And so it all began

I walked in and stared at her, “made up your mind yet?” I asked “Oh, yes Eli. I know what I want for my birthday. This book it’s called ‘Lost in misery’. And I need it Eli, need.” Kala said as I was about to walk out the door. “Um okay where do I buy it from?” I asked. She gave me a puzzled look as if she was trying to decide whether or not to tell me. “I um I dreamt about it, I don’t know where. I know it’s real. I can just tell. Please Eli I know you’ll find it.” She explained. I walked out the door and decide if that’s what she really wanted that’s what I should give her…right? WRONG… but let me explain.

My name is Elise and this is my story of me, my sister and one mysterious man. We live in a small town on the most east side of America called Panish, There are only about 200 people living in our town and it was always quiet. My sister and I am the closet of friends, we spend almost every minute together. Most people we know call us twins even though I’m 3 years older. She has short black hair and hazel eyes; I am the same except my hair reaches the middle of my back and it is dyed blonde, has brown streaks with black tips and bleach through. We live with our mum, and our dad disappeared when we were a lot younger. But I’ll just get to the point.
It’s December the 22nd and mum and myself are going to find Kala a birthday present. I knew she wanted a new book she had been looking for, but I couldn’t find it either. I didn’t understand her interest in books; they’re so boring and ‘gay’. I’d prefer to go to the beach and hang-out rather than read. But the present was for her not me so I had to find it; we looked in every bookstore in town. The book hadn’t even been heard of, I asked the man at the counter of the ‘books n café’ store.

“Umm, hi do you have the book Lost in Misery? My sister wants it for her birthday.” He gave me an odd look, I think he was suspicious of me but I couldn’t quite tell. The man was quite old about eighty years old he was just shorter than me and had big glasses on. He walked away from the counter and headed towards a door. I stood there confused then he looked back at me and I realized he wanted me to follow him. I followed him through a hallway sounded by very old books. Then he opened a door to an almost pitch dark room, I walked in a bit further then the door closed. I started to feel a bit unsafe around this guy.

“How do you know of that book?” he asked I was about to respond but he cut in. “Only two people should know of that book and I know that it is not you.” He continued “Who sent you for this book? Your sister you say. How old is she?” he asked. I really didn’t like this guy, he was creeping me out and I was confused about what he meant by all this. Who would be interested or care, he seemed to know of the book and I wanted it for Kala. “Um… my sister told me she kept dreaming of this book and she needed it, why is it so important? And why do only two people now of it? Why does her age matter?” I asked. His face went cold and I guessed he didn’t like to be questioned. “This is none of your concern little girl; I need to know your sister’s age. To tell if the prophecy has become true” his face went red as he said the last line realizing he wasn’t meant to say that to me. “I…ah…I…mean, um” he stuttered trying to figure out his words. “Okay well she turning sixteen in two days’ time, and I really need to go find this book for her. So if you don’t mind I will go now.” I said as I tried to walk out the, but the man was there in a matter of seconds blocking the exit. “NO don’t leave… you can’t leave. She is turning sixteen in only two days, oh no” he screamed at me, pushing me backwards. “Yea okay well I want to go, but since I can’t would you mind explain this to me? Not that I believe you!” I asked.

We stood there for a while. I was trying to figure things out, why did my sister matter so much to this weird guy. And why did only two people know of this book, why wasn’t the other me? I knew, or maybe I wasn’t meant to. That could explain why this man was so stressed out that my sister was turning sixteen in ‘ONLY’ two days. This is very confusing, and why wouldn’t he let me leave now? “Well” he interrupted my thoughts and I slightly jumped. “Have you heard of demons?” he asked me, what was he an idiot? Demons aren’t real, and if he’s about to imply something about my sister and demons in the same sentence, gods he is crazy.

He was staring at me as if, trying to point out the obvious. I wasn’t impressed, of course I know about demons but there not real. “So have you? Elise? Hello?” he questioned me, and I grew ever angrier at him. “Yes! I heard you the first time, Gods. Look of course I’ve heard of demons, but no chances on earth are they real? And I don’t know what you’re getting at but I really think I should leave now!” I said. His expression didn’t change one bit, completely blank.

