Icestar's begining


A half moon glowed in the night sky. a Ember colored she-cat is laying down in a ball of moss. "How are you Emberheart?" asked a brown and white she-cat in a ball of moss next to Emberheart. "I'm ok Swiftlight." said Emberheart licking her swollen belly. All of a sudden she felt her kits comeing. The first kit that came out was a light blue and dark blue tom, The second kit came out and it was a Dark blue and light blue she-cat, The third kit came out and it was a light grey she-cat white patches, The fourth kit came out and it was a white tom with oarnge pacthes, and The last kit came out and it was dark grey and light grey tom. "What are there names going to be." Mapletail asked looking down at the to similer kits. "The dark blue and light blue she-cat will be called Icekit, and the light blue and dark blue tom will be Frostkit." said Emberheart licking Icekit and Frostkit both on there little tiny heads. "And the other three kits names are Maykit, cloudkit, greykit.

Chapter one.

The sun begins to rise when Icekit came out of the nursery and she began to wonder around camp. Icekit looks at Moonstar who is sitting down by Mapletail and they are talking in quiet whispers. "I think Icekit is that cat in the prophecey." said Moonstar putting his tail around his paws. "I thinks so to but we will have to wait until she is older to be sure." said Mapletail licking her chest. Icekit is know checking out the fresh kill pile. "Hello there Icekit." said a black tom picking a peice of fresh kill. "My name is Leapardpaw, i am training to be a medicine cat." said Leapardpaw eating his freash kill next to Icekit.

Chapter two

"Why are you eating that?" asked Icekit pokeing the mouse Leapardpaw is eating. "This is fresh kill." said Leapardpaw smiling at Icekit. "Fresh kill." said Icekit tilting her tiny head to one side. "Fresh kill is what we eata when we stop drinking milk." said Leapardpaw finishing the mouse and cleans his muzzle with his tounge. Icekit looks at Leapardpaw and asked "Is it really good?" "Well Icekit it will be good once you reach 6 moons old." said Leapardpaw grooming himself.

Chapter three

6 moons past sence Icekit was born. "Emberheart can i try the fresh kill?" Icekit asked while her mother was eating a big vole. "Yes you may Icekit, and the rest of you." said Emberheart looking at her kits. "Also today is when all of you become apprentices." said Emberheart looking at her five 6 moons kits, Icekit and Frostkit are the runts of the litter. "I cant wait." says Maykit moving her tail excitetly. "Neither can we." said Icekit and Frostkit at the same time. "All cats old enough to ceatch there own prey join her bheneth high rock." said Moonstar. the hole clan sat down beneth high rock. "Icekit,Frostkit,Maykit,Cloudkit,anf Greykit come foward." said Moonstar flicking his tail towards the five 6moon kits. "Icekit you will be Icepaw and I will be your mentor." said Moonstar putting his tail on Icepaws head. "Frostkit you will be known as Frostpaw and your mentor will be Leapardpelt our new medicne cat." said Moonstar pointing his tail towards the black tom Icepaw met when she was young."Maykit you will be known as Maypaw, your mentor will be Hollytail." said Moonstar. "Cloudkit you will be cloudpaw and your mentor is Lionclaw." said Moonstar looking at his little sister Lionclaw.Lionclaw nods to Moonstar for her first apprentce."and Greykit you will be called Greypaw and your mentor will be Foxfur." said Moonstar calling the meeting to an end.


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