EPILOUGE: Sharon walked through the forest in her home as usual. The large black tree trunks stood tall above her four year-old frame. The silver and metallic leaves sparkled in the sunlight. Run her father’s voice whispered in her head. Sharon knew that whatever Daddy says goes. She started off in a slight jog. Then her ears picked up on weird hissing sounds. Run! her Dad’s voice sounded more urgent. She peered over her shoulder in time to see a large snake slithering at an abnormal pace. Her eyes widen in shock and she ran faster.
“Qu'est-ce que le clan des serpents fais ici?” Sharon murmured to herself in her demon tongue. She used this when she was mad, scared, or confused. Right now it was the last two.
Sharon’s black tail was flicking left and right at rapid pace to keep up with her direction changes. Her adrenaline kicked in and her vision sharpened. She knew her pupils dilated and her cat ears popped free on the top of her head. The sound of hissing became louder and louder. Run baby girl; get to the edge of the forest. Come on honey just a little further her father encouraged. Sharon’s breathing was ragged, she saw a familiar clearing up ahead and pushed more. Something cut her arm, as she reached the end of the clearing. She looked down to see the last of the snake venom seeping into her arm and menacing red eye that seem to be smiling in achievement.
Sharon staggered forward into a portal then collapsed into strange green stuff. For reason she couldn’t feel her tail and her ears were gone. Her tongue ran over her teeth to find no sharp canines as that were normally there.
; Panic over took her and she fainted again. She awoke sometime later into the arms of her mother’s crying face. Her mother hugged her tight and hard. She pulled back and her mom ran her long finger through her hair soothingly. Sharon relaxed a bit knowing her mom was there.
“It’s okay honey, you’re safe.” Her mom smiled assuring.
Sharon turned her head to see a cute brown puppy with one blue eye one green one. The puppy licked her cheek and wagged its tail. She smiled as it licked her nose then her hand. “B.G. that’s your name, that’s short for blue-green.” she smiled.
A small voice was nagging at the back of her head, but it was too weak for her to hear. Her mom put her back down on a soft bed that almost swallowed her with its softness. B.G. curled up next to her and fell asleep, and she felt tired herself. She let her heavy eyes close and she was dreaming instantly.
“Good job my daughter.” He dad smiled at her.
“Daddy!” she squealed and ran to hug him.
“Where are your ears and tail, honey?” he asked concerned
“Those scary snakes cut me.” She said sadly.
“Oh non, ils essaient de changer le destin.” He said mostly to himself.
“What? I don’t understand what you said Daddy.”
Her dad’s eyes widen then turned very sad. “It’s okay honey. Just go to sleep. You will be staying with mommy for a while.”
Sharon nodded her head in excitement and hugged her dad tighter. “But Daddy what about the kingdom, will it be okay without me?”
“Yes princess just fine.” He smiled, but behind it Sharon could see the tears threatening to fall. Kings must never cry. Ever.
Her dad let go and everything went black, and when she woke up Sharon couldn’t remember a thing. She didn’t panic because she had no reason to worry about what she forgot.

The music was playing out of my iPod speakers as my friends and I got ready. It was a rare occasion when I actually wore make up, but when I did everyone says I could be a model. My long legs and shoulder length blonde hair were helpful. The black tips in my hair give me a look that I’m tougher and I do know how to knock a person out.
“Are you ready?” my friend Zania asked.
Zania is the most athletic girl in my school who most of the football jocks want to date. Her obsession with volleyball is almost frightening, but she is fun to hang around with. Being an only child she gets almost everything she wants, but when she doesn’t we all to stay clear.
‘’Almost.” I said as I finished the last touches of my black eyeliner.
“Remember the theme tonight is scene so…well Zania just don’t overdo it. I don’t want to hear you complain about your hair getting stuck when you use too much hair spray.” Bryce warns with her hands on her hips.
Bryce is a tiny girl, not height wise but just really skinny. For a girl her size she does have a loud voice and knows how to project it. If you give her any amount of sugar of any sort is a disaster in the making. She kind of is crazy when she comes into contact with it, and everyone knows that giving her sugar is a direct slap from me.
Zania huffs and continues to put hair spray in her hair despite the warning. I laugh as I take one last check in the mirror, and then grab Zania’s arm before she really does go overboard. We hop into her Zania’s dad’s truck to head to the club just for teenagers. Being 16 that is the perfect age to get in and not be asked if we were too young or old.
We waved goodbye to her dad as we walked toward the log line that stretched several blocks from the club. Zania grabbed my arm and I turned to see what she wanted. She pointed to the door where a tall boy was waving at me. With a closer look I saw it was my friend Quintyn.
“Come here.” He called us over.
All three of us walked to him where he told us that he got a job as the door bouncer, and he said we could go in because he was allowed to let his friends in. I was a little hesitant at first, but Zania and Bryce thanking him as they dragged me in was kind of hard to deny his offer. Everyone in line groaned as the door closed behind us. The darkness of the club almost made me trip when my eyes didn’t adjust fast enough. The loudness of the music did throw me off balance, but I didn’t fall because Bryce caught my arm and steadied me.
I looked up at the DJ booth and saw my friend DJ Izzy Sounds. He saw me and a big grin crossed his impish face.
“Will Sharon and her beautiful friends get their pretty little selves up here so we can party the right way?” he mocked into the microphone.
I felt my face redden as we made our way to the DJ booth. Some sets of curious eyes followed us but then went back to what they were doing. When I reached him his smile was covering the lower half of his face. Izzy wrapped his arm around my should and leaned me down to the microphone and forced me to introduce myself to the club. They returned my weak hello with a roar of cheers, and I hastily returned to Zania and Bryce with an even redder face then walking up there.
“Let’s go dance.” Zania yelled over the music.
I gladly let her grab my arm and lead me to the dance floor exclusively for the DJ’s chosen. For a dance floor only meant for 200, it sure felt like there was more. I’m not the best of dancers and being taller doesn’t always make enough room, but I sure do know how to dance. In my strapless black mini dress gave my legs enough room without being suffocated by the leather, and my thigh-high black converse meant I didn’t have to worry about heels digging into my feet all night.
I stood in the middle of the dance floor letting the music wash over me, simply bobbing to the beat. Slowly I saw guys from around the dance floor circling around us. Most of them were very good looking and I didn’t mind dancing with them, but if they tried anything I would have had to break some arms. After an hour of dancing non-stop, I told Zania and Bryce I was going to get us some water and to find a table to rest at. They nodded and went to find the table while I made my way to the “bar”. Since this was a teen club they didn’t really sell alcoholic drinks. When I got to the bar I called for the guy working and saw it was my old friend Chris.
“What do ya need?” he asked smiling.
“Three waters.” I replied.
“Wow that’s a lot for one person. What you a camel or something?” he mocked at me.
“I’m here with friends and I have been dancing for an hour straight.” I pretended to be offended “Now do your job and get me something to drink.”
He mocked a bow and got me three water bottles. I reached for my wallet, but he stopped me. “On the house.”
Thanking him I grabbed the waters and walked back to the table. I saw three guys standing at the table talking to Zania and Bryce. They all turned to look at me as I approached them. I waved to them as Zania got up and put her arm around my shoulder. Putting the waters down, I turned to greet these new people.
Out of the three I realized they were all extremely good looking, and very tall. The blonde guy had puppy brown eyes that made me want to just hug him until he smiled. The next guy had silver hair and ice blue eyes that gave him a regal prince look. He was giving me a strange look like he knew me, or worse wanted to eat me. The last guy however was different; he had jet black hair that fell just above his eyes in a swooping motion and gorgeous green eyes that seemed to glow. I couldn’t figure it out, but I felt like a magnet the way I found myself slowly walking toward him. I stopped myself before anyone noticed.
Zania pointed to the blonde guy, “This is Paul,” then the price looking guy, “this is Adrian,” then black hair guy. “And this is Damion.”
They all said hello and I waved back. “If I knew we were going to have more people I would have brought more water.” I joked dryly.
Sensing my discomfort, Bryce acted like something was wrong with her contact and asked me to help her with it. Glad to leave from the awkward situation, I followed her to the bathroom.
“I don’t really have to fix my contact but can I borrow your mascara.” She asked.
“Yeah.” I said as I rummaged through my purse.
I stared at my reflection as she fixed her make-up. With eyes that looked like blue lightening and hair that is strawberry blonde I don’t see why everyone thinks I’m so pretty. I do have high cheek bones and what people say “an hour glass figure”, but I think my tallness takes that away; and I’m not lacking in the chest department, but that aren’t the biggest in the world.
Bryce had finished her touch up and went to use the bathroom. “I’m going to wait outside for you.”
“Okay.” She called from the stall.
Opening the door I ran into a tall dark figure, I looked up and saw Damion. He chuckled at my surprise. It took more effort than I thought to pull away from him. As I did my hand brushed his shocking me at the sudden contact, the shock made me jump. Damion chuckled again.
“Is Bryce’s contact okay? She didn’t lose it did she?” he asked but it didn’t seem like he really cared.
“She is fine, and no that was her version of a rescue.” I replied trying not to let my attitude get the best of me.
Obviously he noticed this, because he began to laugh. Offended I put my hands on my hips giving him a what-is-so-funny look, which only made him laugh more. “If I were you I would stop laughing or else...” I gritted through my teeth.
He stopped immediately and the next thing I knew I was against the wall with his hands on the wall of either side of me; trapping me in. Damion leaned down so close to my face out noses almost touched. “Or else,” he looked me up and down. “What Barbie? You gonna hit me?”
I gave him my meanest glare, and I think he winced a bit. ”I’m debating whether or not to take you up on such a generous offer.”