He turned me around and pushed me away from the door; okay I seriously hate this guy now. “How do you know my name?” I asked trying to calm myself. “You told me,” he replied, and again with the whole ‘I never touched you, It’s all normal’ expression. Gosh he was starting to seriously aggravate me now. “I never told you my name or who I was. I told you I need a book for my sister. That’s all” I explained. I wasn’t just angry at him I was really scared now, I mean was he stalking me or something? Creep. I tried to run past him to the door again but he pushed me backwards. I went flying through the air, and hit my head against the wall. Ouch. “What the hell?” I asked, but I cut him off before he could respond to me. “You can’t just go around thinking you rule the world, and you can’t push people around because they are uncomfortable and want to get the hell away from you.” I screamed at him.

He was shocked; I think it was because I was so crude with him. “You want to know. Your sister is a demon. It true, and it’s better to know than not. She will go through changes and eventually will be bonded to another demon. Some demons can choose who they are bonded too and others can’t. Your sister can’t, once she has the dreams about this book we knew she would come looking for it. We purposely made her mind that way. That was the symbol of when she would change to her demon form.” He blurted out. Was he scared of me, I’m pretty sure he is. That made me laugh, which probably wasn’t a very good idea. His face turned red with anger “This isn’t funny you know, and don’t believe me if you wish. But that will only bring more hurt to you and your family, than you would get from this. You could even all end u dead, and you would be to blame.” He said in a harsh tone. Crap. I really shouldn’t have laughed. He sounded so true to his word; maybe he wasn’t lying. But I wasn’t about to give in yet.

What did he mean by my fault? Why would they get hurt? I’m not sure why, but this guy really seemed to be telling the truth. It was something about the way he said death. Like he knew someone would die anyway but if I listened and believed him I could prevent more deaths. But if I continued on the train of thought I was currently on, it could lead to more deaths. I guess, I sighed out aloud. “Prove it to me; somehow prove you are a demon.” I said, breaking my own train of thought; he laughed at me. “You think I’m a demon? Oh, I only wish I was such a wicked creature; a creature of the dark, that hunts and prays for the devil himself. Demons have powers; powers much more than mine. Well I’m a ‘Človek, ki Vlaki bitja noči' but that’s not in English, it translates roughly to 'Man who trains creatures of the night' and if you still don’t believe me, I’ll prove it to you” he explained.

I gave him a challenging look “Okay, I doubt ill believe you though. There is no such thing as a demon, so therefore there is no ‘demon trainer” I said and gave a small confident smile. He lifted his shirt a little and showed me a scar that I didn’t think could possibly be any bigger, my eyes widened and I was shocked. “Ow” I said, confused as to what had happened to him. “Yes, this is from training demons, they fight back and don’t realize their own strength! And every book in this room is about demons, demons are real! And I train them! Do you believe me? Or must I go and waste both of ours times, and risk your sister’s life to show you a real demon in action?” he said. I was very convinced; no human could make that scar. It would be impossible, I ran the thoughts though my mind and started at his wound. “Okay, now how do I make my sister believe it?”

We sat there for another hour or so, and he explained demons to me. He told me some had powers, they all started as normal humans until there sixteenth birthday where they go through the change. It was scary but very fascinating too. He told me everything I would need to convince my sister, so she would come here and he would explain more. It wasn’t just Kala this would effect, our whole family; all her friends too.


Eli came home; she ran into our room and closed the door behind her. I put down my book and looked at her with a pathetic expression. I thought she would be coming in like that to tell me there was a new shoe sale on or something else similar. “Well someone’s out of breath. Have a tough day shopping?” I said in a sarcastic tone. She gave me a cruel look and then rolled her eyes. “No, it’s actually something more serious than shopping! And I need to talk to you but you have to believe everything I say” she told me in a more serious tone, I still didn’t believe her though. “More important than shopping, wow it must be the ending of boys.” I said jokingly. But apparently it was anything but funny; I could tell that by the face she gave me. Eli sat on my bed and sighed. “Don’t patronise me!” she said through her teeth “Oh come on Eli, it was a joke. Nothing is more important to you than me, shopping and boys. So what is it? That last one left is…” she cut me off before I could finish my sentence “you?” as she said that all my jokes escaped me and I became serious.

