I'm wondering, in the black forest. Were the sun's barely shining. Searching for a mate. One wolf to call my own. I'm Ariel. I am three years old, young adult; still waiting for a mate. Sad isn't it? I'm light gray with white, blue eyes and black ears. I'm a wolf searching... wondering for a mate. A male to love me, well a lot of males love me but...I can't love them, I haven't fallen head over heels in love with anyone. All of the males in my pack are mean, only liking all the out going, away from home females. I still stay with my parents, try to impress them at all possible times, sense I was the only pup who survived the famine a couple years back, I try to be everything they want me to be, make them proud. As I walk along this trail, this scent I picked up, I wander what type of male I'll find at the end of this trail. I'm scared. Because I'm in unknown territory. Lost maybe, and I don't want to run into a mean aggressive male, that's apart of no pack for a good reason. As I walk along I dream of all the perfect males I meet and can't love, why won't my heart open? I want it to so badly.
I've found myself In this clear opening, were did all the trees go? I feel so exposed out in the open in a place I've never been, i'll head ba-! There he is, the male at the end of the trail! I put my tail between my legs, put my head down; and crouched to the ground as he came. I got a real bad feeling and started to back away to the woods.
"Hey female, wait a minute come here!" I felt a lump in my throat, and a shiver down my spine.
"I have to go."
"No you don't." I felt the fear swell and I growl in warning. He snarls in return and the scruff on his neck raises. Great not only am I in a unfamiliar place, but I'm in the territory of a aggressive male! I stopped growling and lied down preparing for the worst torturer. I look behind the male at a shadow, is it another wolf? As I tried to see it, it disappeared as quickly as it appeared. The male turned around to look at what I was focused on. This was my chance. I leaped at his throat and teared at it, whipping my head side to side tearing at the fresh wound, feeling his blood drip down my jaw, neck, to my feet. I am no killer but in this case, it's an exception.
The male grew tired of the struggle and feel to his side panting, so I took my chance and ran; blindly through the forest. I felt as if something was following me and a shiver went down my spine. I knew it wasn't the male, he would be suicidal to follow me with that wound, but what or...who is following me? I found my way back home some how, and worried about what my mother would think.
"What happened" Yelled my mother as she saw me, a bloody mess.
"A male attacked me." I whined. She let out a deep snarl.
"I took care of it, I'm not hurt it's okay." She sighed and licked my cheek.
"Ok go clean up hun."
"Were going to hunt with a nice young man, will you come?" Her tail wags.
"Okay I will" I walk off looking forward to tonight, I jump in the river like a playful young pup. I returned after I dried off and saw my father and the male talking, I could tell he liked him. Hopefully I'll like him to, dad has good judgement. I walked up and wagged my tail.
"Hello." I look at him thinking he was familiar.
"Hello I'm Leon, and your Naomi?" Suddenly lots of fond memories pop into mind, I used to play with him when I was a pup.
"Oh Leon, I remember you." His tail waged at that, and his eyes brightened.
"Oh, yea I remember you to." I felt my parents stare happily thinking wither he is the one or not. The one I will finally fall in love with? We went on the hunt and ended up catching a doe. After we ate he left and I thought, maybe I had felt something. Not love yet, but in time maybe I'll fall for him. Today I'm going to go into the woods and try to find what was watching me. Who was watching me. I walked to the woods and trotted along the trail I did yesterday, maybe I'll find the shadowy figure from before and thank them for distracting the male. I'm walking along and I hear a twig snap, I whip around to find a female my age, all black with dark brown legs and tail, she stood the looking like the dark angel who saved me yesterday.
"Hello." She speaks with a warm soft tone.
"Are you the person from yesterday, who distracted that male?" Her tail wags.
"Maybe...yea I was." She laughs and I feel my heart jump and I laugh along with her.
"Thank you, I'd be dead without you."
"Common don't be gloomy, let's be positive."
"Okay" I smiled and my tail was wagging, I wonder... what do I feel in my heart at this moment? I'll figure it out later, I want to talk to her I decided.
"Hey were do you live?" She said.
"With my pack, over by the river." I saw her ears perk at that statement.
"Your in a pack?"
"Yes your not?"
"No. Never been."
"Want to come see it?" I saw her pause but not show her worry.
"Okay." We trotted to my pack, me eager to talk to her, felling my heart skip as I look into her eyes.
We got to my pack and everyone's ears perked and noses twitched at her. A new comer always gets this treatment and she seemed fine with being stared at, but I slightly hid behind her still leading her to my den. When I got there my parents were eager to find out about her, we all talked and She told us how she grew up with no one but her uncle who died two years that means she's been on her own sense she was only a year old. How much bravery that would take, I thought. Time flew and it was night, I walked her to the end on our pack grounds.