Suddenly he bent down and kissed me, and a wave of pleasant warmth shot through my body. I put my hands up to push him away, but he grabbed my hands to keep me from doing so. Unable to help myself I kissed him back. He tasted like mint and a hint chocolate. The warmth slowly mad its way from my mouth down my neck to my shoulders, and I was scared what would happen if it got any further. I pulled away again and was successful because he thought he had me.
“What is your deal?” I asked angrily as I wiped my mouth.
He smiled smugly and gestured behind me. Confused I turned to see Bryce grinning widely. I turned back around and glared at Damion and he winced again. Bryce grabbed my arm and took me back to the table before I strangled him.
“So guess you and Damion are friendly.” Bryce joked as we made our way back to the table. I only glared at her in response.
She laughed as we approached and Zania asked what was so funny. Bryce almost answered but I cut her off and gave her a don’t-you-dare look. Zania looked at me confused and I just shook my head at her. Damion came up to the table, Bryce burst out laughing, and I sat down in a huff next to Zania.
“What happen?!?” she asked in the shrieking like tone she does when she is left out of the loop.
I looked at Bryce daring her to say something. “I kissed your little friend here-“Damion gestured to me as he spoke “and she got mad. Bryce here saw and that only pissed her off more.”
Everyone turned to me in shock and crossed my arms and directed my glare rage to Damion. He is so stuck up and full of himself. At first sight he looked like a regal and defined poet, but he acts like a prince being waited on and foot. I never thought I would meet someone so arrogant. Zania’s mouth hung open and I grabbed her arm and took her with me to the dance floor. Maybe dancing could relieve some of my anger.
Eventually I stopped frowning and danced until my muscles yelled at me to take a break. Looking around I realized I had acquired a group of guys dancing with Zania and I. One of them was smiling at me. He was cute had chocolate hair that was cut short. I simply smiled back and was surprised when he took my hand and led me to a corner that I hadn’t noticed before.
“I hope you don’t mind,” He started. “But a girl as pretty as you I just wanted to talk to you before you were whisked away by some amazing prince.”
My only response was to smile awkwardly. I guess he took that as an okay to continue, because he gently put a hand on my cheek and leaned down to kiss me. Turning away would have been rude so I shut my eyes tight hoping he would get the message. I open my eyes slightly to see a large hand clamp down on the guys shoulder. The hand threw the guy away from me, hard.
Damion appeared in front of me, placing a hand on either side of me. (I’m beginning to think he likes doing that.) He quickly leaned in to give me the kiss he interrupted. The strange warmth began to seep through my body again the instant our lips made contact. Not bothering to fight it, I kissed him back. It felt too good to fight anyway. He nibbled at my lower lip asking me if I wanted to continue. When I agreed his tongue slipped into my mouth, and our mouth tango began. Abruptly he broke the kiss and the warmth left me instantly and I got cold fast. He grinned at me and I rolled my eyes. Lifting his hand, he pointed to his watch. One fifteen (am), we had been kissing for ten minutes straight. My mouth hung open in astonishment; it only felt like ten seconds.
“Guess you don’t hate me that much after all” he mocked.
I punched him playfully in the arm, and he grabbed me and pulled me back to him. His thumb and index finger went to my chin where he lifted my face gently to his. Damion smiled and bent down like he was going to kiss me again, but instead he carefully kissed my neck. Then took my hand and led me out of the corner back to the table. Everyone at the table was smiling; except Adrian, he looked upset and almost angry.
"Adrian, you okay?” I asked, concerned.
“Yeah, fine.” He replied bitterly, I could tell he was lying.
Tuning to Paul I asked the time. “Umm it’s about ten minutes until two.”
Zania, Bryce, and I all looked at each other and sighed. Zania’s dad was coming to get us at two. “Zania’ dad is coming to get us in about ten minutes then.” I explained. They all sighed too.
The guys walked us out and we said our goodbyes. Damion pulled me aside and had me write my number on his hand. “I’ll call you some time.” He winked.
I was going to say something, but Zania’s dad’s truck pulled into the parking lot and I just turned and left. During the talk of who house we were going to stay out my phone began to buzz in my purse. I looked down and saw a California number I didn’t recognize.
“Hello?” I said cautiously into the phone.
“Just making sure you didn’t give me a phony number” A joking voice came from the other side, I knew who it was instantly.
“Good for you now bye.” I joked back into the phone. Rolling my eyes I looked at Zania telling I’m at her house tonight. Her dad sighed and he knew three loud blondes in his house, well it was going to be a long night. We all laughed back at him.
By the time we pulled up in her drive way I knew I was going to pass out and not wake up until next week. The looks of the other two said they too had the same feeling. Luckily we made it to Zania’s king size bed before I was down to my skull spanks and a black tank top, and we all crawled into a big ball of exhausted muscles and tangled hair.
I woke up the next morning with Bryce’s foot in my face and Zania sleeping on my stomach. It wasn’t the weirdest thing I saw first thing in the morning, but it was a usual.
“Zania wake up and go make me some breakfast woman.” I joked shaking her awake.
“Whatever.” She smiled back, but got up anyway.
A growl/yawn sound came from the foot of the bed and I knew Bryce was awake. Just mention food and she will wake up from the deepest sleep. The clock next to the bed showed that it was just past three thirty. Wow guess we partied pretty hard last night. I checked my phone and I had three missed calls. Two were from California, must be Damion I thought to myself, and the last was from my mom. I decided that calling my mom back would be best.
“Hello.” My mom’s tired voice came through on the other end.
“Hey mom we are awake and I will be home in about an hour or so.”
“Okay call me back if you need a ride.”
“Will do.”
Hanging up, I walked out of her room to follow Bryce and Zania who had walked out some time during our conversation. Zania’s dog, Butch, got up from the floor near my feet and followed me down the stairs. A beige bowl was shoved at my chest as I walked into the kitchen, almost making me fall.
“A little warning would have been nice.” I complained as the two girls laughed at me.
“Frosted Flakes or Cinnamon Toast Crunch?” Bryce asked scanning Zania’s pantry.
“Both.” Zania and I said at the same time.
We sat at her table crunching on our weird mixture of our two favorite cereals. My buzzing phone jarred me out of dream like state I was slipping into; the other girls looked the same way to. I looked down and saw the California number again. Probably should save his number I thought, so I saved it before opening my text.
Damion: Hey are you awake yet?
Me: Yeah just woke up.
Damion: Want to meet up later?
Me: Umm I don’t know. It depends I have to go home then do my daily workout routine.
Damion: Okay text me if you change your mind.
Zania tapped on my shoulder and judging by the grin she had been reading my texts. Glaring at her for a second then rolling my eyes because I can’t take back what she saw.
“Whatever Zania” I laughed “You’re just jealous that I got the hot one.” I teased sticking out my tongue.
“Yeah he is the hot one, but he is also the one with the biggest ego.” She stuck out her tongue back.
We all laughed and after we finished breakfast Bryce and I got ready to go home. By four, I was in my shower at home washing all the glitter, sparkles, and some strange sticky liquid I hope was juice off me. I love the smell of my shampoo and body wash because it is orange mango citrus. Rubbing the last bits of water out of my hair, I checked my phone; one text message from Damion.
Damion: Want to go work out together?
Me: Sure I’ll meet you at the gym off of St. Mary’s in twenty.
Damion: Cool sees you there.
It’s hard to say no to this boy, he is super-hot but a total jerk bag. I sigh and begin to get ready. My usual work out outfit consists of a sports bra and shorts, but that is a huge H-to-the-NO; instead I throw on my black spanks and shape forming under armor shirt and tie my hair up in a sloppy pony tail. A quick once over in the mirror and I’m ready to go. My beautiful black 2011 Camaro with customized Nightmare before Christmas leather interior is waiting for me. Best. Birthday. Present. Ever. I got my driver’s licenses early for being top of my class and saving the drive instructor’s life during another student’s test drive.
Pulling into the gym parking lot, I see Damion waiting for me in the front. Wow he’s ten minutes early I thought. He gives my car a low whistle then he looks at me and does the same. I roll my eyes and push him aside to get inside.
“What’s a sexy car like that doing in your hand?” he teased.
“It was a birthday present.” I reply in a Duh tone.
“Whoa attitude alert” he continues to mock me. “Aren’t you a little young to have a licenses?”
“One I’m only one year younger than you and two I’m just that awesome.”
“Okay I can tell my “ego” is annoying to you so I’m going to propose a deal.”
“What would that deal be exactly?” I ask raising my eyebrows at the sudden change in topic.
“If you can out run me on the treadmill then I will be the world’s best gentleman…”
“And if I can’t?”
“You have to go on a date with me.” He smiles smugly like he has already won.
“Yeah right like I would.”
“I’ll pay for your gas for a month.”
I raise my eye brow to consider the deal. That would save me some good shopping money. After a long moment, “Sure, it’s a deal.” I shake his hand in agreement. The evil smile on his face scares me and I want to back out of the deal, but it’s too late we shook hands.
We start off in a slow jog and by the determined look on his face; I know he really wants to win. A night with him paying to treat me like a queen wouldn’t be so bad, until I caught him staring at my butt. Rolling my eyes (it seems to become an every five second thing around him) I put my iPod in and stare straight ahead. After forty-five minutes of straight jogging I’m beginning to feel tired, and I look over at Damion who hasn’t even broken a sweat. I grunt at myself for being so weak, I guess staying up until two-thirty in the morning on practically flavored sugar water isn’t good for your body.
By an hour in a half I have to stop to breathe, and wipe the sweat out of my face. I rest my hands on my knees and a hand smacks my butt. Immediately my hand flies up and slaps Damion in the face making him stumble on his treadmill.
“What was that for?!” he yells.
“Don’t act so innocent, you hit my butt!” I accuse.
