I fall to my death

I fall to my death

Thump. Thump. Thump. My heart was racing I herd the feet of the F.B.I chasing me. I was jumping all the stairs finally i got to a window and saw the ocean. I jumped threw the window I thought I was going to die. But i landed in the water not hurt.
I swam as fast as I can they saw me they shot at me they missed!! I dived under water so they can't see me. I swam far I was far from that Romanian hotel. I swam to shore to put on a disguise.
I went to the nearest bathroom i could find.I'm putting on a a wig and different clothing and a face mask. I walked out the bathroom feeling scared. People were looking at me weird. I saw the F.B.I. walking around looking for me.

A flight takes forever

"Once I get to Oregon ill be alright" I said. "The plain takes about 15 hours to get there"said my partner Matthew . "I Know I hope we make it.
15 hours later
Finally lets go get our luggage. Okay lets go. Call Redgeinall. He said he will be here. Oh there he is. Hello sir was it a nice flight, Now my back hurts like crazy lets go home i miss my bed. As you wish sir. wait arent those the FBI from Romania? Yeah lets go now we get in the car and leave.


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