"I loved meeting your parents, your pack" I thought about her pause.
"Is something wrong?"
"No,I'm just used to being on my own."
"Oh okay. Do you have to go?"
"Yes, want to see my den, and sleep over?"
"Yea." We left to her den, I lost any scent of my pack after awhile and I got timid, thinking about changing my mind and heading back.
"Something wrong Naomi?" I felt my heart jump and decided to stay.
"No. I-I'm just not used to packs that's all" She smiles making my heart felt and I continue to follow her to her den. When we get there I wonder in as she goes to get water, It smells like her. I sniff around and find a spot to lay down. Naomi came back, and lied down a crossed from me. I had the urge to go and lay with her but I held back and struggled to fall asleep, when I did I herd birds chirping. I woke up to find myself alone and I whimpered wanting Naomi. When I got up Naomi walked in with a fresh rabbit in her mouth, she dropped it to free her mouth.
"Oh good your up, I got us breakfast." She pointed her muzzle to the rabbit and I went to eat it.
Soon we were both eating it and our mouths were so close, my face felt hot. I wanted to lick hers, but I held back and ate. Is this love? In my heart right now...what was that loneliness I felt when she wasn't in my sight. Maybe I'll find out if i stay with her. Soon we were walking to drop me off at my pack, I felt my heart ache as I knew we were going to be separated again. Naomi go a hint of something strange in the forest and she trotted off to find out what it was, I sat there feeling danger and I whined like a pup. Then I heard her yelp and I my heart stopped, I ran to the sound whining, hoping she's okay. She wasn't, she was caught in a bear trap with a dead pig leg ahead of it.
"Ariel, go get help, please."
"No I'm not leaving you, there's hunters." As soon as I said that a big human male in a lab coat came out with a weird armor vest on and he put a muzzle on me as I tried snapping at his hands.
"Don't touch her!" Naomi snapped as she bared her teeth.
"Shut it mutt, you guys are perfect from the project." He put a needle in her and after several she lay'd down and started falling asleep. I cried and whined as we were put in cages and stuffed into the back of a van with other wolves, all female...were's all the males? Where are we going? I keep asking but they were to busy either crying for there loved ones or trying to kill these metal dens.


When I woke up I smelt salt water and knew I was on what the elders called a Ocean. I felt us move as if we were on a log on a river. I suddenly remembered Naomi and yelped for her.
"Oh good your up, I'm here don't worry; I'll protect us."
"Your wound!"
"It's already healed."
"You've been out for awhile." The human must of poked me with a needle to. I stayed quite afraid of what I might say to her through my panic mumbling. When I felt us finally stopped I was starving and so was Naomi, I feared we were going to die here; never to see each other again. Who knows how long it's been. We finally were let out of the creates and into the cage. I saw Naomi for the first time in what felt like years and saw her as skin and bones, then imagine what she saw on me, we whined for each other; I didn't stop myself this time. I just went with my heart and...she went with hers? I hope so, because I...I think I love her.
We were shipped for another day in a truck, we finally got to were we were heading, this huge building, a lab, with all these scientists, what was happening? I'm so confused, and hungry.
This man came up with meat and my tail wagged as if it was trying to jump off.
"Have these wolves been feed at all!?" Said the man seeing how skinny we are.
"Hey I just deliver, sign the papers." Said the truck driver. I devoured the meat, the weight in my stomach hurt, but it never felt so good. I look over seeing Naomi eating and my tail wags happily.
We get in the lab and are let out in a huge forest, well it looks like a forest but there's building walls, some sort of human made forest. I let my heart free and rubbed my head on Naomi's neck to great her and she excepted. This made me happy, I was overjoyed to see her and we stayed together unlike the rest of the females, who talked to us but stayed in there separate dens; perhaps there me. Naomi's the only brave one, odd. The men in white coats keep coming and sticking us with needles are putting weird vests are arm sleeves on us, and measured us, we excepted knowing this is going to be regular, Naomi never fought back and neither did I. One day the men herded us up and put us in this room, they hooked us up on tables, sticking more needles in us connecting to tubes. I lied on the table to the right of Naomi, we were scared as if we were going to die; coiled in these never ending wires and tubes.
"Yes?" I felt my eyes water.
"I felt that I should tell you that your my best friend and... your very pretty. I've never felt for anyone like I feel for you. I love you." Those words made my heart race and I felt the warm tears streak down my face.
"I love you to. Always have." She started crying at my words and we stayed there ignoring the men, and looking into each others eyes.
"Start the machines" Said a man. All of a sudden the fans of the machines we were attached to roared to life and I felt warm liquid coming through the tubes into me. It started becoming unbearably painful and I started yelping.
"Number seven is reacting first." Said one of the men. A tall man with a scar on his face came out of the shadows speaking is a sinister, deep voice. Scar face...I've seen him before staring at us through the glass.