“No I didn’t!” he protests.
I was about to call him a liar when laughter from behind me stops me. A couple of what look like seniors were laughing hysterically at us.
“It wasn’t your friend honey.” They called through their laughter.
My face turned red with rage as I stopped over there. “You think it is funny to sexually harass someone then blame it on someone else?” I demanded my hands on my hips.
The two boys looked at each other for a second then laughed some more; it only made me angrier. Then one of them put his arm around my shoulder. “Hey cutie calm down. If you think about it, it’s a compliment. Your cute enough that my hand found its way to get your so worthy attention.” He winked.
I punched him in the stomach, “Don’t touch me, ever. Okay? Cutie.” I mocked as I walked back to Damion.
His mouth hung open and I closed it for him. “I’m sorry I didn’t know it was them.” I apologized.
He rubbed his cheek where I slapped him. “Well I did beat you and since you slapped me, that’s two dates instead of one.
I open my mouth to protest, but closed it because a red welt was forming where I slapped him. Giggling and wincing when he touched it. When we passed a row of mirrors his mouth dropped, and he glared at me. “Three.” He gritted through his teeth.
“Okay it’s not that bad. I’m not going on THREE dates with you, one is bad enough.” I complained. He shot me a look and I knew there was no arguing my way out of this one. Throwing my hands up in a huff, I went to go shower.
The next day at school was an unexpected and a complete nightmare. It starts off normally I dress like I’m straight out of a scene kid magazine with my black tight skinny jeans and My Chemical romance shirt. A fresh coat of black nail polish was applied the night before, and with my blue and green streaks newly done stick out like a sore thumb in my blonde hair. Only a light line of black eyeliner covers my eyes. I don’t like the hardcore kohl stuff; it makes my face feel sticky.
. We are only allowed to wear everyday clothes on Mondays, the rest are uniform days. The school board believes it gives us room to express ourselves. The uniforms are white or black short sleeve button down shirts with black and different shades of red plaid skirts with matching tie. The skirts come in thigh high, knee length, and ankle. Guys wear pants that are black dress pants or khaki, but still have to wear the ties. My wardrobe either earned glares from the school trollops, or whistles from the rest of the male population. Both are easy to ignore, and I have a semi good tolerance for their crap (most days).
“Sharon!” One of my best friends, Heather, yells as she tackles me. My bestest friend Caitlin laughs at out weirdness.
Heather dresses like me except with brown and red hair and an Avenge Sevenfold shirt. She has very fair skin and freckles, her blue eyes stick out from the rest of her. All three of us have a strange obsession with 80’s movies and musicals. We constantly sing “Dance Magic” from Labyrinth with David Bowie; the first ever scene queen. Caitlin has bronze skin with long dark, dark brown hair and light brown streaks that used to be red. She is the most normal out of our crazy trio, she dresses normal too. In a way she balances us out. After our hugs and hellos we head off to our morning classes, because we only have afternoon classes together.
Then there were the school’s “popular” aka the cheerleaders, aka Lindsey Calhoun. Lindsey was the caption of the squad and a total tramp. She had obviously fake platinum blonde hair and big (and fake) boobs she throws at guys to get what she wants. Her skirts are so short they practically show her underwear when she bends over. Basically a porcelain doll with short clothes; her “friends” looks the same, but with different color hair or darker skin. All of them have spray on tans, of course, but the only thing they have in common (besides probably STD’S) is they all hate me because for some reason their little jocks boyfriends can’t stop drooling over me.
“Please welcome our new student Damion Michaels.” My English teacher Mr.Morin
My jaw drops and all the girls in class begin to murmur about how cute he is. He winked at me, and a girl behind me sighs forcing me to roll my eyes. ”Please choose your seat Mr.Michaeals.” I looked around and the only open chair was next to me, the look in his face told me he knew it too.
Damion made his way, painfully slow, to the desk next to mine and sat down. He leaned over and I was about to tell him to leave me alone, but he went to the girl behind me and introduced himself. Instantly I got mad, and I shot him an evil I’m-going-to-kill you glare. An equally wicked smile crossed his face, he got the reaction he wanted and I completely gave it to him. “Sharon please catch Damion up on what we have been working on.” Mr.Morin asked.
“Okay” I replied, and when he wasn’t looking I gave an exhausted sigh.
After what seemed like forever, the bell rang finally dismissing first period. Everyone flew from their seats and flocked to Damion. Luck me I squeezed out before I got caught in the crowd. My locker always takes me two tries to successfully open, leaving me vulnerable for people I don’t want to talk to or see catch me. This is one of those times. A heavy hand clamps on my shoulder, and I nearly scream until I realized who it was.
“What?!” I snapped at Damion.
He bent down and kissed me so suddenly I had to use my locker to steady myself. The strange but lovely warmth began to spread, but I pulled away and slapped him harder than at the gym. It was too late people saw it and it was going to spread faster than the speed of sound. People were already pointing and whispering, I punched him one more time to the stomach for good measure then stormed off.
Sighing gratefully when I got to my seat in my debate class; it was a small class of ten and we were in the computer lab so I sat by myself in the back. My entire class, even my teacher, loved me but knew when I needed lone time. I began to process what had just happened in the hall. No doubt it was all over junior hall making its way through each class grade. During morning free time before school starts the news of a new kid spread like the plague. The sound of the chair next to me shook me out of my thought process. “Seat’s taken.” I say not bothering to look up.
“It is now.” A familiar stuck up voice retorts back.
My head shoots up and there he is continuing to ruin my day. Monday of all days, honestly what have I ever done to anyone; other than slips laxatives into the cheerleader’s water bottles. ”Go away. Damion.” I say slowly careful not to yell.
“Can’t this is my next class.” he replies smugly sitting down despite my order.
“Give me your schedule” I demand. He hands me his schedule and I nearly rip out my hair. “Every single class.” I whisper to myself. “Every single class!” I yell this time. “You have every class with me, but I’m in all advanced classes even PE. How?!” I’m only a sophomore, but I take all advanced junior classes; even then they are still the above regular juniors.
“I’m a junior and I’m smart too.” he shrugs. His casualness about it makes me grit my teeth.
“Welcome, welcome class.” my favorite teacher Ms.Kortright greets. “We have a new student, I doubt you guys realize.” She scans the room the room for Damion. “Ah.” She exclaims. “There you are and smart to pick a seat next to the top student.” She smiles at me, and I smile back at her.
“Yeah and that’s her boyfriend.” Someone call from the other side of the room. I send a glare in the direction it came from.
“No he is not my boyfriend.” I say trying to hold back a witty that would get me sent to the office.
“Then why did he kiss you in the hall?” another voice shouts out. I look at Ms.Kortright for help, but the intrigued look on her face told me I was on my own.
“Ask him.” I snap.
Everyone turned to Damion with expecting eyes. “You’re right I’m not your boyfriend, and I kissed you because you’re hot. That’s it.”
There was an awkward moment of silence, and then Ms.Kortright burst out laughing. Stunned, everyone’s head shot to her. “Well Mr. Damion I admit that Ms. Sharon is a very beautiful young lady, but I hardly think that is reason to kiss someone you just met. Furthermore can we please start class and Ms. Sharon can you catch Damion up on everything?”
“Yes Ms.Kortright.” thankful she finally came to my rescue. “Come on.” I tell Damion to follow me to the back room to get him a laptop to use outside of class.
Flipping on the lights I hear Damion whistle at all the computer. It’s not that impressive to me, but still we have the best computer classes in the entire district. Since Damion’s last name is in the M’s I give him the thirteenth laptop. He take the computer and examines it and then shrugs. I turn to leave the room, but he grabs my arm and pulls me into a kiss. Really?! Two in ten minutes can I have a break? The warmth that spreads is the first thing I feel before the soft tingle of his lips. Almost instinctively I put my hands up to push him away, but instead wrap my arms around his neck and pull myself up to him. It feels like we melt together, like we were meant to do this; sort of like a lost puzzle pieces coming together.
Finally gathering enough strength, I push away. Damion gives me a satisfied smug look and I roll my eyes. He has this way of getting under my skin making me want to kiss him and never let go then the other half wants to choke the very last breathe from his body. I begin the debriefing on what we have done so far to make it look like we were just talking as we walk out of the closet. Only a couple of eyes watch us make our way to our seats. Times flies faster than I expect and the bell rings in the middle of ingenious idea, I quickly type it out before I lose it.
The painful trek to PE drags out with the fact that no matter where I go he will be there. I can hear from the entrance of the locker room Lindsey and her posse are already changing. We have a loose dress code when it comes to PE gear. You must have proper running shoes and school colors which are black, red, and/or white. My PE clothes consist of black under armor basketball skort that are (they actually don’t look that bad), unfortunately, like my spanks and come just under my butt; and a red form fitting under armor workout tank top (I like under armor). Lindsey and her friends have sort of the same thing, but their shirts barley cover their bell buttons and they wear shorts instead. “Freedom to express” the coaches call it, but they are just a bunch of horny old men whose wives don’t put out anymore.
Coach Narghety (Nar-get-y), yeah weird right, blows the whistle telling us to head into the gym. Zania, Caitlin, Bryce, Heather, and I find each other then pile into the gym. I rant to them how Damion is in every class and driving me nuts with his bi-polar attitude. One minute he is all over the cheerleader group and then he won’t leave me alone. “Oh telling your friends how awesome I am are we?” an overly self-confident voice breathes at the back of my neck.
In my ranting I hadn’t even noticed I walked into him until my hands carefully examine the wall of muscles behind me. Slowly I turned around to find Damion grinning and my face was turning red, don’t need a mirror to tell me that. Heather and Bryce burst out laughing at my carelessness and I smile awkwardly. Damion wraps his long arm around my shoulder. “Well I do have that effect on people. It’s not your fault for being so over whelmed that you just have to tell everyone.” The smug is practically flowing off him like falling water that it suffocates me.
