My heart beats ten to the duzen,The adrenalin rushes through me i am waiting,waiting in line for my next shot.My victim running, as i slowly run them down like a wolf watching my pray.

I always tried to be the best at my game but one day I was having to question myself in the thought of killing the one and only person I will ever love, That thought often crossed my mind and in the hope it never happened I never really got to attached to anyone. I was a person who lived by my calm and control. I lived in my own little bubble of my north end,high street apartment in the hope that the meaning of high street is a higher way of living out my day to day life style with a not so normal job.

In the excitment of everything I forgot to tell you im sophie and im a highly trained assasin with a scary future, but why do I tell you one story I will never forget..

It was a warm summer moring I pulled back the curtains to look upon the worst traffic jam anyone had seen for at least a month as you know I live up on the high street, I see alot of traffic jams day in day out. That morning the phone rang its was an unknown caller. It was micheal he had got me another job to do,"his name is John Le Row,he is 23 and is a assasin from france,He had a job last month to kill the russian embassador he succeeded, Its now your job to stop him,Im sending you his details now.Goodbye".

He hung up I headed over to the computer, it was here I had one month to stop him,Before the job got cut, i had one picture and one chance,I left staight away like I always do when I get a job.



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