"Good, continue the operations." Naomi started yelping and squirming in her harness as I was now.
"Number 6 is go!" A man said.
"Excellent." Said scar face. All the other wolves one by one stared yelping and squirming in pain from the heat, all my muscles felt like they were being stretched and pulled. My head was a blur and I felt as it I was growing into a monster. Then all the pain stopped, everyone stopped making noise. I open my eyes to the blurry world around me, as my vision went back to normal I went to look at Naomi only to see a naked female human.
"Naomi?" I said puzzled. I looked around to see the men staring at me in awe.
"She spoke..." Said the man in the suit next to scar face.
"Unhook number seven men." said scar face happily. The men all unhooked me and bandaged were the holes in my flesh hung open. I looked at my own body seeing I was human to!
"Number seven, come." I got up and slowly walked, keeping my balance on my two legs. Not wanting to get beat by the eerie man.
"S-sir?" I said nervously.
"It's okay I don't bite." He patted my head as if I were still a wolf.
"I need you to obey and you can be with your friend okay?" He pointed to Naomi.
"If not you two will be separated." I pouted and nodded my head.
"I'll obey sir." I said quickly.
"Call me master." He spoke with a smirk on his face.
"Master. Yes master." I said sheepishly.
His laugh roared around the room making me nervous and waking the other 10 of us. All human like me now. I walked over to Naomi and tugged on a nice old man's sleeve.
"Can you unhook, h-her?" I said still getting used to speaking in the human language.
"Well of course number seven." he smiled and patted my head.
"My name is Ariel."
"Oh, well of course Ariel, what a lovely name girl." He patted my head and I smiled. He unhooked Naomi and I hugged her feeling this is what this human body should do. Naomi hugged me back and kissed my cheek in a comforting manner.
"It's okay, everything's okay." I listened to her sweet voice again and closed my eyes smiling. We walked in a line with the men and had cloths put on us. Scar face spoke to us about obeying him, that he was master; all of the females are nervous, shy, and timid so they listened to the big male. Naomi growled and was smacked in the face, with made me angry, so I growled as well; also getting smacked. I was painful on this bare skin and it felt odd growling in this body, but it was the only response I knew.
"You both will learn in time, now go wash up" We followed the men in lab coats to the bathrooms. I looked at my alien face in the mirror, how odd I looked as a human. White hair with silver highlights. My crystal blue eyes. I looked to Naomi who looked beautiful, her black hair with brown highlights, her hazel eyes.
"Your beautiful." I stopped talking right as I figured out I had said what I did out loud.
"Thank are to." I smiled and we washed our faces. Scar face gave us human rooms with food and water, if I had a tail right now it'd be falling off. The bed is comfortable to this body. I sat on my own bed looking at Naomi as she slept. She looked so cute, I wanted to lay with her. This time I knew she loved me back so I leaped in bed with her and she smiled in her sleep, I wrapped my arms around her and she woke up.
"What are you doing?" She said happily, half asleep.
"I think I'm hugging you"
"Oh well I think I like it."
"Me to." We held each other and feel asleep like that, we also woke up like that; smiling at each other. Her face turned red and my human instincts told me, that she could be sick.
"Are you feeling alright?"
"Y-yes..." She leaned in until her face was close, in front of mine.
"Can I do something?"
"Yes" She pressed her lips against mine and my body reacted. We locked lips and breathed heavily. Naomi stopped, she looked into my eyes; with her serious face on yet she smiled. She put her hand on my cheek and I leaned into it smiling.
"Your so beautiful...My Ariel." She blushed, and smiled at my. I had smiled back looking into her eyes. A man knocked on our door saying to get dressed, and go outside for training. We did as we were told, we trained in combat; and arms training. My main weapon was an AUG semi-automatic, and Naomi's was a M16 with a three round burst. We also had a silenced python as our handgun. When we were fully trained we said the same mentally, but were physically stronger, faster, more cunning. Our first mission was to take out a huge drug dealer. I snicked up on all fours with my gun strapped to my back with Naomi. We were partners, and did missions together. We got to the front door, and took my python out, I shoot him in the head and I watched it happen in slow motion. The bullet interning his forehead, the blood spattered on my face. The bullet exiting the back of his head with some brain and blood. My eyes were blood shot and, I was frozen, empty, none feeling as my eyes grew wide.
"Ariel!" I heard Naomi scream for me, and I reached out of the darkness of the first kill and looked at her.
"You scared me."
"I scared me."
"Common, let's finish the mission." I agreed and we entered the house searching for the face we learned, killing everyone inside the home, men, women, even...children. We were told to shoot everyone on sight and we'd be whipped for punishment. We made it to the back of the house and found him guarded with men with guns, I pushed Naomi out of the way to the wall for cover. I didn't feel it at first by Naomi pointed out the bleeding whole in my side. All I did was look and snarl, I went back in front of the men and opened fire enraged. When I came to I was being wheeled to a van on a gurney.