“You wish.” I retort using two finger to peel his arm from my shoulder as if it were a dead rat. “Can you turn down your ego you might choke a tiger. They are endangered you know.”
He puts his arm right back into place as if were magnetized. The annoyance is clearly written across my face that make all my friends laugh again. Traitors I think. Finally Zania comes to my rescue and pulls me over to her to ask a “secret question”, but Heather, obviously enjoying this too much, pushed me right back at him.
“I’m not a rag doll to be tossed around.” I scold at her, but it’s too late. Damion wraps his arms securely around my waist to prevent my escape again. A small growl escapes my mouth as I give Heather my famous death glare. She flinches in return, but those are what “death” glares are for to scare people.
“Awe I think I made our little Sharon angry.” She teases in a baby voice.
I attempt to lunge at her to punch her, but Damion steal like biceps hold me in place. Shocked I look down at his arms and squeeze them. He flexes and smiles cockily at me, and I punch him in the arm which hurt me more than it did him most likely. Coach calls row then we break into partners for our “trust” segment (completely unnecessary). Half the class flocks to Damion, but he is insistent I be his partner. I struggle against him like a cat in a bath, but with no luck I eventually give in and agree to be his partner. A couple of girls give me dirty looks I return with an equally vicious scowl.
“First trust exercise is the trust fall.” Coach Narghety yells over all the other side conversations. People grumble but get into position.
“You better not let me fall.” I warn.
Leaning back, I don’t hold back like I normally do with Heather. Closing my eyes doesn’t help with the anxiety of being dropped, but I do it anyway. Just when I feel I’m going to hit the floor, a pair of strong hands catches me by my side. I keep my eyes closed tight afraid of what I will see when I open them. “Never.” Damion softly whispers in my ear and I open my eyes in surprise. Turning to look at him, all traces of his earlier playfulness have vanished.
Involuntarily a small smile crosses my lips, but I quickly catch myself and hide it. I stand back up and continue falling until the buzzer sounds telling us to switch. It occurs to me when I stand behind Damion how short I am compared to him. What if I can’t catch him? I panic. Damion falls back with no hesitation and I reach out to catch him. Strangely he feels light and I can catch him with no problem. He looks at me and it’s obvious I’m confused, then the full effect of his weight hits me and I fall with him falling on top.
“Flowers” Coach yells. “,don’t drop your partner!”
“Sorry coach just misjudged his size.” I apologize while climbing out from under Damion
“Don’t apologize to me, apologize to your partner.” A couple of kids snicker at her retort.
“Sorry.” I mumble to Damion.
“It’s cool.” He laughs dusting himself off.
We both readjust ourselves and do a couple more falls, and I don’t drop him anymore. The buzzer sounds and coach explains the next task. Blind folds are required and I already don’t like it. Ever since I was small I didn’t like not being able to see where I was going, but I’m not afraid of the dark. I look back and forth from Damion to the blind fold slowly approaching my eyes hoping he will take the hint. Caitlin came up to me and asked if I was okay and I just gave a quick nod of the head; only she knew of this weird fear. She called Damion over to the corner and explained it to him. I wasn’t comfortable with him knowing but he just looked at me concerned then smiled knowingly.
“Don’t worry it will be fine.” He soothes and for some reason I believe him.
An anxious sigh escapes my lips as he finishes tying on the blind fold. Just five minutes I mentally encourage. Damion puts both hands on my shoulders and gives a slight push urging me to walk. We walk aimlessly around the gym until we come to a stop. The smell of dust and stale chips hits my nose. Are we under the bleachers? I reach for my blind fold, but Damion’s hand stops me. “Five minutes aren’t up yet.” He whispers close enough to my face I can feel the heat of his breathe.
The pleasant warmth that is so familiar to me today surprises me. Instinctively I wrap my arms around Damion’s neck and pull him closer. He slides his hands from my shoulders to my waist. The warmth slowly makes its way down my neck. It feels like hot chocolate flowing down your throat on a cold winter day, and you can feel it even in your stomach. My hand slides up and down the back of his neck earning a satisfied growl. The loud shrill sound of the buzzer scares me out of our kissing daze. I take off the blind fold and look at Damion who is smiling smugly; I roll my eyes and pull him down to tie the blind fold on him. Carefully I lead us out from under the bleachers back into the crowd of students unnoticed.
We did a couple more exercises then went back into the locker room to change. As I am pulling on my shirt, a light tap on my shoulder beckons me to turn around. Lindsey’s unpleasant face is scowling at me when I turn around. “Can I help you?” I ask not really planning on continuing this conversation.
“What were you doing under the bleachers with the new kid, huh?”
“Not what you’re thinking, because that’s you beloved job.” I say annoyance level rising. She gives a quick fake smile then continues to scowl at me. “Is there something wrong with your face?” I ask turning back around to finish changing, and I hear her walk away with a huff.
When I finish I find everyone and we head out to the gym to wait for the bell to dismiss us to our lunch period. Heather and I are in the middle of a heated conversation about the best flavor of beef jerky is (teriyaki) when the smell of artificial strawberries too close for comfort makes me turn around. Lindsey has her hand stretched out ready to tap on my shoulder with her overly manicured finger. My face immediately turns to disgust on force of habit, but I quickly fix it; not before she has time to see it though.
“Okay I want to settle this now.” She begins with her voice so snobby and self-confident it makes me want to vomit. “Just so you know Damion likes me he just wants to make a good impression on his first day, and if that means making friends with the school’s creepy Goth girl and her weirdo friends then fine by me. We are going to go up to him so he can tell you himself that he only kissed you so I would think he is worthy enough for me.” She orders with a toss of her hair strides over to him.
I look to Caitlin and Zania to make sure that that conversation just happened. They are just as stunned as I was, so I shrugged at them as reluctantly followed her. “I’ve got to see this.” I hear Heather as she follows me.
“Hi Damion” she greets in a high pitched and even more annoying voice.
Damion turns around from the group of football jocks he was talking to. He looks at me confused, and I just roll my eyes at her and shrug. A small smile crawls on his lips and he stifles a laugh. “Umm hey Lindsey.”
“I just want you to tell this…” she turns and looks at me trying to determine what to say “…girl that you already like me and she need to back off.”
Damion looks completely dumbfounded as he switched looking back and forth between us. Lindsey turns to me with a smug grin on her face and Damion bursts out laughing. She looks confused for a second but then continued her smugness.
“Where does this chick get off thinking that?” he asks his football buddies in between sucks of air and laughing. Suddenly I get angry that he is talking about me like that and I glare at him, then he turns to Lindsey putting both hands on her shoulders. “I don’t like you because you are a tramp.” He exaggerates tramp and pops the P at the end.
Lindsey mouth drops open (not the first time) and all the football jocks begin to snicker behind Damion. A devilish grin slowly makes its way across my face, and I walk up to her using my index finger to close her mouth. “Careful don’t want to break your jaw it’s your main source of income.” That gets full out hysteria from the guys and a very red, very angry Lindsey. Her little posy follows close behind her trying to be as angry as she is, but struggle to keep a straight face.
Damion walks up to me and puts his arm around my shoulder, and I give him a what-do-you-think-you’re-doing look and shrug it off. Heather’s face is so red with laughter that she made Elmo look like Edward Cullen. The loud screech that it the bell rings dismissing the class to lunch. “Come on.” I say pulling Heather by her shirt with Caitlin, Bryce, and Zania trailing behind us.
“What was that all about?” Caitlin ask when we get to our lockers.
“Honestly I don’t know.” I reply pulling out my soda because everyone knows school milk is gross.
“Lindsey was trying to be a bitch and got it shoved right back into her face.” Heather states bluntly.
“Yup pretty much.” I agree.
“Heather watch your mouth.” Caitlin snaps. “If you want to curse to it somewhere I can’t hear it.”
“Yes mom.” She teases.
I laugh at the both of them and make my way to the cafeteria. The school cafeteria is actually pretty impressive. It has a tall ceiling and is the size of at least one and a half football field with five different lunch lines. A sat of glass double doors leads outsides to a smaller lunch area. Concrete table are set in neat rows of six by six with a large metal roof over the top to protect students from rain, and a large grass area people sit by themselves or to finish homework. In the morning it is used for socializing.
Caitlin and I go through the shortest lunch line meant for people who don’t want buy a full lunch. I buy a bag of Fun Yuns, an orange, and a banana. “Give that to Heather.” I tell Caitlin tossing her the orange. “I’m going to the library to go see Patrick.”
“Okay. Tell him I said ‘hey’.” smiles Caitlin catching the orange with no problem.
The library is the only place in the school I can think without interruption. I wouldn’t be surprised if Lindsey didn’t know we had a library. Everything to the bland military style carpet to the matching comfortable chairs, to the thousands of books just makes me feel safe and calm. Walking into the library I see a tall man standing behind the checkout desk. Patrick, the librarian and longtime friend, is going over an inventory log. He has light auburn hair shortly cut he call the “professional” look (I liked it better long), nice broad shoulders, and a god like face that could make Abercrombie models jealous.
We met when I was in eighth grade and he was a junior. When I became a freshman he took me under his wing showing me which teacher to joke with and all the great hide-out spots. After he graduated he went to an over the summer collage to become a librarian, and works here at the school to gain experience.
“Oh Patrick.” I call in a sing song voice.
Patrick looks up and his face is immediately covered with a smile so white dentist would cry with joy. “Hey Sharon long time no see.” He looks down and raises an eyebrow. “You know the rule about food in the library.”