“Kala, I just need you to believe me… can you do that?” she asked, completely serious. Something about Elise being serious made me want to crack-up laughing, but I couldn’t do that to her. “Okay.” I responded waiting for her to tell me. She looked as if she really didn’t want to tell me, but she had to. “Look I’m going to be blunt because there is no way to say this nicely. Or anyway that It won’t scare you. You’re a demon.” She said. I could feel my mouth drop. But I didn’t need to shut it, I just sat there. “What kind of sick joke is this?” I asked being very crude, but I didn’t care. I had read about demons once before, it was a love story. The girl is bonded to some demon and becomes a demon. It was very un-realistic and clearly a fantasy book and I know demons aren’t real. “Demons aren’t even...” she cut me off again “real?” she asked and I nodded my head. I was at first amazed by her knowing what I was going to say, and then I realized just how obvious it was.

She looked me right in the eyes “Kala. This is no joke I swear.” She said. I had to believe her, she was my sister after all. I inhaled through my nose and exhaled really loudly. “Okay, I believe you…” I stuttered on each word. I couldn’t believe what she was telling me, were demons real? Was I truly a demon? Were demons like the myths and stories? Or were they different? “Gods, Eli. I hate this, wanting to believe you. But I’m really struggling. Can you just tell me this is a joke, and make a fool of me already?” I asked becoming rather annoyed at the whole situation.

She stormed out the door; in annoyance on her way out she screamed at me “I hate it when you have no trust in me… your own sister! Gods, Kala. Just have some heart and just trust me…” she ran out the door so I couldn’t see her crying at my lack of trust. I did trust her, really I did, and I’m just struggling to understand this concept. I’m not a bad sister she just loves over reacting. I rolled over to reach my book, when my window was smashed. The glass came shattering over me like the end of a rainbow, it cut my skin but I have a high tolerance to pain. It looked very beautiful as it shimmered from above me to on top of me eventually cutting inside me. “OW” I said. Not meaning for it to be loud, but I wanted to make it clear that it stung a little.

“Hurts do it? I can fix that ya no…” a tall man said. Gods he was HOT! But since when did randoms jump into my room through my window and then act as if it’s totally normal, like we’ve known each other for our whole lives… this guy felt creepily familiar to me. Hmmm how? How do I know him? That’s if I do know him… he interrupted my thought by coughing loudly. “Yes. No. Maybe? Or are we just gonna be rude?” what should I say? That would hurt most people but it was just a sting to me. “Um… hi? It err stings just a little. Like a small graze.” I said, trying to show how little it hurt without coming out like some super strong chick. I stuttered a lot though, which is never good on a first impression. That’s if this is a first impression…

“Hello. I’m Liam, so you clearly have a good tolerance to pain. That should hurt like hell. There’s blood running all down your arms, cheek and left leg.” He said, like it was casual. “I can fix the blood and slight pain for you, if ya want.” He continued. Gods, will he give me a moment for thinking? So I decided to stay quiet and just think for a minute or so. “Hello?” he said wondering when he would get a response from me. I just sat there staring into space. “Hello? Kala… you still alive or did ya die from loss a blood outta that leg of yours?” he said joking and chuckled at the end of his sentence. I couldn’t help but laugh. “I’m sorry.” I said and straightened myself up a bit; I walked over to Elise’s vanity and saw how big the cut was. Crap. If I was anyone else id be screaming, I had a massive piece of glass lodged into my arm, and blood everywhere.

“Sorry, I shouldn’t laugh at you like that.” I said apologising again. “That’s Oka…” he tried to talk but I cut him off “But I’ll take that help, don’t want to ruin the room with blood now do I?” I couldn’t help but laugh again when he ran over to me and sat me on the bed. “Yes, your highness” he mimicked a servant of a queen. “And a cup of tea maybe?” he continued joking. And I giggled, “NO! Gosh, I should get a guard to come in here. And have you taken away.” We both laughed for a while the he held my leg in-between his hands. At first I was confused but then in a spilt second my skin started to heal. Extremely fast, in about ten seconds you couldn’t see that it had ever happened. It was really scary but for some reason, I was totally fine with it.

