Whenever the wind blows, I am reminded of a story a true story that happened many years ago. A better story that still seems fresh to me today.

     And it happened somewhere special. It happened in our hearts the moment we accept Christ as our personal Lord and Savior for all eternity.

     And that is the Word becoming in the form of a man who lives among us, was beaten terribly and was nailed on the cross for our depts.

     And He was resurrected from the dead and now lives forevermore, and the name of this man is Jesus Christ the Greater I AM.

     This story-minded me of the Holy Bible in the Old Testament. Where the children of Israel suffer as slaves in Egypt.

     When Pharaoh the Egyptian king commanded his guards to snatch the Israelites males children and toast them into the Nile River for crocodiles to enjoy the innocent juice meat.

     Where God heard they cried and called Moses from the burning bush after sending him to deliver them out of affliction to the land of milk and honey.

     A place where Jesus Christ the Living God says “I AM THAT I AM” when Moses ask “Who are you.”

     A true story of God choosing David, a shepherd boy, to be the king all over Israel. Where He anointed Esther to be the Queen in all Israel.

   And where Jesus Christ a Word became flesh, who lives among us, was beaten terribly, and was nailed on the cross for our iniquities.

     Now He lives. So this is the story of the young man by the name Caleb  will come Elianah and save his people for all evil.

Everything was perfect that early in the morning. Her Royal Majesty Hannah was in labor--about to give birth to a son. Her dearest husband Excellency Elkanah was going back and forth in worry.

"Excellency. I believe the Queen has given birth  to male child. Still, you might go inside and see it for yourself." She signed.

"I see. And that is the good news. I mean where my wife gives me an heir. I am very thankful to Jesus." Elkanah answered.

Elkanah marched in the chamber where the Queen gave birth. Holding her child with disappointment.  He looked at his wife holding their son.

"My Excellency. I am pretty sorry. And forgive me for giving you such a son-!" Hannah lamented. 

"Excuse me? And what are you talking about?"  Elkanah asked. Excellency, would you look at how small our son is?" Hannah sobbed.

"Never! I am sure our son will be unimaginable when he is grown."  Elkanah added.

"I am sure that he is going to be the strongest ape, but-?" Hannah paused.

"No but, Hannah. And alright, what would you name our son?"  Elkanah asked. 


"For real?" Hannah gasped. "I am sure. And what our son home is going to be, Caleb." Hannah chuckled.  



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