"Did we do it?" I asked Naomi, seeing she was next to me holding my hand.
"You did it." She said smiling with worried eyes. I blacked out to wake again on a hospital bed with Naomi still holding my hand.
"You...didn't leave?"
"I'll never leave my mate behind." She said crying, and hugging me. I started crying to, with, with joy that she called me...Her mate. I am Naomi's mate and, Naomi is Ariel's mate. For the first time my heart was satisfied. I was happy to have a mate, I loved her. Even though we must be Scar Faces dogs, At lest I could be with her.

New Mate and Missions

I healed very quickly, the doctors were amazed. I healed from a bullet wound to the rib cage, with 3 broken ribs in A matter of hours. Scar face still let me have time to recover and I spent all of it with Naomi. I think of that day still, when she called me her mate. That was the day were she choose to be with me forever, and I agreed. I was so happy, I still am. We're happy together, even when doing missions. Our current mission is sneaking onto a small island into a mansion to kill a terrorist. We took off our scuba gear, and changed into our black uniforms that had to tags to indicate who we were, or where we were from. Only our dog tags stating I was number seven: Ariel and number six: Naomi. We knocked at the door and an older butler answered.
"Ye-! Oh my, you've got ears and tails! Head master is going to want to see this." As he turned to get the man I pulled out my python and shot him square in the back of the head.
"Poor man." Said Naomi. I ignored her walking inside looking for the man as if after all the training, it put me in a trance. I walked along serious, killing anyone who saw us. Naomi started getting worried and taped my shoulder, I twisted around, and grabbed her arm pulling it to words her back to it's breaking point.
"Ari, hun, your going to break my arm!" She cried. When I realized what I was doing I let go and hugged her.
"I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry." I repeated.
"It's okay, I'm fine now." She pet my head. Then as if that never happened I felt myself go serious again, and I continued on our mission. We got to the master bedroom and Naomi pulled her M16 from her back. She looked in my eyes and signaled she was ready, I got my AUG and kicked down the door, we opened fire killing the terrorist and his many women slaves.
"Let's go." Said Naomi sadly. I left without a care, why don't I feel sorrow for this? Like my sweet Naomi does? I'll talk to scar face sometime. We were heading to the lab when we were caught in this huge net. Men with white towels wrapped around their heads leashed us. They dragged us to a tree with a roped tied to it, I felt memories coming on as I stared at it. I saw Naomi in a kimono, she was so beautiful, but she didn't have her tail or ears. I saw myself the same, like her and I was running to her. Then a man grabbed me, by putting the rope around my neck, and dragged me to a tree. This man...was... Hiyama! He was jealous because his wife fell in love with me! I remember! He dragged me up the tree and Marico was crying, and he...made me...jump from the branch I was tied to. I looked at Naomi and it seemed she remembered to.
"Hiyama stop this!" She yelled." Then man that was holding me by the neck took the towel off showing his face. It was hiyama.
"After I was reborn I saw your picture in a museum in seventh grade. I wanted you back and I'll kill her again if I have to Marico."
"I'm not Marico anymore, I'm Naomi, and leave Ariel alone!" He smiled while tears rolled down his face and I felt his pain. The pain when your beloved Naomi yells at you. He cried and pulled a pistol out.
"Fine if I can't have one can."
"No!" I streaked, but he shot her in the chest and she fell back, then then let me go. I went running to her. Crying I held her in my arms.
"Baby, Naomi, stay with me. I'll help you."
"I can't...see your face anymore. Your beautiful face." She cried with me. She coughed up blood and started coughing.
"Listen, when I'm born again. Come find me, and we can be together again." She started fading out.
"No, Naomi please!" I cried.
"I love you, my sweet Ariel." I felt her stop breathing and I sobbed holding her head to mine. Cried for hours when her body went cold. We scar face found me, I was skin and bones living in the tree above were Naomi's rotting body was. They said I was beyond repair, traumatized, I hated everyone. Until one day I was walking in the woods, remembering her sweet face. I could swear I could hear her soft, kind voice.
When I looked behind me a girl my age stood there. Her hair red, but her eyes and face were that of Naomi's.
"I'm lost can you help me? ...Ariel?" I looked like she was thinking, remembering and she cried.
"My...Ariel..." She ran up and hugged me. I cried and stroked her head feeling no ears, she was human. I didn't care because I was once human to. Scar face let me go, seeing I was happy being with her. We live together in a small town were no one cares if I have ears and a tail like a wolf's. We're just all happy together.

Finally...I'm happy, With my Mate.


Texte: Mae
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