“Better?” he asked, I smiled and laughed. He moved in a bit closer so there was barley any space between us. He slowly leaned his face up to mine, and kissed me. It was just a small kiss on my mouth, but it somehow sent shivers through my body. “MUCH,” I replied once his lips left mine. He started to laugh again; it was a very deep laugh, almost dark. I like his laugh, a lot. “Hmmm were gonna have to figure this one out, do you know who I am? Why I’m here? Has anyone told you something about yourself that you can barely believe what there saying?” he asked, I flushed red. Crap. Was he talking about what Eli had said earlier? What if it was true? I started to panic, I was still bright red and he was just staring at me curiously. Wondering what I was thinking about. “Your sister? She told you right. I mean, I was told she would tell you straight away…” he broke the silence. “Yea, but it’s not true. There not real, it’s just some stupid joke. How do you know about it? Am… I…am… I… Am I a demon?” I replied. His face grew soft and he stood up to sit on the bed next to me.

“Yes. So am I… were bonded, do you know what that means? Do you know anything about demons or how you will change?” he asked in a calm and curious voice. He put my hand in his and entwined our fingers, without dropping my gaze. “Well at least I’m bonded to you.” I sighed, and looked down at our hands, “But I’ve read about bonded demons, they can grow wings if they are powerful enough. They can become bonded for life, and live longer than humans.” I continued. He smiled and kissed me on the cheek; he then stood and reached out for my hand. He pulled me up and entwined our fingers again then walked me out my room and towards the stairs. We went down the stairs and he walked me out the front door.

“Where the hell are you taking me?” I asked him as he walked out to a car. It was plain black; I’m not too sure what type of car because I know nothing about them. But it was just under average sized. He walked me to the passenger seat and made me sit. We drove for a while, and I still had no clue where we were going. But for some reason I was staring to believe what Elise had told me earlier. I’m not sure why I trust this man, but if what he says is true and we are bonded. Then… all relationships are always built on trust. “Yes they are. So you trust me? I do feel flattered!” he said, oh gosh. Did he just read my thought, umm can he? Or was it just obvious? “I. Err…um… did you just read my thoughts?” I replied still shacking from the shock.
He laughed that dark laugh again and I smiled a little, he nodded his head. “Sorry, I should’ve told you, I can read your thoughts. I…I can’t help it, and I can’t stop it either. That’s how I knew your name and almost everything about you.” I was a little panicked but alright with the idea, I wasn’t sure I wanted him knowing my every thought. But I trust him, so I decided to accept it. “Thank-you” he said. Dam, he heard that too! “Where are we going? I’m gonna get annoyed if you don’t tell me soon!” I said. “The ‘book `n café’ store, you need to learn about yourself. And fast. An old friend of mine will help ya. K?” he replied. Yea I was somehow relaxed with this. Gods, how did he make me so relaxed? “Because you WILL grow to love me in no time…” he said. Again, I was somehow completely relaxed. I just smiled. I like the thought of being in love with Liam. I sighed and started to day dream, and I slowly feel asleep.

There was a big thud as I lifted my head. Crap. That hurt, where am I? This isn’t the car… OW! “Shhh pretend you’re not awake yet! Just listen; ill pretend to wake you in five!” Liam said, I could tell by his soothing voice. I trusted him. So I had to do this. I waited about a minute in silence. “So you understand that she may not fully know, and the consequence of telling her far too much already, right…?” the voice was weak, and clearly a guy’s… An old man’s maybe? “Yes… we’ve been over this about ten times now; don’t tell her anything I’m not allowed too. Should’ve have broken into her house. Shouldn’t have told her she was a demon… dad, I got it!” Liam replied to the man. It took a while to process, OH MY! That man is his dad? He wants me to meet his dad? “Wake her… Now” Liam’s dad yelled.