I can’t raise my eyebrow like that so I get a little jealous, but I shrug it off. “I won’t be in the library; I will be in your office.” I retort.
He rolls his eyes and sighs as I make my way around the desk. A big hug is exchanged and I pull up a chair to make myself comfortable. I set down my soda and begin to peel my banana. “Hey I thought you said you were going to my office.” Patrick asks pretending to be annoyed.
Shrugging I take a bite. “I say a lot of things.” I state a mouth full of banana.
“Very lady like.” He mocks.
I open my mouth full of chewed banana to show I don’t care. Patrick gives a light chuckle that mean he gives up. “So what is up?” he asks.
“Nothing much, everyone thinks I’m dating the new kid because he kissed me in the hall this morning. Oh and Caitlin says ‘hey’” I say nonchalantly.
“Wait back up, the new kid kissed you? Do you mean the quote, unquote “total babe” I have been hearing about?”
“Yeah that’s the one. I met him once at Studio 7 last weekend and we went to the gym together the next day. That is all.” An exasperated sigh comes from Patrick and I laugh. “I know that’s what I said. Oh but I haven’t told you the best part.”
He looks at me like I was crazy. “There’s more?”
“Yeah, Lindsey has gotten some crazy idea in her head that he is desperately in love with her and doesn’t know how to break up with me to get with her.” Patrick’s mouth dropped open, and after a moment of silence he laughed hysterically. It took him a minute to calm down.
“So… you’re telling me… that she thinks she is better than you?” he asks between hiccups.
“Doesn’t she always?” I ask back.
“Yeah.” He shrugs.
Quickly becoming agitated remembering earlier that morning, I’m desperate to change the subject. “Hey how is collage going?”
“It’s okay, but I just hate the crazy hours. I barely get five hours of sleep one night, but an entire day the next.”
“Mm sounds fun, but at least you have your own place so your parents won’t nag you about getting home so late.”
“Yeah having my own place rocks; completely makes up for it all. You guys should come over some time.”
A lovely offer, but as a member of the school faculty that is illegal good sir.” I say matter of factly taking a sip of my soda.
“What? No its not! I’m only eighteen, maybe if I was like twenty-five or something then yeah it’s illegal.”
“Well since you said that then, yes I would love to go. Oh and I’ll be sure to tell everyone when I go down stairs.”
“Cool. This weekend okay?”
“Sounds great.” I look down at my phone. “Oh my how the time does fly.” I say in a stuck up country ascent. Patrick raises his eyebrow at me (grr I want to be able to do that). “Lunch ends in ten minutes.” He does a silent ‘Ah’ then does his famous laugh in his throat that makes models faint, and honestly when he does it it makes him almost (almost) dateable in my eyes; but since he is my not-actually brother it’s a no end of story.
I toss the empty banana skin in the trash and give Patrick the rest of my soda. He stands and gives me a hug and I make my way back to the cafeteria. Deciding to take the long way, I make a left at the art room. The hallways are completely empty and a little eerie. A sudden laugh coming from the bathrooms make me jump. I spin around only to be face to face with Adam Turner, the school quarter-back star and his best friend Stan Livens the linebacker. The shocked look quickly turns to an annoyed scowl as the two jocks look at me like a 20 oz. steak and they were starving wolves (kinda are).
Being the star quarter back isn’t what makes him so annoyingly stuck up, no it’s the fact that he is one of the most gorgeous guys at the school. His mid-forehead length sandy blonde hair is always perfectly parted, his Caribbean blue eyes sparkle like sapphires, and sun soaked tan skin puts it all together. He has a strong chin and muscles that could choke a lion are exactly why he is so egotistical that and he is dating Lindsey. Stan is the same way with military style cut rich oak color hair and deep brown eyes that could go on forever. His wide set shoulders fit perfectly in the tight shirts he wears showing off his muscles at the same time. He has darkly tanned skin like an Arabian prince.
I turn to leave, but Adam’s strong hand catches me. “Whoa there minou, where are you going in such a hurry?” he asks.
I stare at his hand waiting for him to remove is, and when he doesn’t I look at him with a leave-me-alone glare. Adam is one of the only people in the world who doesn’t flinch at my glares. “Let me go.” I say in not hiding my irritation.
He lets go of my arm and puts his hands up in a mock self-defense. “Okay so how about you come and finish the lunch period with me?” he winks.
I put my hand on my chest exaggeratedly and pretend to be flattered. “The Adam Turner wants to spend his ever precious time with little old me? This must be my lucky day. First the complete babe of a new kid now the “Golden Child” of the school?” sarcasm coated on every word. “Only ten minutes left and I’m going to spend it with people I like, not you.”
Adams muscular arm snakes around my waist and he bends down close enough that our noses are touching. “We can do a lot more in ten minutes than you and your friends can do.” He whispers.
Complete disgust fills me and I fight to pull away from him, but I might as well be super glued with chains to a wall. My struggle apparently amuses him and he laughs along with Stan. His arm tightens and he begins to lead me down the hall opposite from the cafeteria. I’m not helpless, I can fight, but I don’t like to humiliate people dumber than me (unless it’s Lindsey). “This is your last chance to let me go before I-.”
Adam and Stan look at each other and laugh. Stan looks at me and asks “What are you going to do Goth Barbie? Cut yourself until we let you go?” he cuts me off.
My eyebrow twitches in annoyance. It’s one thing to call me a Barbie, which I get a lot, but calling me Goth always has its way of throwing off. A snarky remark forms in my mouth ready to be spoken, but I’m cut off again (it’s actually really annoying no wonder teachers hate it). “Leave her alone guys.” A strong familiar voice says from behind us.
All three of us turn around, me still practically plastered to Adam, to see Damion’s displeased face. “Come on boys we represent the school’s star players. The students who can play and keep their grades up, but here I see we are stooped to picking on the schools out-cast. A hot out-cast nonetheless.” He scolds in a cheerful but demeaning manner.
“We aren’t picking on her; we are simply showing her the best ten minutes of her life. Probably the first and only time, that’s all.” jokes Adam back.
“Yeah.” Laughs Stan in agreement.
For a moment I see a cold and disgust-filled look flash across Damion’s face, but is quickly replaced with his usual cheerful smile. He slowly strolls over to us, and then sticks out his hand. “Hey Sharon want to come enjoy your “ten minutes” with a real man?” he beams at me looking me straight in the eye.
The tight grip on around my waist tightens almost squeezing the air out of me. “What did you just say to me?” Adam snarls.
Damion turns to him with the same face, but is clearly annoyed. “To you I said nothing, but to her,” he gestures to me “I asked her if she wanted to come with a real man.” Turning his face back to me expecting my answer, and for once making Adam Turner speechless.
“Um yes?” I say cautiously taking his outstretched hand, but Adam’s arm clenches harder me and momentarily crushes the air from my lungs making me pull back my hand. I pitifully try to hit his arm away, but it probably is like getting a punch from a butterfly. “Let go.” I whisper.
Damion’s face darkens, and in a blur his fist smashes into Adams. A loud crack is all I hear before I fall to the gasping for air while both hands Adam’s hand fly up to cradle his nose. An angry roar escapes Adam, and as he pulled his hand away to see a bright red blood covering them. Stan shakes out of his shock and runs at Damion, fist aim to strike. Damion catches the fist in mid-swing, twist Stan’s arm making him cry out, and then swings his leg into Stan’s stomach knocking him into the wall. Adam rushes to take the spot of his fallen friend, then turning to attack Damion. Damion rolls his eye, and shoots Adam a menacing glare. Adam stops instantly and just stares looking horrified. The whole thing lasted less than a minute and all I could do was watch how the graceful movements flowed like water.
“Are you okay?” Damion asks suddenly appearing at my side.
Scanning him, there is not a single scratch not even a drop of blood from Adam. Managing a nod I stand up, unaware I had been sitting on the floor watching the whole thing. Damion hurries to my side, but I push him away. “I’m fine.” I snap.
He steps back warily and walks next to me instead. Turning back to Adam, and see he is still. Standing like he is frozen in place. His face portraying utter terror as if he were seeing his worst nightmare right in front of him. I turn to Damion and he is looking at Adam filled with loathing and Damion’s entire demeanor turns dark. A cold feeling begins to grow in the pit of my stomach as look at him. “Umm Damion are you okay?”
He looks at me and smiles, and the usual smug and happy guy is back in seconds. It is impossible to think someone like him could ever look at someone with such hate. If I hadn’t seen it, I would never believe it. “Yeah, do you want to try to catch the last five minutes of lunch or just go to class?”
“Class.” I reply feeling a wave of nausea.
We stop at my locker and it takes me two tries to open it, but that is normal. “Stupid lock.” I mumble
Damion snickers at me and I just laugh with him. Normally I’m not an organized person, but my locker is a different story. The inside door looks like any other teenage girls locker, and the locker is spilt with one of those locker shelve thing. On to I have a 1-inch binder for every period (even PE), and under is all my textbooks arranged from size. Pictures of my friends, bands, and random items litter the wall in contrast.
A low whistle sounds behind me and Damion laughs. “Never pictured you as the OCD type there Flowers.” He teases.
I give him a playful punch to the arm and close my locker. “Oh yeah well I picture you as the messy I-don’t-care type. Am I right?” he just shrugs in response. “Uh-huh that’s what I thought.”
It’s his to playfully punch me, and we laugh as we make our way down the hall. When we are almost to math I finally realize, “What about your stuff?”
“What about it?”
“You kinda need it for class. That’s the whole point of a binder to keep your stuff for class and your pencils too.”
“Don’t need it and if I need something I will take it from you.” He smiles at me and bats his eyelashes.
I scoff, “What makes you think I’ll lend you one?” I ask matter-of-factly.
