I was smitten by the dangerously consuming electricity volt of the unidentified Shadow's grabby tentacles, and my life changed forever after having a thrilling adventure with seven of my old friend Nicodemus' tenth grandchildren. I have been living with them for a week, bonding with his grandchildren, and we became friends. 

Heading ahead, that is why all seven of us went around their enormous mega palace mansion's Museum named Tabernacle. See, I was a guess Mississippi and the awesome family full of kindness wanted to show me around the neighborhood. 

Especially their grandfather's favorite museum, they usually go to borrow irresistible century-old history books, text, and much more to read. 

I, Mwamba Williams, was twenty-six, the cutest irresistible African man from Congo. He has curly noir hair, and brown eyes, and wears mostly a white long-sleeved sweater, army gray, white, and noir hooded coat, jeans, and brown shoes. 



Tag der Veröffentlichung: 22.10.2022

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