Liam started to gently shake me; I pretended to wake and hoped it was believable. “Time to wake up, sweetheart. I have someone I want you to meet…” Liam said in my ear. I shuddered at his closeness. I opened my eyes and rubbed them slowly, then smiled at Liam. He gave me a small kiss and then stood me up “Where… where am I?” I questioned him. He smiled “This is my dad, he knows all about demons. He will teach you, help you and prepare you for your knew life.” He said. I smiled at the stranger. “Hey, look. Umm what am I meant to call you?” I asked. “Mr Anderson.” Is all he said? We stood in silence for a long moment “Well Mr Anderson. Is I really a demon?” I broke the silence. “Yes, Liam takes her to her new home. Play with her, Kiss her. Do whatever. Just keep the girl out of my sight until she knows everything she needs too. Then I may consider training her. Otherwise I am wasting my time with someone like her!” He said. I tried to consider anything I could’ve done wrong, to upset him. I felt hurt by how I didn’t say much and he seemed to hate me already.

Liam grabbed my arm and quickly took me out of the room. What did he mean by new home? I didn’t think that I would have to leave home… my family, friends, and my life. I thought for a while as we got in the car and he started to drive again, “If we don’t take you away until you are properly trained you could seriously harm them. I shall visit them and help them to accept it.” Liam said. “Oh, well where are we going to live?” I asked, he chuckled and replied “I am taking you to my apartment, we will live there. Will you be happy with that?” I wasn’t too sure. I loved the idea of living with him, but if you think about it I just met the guy… but still what he said earlier I believed. “Yes. What’s your apartment like? How many… um bedrooms? Just one bathroom and lounge room I suppose.” He laughed at all my questions “Well I hope this is alright but there’s only one bedroom and here we are” he said as he parked his car.

I blushed at what he said, one bedroom. Great, I’ve only known him for about a day. “If you have a problem I`ll fix it for you, if your uncomfortable ill comfort you. And if you have second thoughts I can find a new place and…” I cut him off by smashing my lips against his; he responded and moved his lips against mine. He broke away and said “And I will love you unconditionally forever” did he just tell me he loved me, not that he would but that he did. “I love you, Kala” he repeated. I was still in shock but I somehow felt the same way and wanted to admit it allowed instead of him hearing it through my thoughts “I love you too, Liam” I replied. He smiled and I returned it. He carried me upstairs in his arms like we had just been married, all the way to his apartment. Once he got in he walked to another room. He placed me on the bed, sat beside me. Kissed me on the forehead and walked into a smaller room leading away from the way we came. The bathroom or closet I guessed. He came back about ten minutes later and I had already started searching about the whole room with my eyes. I just looked around and feel in love with my new home, I knew this was all right.

The next morning I woke up to a beeping sound, I groaned and sat up. I looked around and saw Liam standing by me, turning off the source of the beeping, most likely an alarm clock. “Good morning love.” He whispered just loud enough for me to hear. I smiled and rolled over again to snuggle my hands and face into the pillows. I suddenly had extra weight next to me. I moaned again a rolled to face Liam. He was now lying next to me and staring at the ceiling. I started at him and he started at the ceiling, for a long time. Then he turned to look at me “Ahhh, much better view” he commented and I blushed. We lied there staring at each other for at least ten minutes. “How do you call the ugly, beautiful?” I asked finally breaking the silence. “I call `em as I see `em! You are the most beautiful woman on earth, Kala. I love you.” He said and I blushed again. “I love you too, but I still believe along with any other sane person I’m not beautiful! Let’s agree on pretty” I said being a bit too blunt. “If you weren’t beautiful, I would still love you. I don’t care of your looks. But you are pretty dam good looking too me. Believe me. Trust me.” He pleaded

“Okay. I believe you. Hey Liam, would you clarify me as your girlfriend?” I asked, rather embarrassed but too curious not to ask. “Yes. Only if I am your boyfriend, love. Although I don’t think girlfriend is a special enough word, it will do for now” He smiled and kissed me then closed the rest of the space between us. We just lay there for more time, and started into each other’s eyes. I truly did love him.