“This is why.” He grins.
Damion grabs my hand, drags me into the nearest unoccupied room, pushes me up against a wall, and plants a kiss on my mouth before I can object. My binder it tossed to the nearest desk as I wrap my arms around his neck pulling me closer to him (this is becoming a repetitive thing huh?). The warmth begins to spread, much faster than before, but I’m too wrapped up in the taste of mint gum and spicy tingle of Damion’s lips. He nibbles at my lips, which is his way of asking if he can continue, and I let him. Our tongues meet and wrap themselves around each other; as his hand finds its way to my hair gently grabbing a bundle.
The bell rings and I jump breaking the kiss, “It’s been five minutes already?” I ask, but it only felt like ten seconds I think.
“So, I got what I wanted.” smiles Damion smugly.
My head instantaneously spins to look at him in the eye, “What?” I ask with deadly warning.
He flinches at the harshness in my voice and slowly his hand rises, and looks hurt, showing my favorite mechanical pencil. “Sorry I just wanted to borrow it.” He says sheepishly.
I mentally sigh, thinking he wanted something else, “Oh I’m sorry it’s fine you can borrow it.” I say sympathetically. “I just-.” But I don’t finish.
“Oka- Wait what did you think I meant?”
“That wasn’t-“
“Just leave it!” I almost yell.
Snatching my binder off my desk, I storm out of the room and slamming the door. The halls are already packed with people, so I just slip in and race off to class before Damion can catch up to me. I was still fuming when I entered my math class, but was calming down. My mind went over everything that just happened and I had no reason to be so mad. Damion had done nothing wrong it was my insecurities that let my mind jump to conclusions. The rest of my anger deflated into guilt as my math buddy Kevin sat down next to me. “Ooo someone looks guilty. What did you do?”
Kevin was exceptionally good at reading people, and sometimes I hated it. “Nothing Kevin.” I groaned putting my head down on the desk. Everything I thought.
“Look me in the eyes and tell me that.” Kevin ordered.
Kevin had puppy brown eyes; that no one could lie to, not even me. It didn’t help that he had a cute boyish face that reminded most people of their little brother. His shaggy brown hair fell just above his eyebrows and curled like upward slightly at the ends.
I kept my head down, the tell-tale sign that I was lying. “Again I’ll ask, what did you do?”
I looked up at Kevin and into his eyes, something in me snapped and I told Kevin the entire story; starting with the club all the way until now. Kevin was just about to say something insightful (I hope) just as Damion walked in. Damion’s immediately found me and he stalked up to us. A quick glance over at Kevin told me that Damion found no interest in Kevin. “Did I do something wrong?” he asked
“No” I mumbled, still embarrassed with myself for getting so angry.
“Then what-“
“I’m sorry OK, I just… nothing. I apologized and now it’s over.” I almost yelled at him. I didn’t know why I was getting so angry again, but it just flared up again. Just thinking that he might have been using me for my body, it made me so sad it hurt.
Damion’s eyes narrowed at me; in one quick movement he grabbed my wrist (pretty hard) and dragged me from the room. The rest of the class had stopped what they were doing, and watch what we were doing. I looked over at Kevin helplessly and he only gave a small wave as I was dragged away. Damion dragged me all the way to my car in the parking lot. “What the-“I was about to yell.
Damion lips met mine, and all my anger and guilt subsided. Both his hand cupped my face as he kissed me. It was different than all the others; it was softer and more passionate. I rested my hands on top of his. I pulled away and whispered “I’m sorry. You did nothing wrong, it was all me.”
He smiled in relief and put our foreheads together and I closed my eyes happy that he was smiling. We stayed like that for almost two minutes before pulling apart. “Let’s go.” He snatched the keys from my pocket, unlocked the car, and tossed me in the passenger seat.
My eyebrow twitched in irritation as he slammed the driver door shut. Is he seriously skipping school in the middle of the day? I think to myself. I groan as the engine revs to life and we pull out the parking lot at a million miles per hour.
After what feel like fifteen minutes, we pull up to a huge mansion that looks like something right out of a magazine. My mouth formed an “o”, and Damion gave a low chuckle. “Is this where you live?” I breathed
“As far as I know, yeah.” He replied sarcastically. I shoot him a glare then go back to gawking at the house.
We pulled into the driveway and the house- mansion- looked even bigger at the front door. The large French style double doors’ crystal window design was casting a rainbow on my shirt as we approached and I love rainbows (random but who asked you?). My jaw dropped even further when we were inside. Great he is totally gorgeous, an amazing kisser, and now he’s rich I think to myself.
“Just put your stuff by the door and Maria will pick it up.” He said walking toward the stairs.
“Maria?” I asked gently putting my bag down.
“Oh she is my maid. Come on.” He said half way up the stairs.
I walked quickly to the stairs, but slow enough to take in the full view of the house. At the top we took a right into a long hall with rows of a matching doors and velvet carpet. Damion was walking so quickly, I had to practically jog to keep up with him. When he stopped abruptly I ran into him and almost fell back. He caught my arm and swung the door open, did some weird Matrix spin move until we were in the room. I was standing in front of him; he still had my arm twisted behind me as he shut the door slowly.
“Let go of my arm” I demanded and yanked it away.
I turned to inspect the room, and just like the rest of the house it was breathtaking. Not in an omg-how-expensive-is-that way, but a simple and modern look that I admired. My reflection in the large wall mirror showed how out of place I was. Here was Damion in a beautiful house, expensive room designed room, and a more of a genius than he lets on. I’m just some weird Goth girl that looks good in most clothes and is has a little higher than average IQ. I looked at my feet as he waked into his bathroom.
“Make yourself comfortable. I’ll be right back. The remote is over there, just flip through channels if you don’t know how to work it.”
The door closed as I plopped on the bed and began flippin’ channels. When Adventure Times came on I stopped flipping and squealed. I flipping love this show with a passion. I hadn’t even notice the bathroom door open until a pair of warm-and extra-wet arms wrapped around me. Damion laughed as I screamed. My shirt sticks to me where he hugged me and is see through enough to see my undershirt.
“Damion-“I turn to yell, instead see him in nothing but a towel. My cheeks get really hot and I can feel my blush. I quickly turn back around and stare awkwardly at my hands. “Please go put some clothes on.” I whisper.
He walks away and I hear a door close, and I sigh with relief that he didn’t try anything. I look down at my shirt to see t’s completely socked to my undershirt. Slipping the shirt off I hear a door open and close again. Quickly, I try to put the shirt back on, but Damion catches my arms. Damion lifts the shirt off, leaving me in my under shirt.
“It’s okay I’ll have Maria come dry it. I already called her to bring up some snacks and get my clothes.” He explained tossing my shirt to the floor.
I pulled my arms closer to my chest; like a safety wall I do when I’m uncomfortable. Damion sat on the bed and started to watch Adventure Time with me. I look at him and see he is only in boxers this time. My mouth drops open to see his perfectly sculpted abs and symmetrical biceps. Something takes over me and the next thing I know I’m on him shoving my tongue on his mouth.
His eyes widen in surprise, and then he kisses me back. Damion’s hands grab my waist and place me on his abs, so I could have one leg on each side. My hands slide up and down on his chest, feeling every muscle, and hook together behind his neck. I feel his hands slice under my tank top and I help him get it off.
He pulls away for a second to say “I guess I should take off my shirt more often.” I roll my eyes in response and pull him back to me.
Damion makes the bold move of placing his hands on my butt and giving a good squeeze. In another situation, I would have slapped the crap out of him; but I let out a small moan instead. My eyes snap open at the sound that came out of my mouth, and so do Damion’s. He smiles evilly and tries it again, and again I moan. I blush as he does a low growl in the back of his throat. He crushes his lips back to mine before I can respond to the growl.
I slip out of my pants as he begins to kiss my neck; leaving little trails of fire where his lips touch. Our arms and legs tangle together and Damion runs his hand up and down my back. Someone clears their throat behind us and I never jumped so high in my life. I practically throw Damion in the opposite direction and scramble to find my shirt. Damion laughs so hard he doubles over and cries.
A girl dressed in a maid outfit stands at the edge of the bed with an annoyed look on her face. She is probably the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. Her long hair looks like a waterfall of fire, without a single strand out of place. She looks about nineteen and has model defined facial features that make me with in comparison.
“Master Damion I brought the snacks you requested. Is there anything else?” she said in a graceful tone that sounded like shattering glass.
Damion regained his composure long enough to grab my soaked shirt from the floor to hand it to her. “Take this along with my dirty clothes to be washed. That is all Maria you may leave.” He gestured her away with a wave of a hand.
Maria silently nodded and walked into the bathroom with my shirt. She returned with a small white basket, gave me a glance and walked to the door. Slut I heard her voice whisper in my head. Slut?! Who the hell does she think she is talking to?! I think to myself.
“Excuse me?” I say before she gets out the door.
“Ma’am?” she ask innocently.
“What did you just call me?” I ask dangerously close to strangling her.
“Ma’am?” she tilts her head in confusion.
“A slut am I? Well who are you to judge me?” I get up and walk toward her ignoring the fact that I’m only wearing my bra and underwear.
Maria’s eyes widen in surprise as I get closer. How did she hear that? her voice panics; and I smirk at her. When I’m almost nose to nose with her I ask her again. “So you think I’m a slut?” Her face does a complete personality switch; from innocent made to stone face bitch.
“Yes I do, and you want to know why?” She asks in a low voice so only I can hear.
“Indulge me.” I glare and whisper back.
“You are a slut because you have known my master for all of one day and you area already jumping into bed with him. You are probably one of those girls that threw themselves at him.”
