, pulling me to his car. Once we are in the car he turns to me. “Sam, I need something. From you.” He says. I give him a curious look. He leans closer to me and whispers, “I need your kiss” then winks at me and takes my lips in a slow kiss. I smile against his lips, kissing him back. My arms slide around his neck and he makes a low growling noise that makes me shiver. He pulls me closer, his kiss getting more and more aggressive. I kiss him back, holding his head close, enjoying his lips on mine. Then he pulled back slightly, trailing his lips down my neck. He playfully nips at my skin, making me gasp. I pull back and he gives me a pained look. “Sam, please don’t make me stop now. I’ve waited all day to have you to myself.” He cups my cheek in his hand. I smile and lean into his palm. He leans in to kiss me again but I pull back. I shake my head but stroke his cheek softly. His eyes are hurt and sad. “Lets just get home. Then maybe you can kiss me some more.” I give him a wink then lean forward to kiss his lips softly. He looks up and see’s that we are the only ones in the parking lot now. His eyes widen and he looks at me. I giggle at his expression. “Matt is gonna skin me alive if he knows what we were doing.” He says. I nod and say, “Lets get ice cream!!” He laughs and pulls away, driving towards the Ice Cream Shoppe on the corner. We climb out and I get a triple swirl with rainbow sprinkles while he gets a Rocky Road with a cherry on top. We sit down and start to talk. We joke and tease each other. I lean forward and slide my tongue over his Rocky Road. His eyes follow my tongue and I know what he wants really bad. I’m not gonna let him have it. Yet. ;)

Chapter 14

~~~ Shane ~~~
She was purposely torturing me. God, her long sexy tongue, licking up that damn ice cream. I wish she was licking my.. Oh god.. I close my eyes before my obvious want of her became more obvious. I hear her soft giggles and force my eyes open to look at her. Her eyes are mischievous and dark as she takes my ice cream and sets it on the table next to mine. I hear a soft groan escape my lips before her lips cover mine. Her lips and tongue taste of Rocky Road and Rainbow swirl. I feel her grab my shirt and pull me closer, as I hungrily kiss her. I slide my hands into her hair and pull her closer. Her soft whimper brings me back to reality. Her eyes are even darker with lust and I can feel my body tighten just looking at her. Now if only she didn’t have on that shirt, oh and shorts.. And.. NO! Must. Stop. Naughty. Thoughts. She smiles almost knowing what I’m thinking and continues to lick her ice cream. When we have finally finished I grab her hand and drag her to the truck. I glance at her flushed face. With her dark eyes she’s even sexier. I pull over behind some trees. She looks confused until she looks at me. Then she knows. I lift the center consol to give us more room and I pull her into my lap. I kiss her hungrily and let my imaginations of her run wild. I slide my hands up and down her sides. I lightly brush her breasts with my fingers. She gasps and I growl, giving her nipple a light pinch. I started kissing down her neck intent on sucking her breasts when my phone starts playing, ‘Scream For My Ice Cream’ by Blood On The Dance Floor. (Blood On The Dance Floor is not gay for guys!! Okay? Just wanna clear that up!!) I growl and pull it out, looking at the screen. Its Matt. I sigh and answer it, “Yes Matt?” I say, clearly annoyed. “WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU?! WHERE IS SAM?!” He shouts into the phone. I wince from his tone and say, “I took Sam out for ice cream. Sorry. I guess I should have told you but it was sort of a last minute thing.” Matt is quiet for a few minutes then says gruffly, “Just get her home now.” Then hangs up. I sigh and hang up, Sam’s looking at me through worried eyes. I smirk, “Fun time is over.. But I plan on seeing you later.” And with a last long, lingering kiss. I set her in her seat and drive home. Once we get home I see Matt sitting on the porch. ‘Shit’ I think as we get out.

*** Sam ***
Yum!! Ice cream!! I licked up more of my Rainbow swirl. I sucked more of the ice cream into my mouth, loving the taste. I glance over at Shane and its obvious he wants me. I giggle and stare at him. I am sort of thankful that he hasn’t had a situation I take his ice cream and set mine down. I hear his soft groan before I kiss him deeply. I grab his shirt and pull him closer. He kisses me hungrily and I gasp softly. ’Mmmmm.. I hope we get a chance to do this more often.’ I think as his hands slide into my hair and our tongues collide. I give a soft whimper and he pulls back, obviously remembering we are in public. He sighs and watches me as we finish our ice cream. I can only imagine what he is thinking of. Once my ice cream is done, he grabs my hand and practically drags me to the truck. I climb in and he drives us behind some trees, I turn to him slightly confused then I see his face, His eyes are dark with lust. I smiles as he lifts the center console. He pulls me into his lap and kisses me hungrily, his hands sliding up and down my sides. Softly he brushes my breasts and I gasp. His growl is low and sexy and is such a turn on. He lightly pinches my nipple and I feel like ripping off his clothes and fucking him like crazy. He starts to kiss down my neck, and I feel like I will get my wish then I hear ‘Scream For My Ice Cream’ and feel like screaming. I look at the screen and hear Shane growl as he puts the phone up to his ear. “Yes Matt?” he says, annoyance clear in his voice. I want to just kiss those lips. I hear Matt shouting on his line of the phone but I don’t bother to hear what he says, I am to focused on the little bit of skin showing between his jeans and shirt. Maybe I could kiss him there.. Before I know what’s happening Shane has hung up the phone and I look up at him worried. He sighs and tells me, “Fun time is over.. But I plan on seeing you later.” With that he gives me a long, lingering kiss. As we are driving home all I can think about was our heated moment in the car. Oooh, I wish we could have finished.. So badly.. He is so.. drool worthy as my best friend would say. All to soon we are home and I see Matt on the porch, Shane looks terrified.. Oh lord, Crap is about to roll down hill.. I hop out of the truck and walk towards the porch, a little nervous. It was like bringing my boyfriends home to meet Matt. They all ended in disaster. Soon I am standing in front of Matt, looking up at him. Dammit, Why did he have to be so tall?! Curse my shortness. He gives me his parental look and says, “Sam, Go upstairs. There are some things I want to discuss with Shane here.” I nod reluctantly and leave, shooting Shane a worriedglance over my shoulder. I went and sat in the kitchen, waiting for all Hell to break loose. Hey Guys!:D Yeah, Its me Sam!:D No, not the charater (; Anyways, Look out for my second book: The Jerks, The Players, and the Girl 2 (I know, Clever right?(; Haha, Enjoy!! And Things are going to heat up a little bit, so stay tuned!)


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