Oh gosh, she is so beautiful I could lie here all day staring into those breathtaking hazel eyes of hers. She`s so gorgeous, I didn’t realize until she cocked her head at me that I sighed out loud… I started reading her mind ‘why did he sigh? Maybe he’s having second thoughts? Maybe I did something wrong…’ I got out right then “Mmm you did nothing wrong, love. I was sighing at how beautiful you truly are. And how mesmerising your eyes are, it was unintentional to sigh. I’m so sorry if it offended ya.” I apologized to her. She sat up and gave me a cheeky smile, then ran out of my room into were the living room and dining are.

I decided to get up and run after her, when I opened my bedroom door I saw no one. Where did she go? I started to look around, I finally found her hiding. She was under a table “come” she said quietly. I crouched down and crawled under the table, when I was next to her I relaxed and sat down. She kissed me on the cheek then lied down looking at the bottom of the table, what is she doing? I lay down next to her and kissed her back. We lay there starring at the bottom of a table for a long time… I was still as confused as to why she did this. ‘Me and my sister… can you hear my thoughts?’ she said into my mind. Wow she was learning fast… I wonder if she can hear my thoughts when I project them into her head yet. ‘Yes, can you hear my thoughts?’ I asked into her mind. She was shocked and jolted away from me, her eyes alarmed. She slowly smiled and moved closer to me again, the snuggled close and laid one hand on my chest.

‘I can hear your thoughts Liam… I like it.’ She thought into me. I responded by saying ‘I know… why you choses to not use your words, love? And what is the story of you and your sister that you wish to tell me?’ she laughed and smiled too turn into me more. “I like the silence but I also like your voice. I chose words.” She said, I smiled and nudged her to continue “My sister used to sit or lay under the table with me whenever I had a big day. We would just lie here and it would make me feel better.” I suddenly felt bad. She had a small frown to her lips, and I felt bad. “You are sad! That is why you wish to sit here, because you already miss your family.” I said. Her face slowly progressed into a smile, and then she slowly started to laugh. She laughed very hard for a while, she was having so much fun… she started crying from laughing so hard so I quickly stopped her. I didn’t want to see her cry.

“I’m not sad; just miss ‘em… Hey, Liam how old are you?” she asked and I wasn’t too sure if she knew the difference in aging of demon, so I looked through her thoughts. She meant human age because she thinks she is almost sixteen. I laughed. “I’m nineteen almost twenty in human years.” Is all I said then it was silence, she clearly felt uncomfortable by that. “What do you want us to do for your sixteenth birthday, tomorrow?” I asked breaking the silence and trying to get her mind off the age gap, it was only three years. Maybe she’s just a sensitive girl… I should probably be careful around her, don’t want to upset the one I love. “My birthday… well I’m already going to have my hot boyfriend, but I was trying to plan a party. But since that can’t…” I quickly cut her off. “Who are you friends at school? I shall throw you your very sweet sixteenth party. And you can have all your friends,”

She frowned and started to crawl out from out of the table, I quickly sat. Grabbed her hips and brought her back to me. I moved her from under the table and followed, we then stood. I kissed her, very intense and started to move her lips against mine, she responded fast.

He started moving his lips faster against mine and his tongue touched my lips asking for entrance. I allowed and our tongues moved like they were meant for each other. He moved his hands to grip my hips tightly and I put my arms around his neck. He started to lift me and I pulled myself up so my legs were wrapped around his waist, it wasn’t easy when you have chubby thighs like me. “I love you.” He said, I just continued kissing him. I moaned in response, and he placed me on the table. I wasn’t sure how far it was going so I made up the excuse I had to use the bathroom then left him.

I walked out a minute later and he wasn’t in the bedroom, I walked out to the dining and living room. No one. I started to search the whole house. He left me? ‘Liam, where are you? Don’t leave me! Please’ I thought at him. No response, I decided to stop panicking and go take a shower. I cleaned myself well; I straightened my hair and put a bit of make-up on. I then went and tried to find some clean clothes…hmmm nothing. I guess I didn’t bring any, how am I gonna get my clothes? So I went through Liam’s draws and found an oversized t-shirt. I could wear it as a sluty dress until I got clothes, it made me look fatter than I am, I’m not fat just a little chubby. But I’m not the kind of girl who complains, I LOVE being cubby…

I walked around the house and made myself some fruit for brekkie. The door flew open, and men started to walk through the room with boxes. I stared for a minute then realized how inappropriate I looked like… ummm. “Hi” I said to the men as they walked downstairs for more. I went into the bedroom were all the stuff was put. I opened the top of one of the boxes and saw my shoes; awww Liam’s moving my stuff in for me. How sweet. I guess we defiantly are moving in together!