I give a small chuckle and shake my head at her. “So naïve.” I laugh to myself. “Your “master” and I have known each other for just under a month so I’m not just meeting him today. He also is the one who can’t keep his hands off of me. Shut the hell up and keep your thoughts to yourself.”
“Bitch.” She whispers narrowing her eyes at me, making herself look like a fox.
My fists clench ready to make her blood from every opening on her face. Damion finally stepped in by lightly toughing my arm. I unclenched my hands and stepped back. “Maria you’re over stepping your boundaries.” His warns in a cautious tone I have never heard before.
Maria steps back, nods, picks back up the basket I hadn’t noticed she dropped, and leaves. I spin on my heels and begin to scour the room for my tossed clothes. “Ugg where are my pants?” I mumble to myself.
My irritation grows the longer I have to look for my pants. A warm hand lands on my shoulder, igniting sparks were our skin makes contact. “Please don’t leave.” Damion pleads.
“Why because you were so close to getting lucky until your bitch of a maid interrupted; I’m not that type of person and I won’t lower myself for you Damion.” I growl at him.
“No because-“he began to yell at me then stopped. “Fine leave.” He growled back at me. I gave him one last glare before spotting my pants under the bed. In a couple of angry strides I was at the bed pulling my tight jeans back on.
Where is my shirt? I think when I realize I’m only in my tank top. Maria, just the thought of her name makes me lift my lip in disgust. Hmpf bitch I laugh to myself. I walk to the door and swing it open still pissed at Damion. A wall of muscle in front of me blocks the doorway, and I collide with it.
I look up to see Adrian’s icy gaze glaring down at me. He looks up at Damion than down at me again. His face contorts in disgust as he claps his steel-like grip on my wrist. The feeling of liquid ice shoots through my veins at the contact of our skin, causing me to gasp in surprise. “What have I told you about bringing your sluts into our house?!” he snaps at Damion who seems unfazed at the harsh words.
What the hell is with people calling me a slut today?! I think/yell to myself. I attempt to yank my hand away, but am greeted with a loud popping sound. I call out in pain and the ice feeling creeps slowly up my arm the longer he holds it there. Shivers race through my body as I continue to struggle against his grip.
Adrian finally decides to acknowledge me by tossing me to the side and stalk towards Damion. My head bounces off the frame of the door as I hit the ground. Damion rushed past Adrian, not before punching him in the face, to help me get up. “Are you okay?” he asked, his voice filled with concern.
I glare up at him and slap his hand away. “What the hell does it look like?! Your creepy ass brother just threw me half way across the f***ing room. I AM NOT ‘OKAY’ but I will be as soon as I get away from you.” I snarl at him.
Using the door frame, I pull myself up and storm out of the door leaving a very sad looking Damion and a groaning Adrian on the floor. Maria is walking out of one of many door as I reach the bottom of the stairs. She glares at me, but I’m not having that from a maid. “Go get my shirt, bag, and car keys.” I say nicely. She just raises her eyebrows at me mockingly. “NOW!” I order in a tone of voice I’ve never heard before.
Her eyes widen and she stumbles back in the door she just came from. Only a second later she comes back with my shirt neatly folded on my bag with my keys on top. ”Thanks.” I give a mocking salute before walking out of the door.
My car sits silently in the humongous driveway looking very lonely. I pull my shirt on then unlock the car and drive away as fast as possible. When the familiar silhouette of my house comes into view I begin to calm down. Okay so Damion is a mega player from what Maria said, his brother is a complete freak with anger issues, for some reason his eyes turn blood red? I play over the events in my head until it just hurt to think at all. My head starts to throb as I plop onto the couch with a long sigh.
“Honey is that you?” I hear my mom’s voice from the kitchen.
“Yeah I just got home from practice.” I say the lie meekly.
“Oh well good I was worried, I just got a call so I have to head back to the hospital tonight.” She sighs coming into the living room.
My mom is head doctor at Westover Hills Hospital, the busiest hospital in San Diego. “Okay did you make dinner?”
“Yes it’s just burgers, so add what you want.”
“Ewe its mom’s burgers.” I joke.
She shakes her head then walks back into the kitchen to grab her keys. “Bye honey.” She waves, but quickly rushes over to kiss my head then scramble back to the door. Five minutes later my doorbell rings; before I answer it Heather saunters in and heads straight for the kitchen.
“’Hey how are you Sharon’”? I ask sarcastically to myself loud enough for her to hear.
“Good” she smiles with her mouth full of my burger. “What happen to you at school today? The Sharon I know doesn’t skip class.” She teases.
“Yeah well the Sharon you know also doesn’t go to some guy’s house and get caught making out with them by their crazy brother.”
Heather’s eye bug as she takes another bite of the burger. “You did what?”
I just stare at the wall instead of answering her. She glares at me then flips on the TV. We sit like that for a couple of hours until I quietly get up and go upstairs. “Turn the TV off when you’re gonna go to bed, guest bedroom please I want my bed tonight.” I call down.
My bedroom is like the dream bedroom of any girl (in my opinion). The walls are a light ocean blue color (took days to paint), but you can barely see the blue because the walls are swarmed with band posters and pictures (mostly Memphis May Fire and Of Mice and Men etc.). My canopy king size bed sits up against the wall with matching sheets and curtain. The only windows in the room are all connected in a hexagonal shape. The bathroom doors and closet door are right next to each other. The bathroom leads into the closet at the end (so it’s a big closet). My closet is organized by season then into sub categories by school and casual; with an entire dresser dedicated to pajamas and chilling clothes. (It’s the only time that I strictly enforce organization.)
I grab a random pair of pajamas and take a quick shower (including other bathroom presiders to go to sleep). Heather walks in with an outstretched and I give her clothes that she leaves here for emergencies. “Thanks.” She attempts to say through the toothbrush in the mouth. I laugh at her as a glob of toothpaste slides down her cheek.
She slaps my arm before rushing to the bathroom and slamming to door. My head automatically shakes at her craziness. “Where is my iPod?” I shout at the door.
“Night stand.” She yells back.
I take my iPod out and put it on the dock then press play. Memphis May Fire begins to play; I bob along for a minute before plopping onto my bed. Sleeps tackles me within seconds.
The harsh buzzing of my alarm jolts me awake. I groan as I slide out of bed to wake up Heather. The guest bedroom door is open and a large lump of blankets indicated that Heather is hiding in there. I walk up to the bed, take a deep breathe, then body slam straight on the center of blankets.
“Oww you bitch!” Heather yells throwing the blankets off her onto my laughing self. She tends to cuss a lot when she is mad or excited.
“It’s time to get up.” I smile, but she just groans. “If you get up I’ll make you bacon.” She tossed me off her and runs into the bathroom. “Works every time.”
I waltz back into my room to grab my uniform, then into my bathroom. It takes me all of 15 minutes to shower, brush my teeth, do my hair, and get dress; while Heather is still in the showers. I sigh and proceed downstairs to make the bacon I promised her. By the time the bacon was done she was dressed and had her makeup on. We were both wearing the same (kinda) uniform today. We both had on the black button down but mine was short sleeve and she was long sleeve. We both had on our thigh high skirts and all black converses. “We think too much alike.” I sighed.
“Yeah that’s why we are best friends, well you, me, Caitlin, and Zania.” She beamed.
I glared at her for a second, “Why are you so happy?”
“One because I get bacon and two I have a surprise for you.”
“Oh crap.” Heathers surprises were either the most awesome thing that could happen to you or get you in the hospital for three days (trust me I know).
“Okay so you know how Halloween is coming up in two weeks?” she asked extremely enthusiastic.
“Oh crap.” I repeated.
“Oh shut up. Anyway I got you, me, and Zania tickets to a secret Halloween show for….”
“For what?” I asked bored and slighty irritated that she stops in mid-sentence like that.
“Memphis May Fire!!” she screamed.
I stood there for a second not sure if I heard her right. Then it clicked and we ran into a happy dancing and screaming hug. “How?! They never play Halloween and they are supposed to on tour in Europe!!”
She scoffed at me, “Pssh please I have connections.”
“Let me guess you dad organized it?”
“Yup” she smiled popping the ‘p’. “Anyway it’s on Halloween (duh) and you can’t get in without a sexy costume so I'm taking you shopping after school.”
“Okay, but wait I have practice.”
“Skip it you have all week so far.”
“Huh you have a point. Okay.”
I glanced at the clock just as Heather bit into her bacon. “Crap we have to go. Take you bacon to go.” I rushed her throwing her bacon onto a napkin, grabbing our school uniform sweaters and my car keys.
Heather plopped into the passenger seat and continued eating the bacon while I scrabbled putting our bags into the backseat and pulling out of the driveway. I drove like crazy not worrying about a speeding ticket because the cops here love me.
I pulled up to the school with a sigh. “Made it.” I breathed.
“Yeah half an hour before the school bell rings to let people inside.” Heather grumbled sarcastically.
“Whatever Heather its keeps your tardy ass on time. Put your sweater on its cold outside.”
“Yes mom.” She rolled her eyes taking the sweater from me.
I pulled mine on; we got out of the car and made our way to our little group that sits on the benches near the flag pole. It was me, Heather, Zania, Patricia, Caitlin, and Patrick. I know it sound like a lot of girls but all my guy friends like to be late or are with their girlfriends.
“Hey what are you guys doing for Halloween?” I asked
“I’m going to my visit my family for the weekend.” Caitlin sighed.
“Me too.” Patricia called over her headphones.
“I don’t know?” Zania said. “I haven't planned that out.”
“You’re gonna be with us.” Heather said pointing to me and her. Zania nodded her head ‘okay’.
“Can’t say sorry.” Patrick winked.
We all just shook our heads ignoring Patrick’s weirdness, “So is it just the three of us?” Zania asked.