Some boy came to our house today, he was pretty smoking. We were worried because we hadn’t seen Kala in over twelve hours, she’s never late home. He told us she was a demon, and I pretended to be shocked. He then told us all how he needed her to live with him or she could kill all of us (that made me nervous, what the hell they are capable of?) he took all her stuff and said she would visit soon. It was very weird but we all accepted it in the end. We helped him pack and I asked if I could keep a few things of hers for memories. I also wrote her a small note and gave it to him asking him to give it to her himself and to say it was from me. T was very hard watching this man take all her stuff, I asked him many questions about demons and he told me everything but he was clearly getting annoyed at them, not that I stopped. He’s taking my sister from me, my best friend. Of course I’m not going to be the nicest person to him. I mean I would do anything for my sister, so the least I could do in this particular situation was to suss out the guy that she apparently must spend the rest of her life with. Probably marry and even be the father to her children. The thought of that made me a bit nauseous, I thought of this man as too sketchy to be with someone like my sister. She deserves loyal, trustworthy and someone that her family can trust her with. To me Liam doesn’t exactly fill all of these boxes or even at least the majority of them… put it like this. I don’t trust the guy. Someone that will stay with her if things go wrong, and be there when she’s at her best too. Maybe it was just me. Maybe only I was getting this vibe off him, maybe he was perfect for her…

I walked in the door of my apartment and all the boxes were there like I had ordered, I went to go find Elise and she was under the table with a dirty old rag shoved into her face; Only dressed in a large T-shirt and boy shorts. She was breathing heavily so I could clearly tell she had been crying. “So this must be the mysterious ‘Blankie’ I’ve heard too much about today…” I said. She turned around to look me in the eyes and she looked terrible. Not too nice to say but true. She started to cry even more and ran to me, she jumped up and kissed me, it took me by surprise and then she lifted herself upon me and sat on my hips. I held her up, still quite in shock. Our lips started to move with each other’s. It was fast and aggressive. “Leave me again, I’ll kill you. That’s a promise” she said into my mouth, and then the kiss became more passionate and wanting as if id apologised. I placed her down and kissed her forehead.
“I went and saw your family today.” I broke the silence with my voice and she looked a bit lusted by that. “kala we have to talk at one stage, and your kisses cannot always come between it.” I continued, so she gazed heavily into my eyes. “I’m aware of that.” She finally replied after long silence. She kissed me again and it warmed me. I turned her around to look out the window so her back was to me. I put my arms around her waist and rested my head on her shoulder. We looked out the window and I just held her, I was the one to break the silence “You will see your family in eight days.” That got a small smile, but she was still rather sad. “Then I’m sorry. But you will not see them until you are twenty-one, I’m sorry. But you could be a potential threat to them, and I know you couldn’t stand that nor could I.”

She looked at me, shocked and hurt. My poor Kala, she was so upset and it was my entire fault. Guilt washed over me and I couldn’t let her gaze drop. I felt so bad, what have I made this girl go through for me? Too much! She shouldn’t have to deal with this, but she does. “I….I…I need my family though, I need them by my side every second. Without them I wouldn’t be who I am!” she said, but it sounded like she was talking to herself and was also in a trace. She unwrapped my arms form her and walked to the bedroom, she put on a pair of black jeans and a top. Then walked straight past me to the front door with a frown on her face; she slammed the door on her way out.

She walked out the door; I was confused and shocked… even a little hurt. Where was she going without me? I don’t think she knows yet it is not safe for her to be out without me around. She could actually die if were away from each other for too long- I started to panic at the thought of her dead and rushed out the door after her.


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