“Yup” Heather nodded.
“Costume shopping after school, that means Zania and I pick your costume.” Heather chided as the bell rung.
I groan at the thought, both of them like to use me like some kind of skanky dress-up doll because I don’t like to dress like a girly girl. It is a rare occasion and they take full advantage of it. The worst part is that it’s a “sexy” Halloween costume requirement that means short dresses and fishnets.
All wrapped up in my Halloween sorrows, I forgot about yesterday’s Damion incident. Crap I thought to myself as I see him sitting next to my desk. What do I do? What do I do? I kept screaming in my head, but kept a calm face. He sent a small glance at me but otherwise ignored me for the rest of the class period. I sigh an inward sigh of relief, for now.
Damion had not said a word to me all day, and I was getting worried. It was like watching a room fill with gasoline, then striking a match. The bell rung and Damion slammed his hands on his desk, turning to me looking furious. Everyone took that as a sign to get the hell out of there, even the teacher left me for dead locking the door behind him.
“Yes?” I squeaked, but he held up his hand silencing me.
He pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration, but shouldn’t I be the one who is so pissed off? I just sat there waiting for him to talk. “I’m sorry.” He grumbles.
I do a double take making sure I heard him right. He was sorry?! What kind of bull is that?! “What kind of bull is that?!” I yell out loud. “First you somehow get me to almost sleep with you, then you just let your crazy ass brother nearly give me a concussion and now you say “sorry”?” I rant. “Oh like hell I’m accepting that apology. You say sorry when you’re late for a date of or when you bump into someone in the hall. You don’t just say sorry when you are effing mental. ‘Oh I apologize for being a playboy whore with a bitch of a maid and a psychopathic brother’ would be nice.” I finish taking in a deep breath.
Damion just stood there not saying a word, just listening to everything I say. His face was blank, but all his emotion was showing in his eyes. I stood there in looking him straight in the eyes, waiting for a response. When I didn’t get one I just shook my head, grabbed my stuff, and left leaving him there looking defeated.
“Where were you?” Heather asks waiting at my car with Zania.
“I got held after class for a bit.” I lied.
Heather just rolled her eyes as we all got in the car and drove to the nearest Halloween store. The closer we got to the store, the less I thought about Damion and I was thankful for that.
The store clerk had been drooling over every costume Zania and Heather made me try on. They had asked him for help and he gladly obliged. We had settled on an Alice in Wonderland theme. Heather was the mad hatter, Z was Alice, and I was the Cheshire Cat. How unfortunate. Zania and Heather were fighting over which one I should choose. It came down to a strapless purple stripped dress that came about 4 inches above my knees with purple pumps. Heather wanted a purple stripped leather corset with matching shorts and knee high black boots. Both outfits came with ears and a tail. I genuinely didn’t want to wear either because they were so revealing, but I wasn’t allowed an opinion.
“I think I have a solution.” The store clerk grinned. He was about 6 feet and pretty cute with his gauged ears and eyebrow piercings. He looked like the pictures on Google if you typed “emo boys” in Google images. He disappeared into the back of the store, then came back holding his “solution”.
It was a mixture of both costumes; Zania’s stripped dress with Heather’s leather. They squealed and I groaned. They tossed me back into the dressing room with their new find. It fit nicely molding to my every curve and I kind of liked it (but I’d never admit it). I stepped out of the dressing room to silence. They all gawked at me and I knew that was the final ballet, I was getting it. Minutes later we all had out costumes and were at the checkout counter. The guy rang them up, giving us a secret discount and slipping me his number in exchange. In two weeks I would have to wear this horrendous outfit in public (even though it made me look good).
Two week flew by and the next thing I knew we Heather, Zania and I were getting dressed in my room. Damion’s name flashed on my phone for the umpteenth time that day. He had been trying to talk to me since I blew up on him that day, but I just ignored him. Heather had the privilege of hitting the ignore button this time. She was wearing a type of felt spaghetti strap green corset with a connecting green checkered mini skirt. Black and white stripped thigh-high leggings and black heels. Zania was wearing the typical sexy Alice costume, strapless and mid-thigh cut off; thigh-high legging with a little red bow at the top and black stilettos (you already know what my costume looks like). I sat impatiently as Zania worked on curling my hair and Heather on my make-up.
“I hate being a girly girl.” I complained.
“Oh hush we are almost done.” Zania scolded, yanking my hair for effect. I just glared at her in the mirror.
They finished in about five minutes giving us only twenty to put my unnecessarily difficult to put on shoes on and drive downtown to the concert. (These pictures are of me and Heathers costumes, I couldn’t find one for Zania that I liked. And for mine something like that minus all the fluff, just the dress.)

We pull up to this hole-in-the-wall building that honestly gives me the creeps. “Are you sure this is the place?” I ask worried.
“Ugh yes” Heather rolls her eyes getting out of the car leaving me and Zania behind. We exchange glances before scrambling out of the car after her. She stops at the entrance and swirls around quickly startling us. “Okay this place is going to be full of drunken metal heads looking to score, male or female doesn’t matter, remember we are eighteen and stay close.” She gave us the run down while handing us VIP passes looking extremely serious. Zania and I both nodded before continuing to follow her.
The tall bouncer guy in all black looked us up and down then smiled. “Dress code requirements exceeded ladies, well done.” He winked. We gave smiles back as we walked in, the line growing longer and longer behind us.
It was pitch back for a second then laser and strobe lights exploded around us along with music so loud it could reset your heart beat to match the drum of its bass. All three of us looked at each other with big grins as we locked arms and made our way to the dance floor. Instantly we were surrounded by gorgeous guys dancing with us. I didn’t care; I grabbed a few and let them dance with me. We grinded on each other until loud sirens wailed, signaling the show was about to begin. I didn’t realize how many people were in the place; at least nearly seven hundred that I could see.
Everyone roared as they surged the stage, dragging Heather, Zania, and I with them. The lights stopped leaving everything black allowing some guy to grab my ass and I couldn’t see them, but I still didn’t care. I leaned into the guys and he wrapped his arms around me. We all waited in anticipation as we could hear the band members getting their stuff together.
The crowd silenced as we heard Matty clear his throat. It was laughable how tangible the excitement was. I could have reached out and grabbed it if I wanted. The lights of the stage flashed on as the band began to play. Every girl in there screamed and all the guys yelled. I turned to see who had gotten so friendly with me, and laughed when I saw Patrick grinning like a mad man. And that’s who he was dressed as, the mad hatter too. I had a sudden urge to kiss him, and I did. Turning fully around I planted a hot kiss on his lips. He didn’t waste any time kissing me back letting his hands roam my body. I signaled to Zania and Heather that I was leaving with Patrick to go find a better place to make out. They just laughed and shooed me off.
We stumbled out of the forever growing crowd to a corner and continued our assault on each other. Eventually we pulled apart breathing heavily and smiling. “If that were anyone else they would be dead.” I joked. He just laughed.
“Did you know it was me?” he asked.
“No, but since it was you and not some creep I thought I would thank you for not letting me get raped.”
“You should thank me like that more often.”
“Cant you’re a school employee, its illegal.”
“Dammit.” he jokes snapping his fingers for effect. “Wanna go again?” he asks jokingly but I know he is serious.
I nod as we go at it for round two. By the time we pull apart for the second time, the first show is over and we see Zania and Heather making their way toward us. They both pretend to gag when they see the way I'm sitting in Patrick’s lap. “I hope you know that this could be a form of incest.” Heather remarks.
We both roll our eyes as I climb off of Patrick. “Well I hope you know you ruined my night.” Patrick snaps back hinting toward the fact I am no longer on his lap. They glare at each other for a while before breaking into laughs and hugging.
Zania just stood there confused a bit. “Why were you kissing Patrick anyway?”
I shrug, “I just felt like it, and he just so happen to be the nearest victim.”
“I wouldn’t call it being a victim.” He smiles satisfied to himself. I punch him in the arm blushing. “Hey its true.” He defends.
“Yeah it is Patrick, we saw you guys. It looked like you were about to pass out.” Zania chirped in. “The only person that can keep up with Sharon when she gets in one of those moods is he-who-will-not-be-named.”
“Who?” Patrick and I ask at the same time.
“Damion.” Heather says bluntly.
I glare at Heather for saying his name so causally, “Whatever, no he can’t.” I lie, even I know it’s a lie.
“Anyway who cares, we have backstage passes lets go hand with Memphis May fire.” Heather smiles hinting toward the back.
I look at Patrick who pulls out a backstage pass too. Smiles are exchanged as we make our way to the backroom. They only ask for Pat’s pass, which I thought was pretty funny. Ah the perks of being a girl with decent looking boob. We make it to this grungy looking red door before Heather stops us. She turns to inspect us then knocks on the door. I nearly faint when Ben Bruce from Asking Alexandria opens the door. (Just a note I'm in love with Ben Bruce he is such a babe!! XD)
Zania gives me a funny look as we enter the room. The walls are covered in random paint splatters and holes (from being punched I guess). A four piece couch is in the middle of the room, and off to the side is a table and mini fridge, and next to that is what I'm guessing to be a bathroom. It actually looks pretty comfortable, not too run down but not too high class.
Memphis May Fire, Miss May I, and Asking Alexandria are all in there and my head was about to explode. I was waiting Of Mice and Men to pop out somewhere.
“Whoa that is one hot cat!” Ben yells as he closes the door behind us. His British accent giving me tingles. “Excuse me miss, but I like your ass.” He winks giving me his hand to shake with me blushing wildly.
“Thank you and I like your body, maybe we could exchange sometime.” I joke shaking his hand. The room got really quiet as Ben stared at me stunned.
“I call this one.” He said pulling me to him in a tight possessive hug.


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